Shonen Jump Manga & Comics Reviews

Shonen Jump Manga & Comics Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-01

About: Your OFFICIAL source to read the world’s most popular manga, straight from
Japan. ALL YOUR FAVORITE SERIES IN ONE PLACE! My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen,
One Piece, Chainsaw Man, Demon Slayer, One-Punch Man, Naruto, Bleach, Death
Note, Dragon Ball, Boruto, Kaiju No.

About Shonen Jump Manga Comics

What is Shonen Jump Manga Comics? The app is an official source to read the world's most popular manga straight from Japan. It offers a wide range of popular manga series such as My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece, Chainsaw Man, Demon Slayer, One-Punch Man, Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Dragon Ball, Boruto, Kaiju No. 8, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Spy x Family, and more. The app allows users to read manga for free with new chapters added weekly. Members can unlock the digital vault of 15,000+ manga chapters for only $1.99/month (USD*).



- Offers a wide range of popular manga series

- New chapters added weekly

- Allows users to read manga for free

- Members can unlock the digital vault of 15,000+ manga chapters for only $1.99/month (USD*)

- Advanced manga reader with landscape mode to view 2-page spreads

- Light and dark modes available

- Download manga to read offline

- Members can start a 7-day free trial

- Offers free previews of paid volumes before purchasing

- Monthly subscriptions will auto-renew through iTunes account unless canceled 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period

- Users can turn off auto-renew at any time from iTunes account settings

- Privacy Policy and Terms of Use can be viewed on the app

- Users can contact [email protected] for questions or comments.

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Key Benefits of Shonen Jump Manga Comics

- For only $2 a month, you couldn't ask for a better service.

- Contains the best of shonen along with some other titles in Viz’s catalogue.

- The price is the best part as a subscription is pretty cheap.

- Runs smoothly and accomplishes the bare minimum.

21 Shonen Jump Manga Comics Reviews

4.9 out of 5


Good I’m concept but little issues hold it back

The content of ShonenJumpMangaComics is great, but it’s lacking so many basic UI features that hold it back. For one, if you’re reading in landscape mode at the end of the chapter it force rotates back to portrait to hit the next chapter button. After hitting the next chapter button you have to physically rotate back to portrait and then back to landscape to go back into reading it 2 pages at a time. Additionally, the next chapter button gets really annoying when you’re binging a series. Why can’t it just flow into the next chapter or auto go to the next chapter if you swipe while on the last page? It gets frustrating having to click the next chapter button especially on larger phones. Lastly, the 100 chapter limit for downloaded manga is fine, but it would be nice to have a “bulk delete” or an option to automatically remove a download after reading it. As is I have to click on each check mark and click confirm for every single chapter I want to remove to make room for new chapters. If those features aren’t available then maybe at least allowing the user to change the 7 day time period to be less time would be helpful as a sort of work around to bulk deleting downloaded manga. Additionally, the website allows for following manga but ShonenJumpMangaComics has no place to show which manga you follow. Why is that? Overall I think ShonenJumpMangaComics has potential and I will keep using it because the content is good. But the UX could be significantly better. Hence 3/5


Good value but flawed app

If you love manga and want to support mangaka by reading officially, ShonenJumpMangaComics is great. It contains the best of shonen along with some other titles in Viz’s catalogue. The price is the best part as a subscription is pretty cheap. The flaws come down to ShonenJumpMangaComics itself. In ways it is very barebones. Granted it runs smoothly and accomplishes the bare minimum but fails to go beyond that. One of my biggest issues is the fact that ShonenJumpMangaComics does not sync the chapters you are on or have already read across all your devices. Meaning if you started to read a series on your phone but wanted to continue on your tablet or laptop, it would only save on your phone even if you are logged into your account on all devices. In terms of the catalogue itself, some manga are restricted to the desktop version (the viz website). These being the more mature titles. It’s a strange decision and I would prefer every series be accessible through ShonenJumpMangaComics , and maybe just have an age verification if that’s the problem? That’s about it. It’s good value but don’t expect much from the interfaces and such. It really just is an app that is only slightly better than your run of the mill pirated manga app. (But official). Little changes have been made since the apps debut and I would like to see far more.


It could have been five if not for common sense issues being resolved.

This is an amazing app with a library of incredible manga, and the $2 a month is an amazing deal. The only reason it didn’t achieve a five star rating from me was the lack of bookmarks making it a hassle to keep track of currently publishing manga and/or keeping track of what chapter you left off before closing ShonenJumpMangaComics . It would be great to have a favorites list where you can mark the mangas that you are following as well as a bookmark feature that allows you to tap the mangas name and it automatically puts you in the chapter and page you where reading. Also lately the chapters for MHA, Black Clover and other Friday published works are being published Sunday, this is a big problem because you guys are Shonen therefore why are pirated sites beating you to a punch in publishing speed? I have been spoiled of several chapters of MHA and Black Clover because of this. Other than these two big problems there’re several minor glitches of missing pages or pages not loading even if you are connected to strong internet meaning its a server info problem. If these issues are fixed i have no doubt in my mind that i will revise my 4star rating to a rightful 5star rating.


Its great to have all this manga but

I’m a heavy reader and can go through a series quite quick. What I would love is if ShonenJumpMangaComics could keep track of the pages I'm on for various manga. cause some series when I go to the next chapter I'm already on the last page and scrolling through 600 chapters just to get to one 18 page chapter it is pretty long and sometimes mid scrool ShonenJumpMangaComics will crash, kick me out, then forget what page I'm on leaving me with scrolling another 5 mins to chapter 20 out of 670 then in between chapters I’m given ads to buy a physical copy of the manga.I’m already paying for online service why would I buy a physical copy? I mean I can understand trying to sell the PBs but honestly. it is a nuisance I say again I’m already paying for online service. You are transitioning to online service a majority of your PB sales will drop its inevitable. I will say PBs will sell themselves with out constantly reminding your premium subscribers that they exist.
Not saying every reader will strictly be online but in my opinion if I see a good series online a truly moving serialization I move heaven and earth for a PB in mint just to have on my shelf. End of rant


Exceptional for the low price point

For only $2 a month, you couldn't ask for a better service.

The only issues I really have with it is that you only get to read/interact with 100 back log chapters a day. I really wouldn't mind paying a bit more if it meant that I could read and download what ever I want for as long as I have a membership. Also what's the deal with haveing to buy volumes? It would be convenient to have them grouped like that instead of by chapters. I can read a lot of manga in a short time, so haveing to click the next chapter button is anoying. So ether splitting them by volume or doing away with the next chapter button would be a God send. Also a dark mode would be nice, as well as vertical scrolling.

I know I had a lot of complaints, but I really do love this service, before now it was an investment to spend $15-20 on manga volumes. With how fast I read them I'd have to buy multiple volumes at a time, leading to me spending upwards of $70 on new manga. This has saved me so much money and is well worth the $2 a month. So if you're on the fence, you can't go wrong with this.


Few gripes, but overall solid

I recently subscriped to monthly SJ a few days ago, so I want to provide updates on things that would dramatically improve the quality of ShonenJumpMangaComics .
- Bookmark feature: Unless you finish a chapter and know where you stopped reading, you constantly have to run through old chapters to see if you have read them or not.
- Volume Cover Artwork: This is a small thing, but it would be cool to see the different volume covers when you switch from the end of one chapter to the beginning of another
- More titles: The primary reason I purchased the subscription was to catch up on Tokyo Ghoul after being piqued by the anime series. While I am reading other series in the meantime, I hope more titles get added somewhere down the road.
- Popular Manga section: Similar to different streaming services, it would be cool if SJ could create a section of different titles for people who are unsure of what they want to read, and possibly separate them by genre as well.


Fantastic service with some still needed QOL updates

$2 a month for a huge archive of shonen is too good a deal to pass up. They have all my favorites and I can even catch up on chapters as they’re released. The reading experience is pretty solid too, with zoom and jumping between pages. That said, there are some annoying aspects of ShonenJumpMangaComics I’d like to see worked on.
For example, when “streaming” a series (reading without downloading) I’ve had trouble returning to the manga I was when I restart ShonenJumpMangaComics . There’s nothing on the home page to return to where I left off, and even on the browse / library pages my progress is totally untracked, so I have to remember what chapter I was on.
There are also a number of bugs and crashes. I’ve been getting black screens as I read that force me to restart, as well as some blank pages that I’m not sure are intentional, and chapters have begun to act as if I’ve already read them—so I start off on the last page when I open them. I managed to briefly scroll to page -1 today, which crashed the whole app. Funny stuff!
That said, I can live with the kinks, and hope they continue to improve a great core product.


Lack of features

I want to start this off by saying I love the new subscription service. It’s nice that I can support the creators of some of my favorite manga series; however, ShonenJumpMangaComics lacks a couple of vital features.
The first feature missing is an indicator on where you left off in any given series. This is practically a must have in an app that contains multiple series with hundreds of chapters.
The second feature missing is a “favorites” or “following” section. The only thing keeping me from having to re-search for all of the manga I want to read is whether I have it purchased or downloaded, but what if I’m not able/don’t remember to get on within seven days and download another chapter? All of my downloads will be automatically removed, and I will instantly lose track of everything I was reading. This is also a big inconvenience for those who don’t want to download anything, as they will have to search for the manga they want to read each time they open ShonenJumpMangaComics .
Again, I love the fact that I can easily support creators for their hard work, but the features missing here are pretty much standard for other manga apps. In terms of organization, SJ’s only redeeming feature is it has a search bar...


Good app just wish expanded the age gap

ShonenJumpMangaComics is good and I would give it a five star review but the deals are good as well it’s like one dollar a month and I could say it’s a better deal than Webnovel but the thing is as watching anime is a trend there are more people younger than being a teen and you know the more younger you are the more your Limited to things like you would have to ask your parents just to purchase one chapter so a member subscription would be just too much so maybe instead of always have a to do a subscription we would just have to log on or sign up I think it would help the customers. And with the searching things I downloaded ShonenJumpMangaComics to find Orahan The anime since since there’s no season two I tried to find it on the manga to see it nicely finished but the thing is I feel like it should like have a A genre search engine like maybe you could have one you could just press on me and then I could show you the anime manga then you could press what genre of the anime like romance or action so I think it would help the customers find the manga they want.


Is the 2$ worth it?

This is a good app, the main reason I downloaded it is because the main licensed mangas like Naruto, One Piece, My Hero Academia, and One Punch Man are mangas you can’t read on an app like manga rock but isn’t worth the hassle to read on an online website. But with the 2$ subscription, you can read all these mangas( only the mangas under Shonen jump) but only up to 100 chapters a day. I get not being able to download a certain amount, but the fact that I’m paying for the subscription and I can only read 100 chapters a day seemed like a rip off: like they are trying to make sure you don’t speed through all the mangas and subscribe when in reality I just wanna binge all these mangas over and over again. So hopefully this changes but it’s almost pointless to have the free membership for ShonenJumpMangaComics, and then paying for it means that out of the about 50/60 titles that are provided by shonen jump: you can only read and download 100 chapters a day. I would say try to the free trial and see for yourself, but for me as long as there is a read limit I wouldn’t pay for the membership no matter how cheap it is.


Simply wonderful

I found ShonenJumpMangaComics when I was looking to get more into KNY demon slayer. I watched all the sub and, for the first time ever, watched all the dub available to me but it wasn’t enough. KNY was the first time I’ve ever read manga (I loved the series that much) and when I was finished I had fallen in love and I was ecstatic to find some of my all time favorite anime’s original manga all on ShonenJumpMangaComics. Of course it’s only Shonen series but with DBZ, Naruto, One Piece and so many more it’s definitely worth the $2 a month. My one and only complaint is a few of the manga can only be purchased by volume instead of read for free chapter to chapter (I’m looking at you HxH) but when you have an app like this it’s hard to feel upset over something like that. Not to mention each volume is only $7 so I can’t REALLY complain. I’d give ShonenJumpMangaComics 5/5 stars each and every time if you’re a manga fan you will adore it and if you’re only into anime I implore you to dive a little deeper. I did and I will never look back !


Amazing...but some things I would love to see added

I reviewed ShonenJumpMangaComics when I first downloaded it over a year ago. I still love ShonenJumpMangaComics and I am glad it exists in this space. Paying the $1.99 is a no brainer and I love that I can give that money back to the creators that create my favorite stories. The feedback and features I asked for then have still not been added but that’s okay. I will say what would make ShonenJumpMangaComics more intuitive and easy to use is to have a library for the manga I am reading and for me to save that series so I can stay up to date on the chapters. But overall I love ShonenJumpMangaComics and appreciate all the time and effort being put into it.

Edit : After close to two years of using ShonenJumpMangaComics I must say I still love it! What’s even better is the main feature I wanted which I mentioned above “the library to just go to my favorite manga” is finally a feature!!!! Thank you to the devs working on ShonenJumpMangaComics and I just changed the rating from 4 stars now to 5 stars


Amazing App with a promising future

2 dollars a month for hours and hours of manga is an insane deal, especially given the apps legendary lineup. While it’s missing certain shonen jump classics like Slam Dunk and Bobobo (I assume from licensing) you can also read other popular manga published by other Shueisha magazines (one punch man, Tokyo ghoul) and can even access light novels of certain series. Being able to read the newest manga in shonen jump is another huge game changer that really makes you feel like you’re experiencing new chapters and series with Japanese readers. ShonenJumpMangaComics is amazing but I would love if they added some extra features. For ongoing series it would be super convenient to have the option to get a notification when the newest series come on. It would also be nice to have the ability to bookmark series you’re interested in or series you’re reading. Something like that would let people visualize the manga they’ve read or tried.
ShonenJumpMangaComics bangs


It’s an okay app that can do much better.

If you’re just trying to catch up on one of your favorite JUMP series ShonenJumpMangaComics is fine. The membership cost is perfect for what they offer. I only really wanted to catch up on My Hero, Black Clover, and Dragonball Super when I downloaded ShonenJumpMangaComics . There’s was also incentive to actually support my beloved series through a legit app.

The only issues I have with ShonenJumpMangaComics is the poor selection. You’re telling me I can read some manga I’ve never heard about before, but I can’t read Yu Yu Hakusho in its entirety? What if I wanted to read all of the JoJo manga? Can’t do that either. If feel as if there’s a membership waiting to be introduced later down the line with much more content. JUMP could profit much more with ShonenJumpMangaComics if they tried to add much more to read. I’m sure Berserk isn’t possible given the licenses, but I’m sure Gintama would work perfectly.

There are other apps what offer more for free.


Great Manga, Poor Reader

There’s no arguing that the amount of manga on offer her for $2 a month is a great value, and goes a long way to putting the putting the “pirate” sites out of business. That said, the reader software is incredibly lacking in features that are commonplace on the other “pirate” manga readers. The biggest fault is ZERO amount of tracking as to where you have left off on a chapter/series that you’ve been reading. Every time you open ShonenJumpMangaComics , you have to remember where you stopped. This isn’t a huge deal if you are only reading one series at a time, but with multiples? Forget it. There should definitely be a HISTORY tab on the bottom of the main menu screen. In addition, there should be CLOUD SAVES as to which series/chapters I’ve read, so that I can seamlessly switch between reading on phone and iPad. That aside, I would love for there to be a similar service available for SEINEN manga targeted at older readers, but I know that has nothing to do with this service and this particular app. With a few reader-friendly additions to ShonenJumpMangaComics here, I think it could definitely be bumped up to 5 stars.


Interesting App

I have had ShonenJumpMangaComics for about a month and I really wanted to do a review since it was pretty good. The fact that you can read so much for free is amazing for people who don’t want to pay for a subscription, but even then it’s like only two dollars for like all the manga you could ever want from Shonen that is. The 100 chapter limit is not really that bad that bad cause you like never reach that point, unless you decide that’s all your gonna do that day. The main reason I had gotten ShonenJumpMangaComics was to finish the part of Bleach that was not animated and I was not disappointed, but after finishing Hunter x Hunter and learning there were four volumes that were not animated I wanted to read them. Unfortunately you had to buy them if you wanted to read them even with a subscription. In conclusion I think that ShonenJumpMangaComics is great and has lots to offer for free and the subscription is something you won’t regret also, cause the idea of like having a whole library in your pocket is kinda cool.


Bad User Interface

I like that ShonenJumpMangaComics is official and all on my phone shortly after chapters release. However, it’s lacking key features that would make this worth not just reading online. For one, there is no continuous scrolling. The current method of swiping through pages is terrible. Also, when in landscape ShonenJumpMangaComics shows two pages at a time instead of making the page bigger, and there’s no option to show one page at a time instead. The pages are too small in portrait and landscape only makes it smaller. And when you try to zoom in it often turns the page. Then when you do turn the page you need to zoom in again. That is another disadvantage of not having continuous scrolling. Honestly, the annoyance of reading the tiny text with clunky zooming and no continuous scrolling actually makes ShonenJumpMangaComics less convenient than just closing ads on a illegal cite. Barely worth the money. I will change my review when those features are added.


Worth every cent spent!

First of all, if you keep up with many manga series currently running in Shonen Jump or published by viz, ShonenJumpMangaComics is worth a download even without the $1.99 paid subscription because the newest chapter of your favorite manga is released for free (with official translation) on ShonenJumpMangaComics every week! However, the value that is gained through the Shonen Jump $1.99 subscription almost makes it feel like stealing. You get access to every chapter of nearly every series SJ has to offer. Plus you can download and save up 100 chapters on your phone to be read offline. My only critique would be that certain series have gaps in the chapters available currently, but I can also see that these chapters are filled in at a fairly regular interval so I just have to be patient. All in all I like using ShonenJumpMangaComics, and I’ve found a lot of value in being a subscriber since the service’s release.


#1Manga, 3 1/2 Star App

After being a supporter and subscriber since ShonenJumpMangaComics first launched I have only one major flaw that bugs me and would be a great place to start in making ShonenJumpMangaComics easier to use. No matter what device I’m using, when I’m done reading a chapter the “menu” is hard to open, especially when I want it to open so I can close the manga. The button is essentially a “down arrow” image and does 1 of 2 things. #1 it’s hard to click the menu open so you can timely hit the “down arrow” and close the manga before the menu disappears on you. #2 when you do get the menu open the “down arrow” won’t register you clicked it and you have to fight to get the menu open again… other than that ShonenJumpMangaComics is still great and quality of manga is awesome! I do hope you can fix this issue as I would love to be able to not have to close out ShonenJumpMangaComics and re open just to click a new manga or chapter.


So good just needs a little more to be perfect

ShonenJumpMangaComics is great especially with there new features with simulcast and free chapters. I personally joined there subscription service which is pretty good for only $2 I can download the manga chapters but it Max’s at 100 chapters total of all the mangas. They have a great selection but there are a few missing.

My only dilemma is that there’s now way to add manga you want to read to some sort of list and there’s no obvious sign of what chapters you’ve already read so you can find yourself checking around some chapters to try and figure out where you left off something as simple as graying out the chapters you’ve read or were reading would help a lot. Also ShonenJumpMangaComics can crash sometimes if I close my phone then unlock and try to keep reading which leads to the problem I mentioned earlier of trying to remember where your left off


A huge step forward for the medium

For starters, on value alone the $1.99 price tag is insanely reasonable and an incredibly high value for your money. A new manga fan couldn’t even hope to go through the catalogue in the foreseeable future. The vault is massive and amazing. Sure definitely missing some mainstays (HxH, Tokyo Ghoul, JoJo, etc) but what is there is comprehensive and somewhat overwhelming.

Secondly the fact that all current manga chapters are free is an absolutely incredible ploy to keep the piracy crowd away from illegal sites. It’s honestly incredible that this was even able to be pulled off.

Western comic book companies need to take notes. Print is dead (at least in its serialized format). People are still willing to buy trade paperbacks or in mangas case “volumes”, but the idea of shelling out 2-4 bucks an issue is in the past and the past is dead. DC and Marvel are gonna need to start playing catch up.


Great app some bugs....

Viz please add some of these features that I am listing because I feel they would greatly improve the reading performance. One bug I found is that the reader will basically become a slide show and I can’t do much besides slide and it may take some time to scroll to the next page. This generally happens whenever I turn off my phone. A thing you should add is a guided reading aspect. You can enable it and it scroll you through the ( I completely for got what they were called) the individual slides. I would also like it i ShonenJumpMangaComics remembers what chapter and page you left off on. The manga is great and I can’t believe how cheap it is. ( I have been reading The Promised Neverland if you need a recommendation) ShonenJumpMangaComics is overall great. I believe if these were added it would make ShonenJumpMangaComics even better! Thank you for reading my review!



Dollar for dollar, this is the best deal in comics. Great content. Great value. SUPPORT MANGA ARTISTS. I love this service.

That being said, there are some problems with the rollout of the new version. It will flash a loading screen and then just a black screen until I reboot ShonenJumpMangaComics . If I try to back out from the black screen, it won’t load any chapters. ShonenJumpMangaComics would also greatly benefit from a bookmark feature. If they are encouraging me to read through One Piece or Naruto, which are hundreds of chapters long, they need something to help me remember where I left off. Also, a favorites function would help out a lot as well. So that way I can subscribe to my favorite manga and get notifications when they update.

I’m confident they will come out with features that will make ShonenJumpMangaComics even better. This new version of the service just came out, so I expect more tweaks and upgrades in the new year.


Great value but the App needs improvement

Being able to catch up on the backlog of one piece and Naruto for this cheap is a great value and a perfect way to experience the series without resorting to piracy or spending hundreds on the paperbacks. However, there are multiple shortcomings in ShonenJumpMangaComics:
* I’ve had multiple instances where I lost my ability to read the digital vault issues until I closed and restarted ShonenJumpMangaComics .
* selecting the read next chapter option on the last page of a chapter, the next chapter will load at the last page, forcing me to scroll back to the first page before I start reading
* ShonenJumpMangaComics doesn’t remember the last chapter you read unless you’ve downloaded it, so if you come back after a bit and forget which chapter you were on, you have to guess which one to read next


Manga reader must have

The interface is amazingly clean and easy to use. They let you read up to chapter three and most recent chapters of every manga on ShonenJumpMangaComics for completely free. The subscription fee is only $1.99 a month which is incredibly cheap for the amount of content you get. For the $1.99 a month you spend you can read literally any series and any chapter n the site including the most recent chapters released! Volumes cost more than double that for a single volume, but for $1.99 a month you can read 100’s to thousands of volumes. It almost seems unfair for them to give us all of that for such a small cost. My favorite app in ShonenJumpMangaComics Store I’d give it 10 stars if I could.

P.S. ShonenJumpMangaComics DOES tell you what chapter you left off on when you select a manga. Those reviews are either old or they didn’t notice?


Promising, but far too buggy

The new model for Shonen Jump is exactly what I’d been hoping for a company to do for years; create a affordable, convenient alternative to the shadier online manga sites. Unfortunately, while the 2 bucks a month model they’ve set up is very reasonable considering all the content available, it’s iOS apps on iPhone and iPad are both fairly buggy. First off, I had problems originally with loading pages from a new chapter, and would have to scroll through a few black pages before getting the pages to load. I’d then try downloading the pages to see if that would fix the problem. It did, but instead of loading problems, downloaded chapters would have problems with pages from previous chapters replacing the correct pages in the current chapter. And in a baffling oversight, you can’t manually delete downloaded chapters, and instead must wait until they’re automatically removed after 7 days. Viz has a great model here, but a disappointing product.

Aesaac   2 months ago

I subscribe on this app but instead of $2, they charge me $21.03 US Dollar. please help me

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