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About: Acoustic separation and filtration
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1. • Order Ahead and be first in line every time! Plus, get Happy Hour Any Time (1/2 Price Drinks & Slushes) when you order ahead through the app.

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Product Details and Description of SONIC Drive-In

The SONIC Drive-In app lets you order and pay with your phone, get rewards, find out about new items and offers, browse the menu, check nutritional information and more!

• Order Ahead and be first in line every time! Plus, get Happy Hour Any Time (1/2 Price Drinks & Slushes) when you order ahead through the app. Limited time only. See app for details.

• Get exclusive rewards you can redeem when you use Order Ahead.

• Find the closest SONIC Drive-In locations in your area and see their hours.

• Browse the menu. Check out what’s new and view nutritional info for each item.

Top SONIC Drive-In Reviews

  • By Womenfly2


    Get with the program people. No one carries around cash? Not even needed for toll roads anymore. You have have the ability to use state of the art technology & you “could” update your software. I was told that y’all had problems over 10 years ago. Wow! That’s a long time ago. A lot has happened since then. Please allow your employees to get tips by credit card through either the app or on location. Pizza is usually paid for in advance. And customers have the option to add on a tip upon delivery of food. So seriously, y’all have no excuse & your employees may stick around longer & be happier for it. And y’all are not even having to pay them more money, the customers will be glad to do it. It’s a win win win. And there will be smiles all around. You’ll see... Don't be a Scrooge when you don’t even have to be. The more you give, the more you will receive.

  • By Tusoles

    Efficient, Free, AND Discounts??

    So a lot of places have swapped over to doing these apps instead of manpowering cashiers and the like... but, Sonic does not appear to have cut any jobs. You can still order in person. So they’ve taken some of the weight off the cashiers which is surprising since they also offer their 1/2 priced drinks whenever you order thru the app no matter what time of day it is. The only thing I’d point out is that their flavor shots seem to transmit wrong at times to the location and the guy or gal comes out and says, “Diet Cherry” instead of regular. The food is still fast food. It’s a few steps better than McDonalds or Burger King, but ultimately it’s still fast food. Mistakes do still happen with your orders to where you have to have the food itself corrected... ordering with any modifications to standard menu in a high volume production line though at some point people are going to go on autopilot and make that 500th burger as-is without paying attention to what you actually ordered. But you get what you pay for. I digress. Ultimately the app has a couple little hang ups with ordering, but the discounts are on point and require no fees. Just the usual marketing sign up with your email address. You can order ahead and check in, food is brought out to you promptly upon arrival. I like this app.

  • By Byuhytutdsdvhj

    Easy and convenient

    I really appreciate this app. I’m all about that efficiency, and this app makes it happen. I can order from my couch and it’s ready when I get there. No lines, no waiting. It is easy to use. I like that I can quickly select a previous order to reorder; I often get the same food/drinks, so this speeds things up even more. I would like to be able to set my favorite location as the default location. I was driving home with my kids and passed a Sonic in my neighboring town. I decided ice cream sounded great. I had my son place the order in the app and continued on to my own local Sonic. It turned out the order was placed for the location of the Sonic I had driven past. Oops! He didn’t even think to look at the location, and I assumed it would be defaulted to my local one. Instead, the app selected the nearest location at the time the order was placed. Several times I also have almost ordered for the wrong location because I forget to check it! I like to order well ahead, like when I’m about to leave work and drive 40 minutes - I set the pickup time and then I don’t have to mess with the app while driving, or have to add more time to my drive home by sitting in a drive-thru line.

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