Outfield Reviews

Outfield Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Having mastered data-driven CRM, we've now transformed it into an interactive
win-win partnership that prioritizes improving your team performance &
increasing your bottom line. Outfield’s performance-based CRM creates a
friendly & competitive environment to both coach up your rookie rep...

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Reviews (21)


Glitches out after a week of using

It works great most of the time. But once a week, I have to delete Outfield and reinstall it. The reason being because it just starts to constantly ask me to verify my login. When this glitch happens, after using Outfield for more than 10 seconds, it forces me to log in unless I close out if Outfield and re-open it. Then I get ten more seconds to use it before it asks me login again. And if I choose to login, I have to wait like 5 minutes to set everything up (which, you know, nothing has changed in the two seconds it took me enter my login). And after it gets all set up . . . I have ten seconds before it asks me to verify my Login. Again. So, when it works, Outfield is great, other than the fact that it drains my battery way more than any other app I have had. But when it breaks, it causes extreme frustration cause I can only get a few seconds of work done through Outfield unless I delete and reinstall it again. Which I have done three times by now and I expect to do so more in the future


Perfect For Reps On The Move

I am in food sales. I’m constantly on the road seeing customers and prospecting in person. I tried using salesforce, Badger, Map My Customers, Zendesk Sell (Base), and a few other CRM’s. Of all of them, this app is by far my favorite. Because… 1. Adding new prospects while on the road is a cinch. I don’t have to manually enter anything. It finds my targets on a map. I add them with one click. 2. Visually seeing who I need to see, on a map is extremely important to staying organized. 3. Keeping notes is even easier than writing it down. I just speak into my phone. 4. It’s inexpensive. 5. Customizable. I added a simple form to capture industry specific information, which I can get to show up in reports. 6. Simple. It’s not over engineered. Just the basics, and the option to customize if you want. 7. Seeing analytics is motivating. 8. Route optimizer makes me more efficient, takes into consideration calendar entities, but is flexible as changes to my day inevitably happen. No other CRM has such a quick, simple and clean routing system. So far, I’m very happy. If you’re on the road more than you’re in the office, this CRM is specifically designed for you. Just pull the band-aid off and start using it 100% for a day. It’s addicting.


Easy to use

I have been using this app for 6 months now. I like that the mobile app is easy to use and very straight forward in terms of design. I really like the ease of notating accounts on the mobile and appreciate the flexibility of being able to review my day’s account interactions via the web platform. It is a great platform overall and I use their Pipeline feature to organize all my accounts. It lets me setup my day’s activity with just a few glances. I’d recommend this app for account management, organization and to get a better understanding of your account visits and stay up to date with information from the field. If you are looking for an App to help you manage your personal outside sales efforts or to help you manage an entire team, this is a nice option to look at.


Hands down, the best!

Outfield is perfect for someone on the go like myself. I hated writing down addresses, contact info, and etc but thanks to this app I no longer have to do that. I just check in and this app generates the address and I add what I need from there. I love being able to look at my visits and see where I left off with my clients without having to pull my laptop out or look through piles of paperwork. The reporting feature generates my visits on a spreadsheet allowing me more time in the field and less in the office. It’s amazing what all Outfield can do! this app is very user friendly and quick to learn. I don’t have enough room to write what all Outfield can do and has done for me. There is no better application and they have the best customer service to go along with it!



Functionality I’m (still) looking for. Did anyone else get a 30 day trial notification? Me either... Until I received a call from an inside rep asking me about my needs. Clear as day, the moment I was obviously not the primary target market for this company, I was suddenly verbally informed that my 30 day trial would expire in 29 days. 30 day trial? What trial? I politely and immediately called the rep out, acknowledging this wasn’t likely his policy, and received no denial whatsoever. I wouldn’t care if Outfield had been listed as such, making this clear up front. “Spend your time entering your data THEN we’ll let you know it’s a trial or we’ll be billing you.” It’s not THAT you do, it’s HOW. Deceit isn’t for me. 5 Star reviews look questionable in terms of authenticity now that I’m re-reading. Sound like a trifold flyer imo. BS


Great app for productivity

Been using Outfield since the beginning of the year and it has helped me save time and create more opportunities. The route planning and optimization helps save time on my commute and gives me more time for prospecting. Speaking of prospecting, Outfield allows me to find new accounts easily while in the field. I’d recommend this to anyone in sales that is looking to boost their numbers and make more money!


Field rep

I’m a field rep that was forced to use another crm and I really missed out field, now I’m working from home with a different company I can come on back to the this app app thank goodness I sure missed using the Amazing App I’m an inside sales rep till this fake virus moves on Thanks to the this app team for putting together a great product so simple a caveman could use it


Good app. Miss add contact from near by places

I’ve been using Outfield for 2 years now and I like it a lot. However when I first started to use it there was an option to “Add from nearby places.” This option made it simple to add places to Outfield . Since its gone it is more difficult to add the places. I recommended it to a friend but without this option he doesn’t want to type in all of the information for every place in his contacts.


So amazing!

We use this app for field marketing and making sure our brand is being represented well in stores. We can set up forms that capture all of the data we need and our reps can take pictures on site and load them along with their form answers! It really is a time saver!


Awesome experience.

I downloaded Outfield. I was promptly greeted by a representative who guided me along the way of getting setup. I appreciated it because other CRM companies offer horrible customer experiences. These guys actually pick up the phone when I need them too. I recommend.


Would recommend

I love Outfield! I can communicate easily and effectively to team members, I have a visual picture to reference every time I use it, and it helps me keep organized. Outfield is also very user friendly! Very satisfied consumer!!


So far, I like it.

So far, I am genuinely enjoying Outfield. I’m still figuring things out. Support is responsive but not always helpful. I would like to know how to optimize my route starting at my furthest point. Also, when I first signed up someone named Rory called me, unfortunately I was walking into an elevator and lost Rory. He quickly called back and left me a scathing voice mail. Very unprofessional.


Really helpful

I am so much more productive with this app, and my life is so much easier. Highly recommended for field account management. I'm able to document all my notes through my iPhone.


Smooth & Seamless

Has been a great help in helping me grow my salsa company from 0 to 30 stores in only a few months! Prospecting so easily and tracking accounts simplifies my process, time and focus! #datg


Great work team

Thanks for making this app the best CRM out there for field teams.


Missing some basic features & updates come with new surprise bugs

Overall, app is great for a field sales rep. The iOS app however has started to not sync with the web browser and accounts all seem to be duplicating. Saving routes is a needed feature


Gone down hill

Outfield use to be pretty good. Since thy can’t use Google location services it has been a steady down hill. It rarely will populates existing places for near by locations. So I always have to click out of places and back in for it to work and then even then it’s hit or miss. The calendar app forces you to add a place or contact to creat a calendar entry. It’s just not a good experience any more.



Doesn’t always record points properly, and that’s a big deal. I just did two substantial check ins and reports and my ranking and points remained exactly the same and typically I would’ve gained between 4-6 for each. After a long day of work, that’s not cool. I tried logging out and back in and everything.


Mind blown.

My team and I needed an outside sales and marketing solution and this app answered our call! Unlike other CRMs I’ve used in the past, this app has everything I need, and nothing I don’t. My reps were able to jump straight into making store visits and this app transformed all of their data into awesome analytics I used to identify opportunities. They’re very good about giving me tools I didn’t even know I needed! Their customer support is second to none and I definitely recommend this app to anyone in field sales and marketing.


Not a fan

Keeps deleting my events, doesn’t let me upload pictures.


Real time account management

I needed real time data from my fields reps and this app has provided the solution. I know where my reps are, which accounts they hit, and I can much better manage the logistics of my team.

Is Outfield Safe?

Yes. Outfield is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 107 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Outfield Is 64.3/100.

Is Outfield Legit?

Yes. Outfield is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 107 Outfield User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Outfield Is 64.3/100.

Is Outfield not working?

Outfield works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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