ParcelTrack - Package Tracker Reviews

ParcelTrack - Package Tracker Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-31

ParcelTrack – One App to track all of your packages and shipments
ParcelTrack integrates all of your shipments from over 50 delivery services
into a single app. Free Push-Notifications keep you up to date with your
delivery status. The ParcelTrack Inbox makes it even more convenient to...

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ParcelTrack - Package Tracker Reviews

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    This app is perfect!!

    Suggestion: Currently when there is an update to one of the pkgs we get a notification. That’s great. But when you open the app you don’t have any way of knowing WHICH pkg was updated. So how about temporarily showing the updated pkg in bold text? Just an idea. 😁 I'm amazed at how user friendly this app is. When you open the app, right there it shows all your packages. To add a new one, just hit the plus sign. Boom. So easy. And you can add all the pertinent details like tracking number, who it's from, what in the package. And once the pkg is delivered you can either delete it or save it to the archives by swiping left. SOOO easy! This app was perfect for Christmas time but is great anytime when you want to see where your pkg is. 5 stars!!! UPDATE!! Adding a pkg to your app is even easier now. You don't have to type in a long tracking number anymore. You just send your shipping confirmation email(that contains the tracking number) to the email address that ParcelTrack gives you and the app picks the tracking number out and adds it to your list!! It happens fast too! So awesome! This app could not be any easier now!

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    Adding FedEx tracking crashes app to background

    I can no longer update current tracking by pulling down as I apparently added a FedEx tracking number the app is incapable of dealing with. This particular package is also not appearing in either the main list of packages it's tracking nor the archive (I did check). So, basically there's a tracking item in limbo & attempting to refresh tracking instantly makes the app drop to the background. I would remove it if I could, but there's no way to access items that don't appear, much less control them. This app seems to have taken a number of steps backward in the new incarnations & is getting difficult to recommend to anyone. In addition, the new interface is bland & terrible. I had the old interface up until this update where I, against my better judgment, decided to update. What a mistake! The older interface was very clear & to-the-point in its design. This new one has everything against a white background so nothings stands out, no clear delineation except for the little mark nearby showing the status. It's simply awful. Options like the archived packages are now hidden away. This is a downgrade, not an improvement. I paid for this & I deeply regret updating. Colossal step backwards. I would give this 0 stars if I could.

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    great app!

    so efficient to be able to eliminate all the separate carrier-specific apps and organize all info regarding shipping status and deliveries, past and present, in one app... and so satisfying to unify all user interactions regarding same via a single, simple, consistent and well-designed interface. so... once the relevant tracking id is sensed on your clipboard or manually entered (and you've had the opportunity to enter a descriptor of the content and/or the name of the sender) the app does the rest, including sending appropriate alerts. btw, i've seen some complaints in other reviews that ParcelTrack's status updates lag behind real-time: i've only occasionally experienced this phenomenon in ParcelTrack and i'm a bit puzzled by these criticisms in light of the fact that we've all presumably long ago adjusted our expectations through experiencing that the carriers themselves (whose systems must, of necessity, serve as ParcelTrack's data source) are occasionally laggard in their updates. bottom line, this is a great app- love it.

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    Best Tracking App IMO

    I’ve used several tracking apps and most are all the same with little to no additional features other than basic tracking. PT takes it a step further and not only allows a seamless app between iphone and ipad so you don’t have to check both for a notification to be removed, but also has a unique email inbox I use as a forwarding email address and gmail filter to automatically forward order shipment notifications to my PT Inbox and then boom, all my packages show up in a very easy to read and edit ui. It is just a bit behind as far as delivery status, however as a new user I would imagine the high Holiday traffic is causing the ever so slight delay and regardless of which app you use there’s going to be at least some delays. 5 star app that I’m going to put against Slice and then decide which app will be my go to tracking for inbound and outbound packages. Simply put, easily one of the, if not the, top tracking apps!

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    One App tracking

    I have used this app to track parcels for several years. It started to get annoying to have to use each parcel handling companies own app to track packages. At one time, I had 5 different parcel company apps to track Christmas parcels. To log into each one of those apps to track my parcels was daunting. And that’s where I had enough and got ParcelTrack. While it has been quirky lately, it still tracks every parcel courier I have ever used. Because the reliability of the app has dwindled, I am only giving it 4 ⭐️. The quirky part is that some times I open the app and I get a “connection to server failed” and none of my currently in transit or archived parcels are displayed (blank screen). This usually has resolved on its own over the course of a few hours. However, there is no way to “try to connect again” to the server it had lost contact with. Restart the app, restart your phone, power down your phone, nothing but waiting works. When it reconnects everything comes back, like nothing happened.

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    Everything in one place.

    Never have to worry about losing track of your packages again. I rarely ever write reviews in the App Store, but I’ve been using this app for several years now and felt that it finally deserves an honest review from a heavy user and avid fan (me!). First off, this package-tracking app literally changes the game, especially for people who tend to buy a lot of stuff online. One search for package-tracking apps in the App Store will show you that ParcelTrack is the only app that offers such handy features and capabilities for free (FREE, people!). ParcelTrack not only allows you to track all of your packages in the convenience of one, single app — no need to bookmark all your tracking pages anymore, ladies and gents — but it also continually notifies you about the status of your package (“Out for delivery,” “Delivered,” etc.) Absolutely unparalleled, this app has saved me so much time and energy, and I eagerly vouch for it! 5/5 🌟

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    Money Saving App

    I recently found myself in a situation that could only be resolved with the use and information from this app. A well known internet retailer sent a text message indicating that my package had been delivered to my home address. In addition, the brown truck carrier website also confirmed that my package had been delivered. I knew this was not the case since I was sitting at home, waiting for the package to be delivered; but no carrier came to my home. However, using this app was extremely helpful. Upon initial tracking, this app indicated that my items had been delivered. However, when I selected the push button which was suppose to show my home address, the pop up window indicated an address several miles from my home. I shared this information with the internet retailer and carrier. I received an apology and the very next day my package was delivered.

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    App premium version worked well but now has an extremely annoying bug!

    I’ve used the ParcelTrack app premium version for several months. The app has worked well in the past. But now, I am tracking a very important shipment and am experiencing a very strange problem cause by a weird bug. When I first entered the USPS tracking number in ParcelTrack everything was fine tracking information was displayed in English. But now, since USPS has received the shipment, the tracking information is appearing in Chinese, which is absolutely absurd and is absolutely not helpful whatsoever! I removed the tracking number from the ParcelTrack app last night, which was when I encountered this bug. I have jus re-entered the USPS tracking number for my shipment into the ParcelTrack app and the tracking information is still appearing in Chinese. which is very weird because the item in my shipment was shipped with in the United States to a domestic address with in the United States. So the ParcelTrack app is now absolutely useless! I am giving ParcelTrack 1 Star for this reason.

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    Almost great, but missing an obvious feature

    Just downloaded this app (paid for the premium version) and it’s convenient to have all my tracking numbers in one place but there is a huge glaring feature missing: my tracked packages are not in chronological order. Initially I thought the order was reversed with my next expected package at the bottom of the list, but I just added a few more tracking numbers and now there seems to be no order to the list at all. It’s not even in the order in which I entered the numbers, so basically there is no rhyme or reason there. I have to scan the entire list and figure out what the next delivery is, which is annoying when I have a long list of expected deliveries. For what seems like such a helpful app to have such a simple feature as chronological order not enabled is a head scratcher. Right now, I’m not feeling like it was worth the $2.99.

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    Glad I got it

    I have the premium package. I shop online all the time from various stores and sometimes from different counties. This app keeps all my orders organized in one place at a glance and keep me up to date to all my packages locations at all times. No more guessing and playing door tag with the delivery guy. This app has track packages for (USPS, Fed EX, DHL, & UPS) Also, I love the notification feature that appears right on my phone. This app is easy to use to have it track your packages. You simply forward the confirmation email you received from the company you placed the order with that has the tracking number, and it’s that simple. The app then reads the email and set things in motion. You can always type in the tracking number directly into the app, but why? Anyways I like the app.

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    One of my favorite apps on my phone!

    I have been using ParcelTrack for about two years. I used to track my tracking numbers on a spreadsheet and was very happy when I figured out that there is an app for that! The app is very helpful. I especially like being able to forward emails with tracking numbers to my account - this feature makes it so easy to add a tracking number. I also like being notified that my package will be delivered that day and then again when it is delivered. Many times the delivery person doesn't ring the bell - the app tells me to bring it in from the porch. I recently upgraded to the premium edition and scanning outgoing packages is so easy to do. If you are trying to decide if you want to check it out, do it, you will not be disappointed.

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    Amazing App❣

    Absolutely Wonderful App!!☺️ This App is the best for all package/shipment updates & deliveries! I buy pretty much everything besides groceries online, so before I always had to use the USPS or UPS, etc. websites to track all of my packages. Which meant I usually had to keep 2-4 pages open on Safari at one time && continuously refresh the page for updates because the email updates were always a little behind (30-45 minutes) once something was delivered. But with ParcelTrack I no longer have to be a slave to shipment websites!! I receive accurate notifications everywhere my packages go. Once a package is placed in my mailbox or put on my front porch, I would automatically receive a notification from ParcelTrack!! I absolutely love this App & jumped right on Premium as soon as I could. The one thing I wish I could change would be is once a package is delivered I wish it wouldn’t take the app 15-30 minutes to update me. If I manually refresh the app it will of course tell me it was delivered. I just wish I could have the option of having the app update every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, etc. like the Mail app on my iPhone. Just my two cents! But overall, Thank you so much for an AMAZING APP!!❤️💜💚💖

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    Hate the new layout

    They took away the menu bar on the bottom of the screen where one could easily toggle between views. I don’t understand why they would think this is an improvement when it necessitates an additional tap to get to where you want to go. Burying things in a menu is not at all helpful. Additionally, when viewing the list in the menu (as well as the other pages), there is visually very little difference between the items listed there and they all just blend together. Visually and functionally, this is a horrible update! It always surprises me when developers change the look of an app that has been beautifully functional. Much of good functionality has to do with colors and shapes that help us to navigate within the app. By making it a colorless blob of white, gray and black, it takes more effort to find things with the eye, making using it a chore rather than a pleasure. I just don’t understand the purpose of these visual changes when they don’t benefit the user.

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    Excellent Application, Immediate Simplicity

    This is an excellent application if you have a number of deliveries across different services that you desire to track without having to sign into those various logistics services. It has a great, simple UI and also many nifty features (eg., automatic detection of a copied tracking # on clipboard). I have also yet to run into any bugs, which is impressive given the landscape of apps out there and the typical quality you experience outside of the top apps in the App Store. I upgraded to premium shortly after initial download and use, and suggest the same to anyone else. The push notifications and cross device support are great and clearly this is a dedicated and great team building a nice little piece of software, so always worth supporting the people as well!

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    Great App! Very Useful

    This app works just like you’d hope it would. I ship quite a bit and I use different carriers so it’s super nice to have visibility of ALL shipments inside of 1 app. The ONLY thing I’d change (or add) is to be able to see final destination when tracking status of a shipment . What I mean is, sometimes I’ll send 3 or 4 packages at 1 time. Then, when I’m checking status of a particular shipment, I have no idea which is which, unless I A) cross-ref the tracking number on the shipping receipt w the tracking number I entered into the app, or B) wait until the package gets fairly close to its destination, at which point I can tell which package is which. Other than that, it’s a very helpful tool and I do recommend it to anyone I think could benefit by having it.

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Is ParcelTrack - Package Tracker Safe?

Yes. ParcelTrack - Package Tracker is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 11,855 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for ParcelTrack - Package Tracker Is 47.0/100.

Is ParcelTrack - Package Tracker Legit?

Yes. ParcelTrack - Package Tracker is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 11,855 ParcelTrack - Package Tracker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for ParcelTrack - Package Tracker Is 47.0/100.

Is ParcelTrack - Package Tracker not working?

ParcelTrack - Package Tracker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

Feb 03 2021

Windows app often shows I am not tracking any packages. I am tracking packages and they appear in the iOS app.

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