zenly - your world Reviews

zenly - your world Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

zenly is the social app that maps your world :) build your very own map of the
world, with the people and places that make it uniquely yours!! join the 10s of
millions of people already using zenly to: KNOW WHAT YOUR FRIENDS ARE UP TO see
their real-time location, if they’re at home, wo...

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Reviews (29)


Kind of bummed ☹️

Was once a great app and now it’s unreliable. Widget no longer updates on the spot like it used too, zenly itself no longer automatically updates location regardless of having the Location always on. Hoping the next update will benefit us by fixing these issues. Second update: After seeing that many people are having the same issue of not being able to have a reliable app. They assume that everything is a singular issue and not a worldwide issue. They don’t seem to want to update zenly and feel that singularly troubleshooting everyone’s app will work and it won’t. They don’t listen to you either when you tell them exactly what is happening. At this point I’m giving up on zenly. Will have to try Life360 in hopes of something better. 😕 I’ve had zenly for a few years now and I’m very disappointed that they care less about the issue and are more focused on making zenly more aesthetically pleasing and like a social network. Update: Deleted zenly and installed again, did nothing. Still hasn’t updated locations automatically. All settings are on correctly and still nothing unfortunately. Hoping for an update very soon.


Zenly deleted my account for no reason!

I’ve never written reviews before but this is just beyond sad and frustrating. So one day my account just disappeared. Yes like, boom, gone. I opened zenly and it got logged out automatically, I tried logging in with my number but it created a new account. I tried contacting support and they said it’s permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. So I lost everything, footprints, friends. I mean the information has got to be somewhere right? On the website it even says it’ll be kept for 30 days. Not to say I didn’t even try deleting my account this app just did it. I’ll never be able to get those footprints back now, which is also the main reason I used this app. It’ll be impossible to get the same footprints either. The feeling is like having your memory card formatted by someone else. So unless they somehow miraculously found my old account back I don’t want to use this anymore. What if they deleted my account again? I don’t wanna be heartbroken twice. No I’m not giving them another chance. Am I the only one that experienced this? Wow unbelievable can I be more lucky than that. Wish I was lucky in other ways. A simple wish would just be to get my account back🙄🙄


No real-time location update

I used this app for 2 years and since last Thursday (April 8th), my this app start to having problem that it began to stop refreshing real-time locations. It begin with if I leave zenly on for 8 mins & it didn’t refresh, to real quick that just after 1 min, the location is not refreshing. Now I have to restart this app each time to get my location refreshed as well as my friends. Or it will just show the red 1 minute ago tag FORVER. And now it’s not just my phone—both of my parents this app and my iPad got the SAME ISSUE. So it’s not about our phone, this app must have some software issue that caused huge inconvenience for us. If possible please fix that ASAP. Update: the solution was fixed after I got a new phone. But with 4 month of usage this thing happens again….they don’t even try or care to fix the issue tbh, if there’s another app can have automatically location update I’ll switch it in no hesitation. I send 23 emails to them they leave nothing back to me. Thanks a lot this app. Worst app ever


Missing important features

I’m enjoying zenly and it’s good for keeping track of my kids. However, it’s missing important features that zenly Life360 has. I’m also using zenly. Life360 tells me when my kids are on the move, and it tells me when they have reached there destination whether it’s at home or at school. It shows there path on the map whether walking or driving. Life360 is much more detailed then this app. this app is pretty basic. I would rather you get rid of all the sparkles and rainbows crap and have a more functional app. this app download Life360 and play around with it. Take notes of good things there doing to there app and copy there features. Otherwise me and my family will be deleting this and moving on to bigger and better things. Also I’m using zenly find my kids which also has better features then this. Take note of that one too.


How the app can improve.

Overall, zenly itself is pretty great as of being a location - based app. It’s great that you can easily interact with friends and see where they constantly are. What I see as a problem is not having a “log out” option. As I was changing my phone to my new one, I have realized that this app doesn’t have an “Log out” option. In that case, I am pretty disappointed. If you have deleted zenly , your friends would see the last location where were last and if you were to download it again, it would pop your account again! What if I have selled my phone to a stranger and they’ve found my account? Theyre going to hijack it. How am I going to log on back there on my new phone. Yeah, you’ll have to create a new account and add your friends all over again. Please reconsider this problem. Thank you.


Friends locations keep not updating

I started out really liking zenly and I still enjoy it being able to see where my friends and family are at but recently within the last month I have been having trouble updating my friends locations I do not think it is my device I believe it is theirs they haven’t froze their location or done anything but from time to time more often than not now their location will remain in the same spot for more than two days and then all of a sudden it randomly will pick up and find them I hope zenly can find a solution to this problem soon other than that really like zenly .



I would give at least a 3 star rating but this app keeps taking my husbund off because too many people block him🤨! What's up with that!? We'll I was contacted by the developer of this app and they are sorry to hear about the trouble my husbund was having. I am just wondering how are these people able to block your if they are not ever your friend? A person happens to see you as a suggested friend and don't like you so they can block you and you don't know who they are. Over all this app does pretty good. I do know no app out there is going to be 100% accurate so keep up the good work this app.



I love zenly it is so up to date and on point to the exact location! ( it even lets you know what percentage the other persons phone is on and if they are charging there phone(random) but cool) Anyway! My husband works grave yard an hour away so when i wake up in the middle of the night worried i like to check this app to see if he is safe on his drive home. I love zenly so much! It is perfect it shows how fast they are going and is 100% accurate! Waaay better then iphones “find friends”, anyways thank you zenly is a blessing! -sincerely a worried wife


Zenly map dont work

Hello this app team. Since last month this app app dont work properly even with high speed internet and wifi this app locations of my friends and mine go offline show IFF THE GRID. Even though im next to my friends still show there location off the grid where there internet and wifi is on and mine too. Location stay same dont change always go offline. This error happening since last month of update I thought it will get back to normal but it didn’t after new update still same. Please please im requesting you this app plz make the this app work. Right now my internet with high speed even my friends too but we all see each other location last one that we left. Please requesting you keep zenly smoothly go thanks



zenly is a life saver!!! All of my best friends use it to keep up with one another. We pretty much stopped the group chats we had in other apps as we don’t need to send where are you messages to see what everyone is doing anymore. I’ve had so many fun nights that never would have happened thanks to this app. Loving the new feature that lets me see everywhere I’ve been too btw. YOU SHOULD REALLY TRY zenly!!


app doesn’t work

i used to love zenly it worked so well and it always updated but lately it just doesn’t work the map doesn’t load it says my friends have been at the same place for days and nothing loads it doesn’t show anyone’s profile pictures and sometimes zenly just doesn’t load at all i really love zenly but i’m gonna delete it soon if it doesn’t start to work UPDATE : i fixed it sometimes apple finds zenly “insecure” and turns off cellular data for zenly find this app in settings and make sure that cellular data is turned on for zenly because that's the issue i was having


Good but 🤬

It’s a fabulous app but people can suspend your if if me and my friends plan to block you your I’d will be suspended for 24 hrs I am experiencing and now my I’d is suspended for 30 days this is not good if I there should be a valid reason for blocking and the tech team should verify the blocking reason but I am getting blocked several times ok first time I understood that sending too many requests leads to suspension but if you delete friends they can block you for deleting them as friends I don’t find this logical WhatsApp doesn’t suspend someone for getting blocked or any other app this is nonsense but the team is responsive and fabulous they cooperate a lot but I need my suspension canceled


Awesome app but one more thing

zenly is super good and I love it. It’s so accurate and up to date, but one thing i don’t like is that it says you were watched by 3 friends and it has no names. I hope you guys don’t ignore me, the reason why I am giving zenly 4 stars and not 5 is because you can’t see who you were watched by. My family is big and I have like 8 friends in this app and I would like to know who watch me and who doesn’t. But other than that everything is perfect. Please fix this and let us know who watched us. Thank you.



zenly is perfect with communicating with your friends and family even your sneaky link. But theirs just one problem it told me I bumped with someone when I didn’t and told me to add him as a friend which worry’s me cause he could get my location if I would’ve accepted his friend request. I wanted to write this review to let the creators of zenly that their might be a way for people to bump with out actually bumping and it can lead to tracking and etc. please fix this.


Cellular Data Is Forced Off Just for «Zenly”

I’ve been using zenly for a while now, I’ve liked every feature, until recently it stopped working on cellular data for whatever reason it might be. I’ve tried using every method to solve this issue, I’ve reinstalled zenly , deleted it, restarted my phone several times, wen to the settings switched the cellular data option on zenly , but it keeps persistently switching back to off by itself, I still don’t understand anything, pls help me resolve the issue, it’s getting me dizzy lately


Great app

I love zenly but would love it better if I could turn off the emojis. Is there any way that you could add that feature in settings. I know some folks love the emojis but to me they are in the way. An on/off option in settings would be great for those of us that like really simple no frills. Thank you for a really helpful app.


Outstanding App.

Very pleased with the ease and functionality of zenly. Being an older person, I like having an app to where certain friends can keep track of me. I have a seizure disorder and if something happened to me they can tell where I am and send help if needed. Thank you to the developers.


How can you tell the difference?

How do I know if someone froze their location or uninstalled zenly ?? My friend told me that he uninstalled zenly and that’s why the location stayed in the same place. I just want to know if he uninstalled zenly , would the location show up as the last place that he went to before he uninstalled zenly or would it just not show up on my map at all?


Best App Ever!!

I Love zenly I can keep track on my Daughter every time she leaves the house all times and I like the fact when I text her I can use the cute emoji‘s she likes it too I also have friends that use it also because of me..Thank you for making an App that has a little fun and cuteness to it!!


You stayed there 1 night

It would be better if there is an option to turn off night stand places on the map. Before those night place spots were only visible on footprint map. Now it is also visible in regular map which makes zenly work slow and laggy. Because, I have tons of night places all over the US. Hope you guys take this into consideration. Thanks!


Zenly App

zenly is awesome!!! I can track my family wherever they go. It’s a safety feature for me since I am in Law Enforcement and I like to know where my family is at all times. Suggestion, why don’t you put a little compass on zenly to let people see where there friends and family are going while they are tracking them on zenly . Just like the map on zenly moves and the background moves along with the person are moving and being tracked, do the same thing with the compass. I think it would be a nice addition to zenly that is already awesome in its own right. Keep up the awesome work!!! Make the compass North, South, East, and West.



My Mom (75 yrs old) & I agreed that she can get a little forgetful when out and about so when I found this ap it was a relief. Now I can make sure she's made it home or to where ever, safely when she forgets to call lol. That's sounds funny, but that's where we're at now. And she gets a kick out of it, cause she can see where I'm at lol. Love my mom! And love this ap!


No log out and Navigating Back

I try to switch my this app and switch to a nee phone. Guess what? I can’t log out on my new phone. I had try to sign up using the phone I registered because there is no sign in option...And there is always an error message that keeps me from logging in. And I find out there is even no navigating back button... The UI is overall improve. But please pay attention to login issue of zenly.



Though few of my friends have zenly (3 of them), I can always know when they’re home or wherever they are. I’d also like to know what the friends of friends are because my friend doesn’t have this app, though it says that she has 3 friends ON this app. Otherwise, zenly is awesome I love it.


Very disappointed with last few updates

When I first downloaded zenly about 8 months ago it was perfect and accurate. Now it is glitchy , inaccurate and slow to load map image frequently. It will also show my friends or kids as having their gps or location turned off , low precision or places where they aren't . It should be more accurate at the very least , what's the point in having it if it isn't?



I would say it’s really good app. It even provides you things like “ghost mode” to make people see things that are not true. Pretty good if ya wanna sneak away from here home. The only suggestion I wanna make is that some times it’s really glitchy. Overall, zenly should be used in people’s life


Such a useful app!

I use zenly with my friends and family. It’s been so useful and I can make sure my love ones arrive home safely. zenly is very easy to navigate, and I haven’t come across any issues/glitches with zenly . Highly recommend!



zenly’s description is “Your location will be shared with your friends. You can stop this at anytime.” Which is not true, at all. You must have location on at all times. Some people have been hacked, get anxiety over getting kid napped, and some have even gotten killed. If zenly creates could get back to me on why it is this way, that’d be great.



I would’ve gave it 5 stars but it started showing that my family was at my address but they were at home and if they were at the store my address would say my address.

Is zenly Safe?

Yes. zenly - your world is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 44,264 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for zenly - your world Is 69.6/100.

Is zenly Legit?

Yes. zenly - your world is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 44,264 zenly - your world User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for zenly - your world Is 69.6/100.

Is zenly - your world not working?

zenly - your world works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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