Pump Log Reviews

Pump Log Reviews

Published by on 2021-02-23

Pump Log™ is the BEST app for exclusive pumpers! Here's what users
say: "This app has given me my day back so I no longer feel permanently
attached to my pump!" "It's so easy to use and I love how it reminds me to
pump." "Tracks just what I need to know without all the flubdubbery o...

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Pump Log Reviews

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    The Best App for Pumping Moms

    When I started exclusively pumping for our baby I was clueless at what I was getting myself into and overwhelmed at the idea of keeping track of milk amounts. I started off with the free trial and from there I was hooked. It is absolutely worth every penny. This is coming from someone that won’t even spend one dollar on apps. This app has been my companion throughout my pumping journey. I tried many other free apps for logging milk oz and none compare. This one is straight forward, user friendly and very clever. I love the timer built in, I love that you can log your freezer stash and estimate your ending date, I love that it tracks your daily averages. It’s honestly everything I could hope for in a pumping app and has made this difficult journey so much easier. My only wish is that the app would store away all your info and make way for the next pumping journey for next baby!

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    Pumping Mommas Need This!!

    This is not a bias review at all! I am very particular about apps and if I leave a review it's either the app is really good or very bad and people should know! Well in this case, this app is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! I could not imagine pumping without this app ever! I love that you can push the clock button and it immediately starts your log and times the length of your pump, I love the conversion calculator from oz. to mL! I love that it also gives you a quick glance to when the last time you pumped was. That really helps! And the alarm! I'm telling you if you can pay for his app, do it! It will definitely save you a headache and you'll love the total amount of what you pumped that day! Also the calculator that estimates by how much you make when you can stop pumping! This app definitely earned its 5 stars from me! Let's just say after the trial I bought it and will never let it go 💗

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    The BEST pumping app!

    The layout and organization of this app is perfect because I can clearly see all the information in a straightforward and organized way. I also prefer this app over others because I am a mother of multiples and all the other apps I’ve used don’t take pumping for multiples into consideration (they don’t allow for the pump tracking to apply to each baby’s profile or as a single unit). The function that reminds you to pump as you’re entering your current pumping session and the time since your last session is a genius idea. You can tell real parents put a thoughtful effort into this app. The countdown calculator is great for planning ahead and helping you determine your needs/goals in pumping. My favorite feature that I couldn’t find with any other app is the ability to alter the unit of measurement (oz/ml). This is especially important to moms who’s milk is just coming in as they start to produce more and want the ability to easily enter the totals. The only downside is that you get 50 records before you have to pay for the app and get unlimited records. There is an export data feature so at least it’s not like they force you to pay to use the app. Also, I just wish they’d add features/versions for tracking other parts of infancy (diapers, feeding, sleeping, etc) because I enjoy this app so much!

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    Works great, but always room to improve

    It might be because I’m not the target demographic for this app (I’m not an exclusive pumper, I only pump while at work), but often this app doesn’t quite work perfectly for my needs. But it’s darn close! I wish that the “when can I stop pumping” option was more customizable. I pump at work to feed my baby for the next day. He eats 15 oz a day and I pump 20 oz. I can enter that into the app and it’ll tell me how long I need to pump until I can exclusively switch to frozen milk. However if I only want to replace one bottle a day with frozen (and drop one pumping session at work), there is no option for this. You can’t just change the amount he eats per day, because then the app will overestimate how much milk you are saving. I also wish I could look at each breast’s stats over time (I have one wimpy one I’m trying to boost up, but it’s hard to tell if my efforts are working). I also wish the charts went back further in time, ideally with a search or month selector function. It would also be great if there was a way to track milk boosters, like teas, supplements, etc to see if they affect your supply. Or a way to see if time of day affects your output. But these are just wants, the app works awesome and does exactly what it says it will. I’ve never had any issues with it.

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    Great app, can’t do in-app purchase

    UPDATED: ITunes fixed whatever the issue was in the back end! The developer is very responsive and kind enough to help me out. Straight forward app that every pumping mother should have. This is a great app for mothers that are strictly pumping. Unfortunately, I cannot make the in-app purchase. I’ve been in contact with iTunes for the past couple of weeks and then tried working out whatever the issue is with the developer. No one seems to know what is wrong. I’ve tried signing in/out of iTunes account, restarting my phone, updating to the latest version of this app, checking my cards, checking my phone settings... everything is fine. Frustrated, so I ended up resorting to downloading the other app for logging in the pumping posts. Wish this worked for me.

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    Super helpful!

    I am so happy to have found this app. It’s a great tool to keep track of pumps down to the mL (or ounce, your choice!) I am no longer writing down or setting my iPhone timer, jogging my memory as to when I pumped last, when I need to pump next and how much. It’s all in one app! Like a “Boob Journal” ha! What I thought was so helpful was keeping track of individual breast milk amounts as well as choosing oz or mL during one recording for different breasts- if that makes sense. (Sometimes it’s easier to ready oz and other times mL depending on the milk level in the bottle) When I pump it’s usually timed with a feeding for my baby, so it’s like a log of when she was fed. But no place to record how much she ate. But that’s not what this app is for. Although something for the creator to maybe add as a feature in the future?

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    So helpful

    I have been Exclusively Pumping for going on 6 months now & this app has made it so easy to not only keep track on my pump sessions but it’s so awesome to look back on all the hard work & progress I’ve been over the months. It’ll even log all your hours at the pump, it’ll tell you a sum of all the ounces you’ve pumped. It’s provides helpful links & book recommendation to help you through your journey. My most favorite thing about the app though is it allowed me to make a little Widget. So all I had to do is swipe over to see exactly how long it’s been since my last pump session. It is a life saver! I’ve tried other pumping apps (Medela & Lasinoh), & nothing has come close to the quality of this one. All around I’d give it 10 star if it were possible.

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    Need help! Updated

    Love this app. But when I go to export my data (2 months worth) it says 'Email Not Configured'. When I click feedback in the app itself, it also says 'Email not configured'. When I click on support in the App Store, the page it brings me to has no contact info. Help please!! I am upgrading my phone and need to export my data! What's the use if I can't save my data?? Update: Still no solution. Even sent the app creator a message and never heard back. So rude. I wouldn't spend your money on this app because there is no app support. Update: After updating my review, finally after over 6 months I get a response and was able to export my data. Not that it matters now since there is an iCloud backup. Just wish I had gotten a response earlier. I've updated my star review, because the app is good. Just disappointed with the response time.

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    I started using this app after baby was diagnosed with a tongue tie. I needed to up my supply ASAP as I was only producing 1oz total. After a few days I paid for unlimited entries and haven’t looked back. I’ve used it everyday for almost a month and it works so well for keeping track, it is easy!! I typically sit down to start pumping, add in a new pump entry with zero oz and edit the oz when I finish pumping. The app has kept me so motivated, I started off with producing 7oz in the duration day and now I’m averaging 24!! It’s also great for categorizing. I normally try a lot of new things to up my supply so it’s important to keep track of when I started. Under “notes” I add in if it’s a power pump etc and it shows up very clear in the log. Recommend this app for sure!

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    Perfectly Fitting My NICU Baby's Needs

    This app has been a lifesaver. I can easily keep track of all that I pump in a day and see my trending amounts daily and weekly. Being an EP mom due to my baby being in the NICU, I feel confident that I can produce enough milk and store it for him until he's a year old. I also love that I can write notes on each log and that this app allows you to set reminders of your next pumping time. I NEVER have to remember, it does all the work and reminds me! Did I mention you can set the timer too to let you know when you've reached your desired pump time? For example, I like to pump for fifteen minutes. Instead of checking the clock every few minutes, I can do whatever I want to do and wait for the reminder. It's amazing!!

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    Life saving app

    I started pumping with my second daughter for the first time and after downloading so many apps to try to find one that worked for me, a lot of Moms in my Pumping Group kept mentioning this app and although it’s a pricey app, I pumped for 10.5 months and it was the biggest lifesaver to me and was worth every penny. It was so nice to see how long I pumped for; how much I pumped; what my averages were; what the difference was day to day and week to week and if I was trying to increase my milk I could immediately see the difference in the app VS me guessing if I was pumping more or not. This app took the guess work out of pumping, and for that, I am extremely grateful and always recommend this app to my friends/family.

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    Love the tracking, but beware the calc

    I really like this app for tracking my daily pumps. It's super handy for identifying changes in supply so that I can get ahead of decreases. I also love the timer function - I am the worst at losing track of time when pumping. BUT, the calculation for when you can stop pumping is flawed. It takes into account a baby theoretically taking in less milk starting around 6 months - and because every baby is different, and many don't even start solids before a year, this is a problem. This calculation was one of the big reasons I bought the app over others and I'm bummed to learn this now after double-checking the math (though I'm glad I figured it out before I stopped pumping!). With a customizable calculator (or more transparency within the app about how the number is determined), this app gets 5 stars.

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    Almost perfect

    This is exactly what I needed all along and I wish I had this app since day 1 of pumping. The only thing I would love to see is to also show a chart and averages for how much you are pumping each session. So for example I could see if I was pumping an average of 3 oz per session and then it went up to 5 oz two weeks later. I can only see these trends as far as weekly or daily but some days I don’t need to pump at all which brings my average down but I’d rather see trends in pumping per session. The feature for figuring out when to stop pumping could also be modified to pump towards a specific goal. For example I would like to donate so I need to stash 150 oz so it could help me figure out how much to pump each day or week to reach that goal in a certain time frame.

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    Perfect for me

    I use this app daily. While I don't exclusively pump, I do pump for my two month old for a majority of his feedings. Love the timer, the "count down" to when I will be able to stop pumping to hit my goal, and being able to keep track of how much I pump. Huge help as an over producer. Purchasing the full version was worth the $6.99 I believe it was. I would recommend this app to everyone Update 5/9: I liked the layout of the previous update. I do like the update of the letter coloring for the widget, but I prefer the layout of the previous version. App still works great and I still love it and use it daily, just liked the previous set up. Update 10/1: no complaints! Love this app

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    Best app for exclusively pumping

    I tried a lot of different methods for tracking my milk when things did not work out with direct breastfeeding - paper and pencil as well as several different apps which weren't designed specifically for exclusive pumpers. This one is hands down the best. It had everything I needed in one app - pump timer, reminders to pump, and tracking of milk pumped. Loved the daily and weekly graphs of output. Also liked that you can add notes to particular pumping sessions, I would use this to track when I first noticed a clog and when I cleared it, to monitor my patterns with those (it was a fairly frequent occurrence for me). I very, very rarely purchase apps, but this one was worth every cent.

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Is Pump Log Safe?

Yes. Pump Log is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 533 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Pump Log Is 48.9/100.

Is Pump Log Legit?

Yes. Pump Log is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 533 Pump Log User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Pump Log Is 48.9/100.

Is Pump Log not working?

Pump Log works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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