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Rating 2.5/5 | 39 Votes | 2015-03-20

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The Serta Remote application allows you to control your Serta adjustable bed from your iPhone or iPad. Our unique technology allows you to control the bed via Bluetooth, so you can surf the web and control your bed without any hassle. Simple to set up and easy to use! Features: - Zero Gravity and Anti-Snore Positions - 2 Programmable Memory Positions - Wave Massage to soothe your body

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    Just for Motion Signature, Not Other Models

    I love this app! I see reviewers stating this app doesn’t work, others say it does; one specifically mentions a $4500 bed which is probably the king size Motion Custom (two twin XLs), and I can vouch that the app does indeed work... very well. I just received my back ordered Serta Motion Signature foundation, which this app is for (the icon even depicts the corner retainer bars unique to the Motion Signature). The sync process is completely painless once you go to the setup screen. Literally took 10 seconds including reading and trying to decide whether to rename or not (I did not). A suggestion to those with other Serta adjustable foundation models to try the “Serta Remote” app instead of this “Motion Signature” app. I do think it will work with the Motion Perfect also, but I'm not sure.

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    Love the Alarm

    I just purchased a Tempurpedic and really wanted to get an adjustable base. It was really tough to decide which base to get (Tempurpedic or this one) I downloaded the app in the showroom, immediately paired a showroom bed to the app and was able to control the whole thing through my phone. The app tells you what level you are on which is nice because the remote does not tell you. Tempurpedic's remote has an LED screen so you can see what levels you are on. What really sold me though was that through this app, you can set an alarm to wake you up to a custom position and a massage! How cool is that? The stand for the remote has a plug I can plug my phone into it and to to sleep! In order for the alarm to work though, the app has to be open so I just leave it open before I go to sleep at night. Ohh and one more thing, set up was easy peasy, took no more than 10 seconds to pair. I love it&!

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    I downloaded the app to my iPhone 6 and it worked just fine. When I loaded it onto my wife's iPad mini, the app refused to recognize our dual beds. However , when I went through the setup process with the iPad mini, I had somehow set an alarm for an hour later. An hour later,I was playing with the iPad mini when it notified me that an alarm had been triggered. I returned to the Serta app, went to Setup, and both beds were recognized. The app is now working just fine with the iPhone and the iPad.