BabySparks - Development App Reviews

BabySparks - Development App Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-29

development experts and used by millions of parents and caregivers worldwide,
BabySparks offers thousands of activities and milestones for children ages 0-3.
You get a personalized development program with proprie...

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BabySparks - Development App Reviews

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    Entertaining and helpful!

    BabySparks is great! No new parent needs to pressure themselves too much because most of these activities simulate normal day-to-day interaction and play that most great parents do with their baby. However, I’m one of those people who will get stuck in a rut and end up doing the same 5 activities with baby over and over every day. This app provides a wide range of activities to vary your playtime. I love that the activity descriptions are clear, the link to the various developmental milestones is described right there in the activity and every activity has an accompanying video. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because of a very slight misstep in the UI. It is mildly annoying that when you look at an activity it stops you on your way back to the main list to ask how the activity was. I like to look at the daily activities first thing in the morning and get an idea of what we’re going to try that day and again would be nice not to have to click extra times to get back to the main list. It’s an unnecessary step. It’s a small thing but over time feels cumbersome. Slightly more thought on how much button pushing is required in this app would make it a 5-star treat for every new parent!

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    Worth it

    First time mommy here. I was at lost with what to do with my newborn. Initially, I YouTubed things to do, but I was looking for a convenient app that would give day by day exercises in both motor skills and brain development. Also, I wanted to be able to track what was completed or not. I was shocked to discover this app. The instructions are clear and easy to follow with a video demonstrating each activity. I wish I had this from the day she was born, and not at 7 weeks. I saw a difference after a couple days in her motor skill after doing the exercises suggested. I love how you can archive a skill as too easy once your child masters it, or to difficult if she is not ready for it. Yes this app is expensive, but I think it's worth the lifetime membership. You can use it for multiple children if you plan on having another.

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    Unusable - paid lifetime subscription

    Update: The developer did respond to my email by telling me to delete and download the app again. I was able to access the paid videos. However I still have to log in every time I try to use it and logging in requires typing in your full email and password. When you have a baby ready to play it’s incredibly inconvenient and prevents me from using it much. For an almost $40 app (I have never paid this much for an app), it is not worth it. Despite paying the lifetime subscription, the subscription videos are locked and when I click on them, I am told to purchase a subscription again. When I look in the app to see my purchase history, it had no record of my purchase. However, I have an Apple receipt for the subscription and when I purchased it, it worked for a few days. In addition, I am constantly signed out and there is no option to save log in info or use fingerprint log in. As result I have to type my email and password every time. I have contacted the developer but so far I have received no response. There should be option to refund apps that do not work.

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    Useful but annoying at times

    Overall, it is a useful app; it helps with your child development and gives you idea what you can actually do with them. There’s a couple things that annoy me though. A new day starts at 12am, after which you can’t add or change anything in the previous day (check any completed exercises for instance). Often, I don’t have time for it before 12am. Thus, at the end of the day it is as if we’ve done nothing... and then at the end of the week, when they send you a report, they kind of rebuke you (in a very delicate form) for not doing enough with your child. The other thing, it would’ve been so great if you could substitute exercises. Let’s say you can’t do this particular one today (you don't have the right equipment, your child is not in the mood, or you just don’t like the idea of doing it, etc.), and you do something else instead. You want it to count. Since you can’t, again it looks like you’ve accomplished nothing.

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    Amazing tool for Learning

    Not only is this a great tool for teaching children but for parents as well. As a mother of two children one needing speech therapy the other needing physical therapy this app is amazing. It has a lot of exercises from our therapy classes and more. Videos that show exactly what to do and how to do it. Clear labeling of what the exercises works on I.e. fine motor skills, social skills. It has easy to follow daily tasks, progress reports, and you can tailor what you are working on to where your child is. It has reading material, age appropriate milestones, parenting guides and tips. I love it, my infant loves it, my toddler loves it. I could not be happier!

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    Good content but glitchy

    As a first time mom with very little prior experience with babies, I have found this app to be really helpful with finding activities to do with my new baby. However, there are technical glitches which are quickly becoming annoying and make the app almost unusable at times: multiple times a day, I get logged out of the app (sometimes even while using the app), so I’m constantly needing to log back in. On more than one occasion (and sometimes more than once a day), the activities for the day will change after I log back in. It’s frustrating to be logged out repeatedly, but it’s more annoying to have activities change and tracked progress lost as a result. For an app I paid for, I would expect not to have such buggy issues, and I hope an update comes soon to fix these problems. The content is very good, so I hope the technical kinks can be worked out.

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    Good overall but can be improved

    When I first started using it, I was under the impression that I would be able to purchase the entire package with $7.99. But some time down the road, they updated it and suddenly some activities are now locked and I'd need to pay more to unlock those. There's no way I'm allowing myself to keep falling in this money trap so I'll use whatever they decided was included in the 'full package' I bought until they run out. Most of the activities are fit for the age and easy to complete, but there are a few that I don't really care for. They let you archive an activity if it's too easy and that activity won't show up again, or postpone an activity if it's too difficult and it'll show up 3 weeks later.

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    Amazing! But...

    I am a child development home visitor. I see 12-15 babies a week and help parents learn about developmental milestones and relevant activities. I love this app! I thought I had found the perfect tool to help during my visits. It allows me to enter the children and their date of birth. It even had “development professional” in the list of who is using the app. I purchased the subscription (one year) and then realized I was limited to five children. It would be great if there was a professional level subscription that allowed more. I think most full time professionals serve about the same number of children I do. It would also be awesome if the app went all the way to 36 months (but I won’t get too demanding) Overall, this is an wonderful tool for parents.

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    High standard playing

    When I first bought this app, first I thought it was monthly payment then when the entire year payment came out first I was a little upset and can’t get a hold of their billing department. Then there are the games, they expect you to have so many toys to play with that each activity is costing to go out and get the objects each activity. Example: grab five balls, each a different size and compare each size with the babies hands? Grab a sphere and have the baby practice crawling? Drop five objects in to cups...poke styrofoam? anyway you get the point. I don’t have styrofoam sitting around my house, I have a couple of balls and some blocks and a lot of toys, I went out and got some of the activity toys but each activity is until the next growth if you want to go out and buy several things to participate in the app then this is the app for you.

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    Probably not going to use past a month if remains buggy

    I paid for a month to see if I would like the app. I'm glad I did because so far, it is too buggy to be worth $38. On the main screen it says 'play with Clover' (my daughter's name) twice. Often when I click on things, I am left with a white screen. I can get things to load if I close the app and try again a few times. I like that the app is able to handle that my daughter is 2 months old already and not due yet. (12 weeks premature). The videos have good ideas, but should list recommended times. (Like, should I 'rotate her on her back like the hands of a clock' once or more. Should there be a time limit?). I like that multiple phones can be under the same account so my husband and I only had to pay once.

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    Awesome, especially for first time parents!

    I’m a first time mom of a 2.5 month old. Now that he’s awake for longer periods in the day, we were feeling a bit unsure of what to do with him to make sure he’s stimulated, learning, having fun, and bonding with us. This app is seriously worth every penny and we’ve so enjoyed spending time with him using the activities suggested. There is a good mix of different kinds of activities and every day is different. The videos and instructions are clear and easy to follow, and the milestones are useful. All in all a great app!

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    This app is SAVING me! I am a new mom of a 20 month old precious little girl. I don’t have any family around, have to work full time and want to teach her everything there is to learn. Baby Sparks has been my little bible of ideas for all of her needs. I get so excited every day/week to read what’s next and try new things with my toddler. She’s becoming so smart and able to handle new tasks every day. Every parent should have this and anyone who interacts with children. It’s unlike any learning app I’ve seen. THANK YOU for creating this gem!

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    Best money I’ve spent for my child

    I began using BabySparks just to have some fun activities to do with my baby. But it is so much more. It has taught me so much about my little one’s development and how to support it that I know recommend it to all my friends. I love that each activity has a video. It is very helpful to help me understand how to do the activity. For all the research, content that this app offers and the impact that it is having in my baby I feel like this is the best money that I have paid in a long while.

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    Fun and learning!

    Wonderful app!!! I used to do activities with my LO but after a while we would get board doing the same thing over and over. Now we have a plan and each activity is not only a new way for us to interact but also helps him to develop and meet milestones. There has been a big change in his development just in the few weeks we have been doing BabySparks! It’s fun to watch him master skills he struggled with at first and now I have more games and activities to do with him each day.

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    This app is simple to use and lets you play, bond and teach your baby all at the same time. My son is 4 months and can roll over, front to back and back to front, he can lay on his belly and look up at you, he knows his name and knows who the people are around him (mommy, daddy, bubby) he can sit for long periods of time without support, he’s almost crawling and can walk across A room just while holding your fingers. He can identify my nose, mouth, eyes and ears. And his personality is already formed. Thank you BabySparks!!

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Is BabySparks - Development App Safe?

Yes. BabySparks - Development App is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 11,862 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for BabySparks - Development App Is 58.0/100.

Is BabySparks - Development App Legit?

Yes. BabySparks - Development App is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 11,862 BabySparks - Development App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for BabySparks - Development App Is 58.0/100.

Is BabySparks - Development App not working?

BabySparks - Development App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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