Equalizer+ HD music player Reviews

Equalizer+ HD music player Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-24

Equalizer+ is an all-in-one music player - equalizer - bass booster that offers
brilliant sound quality, automatically optimized depending on the headphones
used. Access your entire music library: iTunes, Google Drive, and Dropbox with
offline mode - no wifi needed! Quality-focused, Eq...

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Equalizer+ HD music player Reviews

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    Ok don’t get me wrong, I extremely lovED the app, best thing I found that could play music for free, I didn’t even care about the money things cause it was great... but not great enough to pay money for. The update that made it so you have to pay to use your cloud is like saying pay us to use your music. I’d be better off with the Apple Music. I looked for HOURS on end just to find an app that would auto play my music without me having to do that much like google drive. Now that I have to pay, I’m not even gonna deal with it. If they don’t update it soon, I’m gonna delete it and I REALLY don’t want to considering how long it took me to find this. I get it if you want to pay for some things but I ain’t paying for squat if I have to deal with this. There’s a line between great, good, and this. It just took a complete downhill slope since the last update and I understand why (not many people were paying), but this is too far. PAYING to make 1 playlist, if you give the person like 3 free playlists, i would understand, but this is completely outrageous. I’m so upset now because I was just gonna get some music off of my drive and put it in when this happened. Please fix this and make it so there’s at least a free trial version and not an immediate payment system (even if that’s a week free trial) cause that trial means basically nothing.

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    Awesome music app!

    I used to have the app crashing problem before. I thought it could be something in my iPhone 6s or in the ios version. Updated to ios12 and nothing. I moved to iPhone Xs and the problem got even worst. Somehow I decided to reinstall the system and manually download everything manually like if it was a new phone instead just migrating from my older one... not a single crash since then!!!! From all the music apps I’ve tried, this works better with every speaker I have. JBLs in my car, JBL Charge 3, Bose QC25, Beats X, Sony WI-SP600N and even my old Kenwood Stereo. The equalizing feature has the crispiest sound and wider range of frequencies. Just love this app. I’m old school, so I play my music from mp3s in my phone. Anyway it would make this app perfect if lyrics could be displayed and also include an Apple Watch extension. Thank you for a great product!!

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    App Was Great Now 100% Worthless

    I had been using this app for 5 Years now paid to unlock all the features now they want me to pay a monthly subscription to listen to the Music I own on ITunes yeah right pay monthly to listen to my music I already purchased greedy and lame app developers all want monthly fees instead of a one time purchase that you own like the music I buy I paid you to own the app as my property then they just steal the app back by locking the features I paid for up front and now want a monthly fee from me this is consumer fraud these app developers are thieving scum bags can't just be happy with the $12 bucks I paid to unlock everything they didn't even change anything the application is the same as when I purchased it no improvement at all just want a monthly payment for the privilege of using a equalizer

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    Make a new app

    Hello, If you are the programmer and you see this: Please make a new app which utilizes your emulators as a filter for your DAC inside the phone. This means: “ALL” audio will go through the background app. The ability to achieve such a device will be valuable and useable for many and for several different reasons! DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT: make a “music player” which requires you to upload specific songs from select libraries and then charge for the “service” on a subscription. This approach should only be reserved for real production effects for real producers and industries where the economy is circulating based on the creations. In this case however, it is music owners playing back already mastered tracks. If you follow this far: you’ll notice that all of these EQ audio effect upgrades are the same that other developers made in that regard stated above. I recommend being the first that actually makes a real circuit upgrade for iPhone without a a bogus subscription. Instead, perhaps a one time charge of around 10-20 dollars for such a device. Thank you for reading and perhaps understanding the statements and recommendations.

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    I installed this app on a Kindle fire, seventh generation. It used to play all of my 5000 songs off the sd. card installed on the Kindle and it was incredible, but for some reason it no longer accesses the card. It always wants all the songs in the native music folder, but my Kindle doesn't have enough memory to accommodate the songs. What has changed? Can this be fixed, or am I missing something?

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    *** BE WARNED - It’s a Scam ***

    I had previously bought the paid version of this app and it was terrific for my uses. When I recently purchased a new iPad, I re-downloaded the app from the app store, opened it up and was presented with a premium subscription option. No thank you, (I thought), I’ve already paid for the app. To my surprise, restoring my previous purchase did nothing.... So, after several frustrating attempts to do anything other than use the limited in-app equalizer I have come to believe that the developers intention here is nothing more than a commercial scam supported by our good friends at Apple Computer. Lesson learned, not willing to support this scam, deleting app, moving on!

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    I gave it a try for the tryout period and when I tried to use it, said that it was not compatible with the music I had on iTunes, I proceeded to cancel since it was worthless to me. I still got charged $8-9 dollars. I this if the app doesn’t not and can meet expectations should not be charged anything at all. I hope I tunes can removed it from their catalog since I filed my formal complaint regarding this matter as far I am concerned this is a SCAM. If anyone has an IPHONE RAN AWAY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE FROM THIS APPLICATION ! I cannot give less that one star otherwise I would give them zero stars for the rating and the type of product they have. I am rally disappointed due to my experience.

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    This is not what I expected

    I got this app thinking that it is free to buy and free to use i read a bit or the reviews but and there we’re lots of complaints about you have to pay for full access abd I thought oh I’ll just skip to the free version because I don’t want to pay but when i load up the app for the first time I think it pretty cool until i got to the subscription part I wanted to skip it again and again and after the first free week you have to pay 8$ a week sooo....yeaa if you’re thinking of buying this app just know your going to spend money on something stupid but hey that’s just me🤷🏽‍♂️

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    Great app with some issues

    I will give this app five stars once the following issues are resolved: • neither the pause/play button on Bluetooth keyboards, nor the play/pause button on headphone/earbud cords, work to play or pause the music! • the app often "stalls" in between songs, and won't play the next song till I pull up the app and press play again. Now here's what's GOOD: • the EQ control, definitely enables me to sculpt the sound of my music the way I like it! • the transition effects between songs - so much more than just a crossfade, these were an unexpected surprise, and now one of my favorite parts of listening with the app! Gives playlists and mixes a live feel, as though a DJ is spinning the tracks. Congratulations on a fun app - please keep improving it!

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    Greedy AF

    So you want us to pay for playing music we already payed for? Just to listen to it? I mean using features for money is ok but this... Another level of greed. I hope people realize this app is not worth the money and abandon this app all together. Don't get me wrong, I used this app in its basic form for one year and it was great when I get to draw or paint. And didn't want to rate right away even though I wanted. Now I give it 1 star. Would give 0 if I could. We all know apps get better with users, I sure hope they lose their users and realize how poor choices they made. :)

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    A sad ending for me

    The greatest equilizer out there for use on iphones but all good things come to an end because all of my apple music is no longer applicable to my iphone 6s yes i know my phone is old but its been very good for me its obvious i can no longer use it for free because they want me to purchase all of its accesible attachments? But thanks anyways guys.

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    Bring Back The Alphabetical Sidebar

    This app was flawless, until someone “improved” it by removing the right side alphabetical strip in the tracks window. The problem with that is you must now scroll through a few hundred songs to reach the one you prefer to hear at the moment. The Alphabetical sidebar allowed you to press the first letter of the song title and zero in on it. Please put it back.

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    The pay part...

    I understand not wanting to pay to hear music you already own. I agree, BUT, you don't have to. You just have to know HOW to sync your music. If you have an iPhone. Put your music in itunes, open your iPhone music app, THEN open equalizer and import the playlist. It will show up exactly the way it does in itunes.

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    This app is awful

    Don’t get me wrong, the idea of turning songs of your own into cliché bass boosted dubstep sounds great. but if you think i’m spending upwards of 50 dollars to add some bass to maybe 6 of my 5000 songs youre crazy. this app should’ve been better thought out before you decided to not allow copywriter songs. not only that, if you choose not to blow your money on this app like a normal human being, the only ability you have is to basically turn your volume up and down. if i could rate lower i would.

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    Like all other apps

    THIS IS BULL. When you first open the app it shows you all the things, blah blah blah, then it asks you for a free trial. I can’t purchase anything on my phone do to restrictions which is why I tried to get out of the little tab. And how you know companies are really thirsty for money is when they don’t even put a button to click to get out of the payment. Unless your willing to spend money and then have to spend a lot more for a whole bunch of restricted stuff, then don’t get the app.

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Is Equalizer+ HD music player Safe?

Yes. Equalizer+ HD music player is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,059 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Equalizer+ HD music player Is 42.5/100.

Is Equalizer+ HD music player Legit?

Yes. Equalizer+ HD music player is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,059 Equalizer+ HD music player User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Equalizer+ HD music player Is 42.5/100.

Is Equalizer+ HD music player not working?

Equalizer+ HD music player works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Equalizer+ HD music player customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Equalizer+ HD music player.

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