MyAniList Reviews

MyAniList Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-29

MyAniList is a beautiful and simple app that tracks anime and manga using your
AniList account. Keep track of what you’ve been watching and reading with a
few swipes and taps. Want to update your list quickly? Swipe to the right to add
an episode/chapter. Don’t care about that anime/man...

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MyAniList Reviews

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    Very Clean Layout

    I started on MyAnimeList like most other people since it is somewhat of a standard or go-to for avid anime watchers. But I happened to stumble upon the website and really enjoyed how it was laid out so I took to getting the app. I really like how customizable it is and how clean and updated the layout looks. I particularly like that you can unlock special features in the app through a one time purchase of which you can choose from 3 different affordable prices, the lowest of which, $1.99. They don’t make you commit to a subscription or a large amount in order to unlock even more of a customizable approach to your app, which is something I can really appreciate. I enjoy helping out people and developers but not everyone can afford subscriptions and such so it is very nice that the app/website doesn’t ask for much from the users. I highly recommend this app!

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    Just started to use an online database to track my manga and anime

    So as the title says, I just started using an online database. It took me about 1-2 hours to input everything that I’ve watched and rated them. And using this app is really nice to update on the fly. One thing I’ve noticed though is that searching for an anime/manga to add to the list is kinda long. The search progress is a long wait before it shows results. That’s why I used the actually website after a couple. I would have been there for a real long while adding to my list. But after getting everything added, it’s no problem adding an anime here and there as you finish them. The last thing is more of a feature request. I noticed that the website version (which I know has nothing to do with this app) has an account overview showing me a bunch of stats about me. I really love that feature on the web version and I wish that this app can add this somewhere in here. Honestly though don’t know if it’s because of the API not having that in it or the devs just haven’t added this feature yet.

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    ^_^ Good, but...

    This app is very good for tracking anime I’ve watched, planned, put on hold, etc. and I also like the feature where you can list your fav characters and seiyuus. It is helpful for manga readers as well as there is a tab for tracking manga, however there are many features that could be added to make this app MUCH better. Id like to see drop down menus of anime from past seasons so people could revisit their fav anime from the past years, as well as a scrolling list where you could see ALL anime and manga ranked #. The only ranking numbers you see are when you click on an individual anime/manga, but I’d like to see them all together in one list just to make it easier for everyone. I’d probs give this app 5 stars if more features are added to make the app more enjoyable. Besides this, however, it is a very useful and easy-to-use app that I’ve relied on for a long time!

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    I love this app

    I’m not the most organized person when it comes to anime so I don’t always know what anime and where. But with MAL I know what animes I have watched, I’m planning on watching and what I’m watching. It’s also really cool that you can favorite staff such as voice actors. And you can favorite characters and anime’s too. I just think that it’s pretty cool because it’s pretty hard to remember what anime’s you want to watch if you are already watching one. So sometimes you forget what anime. But with MAL (if you look at it regularly lol) you won’t forget. You can also get a detailed description of the anime unlike the short ones where you find where to watch the anime. It’s also pretty cool that when you search voice actors it gives you the character they are in the anime you are looking at and also shows you more characters they did and characters in other animes from your list. For example: Justin Briner I found him in MHA as Deku and also found out he’s hanako-kun from toilet bound. (Dun of course) I just think this is over all a great app. It gives you more than enough information and possibly makes me more of a weeb in knowing some of this stuff. I highly suggest if you are unorganized in anime. 100/5

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    Has lots of potential!

    This app is good, trust me. Constantly having to write anime down on sticky notes to remember what I’m watching was a pain until this app came in my life. I recommend this so you don’t have to clutter your daily life with your private one. What I am frustrated about is how the discover works. I would like to go back and check out past anime seasons (like for example, a drop down list that shows the seasonal anime by year and season), that way it makes it easier to chart what I’ve already watched, and it helps people discover old classics. Another thing I am interested in as a consumer is an episode bar, which makes it easier to chart how many episodes of a certain thing you watched, without having this repetitive “enter the anime, exit the anime”. Overall, this app is extremely good for tracking and discovering anime, and having certain features included in this app would make it even better!

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    This app is essential for otaku! It's easy to navigate, has a plethora of titles, efficient, and keeps you updated with air dates. One of my favorite (and one I use a lot) features of this app is being able to 1. See all the characters in the series selected and 2. being able to see their VA’s! It includes their Japanese and English voice actors a long with any other dubs it may have. Plus, it gives you background information on said voice actor a long with their other time roles they've voiced. Another really beneficial feature is the quick add! Whenever you finish an episode in a series, all you have to do is locate the show in your list and then swipe to the right to automatically add an episode watched. Overall, this app is a must have for anime watchers.

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    Love It

    For a while I used the standard myanimelist website, but quickly got tired of navigating the compacted version of the website on my phone, since my phone is what I use to rate and keep track of my anime most of the time. Then, I found this app, and it’s been an amazing replacement. My only gripe is that certain anime’s can be hard to find on it, but that’s about it. The formatting is incredible, making rating, organizing, and staying updated on your shows nearly effortless. I can’t give this app enough praise, and it is hands down the best way to manage your anime from a mobile device. I hope the developer reads this, because I want to thank him for the amazing job he’s done :)

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    Account issues

    I’m sorry, I really hate writing bad reviews, but this has left me no choice. I tried to create an account a couple weeks ago and successfully did so. However, as soon as I made my account, it was IP banned (seriously!?). I guess it could have been because I tried to log in before I verified my email, but after I verified, it still would not allow me to log in. I waited 3 days, attempting to log in each day to see if the IP ban had been lifted, but it hadn’t so I finally just deleted the app. I just reinstalled the app and attempted to make a new account as I had forgotten the password to the other account, and it will not let me due to the fact that my other count used this email. This would be fine, but I forgot my password to my initial account and I get a 400 bad request error every time I try to request a new password. How am I supposed to fix this? I really want to use this, but I keep running into problems and I can’t seem to find answers anywhere.

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    Not bad app I’m impressed

    I like a good app that has functionality but allows us to customize, like adding an image as background, so I can see my favorite anime shows as my background which I love. One thing I love about this app is it shows what anime films, shows or mangas I’ve watched or read before. Then it allows me to organize anime shows and films I watch, so if I’m planning to watch, drop, re watch, or set to currently watching. I like how it does that so I can keep on watching anime. While having a system that keeps the anime or manga I watch, and read organized. I wish you add the supporting characters from anime films, shows, especially manga. Because sometimes I like to favorite characters that doesn’t get a much screen play or time. You know? One thing I might not love about MyAnimeList is on their website you have to pay in order to expand space to add your favorite characters which is annoying. I understood that others has to pay in order to expand their favorites list. And I like this app because I feel like it allows me to add more characters that I love and like to my favorites.

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    Amazing, just one thing

    I absolutely love the app, and it has pretty much every anime/manga out there. It’s just that there are two things that I wish the app had, 1. In the app they count each season as it’s own show, so for instance if you were to look up Haikyuu, for each season you would have to find the specific season, that’s fine, it’s just that once you complete that season I wish it would kinda “merge” the seasons together, like it says I have 42 animes completed, but it’s more like 16 since each of them have many seasons. I kinda wish that it would show the 16 shows instead of 42. Another thing is that I wish you could tap on the studio and see what other anime’s that studio has put out. Besides those two things the app is amazing

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    Amazing app!

    So, I just started to watch anime after a long time of avoiding it (I was very stupid) and realised that if I am going to watch anime I will need to keep track of it. I found this app and decided to give it a try! Thank goodness I downloaded this app! It has an easy way of marking what animes and mangas I am intrested in. They have multiple sections like plan to watch, completed, on hold, dropped and watching (same goes for mangas) They also have tons of animes on the app, even ones that are kinda hard to find much on like School-live! I also enjoy the ability to customize. In short, I highly reccomend this app to any anime and manga fans :)

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    Great work making beautiful app...lacks some content...

    I was thrilled to encounter to a good anime/manga tracking app that was both user friendly and speedy. It boasts lots of additional features such as the stats displayed on the profile page which I appreciate very much. However, I was disappointed to discover that there is no ecchi/harem anime available on the discover page. I don’t know if that’s to be added on in the future but I simply can’t catalog the entire collection of anime I’ve seen when they’re not there. Hopefully this gets fixed as I’m sure many people beside myself would enjoy seeing great titles like Shokugeki no Souma available as anime aside from merely being available as a manga title. Great work though. I’m excited to see where this app goes.

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    Good list app. A little slow and buggy.

    I like that this app helps you keep track of what you have watched and are still watching and plan to watch, and that it even tells you when the next episode comes out and what episode you left off on. Definitely has all the features I want and no ads. My only complaint is that even with my 400mbps+ wifi and new iPhone, it's still slow to load when you search for a show, and sometimes you have to restart the app to get it to load. That, and the fact that it breaks up most shows into seasons, so if you sort by rating it's possible that 10-20 of the top 50 results are the same show.

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    I love this app but..

    I really do live this app as I had switched over from another website that I used to use. It was an easy process just transferring all of the other anime’s I watched individually and it wasn’t hard to do. Everything about the app is good and enjoyable but I feel as if it is hard to interact with other users. Of course this app isn’t really made for that but I feel like there should be some way to find other users easier other than just having to search for their names. I might be missing something or it may be the fact but I really do love the app regardless so thanks!

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    Great App

    I missed this app when myanimelist had their re-evaluations and corrections to their site. It was a bit difficult to deal without a service you had grown so fond of, and found so useful. But "importing the lists" wasn't too painful, shout out to those who partook of that cup. Personally the app is so intuitive and convenient that it felt worth it. And hopefully, if at all possible, with myanimelist's problems now resolved this party will find someway to reintegrate. Allowing fans the use and syncing of anilist, as well as, myanimelist. I'm looking forward to any progress made. And I hope both parties recover and prosper.

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Is MyAniList Safe?

Yes. MyAniList is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 10,299 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for MyAniList Is 52.4/100.

Is MyAniList Legit?

Yes. MyAniList is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 10,299 MyAniList User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for MyAniList Is 52.4/100.

Is MyAniList not working?

MyAniList works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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