Plowz & Mowz: Landscaping App Reviews

Plowz & Mowz: Landscaping App Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-26

Snow Plowing, Lawn Mowing & Landscaping Services, Instant Pricing, from Local
Professionals. PLOWZ & MOWZ offers on-demand, contract-free, outdoor home
services to spruce up your lawn and yard year-round. Our fleet of five-star
contractors can take care of almost anything between your d...

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Plowz & Mowz: Landscaping App Reviews

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    My own fault for trusting this

    I should have taken the reviews more seriously. We have quite a bit of debris and clean up needed for a few beds around our home. After submitting a custom quote request it took about 10 days to get a quote back which came back at $200 with tax. We thought that was very reasonable and decided to move forward. Unfortunately, the day the service was scheduled we were at the beach so we came back the next day and at first glance the beds looked great! Then we went into the back yard... the service provider took all of the debris from our beds and left it in a pile behind our garage!!! Then what they did bag up they didn’t even take it with them! They put it in our garbage cans filling them to the brim so we can’t even put our own trash in there until 4 days later! After contacting the app they said they would send the provider back and asked for photos. When I sent the photos they came back and said oh we didn’t include that in the quote from the partner so it will be another $250 to remove the debris!!!!!! What?!?!?! That’s more then the original quote AND it’s not my fault you didn’t include exactly what I requested in your request to the third party. I am livid and now my husband and myself still need to bag and dispose of this debris we hired this company to do for us in the first place. Last time I do anything like this through an app again!

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    Too good to be true is right!! Bad service.

    Someone titled their review “too good to be true”, and I couldn’t agree more. Was super excited to have the lawn service at my fingertips. Customer service seemed great. People came to mow the lawn and did an AWFUL job. Customer service reached out immediately, said they’d have the person come back the next day. I said I didn’t want that same person, because obviously they did a terrible job the first time—you think they’ll magically do it better?! Next day comes, looked like nothing had been adjusted. Contacted customer service, and they sent me a quote from the person claiming they were there and that we just had bad tufts of grass. I told them I had already SAID I didn’t want the same person to come back out, clearly they don’t know how to cut grass, and I showed another picture of the uneven cut. They tried to tell me it was because I didn’t order edging, which was moot because I wasn’t even mentioning edging! I was just standing outside now looking at the absolute asinine job this person did who clearly has no idea how to adjust lawn mower blades, and makes me wonder if they lied and never even came out a second time. Either way I canceled my service and went back to the same service we used last year which is 30% more expensive and 110% worth it. Terrible. I should have asked for a refund. Oh well.

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    No communication or service

    I signed up to have my lawn mowed and decided to go for the weekly service to get the lower rate. Bad idea. The job was postponed due to weather. It didn’t rain until the late evening, but postponed anyway. I messaged to see when we could expect our lawn to be mowed, no response. The following day we were told someone would be out ASAP. They showed up around 8:30 and finished in the dark. This was 2 hours after we cancelled the service. Then to find out that we can not cancel due to the fact we had signed up for the weekly service 😳. The following week our job was postponed again but completed in the morning the following day. They only cut 3/4 of an inch each time, so although it had been cut, our grass was rather tall since we were going 8 days between service. My lawn was scheduled again to be mowed yesterday. At 8:30 and no one showing up, I messaged them to ask why. They responded 12 hours later to inform me that “due to equipment malfunction” the service was put on hold. After leaving several messages over the next couple of hours, I was informed that once again someone would be there ASAP. Two hours after that, still no one. Another message and another promise. At 4:10 I received an email that my job was being postponed due to weather. My grass is now 8 inches high and I am hiring someone else.

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    Service was good enough, but app is terrible.

    Used this app 4 or 5 times. I’m a landlord so cannot verify job completion without photographs. First two times went smoothly, photos and updates were sent. Last two times, I went into the app to confirm job completion hoping to see photographs. Job was listed as completed, however no photos were supplied (as requested by myself, and as promised in app advertisement materials). The app would not allow me to enter to see the details of the job completion without leaving a compulsory review. How can I review this service without photo proof of completion? The logical thing to do would be to leave no review until I have verified job completion. Once I entered the app, I was able to access photographs. Had I been able to see these photos at the time of leaving my app forced review, my star rating would have been higher. These reviews effect the contractors directly I’m told, so I don’t think Plows n Mows is doing them a favor, requiring compulsory reviews in order to enter app. I suspect the bulk of my complaint is with the app, not the actual service at this stage, however, I didn’t receive messages or texts from contractor. Perhaps some direct communication from contractors would be good, to compensate for the gaps in this awkward app.

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    Great service

    I have set up a weekly mow and now an aeration service through them. I’ve been so pleased with the quality of the work, but even more so with the service of the company. There was a company that wanted twice the agreed upon cost for a mow and they reached out to ask if it was ok. When I asked them to find another company, they did, and that company had no problem mowing for what the agreed upon cost was. Also, when another landscaper came and said they did the aeration for us a week earlier than requested but sent a pic of another house, and there was no work done on our yard, I contacted Plowz and Mowz and they immediately fixed the issue and scheduled our service for the date requested. I couldn’t be happier with the service which is really what makes something like this easy. I’ve had to deal with companies in my own before and I didn’t feel like I was getting treated well. Plowz and Mowz takes care of all the middle man work and I feel like I’m treated fairly. Highly recommend this app!

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    Too good to be true

    I can go on at length with the problems I had with our initial service with this organization. From three cancellations to two postponements (no bad weather), our “65 bags” of mulch was finally delivered... at 5 pm. One bed was entirely skipped two of them were only half done, weeds poking out when promised in the ad that they would do light weeding. The amount to much we ordered was significant and probably 60 to 70% of it is on my lawn right now. They even sent a picture of completion of one of the beds that wasn’t even newly mulched. When dealing with the customer service agents explaining our situation she kept repeating was “well, I can cancel your service”. No solution. She said she would find a landscaper and get back to me, she did not. When asked if somebody not showing three days in a row is a common occurrence, she was silent and then proceeded to read her script about customer disappointment. If you have time in the world to have your services delivered, maybe this organization is for you. But please be on call to oversee the workers because it’s the luck of the draw. You don’t know if you’re going to get a great landscaper or a less than stellar one. This was not worth deviating from my regular landscaper to save a couple bucks.

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    3rd times not the charm

    Ive tried to give this app a shot 3 times. First when it was still pretty new, I hired them to mow. The grass was tall and my yard has an incline. They come while I was at work and when I got home the front yard looked like a hack job. Hey did t weekwack to there was random tall grass along the walkway and house. I went to the backyard and they literally mowed one line and left the rest. They weren’t coming back. I had to ask for a refund. A couple years later, in a new home, we decided to use the plow service. It’s highway robbery! 50 bucks for a straight path plow on a driveway that’s about 50 ft long and one car width. I found their local plow guys that all charged about $15. I just tried that app a 3rd time out of desperation to see if I could get a quick mow of a small patch of grass, maybe a little weedwacking and hedge trimming. The app can’t even find my address when I search it (I live in a city, I’m nowhere near off the grid), doesn’t let me remove my old address under my settings, and I cannot save settings when I try to describe my yard or driveway, the save button stays inactive. The unreliable app alone says not to bother with them anymore, I’m deleting the app yet again and won’t be coming back.

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    Russian Roulette

    This company is about the best business model with the worst possible execution. All these wonderful reviews might have been paid for. Mine is backed with screen shots of communications with them. Signed up for a bi weekly service... it never appear to happen at the right time... after one and a half week delays each time, I had to get in touch with them, then they will tell me they’ll assign the job, then a couple of days later they will come back to me and tell me they had communication issues... the grass kept grown all throughout summer this way. This happened each single time... not even once it worked correctly. Then they send any amateur inexperience workers without the proper tools to work, no weeding and on a couple of services, they did not completed the job, just left half done. Then one of them thought that using my neighbors driveway with his big truck was a good idea. Broke the driveway and there was little to none response from the company. Do yourself a favor either pay $20 more to a quality service provider you know or go with the kids of your block (you’ll get more trustable service from them) do not fall in the Russian roulette of Mowz.

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    Great for Snow-Plowing

    I have used Plowz for snow plowing for almost 3-years now and overall they have earned my 5 star review. I sort of think of Plowz as an Uber for snow-plowing. I need a plow and they connect me with a local source to get the job done. I use Plowz for my elderly parents driveway only when the snow levels are on the higher side or when I need to be at work or out of town and can not get to my parents house to help. I love being able to order the plow service from anywhere in the country, and the job gets done! I especially like the option of being in control and ordering jobs as needed. So many other options involve seasonal contracts, so I like having the option to use Plowz as often or infrequent as I choose and I just pay for the service when I choose to use it. I do make sure the driveway gets marked with plow sticks at the beginning of the season so the drivers know where the edges of the driveway are.

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    Repeated cancelations

    App owners cannot control the weather or the independent contractors that do the work. They have failed however on the customer service front by failing to communicate non weather related cancellations in a timely matter. Further, when asked for explanations they default to “rain in the forecast.” As the reason when all major weather services and the customer on the ground know this is not the case. It is ok if the answer is simply that the provider has better jobs to do or is backed up from rain 3 days ago. Just tell the truth. At mid afternoon, blaming rain that had not happened and is not forecast to happen by any forecasting service (zero percent chance) is simply a cop out. If you want to save a few bucks and literally do not care at all if your grass is cut within a week of requested, I think this service is for you. But if you don’t like being told it is raining out when the weather is fine, an being lied to because it is easier than explaining the business model - spend a few more dollars and avoid this pass-the-buck and blame others operation. The money saved is not worth the aggravation.

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    Wrong address serviced

    Do not use they will not give a care that the wrong address gets serviced! There is no phone or email to contact just a text message in the app. When they do respond they don’t seem to read your message and have grammatical errors. After putting this review in I have been asked by the app 2x to update my review. When I went to input my address the first time it would not take my house number BUT would accept my street leading me to believe house number would come later. Next when the wrong house was done that isn’t even on my street. It took 10+ to have a resolution that o just gave up on because it wasn’t worth my time I was told they would come and now my lawn when I reported it wasn’t done the chat people replied every time it appears your service has been completed. Well if you had read the previous chats you would know it wasn’t. I was promised a refund and that never came. Plows and mowz you wanted me to update the review you have it. An updated review with more details how you failed me. I have a new lawn service now they do a great job - you do not. Please don’t ask me up update my review ever again.

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    Very useful - must have

    If you live in an area with a lot of snow this is a must-have app. When you need to get the snow removed and you don’t have a contract, just go to the app and it’s really simple to get someone to come over to clean it up. It’s like the Uber of snow removal. Response time was within six hours and the price was very reasonable and quoted up front after entering a few details. Afterwards I got a photograph of the completed job. I would presume that if it’s really busy due to heavy snow you may have to wait a bit longer for service, as the contractors may be working commitments with their regular customers, but that may not be true. It’s a wonderful on-demand app to have for snow removal which you can use even if you are away on vacation. I have a door camera at my home and was able to monitor snow conditions to determine if I needed the driveway cleaned. Fantastic!!

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    Complete disaster in Indianapolis- Do not use

    We had the worse possible experience with this company. The mow person violated the rain policy on multiple occasions. Most recently, after 2+ inches of rain in less than 24 hours, they mowed in violation of this company policy. This resulted in major damage to our lawn, large ruts, and other issues. In addition, there was damage to our downspout (needed replaced) and damage to both neighbors’ yards (requiring re-seeding). The company was very unresponsive to these issues and initially only offered a 10% refund, then 20% refund. Customer service was a disgrace, and proceeded to text us on multiple occasions on Friday night and Saturday morning to dispute our concerns that were very clearly supported by photo evidence of the damage. The business model is based on a complete lack of accountability by the mower (they take photos of finished lawn in such a manner as to hide damages and problems) and quality is highly variable and often poor. Customer service is very unhelpful and there is essentially no way to seek restitution. I highly recommend avoiding this company and their services.

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    Reliability is an issue

    We switched to this service for weekly lawn mowing after struggling with a local person who was unreliable. For the first 6 weeks all was good. Willing to pay almost twice as much for what we thought was better reliability. Well, we are now going on Day 5 of one scheduled job being postponed after another. Still can’t get it done! This has been a stretch of dry weather so rain is not an excuse. I have been on the phone with them multiple times, chatted through the app etc. Sometimes the customer service was courteous, sometimes dismissive. I’ve heard everything from “equipment issues” to weather (when it rained for less than 5 minutes) and more. I’ve yet to be offered any real recompense for the problems. I’m just beyond frustrated at this point and actively trying to secure yet another service to do our lawn. I get that it’s a challenging business model in terms of reliability, weather, etc. But this company needs a plan for when one of their providers flakes out. Which inevitably happens. They clearly don’t have a plan for that.

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    Over time the service got worse

    I’ve used this service since they were babies just starting out. Customer support, communication in general, providers and services were great. I have used and do use both the mowing and plow service. However, in the last 6 mos. I’ve had issues with services provided (one plow service left piles of snow at the end of my driveway that I had to shovel, I’ve had service providers delay until the next day on mows and one just didn’t show) and when attempting to contact customer service on this I wither received no response, completely different info from one to the next, lack of energy or interest on the phone, talking over me on the phone, overall rude tone. Additionally, on one mow they charged me one thing, different than what was communicated and also not consistent with the “receipts” I received (4 different prices for one job). Very disappointed. I will be moving on to local companies and contracted services from those providers.

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Is Plowz & Mowz: Landscaping App Safe?

No. Plowz & Mowz: Landscaping App does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,764 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Plowz & Mowz: Landscaping App Is 18.8/100.

Is Plowz & Mowz: Landscaping App Legit?

No. Plowz & Mowz: Landscaping App does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,764 Plowz & Mowz: Landscaping App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Plowz & Mowz: Landscaping App Is 18.8/100.

Is Plowz & Mowz: Landscaping App not working?

Plowz & Mowz: Landscaping App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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