RunGo - The Best Routes to Run Reviews

RunGo - The Best Routes to Run Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-31

Go for a run with voice navigation guiding you along the way, or take on a
virtual race. RunGo is the running app that gives directions. Looking to find
or create and follow a running route? Hands down, the easiest way to stay on
track and enjoy your run is customized, turn-by-turn voic...

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RunGo - The Best Routes to Run Reviews

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    Close, just needs some tweaking

    I travel a lot for work, 14 days out of the month I’m in a different city and different hotel. I love the fact that I can look up or create a route the night before and then go run it the next day. The turn-by-turn directions are great and exactly why I use RunGo. The one thing I’d like to see tweaked is Off Route. For example, I was running on Frank Sinatra Dr in Rancho Mirage, the road is two lanes in both directions with a center island with a sidewalk on only one side. RunGo kept telling me I was Off Route because (I assume) I was on the wrong side of the road compared to what I had created. The other Off Route issue is a lack recalculating of the route, or at least an option to. For example, same run as above, I had unwittingly created a route that went through a private gated community. No big deal, I’ll just go around and come back the same way I came, pick it up on the other side. Voice prompts were reminding me every 30 seconds that I was off route. Annoying to the point I had to quit the app. Hopefully they can get this fixed, every GPS in the world automatically recalculates when you’re off route.

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    Cool idea but needs some improvements

    I decided to load a local 25k trail run to follow and it was really frustrating to use especially if you can't use the map the whole time and you are just listening to it. After 400 ft after I'd do a climb it would tell me I'm going the wrong way. Then it keeps saying to turn right/left constantly when there is no other trail path to go so it was really confusing especially when there was actually intersection of trail paths to take. It would help to have a compass on the map and then have the current location dot be an arrow so you know what way you are facing. When you actually click on to find your current location it barely zooms in on it. I'm sure this is probably meant for roads instead of trails. I'd be wary of using it again on trails especially at a place I am not familiar with. I'm not sure if there is anyway they could have it take less battery too that could just be my Apple device's problem.

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    Turn-by-turn: Far from perfect

    I appreciate that this app allows me to map out new routes on my phone, unlike Runkeeper. The turn-by-turn directions for those routes, however, are far from perfect. I often end up “off route” even when I have been trying follow the app’s audio prompts. Then I have to pause, unlock my phone, and look at the map to see how to get back to the route. At some point, the app will start saying, “Off route. Rejoining route in ___ miles.” But the number of miles is way off, rendering the audio alert useless. Another problem is a lack of precision — or perhaps it is over-precision — in the turn-by-turn directions. For example, if I need to turn right, the app will often tell me to turn left, and then a few seconds later, it will tell me to turn around. I end up going the correct way, I suppose, but it is confusing for me and for others around me.

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    Ok, but could be much better

    The concept is great but the app is frustrating. The points can be annoying when creating a route as it doesn’t always turn you the right way at first. For example you set a point but it thinks it’s a turn. Then has you turning in a circle when you actually want to go straight through an intersection. Also the gps goes off route a lot. I was running this morning using both RunGo for directions and Strava abs rungo thought I was completely off route interesting through the middle of the park while Strava had me along the path like I was supposed to go. Good thing I knew my way through the park. It’s very buggy and doesn’t read where you are very well. Frustrating!!

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    Great idea, it will get better

    I’ve been a RunGo user for sometime. It has flaws, but overall I’m usually pretty happy. I dislike that it tells me to turn on S Pine instead of South Pine. I also dislike how precise you need to be in your map making. Sometimes on a corner it will mark a left then turn you around. If you don’t follow that slight left you’ll be “off route” and the watch has a hard time catching up. Most of the times I’m trying a new route in a familiar area, but if not I try really hard to study street names for this reason. Overall I am happy with the app and it features like seeing the map while on the run, but it has flaws which I’m sure will evaporate over time.

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    Used it once and immediately bought a lifetime license. I needed an app that 1. Can record a run with my watch only, I don’t want to carry a phone. 2. Can sync with Apples built in app so my fiancée can’t beat my win streak. 3. Has a web app that allows be to plan routes on a desktop. 4. Most importantly.... looking at you Strava... I want a perpetual license, none of this subscription BS RunGo checks all my boxes. I have no complaints. Turn by turn prompts are dead on, and there’s a cool route overview screen that works surprisingly well on the watch. The only thing I’m unclear about is if the live option works on a newer watch with a SIM card. I don’t have one yet so it doesn’t matter, yet.

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    Close..but not quite there.

    Loaded the app as a guide for a local event. Training runs were weekly and thought it would help with navigating and a constantly changing route. GPS feedback glitches every single run. Feedback was always telling to turn when I was already on the correct road or trail. Mile announcements sometimes delay .1 miles or will announce .1 early ??Splits and other data does not upload correctly back to Apple. Extremely basic info. Difficult to find proper routes from the phone app. Old runs from years ago still display. Just feels like the loose ends aren’t tied up on this app. Did like the heart rate warnings and the display was fine. Just the general functionality didn’t impress me.

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    Where are my runs??

    I just ran two rums and neither were saved in the log history what a waste. Also the data does not feed into the health app. The mapping system is great but other than that it's crap. Also does not have a heart rate field. how can I write looking at not have a heart rate ? Stay tuned I will put out my own. And charge a &$ Per year  LOL You are paying extra to access all your data that is already there. No “work” required in that. If only charge 1$ a year and have 500k user then you will have $500,000. Stop being so greedy. Every app now is charging. It would cost me well over 200k per year to pay for all these sick monthly memberships, that does not provide a service deserving of a membership. These people are greedy, and ruthless

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    It’s awesome but could be better still!

    Love the ability to create running routes on the go. I love that I’m not carrying a piece of paper anymore on my runs telling me when and where to turn. Room for improvement: 1) if it re-routed like a gps if you deviate from the original route, 2) if it saves to my logbook automatically, 3) if it provided splits to the Apple Workout app, and 4) if it allowed for quick and easy access to the music screen for quick changes- like a swipe right or something similar to the Apple Watch Workout app. These are all as it relates to the Apple Watch.

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    Making Routes Okay, Turn By Turn Okay, Stability Unsatisfactory

    It’s great that you can make routes with this app, but you frequently have to manually edit turns as it’ll place in unnecessary U turns and circles. If you don’t catch these while making the route on the app, you need to log into the web interface to edit. Turn by turn is a great feature to have, but it’s frequently so late with giving turn indications — get used to turning right when the app says 30m / 100ft left to go. Finally, if you are using other apps while running (taking a picture, sending a message to someone, etc), expect the app to have lost your run when you return back to it. You’ll need to load the route you were running and press start, where it’ll put you back on your route, but without any previous progress. It’s a shame that this app is the only one I could find with turn by turn, because it’s so rough around the edges it’s in this weird no man’s land of having a great feature but only with half reliability.

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    Take caution with this app!

    Avid runner and running app user. Decided to give RunGo a try since always like route rec options and turn by turn. But...This one is essentially useless and perhaps a bit dangerous given what it fails to deliver. (1) Need to start at exact starting point. Not able to pick up run in middle of loop. (2) Turn by turn didn’t work making it necessary to hold phone and watch route. Dangerous. (3) And perhaps most importantly, though route was labeled as “verified”, it was treacherous and downright dangerous neighborhood and terrain (on/off ramps). Will be ceasing my auto renewal. Too many apps in this space for this one not to deliver.

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    Great, with one MINOR issue

    After a few runs, I bought the lifetime license and don’t regret it at all. I travel a great deal for my business and this little app makes exploring more fun. The only issue I have is that it often calls out a distance that is .25 miles shorter than I am actually in the run. So the audio cue need a tweak. Kudos to the developers for giving us a great option for tracking our runs and exploring.

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    Not lost anymore!

    Love that I am able to download a .gpx file! Used the app on a morning run in an area that I was not familiar with. It helped me to stay on the course that I had mapped out and I was able to get back to my start. I can’t wait to see what other features this app will come up with. Awesome customer service!

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    Love the app. Just one issue.

    I love the app! My first run was awesome. Got directions at appropriate times and had accurate metrics. However, I had to pause the run to go up a hill detour. The pause did not reflect in the “activity” app’s metrics: it says I ran an 11:38 min/mile even though the RunGo app says I ran a 7:45 (which I did do). Is there any way to have the activity app reflect that pace (it tracks averages in the “trends” tab)?

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    Experiencing inconsistency

    I have experienced problems with the tracking of distance and time fluctuations on short and long runs. Short being 2 miles and 12 for long. Often it repeats the distance and changes the per minute time and other times it skips the 1/4 mile announcement. Aside from it I like the app.

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Is RunGo - The Best Routes to Run Safe?

No. RunGo - The Best Routes to Run does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,296 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for RunGo - The Best Routes to Run Is 15.7/100.

Is RunGo - The Best Routes to Run Legit?

No. RunGo - The Best Routes to Run does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,296 RunGo - The Best Routes to Run User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for RunGo - The Best Routes to Run Is 15.7/100.

Is RunGo - The Best Routes to Run not working?

RunGo - The Best Routes to Run works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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