PopJam: Art, Games, Friends Reviews

PopJam: Art, Games, Friends Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-25

On PopJam you can take quizzes, try puzzles, watch videos and find everything
you love, from sloths to llamas to influencers to slime! PopJam is all about
creativity - you can create and share art using our art tools, brushes and
stickers. Why you’ll love PopJam: FIND YOUR FAVES - Si...

Table of Contents:
1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

PopJam: Art, Games, Friends Reviews

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    ⚠︎︎PLEASE READ!!⚠︎︎

    So, I’ve had popjam for a few yrs now. And it’s a great app, especially if you want to give your kids a safer social media option. BUT, there’s definitely room for improvement. The app glitches a lot. Whenever i post something, it always posts two or takes a while to load and then goes back to normal. Also, i think we should be allowed to post celebs. Maybe it’s just me, but i tried to make a celeb my profile pic and it didn’t post. But it works fine when other ppl do it.🤔Then, we should be allowed to make videos. Even if it can’t be videos of people, they should still be an option. Now some of the stuff i get bc it’s a safe kids app. But other things just don’t make sense. We should be able to have much more rejams and not have to wait 6hrs. Last, the most annoying thing, CENSORS. PLEASE PLEASE remove them. Censoring cuss words makes sense. But before you censor it there should be someone reading it. If the sentence is “you’re dumb” then it makes sense to be censored. But if it’s something like “that show is dumb” or “my (whatever) looks stupid” then there’s no reason to censor it. We can’t even say the word name half of the time. Overall, this is a great app, but needs some improvements.

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    So i got on level 3 yesterday and the gifs won’t work. I tried opening up the gifs but all it said was the gifs were unlocked invite your friends. Well I tapped on invite friends but all it did was take me to the collab feature. I don’t want to collab YET because I don’t have enough time. Next thing: I was gonna do the daily challenge but the daily challenge had apparently no post. So I go on someone’s acc and looking at their post but instead they have the daily challenges stuff. Next thing: a few days I ago I woke up in the morning, and got a alert which was a mention. It took me to a post I remember I commented to yesterday, but the comment the person mentioned me in wasn’t there. I refreshed, it showed the comment but when I commented on the comment all it showed was just my comment and not the other comments. Next: I looked in my alerts and I see that I mentioned myself in a comment. That’s ridiculous. Last thing; I worked really hard on a cupcake and put so much detail in it but when I posted it i couldn’t find it in my account or on my home page. I would have to tap on a comment about my cupcake to see it. Anyway that’s all

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    Like it but

    So I have bad things to write about and good things to write about of PopJam. First the good things I really like this app it is so fun to play with and I like that you can write on your post and draw what you want and I like that there is extra safety that you cant show your face and tell where you live and all that so those are the good things. Moving on to the bad things I don’t like that you have to wait a few hours and minutes to rejam a post and I hate that sometimes when you try to post something it does not post and I hate that when you try to comment something or say something on your post it puts emojis over it and I also don’t like is that you can’t post nothing at 10:00 pm or somewhere around that time and I hate that you have a limit to write something and you can’t put more than 3 stickers on a post those are all the reasons what I don’t like about popjam. I would really like if ya would fix all those things but otherwise than that I still like popjam and it is still fun and I hope that I can keep posting more things and I hope there is future updates and that’s all I had to say 🙂

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    Perfect for children who want social media! One suggestion though

    Btw my app review name is tigeriffic not tradeshower I love this game! I spend hours and hours giving shoutouts to my followers, setting up competitions, and making silly posts! I love the feature where you can take photos with filters but the filters aren’t very efficient. Like I would look up and the filter would have disappeared. I love how you can put your own photos from your photo library but why do you have to wait until level 6? I also enjoy rejams but why can you only have about 2 rejams and then you have to wait 5 hours to rejam again? My one suggestion is that we have videos. Like for vlogs we can still have the (sadly inefficient) filters on our faces or we can do slime videos or whatever else without photos. I love doing the quizzes and games but why can’t there be a little tool to make our own? Also I think we should have some more drawing tools like a fill bucket and a blend brush. And why is there animated sticker and text limits? It doesn’t make sense. This game is really fun though and I recommend! Sorry this review was really long LOL!

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    Fun but

    PopJam is a great app, it is a app to express your inner artist and take fun tests. You can post pictures and gifs and stickers, but there is always a filter in the picture so you have to upload it from camera roll if you want to show your face which is very inconvenient. But my biggest complaint, is there are no VIDEOS, you can’t post a single video if anything. That’s the one thing I would Change about this app other then the filter, I understand the “privacy” reasons behind it, but people get to decide what they post and having these restrictions of not showing your face and no videos. Really makes this “social media app” non social. I understand this is for 9+ where as others are for 13+ but again if there parents allow them then that’s fine. I mean the filters are completely useless because you can just upload a picture of your self it just takes so much longer. Overall it’s not a bad game it definitely needs work 100% but this is a perfect first social media app. If you have protective parents but still want social media.

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    Amazing app, however... (Recommendations)

    I’ve been using this app for a few months now and everything ran incredibly except for a few things. But I’ll start off saying this app has great potential in exceeding itself in the art community (for kids of course). It has fun challenges users can draw to, a safe chat system and a way for kids to build up their reputation! There are also a few minigames people could play which is also wonderful. But here are the things that I recommend for the app: 1) More drawing tools such as airbrush, smudge tools, and other brushes. A way to customize the brush/eraser (their tip, fade, etc.) would also be cool too! 2) Add an option where you can edit the caption of the post. So that whenever you make a spelling mistake or your words get censored you can change them. 3) Fix the bugs and glitches. I've encountered a few bugs and glitches for the last few months I've been using this app. i ) Whenever I post, sometimes the picture gets posted three times and whenever I go and delete one of them, it deletes all of the posts. ii) when I go click multiple people’s account profile, it glitches the posts of the people into theirs. iii) similar to the second one (ii) when I click on a certain post to get a closer look at it, it shows another post. iv) when I update my profile/background picture, it ends up being set to a plain black color. i’m using an iPad Pro (the latest one) if that helps! Best regards x

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    Good app! Needs work!

    I think that PopJam is amazing! I’ve been playing it for over a year now! But I have suggestions! To make it more kid friendly you could ban posting pictures of yourself. I get that you already did that but it isn’t stopping some popjammers from still doing it including more personal info! And that you spread Neon Stars out to more than artists! I feel like a majority of people I see on PopJam don’t do art. Instead they post what they want to post. And so they cannot get neons and it seems unfair to a majority of people who use PopJam! And then there is a few bugs. I noticed a bug when you go to edit your profile. I’m glad you fixed most of the bugs with it but whenever I try to get it to change it sits and loads forever and it’s really annoying! If you could possibly make that quicker it would be a lot easier! Over all PopJam is a great app! Although it has bugs and safety issues I still recommend it. Thank you! 💗

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    Really fun...but....

    It is very fun to play but i have two issues 1, i feel like the app sets it up so simple which is okay until you realize it’s 9 and up. I’m sure they just want it to be fun for everybody but little children won’t have access to stuff like this so i feel like it should be a little more mature. My second issue and the reason it isn’t 5 stars is the glitches! It won’t let me change my account bio. When i post something it will post it twice, and my device died while i was in my alerts so in an hour i come back and it kicks me out of my account but keeps giving the alerts of my old account. I’m finding it very hard, almost impossible to look up tags because it usually says “no results” when i know there should be. I love how they’re making a kid friendly social media that can be like training wheels to a future content creator online but please, stop spending time on the weird filters and childish daily challenges, spend more time on fixing the several glitches that are ruining peoples’ experience in the app. Thank you for reading!

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    I like the idea, but the product isn’t the best.

    I’ve had this app for not that long, but I can see its flaws. The whole idea is about are and sharing it with others, but then why is it so hard to make art? I know some people will disagree with me, but I am comparing it to other art apps. They have much better features, like zooming in more, redo, and it will save even if u exit out without posting it. Also, I was exited about the quizzes, but I can barely find any. When I do, I usually get unique, which I think is very annoying. I mostly get challenges, games, and winners of those challenges on my feed. And it always has a check mark next to it, which I think probably means that they have a lot of followers or are verified. Also, I have two random people following me and I haven’t even posted anything. I think that’s creepy. There’s not a option so you can make your account private, which I wish they would add. I can understand why some people would like it, and I love the idea of it, but PopJam is not for me, and I don’t recommend it.

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    Works, but DEFINITELY not the best

    This game is fun, but there were a lot of downsides to it. First, for a kids app, people can be creepy. I am a 12 year old girl, & I posted a picture, with my face covered, of me holding a toad. Someone commented “your pretty”... While I appreciate the comment.. no, just no. On a kids app like this, I believe it’s completely unacceptable for someone, who may or may not be a child, commenting on an account that is clearly ran by a minor, saying “your pretty”, it’s just not okay. Secondly, SO MUCH LGBT! I am a Christian, & while I’m fine with other people expressing their opinions, just no.. I kindly said on a post (which was ran by a person who’s whole account for full of LGBT things) that I did not think this was okay, and I got SO many people “yelling” at me, through the screen. Thankfully there were people that stood up for me, but it was just not okay. Please take these things into consideration. God bless 💗💗❤️

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    I often find myself searching for apps that I like and feel committed to playing for long periods of time. PopJam is safe, fun, and inspirational. I recommend this app to all age groups! Weather your 7 or 8 and want to play with the drawing feature or if your a teen drawer and you want to share your creativity. And even if your an adult and you wish that you help with others and share drawing ideas and such. This family friendly game has inspired me to go for my dreams. This happened when I shared an idea for a book that I’m writing and everyone loved it and encouraged me to write it out. Now that I’ve written well into the book I can see it getting published when I’m older. PopJam is truly a great app and there isn’t much to improve upon. 😄😄😄😄😄 P.s. if you want to read the book I’m writing when it’s published and famous it’s called The Morfix Curse. Look in stores in like a bunch of years and you should see it!

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    I love this

    I really love popjam so much! I have a lot of friends through out popjam. But I wanted to say that when your doing a gif can it be any gif you want and not the ones listed in the store of gifs? Cause I would love to have more of a variety of gifs to use in posts. I would also like if you would give us more popjam friends because it can be helpful instead of mentioning them in a bio. So please can you add extra friends. Can we PLEASE have private chat! Because I want to talk to my friends without other people trying to get into our business. Because if I attempt to private chat in a post someone always gets into it, so I would really appreciate if you add that. Also can you please stop with the blocking out stuff, I mean why can you only block bad words? Cause one time I did “👌🏻” and it blocked it out. Also I think that you should announce 2 neon stars to be elected.

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    Amazing concept,few flaws,but major potential!

    Concept ---------- The concept of the app is amazing!Its great for kids or even teens and has a lot of given entertainment. The concept of the neon star is quite unique (even though neons have been given to some talentless people lately) Flaws ---------- 1.The drawing pad is very glitchy even if it was not meant to be a drawing app it could use some improvement with that feature. 2.An eye dropper would be helpful and maybe blending brushes 3.On the "Featured posts" it only includes posts from users that are verified which seems unfair to the more dedicated and deserving artists 4. Can't post pictures with faces!While I do understand the app was meant for children there is still some disappointment with this. In the past the app had allowed selfies to be posted. 5.Too many of the same quizzes!The Popjam channel posts the SAME QUIZZES ALL THE TIME and it happens to be boring and annoying. At least allow users to maybe create their own quizzes and feature those. 6.More maddening glitches!Often I’ll see users, including myself, enter the daily challenge and when we enter the drawing sometimes it won’t even post. Hours of hard work gone. Major Potential ---------------- A kid friendly app that encourages art and kindness! Always looking forward to future groundbreaking updates. :)

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    So many toxic people/what needs to be done

    Ok this will not be some silly review. I’m a neon star and I have many complaints. First, people are so toxic with each other. Literally, everyone is trying to be nice but it doesn’t get taken for granted. It’s disgusting. Second, you guys need to monitor the app more because people are seriously having fights and causing drama. And last but not least. People calling other artists “bad”. WHAT THE HECK!! You guys need to really fix this problem because 1. You guys are not doing anything, 2. You guys don’t care, and 3. You don’t listen to our needs on the app, it’s just squashing bugs. This app is not supposed to be so toxic like I know today. This app used to be so innocent since I was here in 2017, but now people are LEAVING because of that. Do not ignore this review or the others because they are IMPORTANT and they’re trying to make the app what is meant to be. Please fix this if you have the time. I just want my fun loving, no bullying/toxic app back.

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    Like It But...

    I really like PopJam because that was my only social media before Pintrest. You can post, get into daily challenges, and all that jazzy jazz. But here’s the thing. Let me rephrase that: Here’s the lot of things. I’ll letter them for you: a) limited rejams (like you do one and it’s like “ohhh you gotta wait five hours because why not.”) And than there’s b) you don’t actually get the gifs at level three. C) would be helpful if we didn’t have a letter limit or a sticker limit. D) ######## is AnNoYiNg. So are the emojis. Can you find more pleasant emojis than this: ⛔️☠️! like I don’t know, 🤭🤫😒? And finally, E)Neon nominations; people are only gonna go for their friends and that’s not good when you don’t have friends on popjam. Why can’t staff nominate? Like, bruh, fix these issues after all that—oops—I’m running out of space 😒😒😒. Just read the reviews and fix these issues.

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No. PopJam: Art, Games, Friends does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,340 PopJam: Art, Games, Friends User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for PopJam: Art, Games, Friends Is 16.2/100.

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