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Published by on 2022-12-14

About: Jump into PopJam and find your hangout! Join Groups, share art, and make new
friends. PopJam is all about community.

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Developer: SuperAwesome LTD

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit PopJam Website

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Reported Issues: 4 Comments

4.0 out of 5

By Anna

1 year ago

Hey popjam, I just wanted to say sorry for all the hate you are getting, I am @rainbowsprinkleswonderplaysRBYT and I wanted to tell you that I wish to be neon but I know I will probably never get it because my art sucks but I do have a lot of followers and I am really nice to everyone ( even the bullies) . I just am so sorry for all of the hate your getting and I hope you get the art people happy and having fun on this app, Anna. reply as soon as possible Anna.

By 1111112222223333330

It’s awesome but somethings r bad :(

The biggest problem that annoys me is the closed hours. I love to stay up late and just jam all night, but PopJams closed hours (11:00- 6:00 or something like that) prevents me from doing so. I also wish that they had more tool options for when ur drawing Example: fill button, I REALLY wish there was a fill button >:( there r some other things on PopJam that are particularly annoying, but they aren’t coming to my head right now so that’s all I guess... ALSO somebody needs to stand up to your wrong doings! You have reported MULTIPLE of my friends and you’ve done nothing to listen to what we’ve had to say!?! YOU AND EVERYBODY IN YOUR STAFF have been looking and peoples accounts and you’ve just BLINDLY DECIDED to TAKE AWAY their accounts! You need to LISTEN to us and MAYBE you will hear that your ABSOLUTELY DESTROYING some people’s days, weeks, MONTHS! you don’t listen to the better. I WANT to like you people but you step on people like their a PEICE OF DIRT. I NEED TO STAND UP because WHENEVER ANYONE ELSE DOES, YOU IGNORE THEM m!?!?! you can delete my account, you can suspend it, but it will ONLY PROVE MY POINT MORE. Good day PopJam.

By Zuder123

I like the app I just have a few issues with it.

Hey, I’m your average PopJammer but I have some issues with this app. Number 1: the unrealistic post filter. I make art and try to post to post it and it takes forever to post and there’s rarely anything wrong with my drawing. But then I see inappropriate posts being posted in 3 seconds or less and that really gets on my nerves. Number 2: the toxicity. There are so many toxic people on this app. Most of them being haters and/or art stealers. This app has become so toxic in just a few months. Number 3: OH MY GOD THE TAGS- I LITERALLY cant say ANYTHING. It’s so annoying- sometimes I cant even say “Hello” to someone- Number 4: the report-ban system. Me and some of my friends have been banned multiple times- we might literally do nothing wrong and be banned while there are mean and toxic people not being banned. I also think there should be more reasons to report people- not just “Inappropriate profile/username”. Number 5: sjsjsjsjs online. Dating. There are so many k i d s dating on this k i d s app. It’s just- not right in my opinion. Finally, Number 6: hahahahaahahah please add more to the drawing functions! Such as; layers, different brushes, bucket, re-do and more! | Note: I still enjoy being on this app, just pleAse fix these issues- 🥰

By Yui_Origatsu

Decent, but mostly messed up

Don’t get me wrong, this app is amazing- but the problems are too much. With the update I currently have, the format is too bright, and you no longer have the option to click on tags or mentioned people without actually clicking on the post. The stars or verified symbols by a person’s name now appear not by the name, but above the name. It’s only a minor thing, but it’s weird having to see the symbol above their name even though when you view that person’s profile or have been using the app for a long time you’re used to seeing it beside their user. The format also only shows ads and a few recent posts, and then goes back to showing posts from a few days or weeks ago, while the ads seem to be reposted or multiplied. It’s hard to view posts you actually want to see or read, and the update in general was pretty bad. All they did was update the feed page to be solid white instead of the normal dark grey with the posts having a light grey box, multiply the amount of ads, show posts from 2-7 days ago, and the list seems to go on.

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