Safeway Delivery & Pick Up Reviews

Safeway Delivery & Pick Up Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-23

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Safeway Delivery & Pick Up Reviews

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    Horrible Communication

    So I ordered my Thanksgiving groceries on Monday with a “guaranteed” delivery time of 8-9 pm that evening. I was surprised I could get it so fast, but hey it is guaranteed right? Nope, the time comes and goes with no groceries and no email, text, or call to tell me why or what happened. I called customer support and waited for 35 minutes to talk to someone only to be told that the order wasn’t even picked by my delivery time. That shocks me. Then he schedules a redelivery for the morning before Thanksgiving. When I ask what happens if it doesn’t come there is no recourse. I would have to have the order refunded and then go shopping for everything, which is what I was trying to avoid. This is terrible service and, even with a $10 credit I don’t plan to use this service again. At least with Walmart’s service they let you know when it is ready to pick up and give you details of your order on the app.

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    Horrible service 0-Star Rating

    I ordered my groceries, selected a date/time for delivery and chose the largest delivery window. That scheduled “guaranteed” delivery window came and went with no delivery, no email, text or call. I called customer service and was on hold for over 30 minutes with no answer. I emailed delivery support and still received no response. I was able to reach customer service the next day. He offered no explanation, no apology and no concern or regret. He offered to have to have my groceries re-delivered again the following day (more than 2 days after my originally scheduled “guaranteed” delivery). With hesitation, I agreed. The day of my new re-scheduled “guaranteed” delivery, I called to confirm since I had not received any text updates that I opted for. Again, I was on hold for nearly 30 minutes to reach a live person. I was guaranteed my delivery would be made and was told to call back if my delivery hadn’t been made after 3 hours into the 4 hour delivery window. Still no delivery or update so I called customer service. I was on hold for more than 30 minutes well after 9pm (closing time). No groceries, no updates, no explanation, no customer service! Still unable to reach customer support for a refund for my groceries I paid for nearly a week ago.

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    Is this Safeway or Raley's?

    I checked out Raley's new delivery service app & tried to use it, but being used to the simplicity & familiarity (not necessarily ease) of Safeway's I didn't have the patience to try to learn this overloaded, complicated & senseless app. I left all my choices in my cart & ran back to the security of the Safeway app. OMG! It was the Raley's app! I resigned myself to do my best to use it, but it was impossible for me to do so. I couldn't find the 'everything on the shelf' button which meant I also couldn't leave a message for my Shopper. To me these are essential features. The items were arranged in a grid rather than a list. I was so frustrated that I again walked away from my cart. I'm disabled & have no other way to get groceries except home delivery, but I just can't face getting to know & use another app after these two nerve-wracking apps. That was over a week ago & today I gathered my strength & went back to the Safeway app. I saw that they had an update. I'm hoping they've made some improvements so I can use it. Before I opened it I read the first page of the reviews & I'm not hopeful, but I'll give it a shot - I need groceries!

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    I like it

    For being well thought out and easy to use, this is just about the best app on my phone. I depend on it for most of my grocery shopping. I read through some of the recent negative reviews, and find that most concern the service provided by the local store, and not the app itself. My store does a very good job, not perfect, but very good. It is just so convenient to shop all week long, adding items to my order any time the need or notion arises. I keep my iPhone handy all the time. At the end of the week I review my last order and add any items I may have missed. Then I check the total and adjust the list as necessary to fit my weekly budget. The My Last Order List is very useful but the All Past Purchases list has way too many items. A Recently Ordered or Frequently Ordered list would suit me better. The same brand, different size and different brand, same size ordering options don’t work for me on 90% of items, so I most often use the no substitutions option. I add a note to the shop or if some leeway is needed. This works well. One advantage Safeway has over Instacart is that your club card and personalized prices apply. But Safeway groceries are a bit pricey, so if Target gets its delivery act together in my town, I will definitely give it a try.

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    Don't waste your time!

    I ordered my groceries last night and was guaranteed delivery between 1p-3p. 3:40p rolls around and nothing, so I call their customer service line. I was ON HOLD waiting to talk to someone for 17 MINS! Someone finally answers and she's nice enough, she calls the store my delivery was supposed to come from and no one there has a clue what's going on. She tried to call the drivers that *MIGHT* have my order, but no answer from them so she leaves them voicemails. At that point she says my options are: 1. Wait to see if a driver calls me back, 2. Schedule a redelivery or 3. Get a refund. I mention that there is only a $1 hold on my card and she says that means THEY HAVEN'T EVEN PICKED UP MY ORDER! They were supposed to delivery my groceries between 1p-3p and at 4p (after being on hold for nearly 20 mins) I find out they haven't even picked them up yet. Needless to say I just told her to cancel the order and I won't ever use this service again. Absolute garbage - and the app isn't even accurate with product pictures and size options. Don't waste your time. *GUARANTEED DELIVERY TIMES* is an absolute joke. No wonder they're offering $20 off so people will try it.

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    Lost dinner

    I ordered a bunch of stuff which mostly arrived on time. The items i had planned for dinner that night were all missing. DON'T ADVERTISE WHAT YOU DON'T HAVE! Prices were ok and I'll give it one more try since it's difficult for me to make it through a grocery store (they do not ever have seats). Your last chance! Don't forget that a satisfied customer will tell three people but a dissatisfied one will tell ten. I can double that easily. Please try harder. Tried this a second time with worse results! The coupon app did not transfer my choices to the shopping app (why two apps anyway?) and none of my choices were available in the shopping app. Gave up on this and deleted both apps. Tossed my Safeway card too.

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    Yep, don’t waist your time

    They are light years away from having a good online payment system. If there’s is a problem with your payment, the system will process the order anyway, but you won’t get notified till 12 hours later, they will call you and if you can’t answer or for some strange reason the payment can’t be processed the order is going to be cancelled. I had the payment problem with two different orders, two different cards/banks and they told me that I had to call my bank because they couldn’t process. I always order online and have no restrictions with my cards. Plus they charged $1.00 when my card got registered in their system. Anyway the web or app wont stop the order if there’s a problem and you are expecting your order till a human being checks 12 hours later that there was a “problem” with your bank. They don’t have notifications txt msg or notification at all, just the automatic order confirmation that’s not even processed. You won’t be able to find all the same products you find at the store

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    The worst delivery app & customer service

    I spent one hour and forty seven minutes on the phone with customer service trying to update my address for an order I placed. Since it was my first order and I made the account earlier this year I didn’t realize my old address was saved. So I go to place the order and notice that I can’t update the address. I call in, on hold forever. Finally, the representative tells me to place the order so they can update the address. I place the order, they have trouble finding it, finally find it and I’m put on hold for another forever. Representative comes back on the line and says the only way to update my address is by cancelling the order and then “simply reordering because that order will show in my passed orders”. So I cancel the order. And of course -it’s gone completely. The representative acted like “ohhh no big deal just go back and search/add the items again”. Way too much for something that’s supposed to be convenient. Terrible first experience. I will never choose Safeway again.

  • On line

    I found the online shopping site to be very confusing in the beginning especially for an elderly person. Also ordering many times I seem to always have something that I didn’t get or it’s not what I put in the preference such as firm bananas rather green and firm tomatoes instead I get bruised and soft tomatoes brown spots on the bananas over ripe for me. I’ve had mold on strawberries blueberries thatWe’re spoiled, and I actually got food poisoning from ice cream sandwiches but since they were free with one of my rewards I just threw them out but I was very sick for two days. My very first three times shopping online were excellent I had everything that I wanted it was all fresh it was all good and in good condition it’s kind of gone downhill since then. The system in the process is still convenient and easy once you get used to it. And every delivery man has been courteous kind and efficient.

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    Ridiculous and horrible

    The old app at least worked. This new one is Ridiculous and horrible! No way to select a delivery time that is different from what comes up. Looked at seven consecutive days and the only 4 hour selection given was 7am to 11am. No way that’s correct. And the selections of foods I made came up differently when I reviewed my order before checking out. Basically I used to really like the app before they screwed it up with a new one. They another issue is the customer service phone number. 37 minutes on hold and the person who finally answered was unable to do anything! Screamingly frustrated and useless! Thanks Safeway for screwing up a good idea. Bring back the old app!!!

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    New issues

    When a customer changes delivery time window, ex change delivery time from 2-3pm to 12-1pm, an e-mail needs to be sent to customer confirming that the delivery time window has been changed. When a customer has additional instructions/information to give to delivery person once order has been placed, customer should be able to go back into the order & add the additional information/instruction. When a customer’s credit card has been approved, the pickup & delivery app says order is completed even though the grocery order has not been delivered to the customer which is extremely confusing to the customer. What it should say is that customer’s credit card has been approved, however, order is still pending because the grocery order has not been delivered to customer yet.

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    Everything went perfectly, as I expected, from the ease of ordering to the Right ON Time delivery. I even messed up the credit card number and had to call them back, super fast and friendly customer service! Will definitely use again and highly recommended this service and app for new moms, moms of multiple children and for busy people like myself. I loath the whole store experience after raising 3 least they helped carry everything in and put stuff it’s me and the hubby and we both work and hate going so this really works for me! Thank you Safeway!!!

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    The Ugly Truth

    1.) Item Substitute: I ordered delivery and when I was emailed receipt I found I was being charged $40 for seven 4oz bags of salad - apparently because the salad I chose $2 a bag) was out of stock. Fortunately I saw this *before* the delivery and refused those particular items... delivery driver did not have any “return forms” but assured me his supervisor would fix the charges. 2.) Good luck with Service: Two days later I have not heard from anyone at Safeway. Not from store acknowledging I am owed a refund, not from customer service email where I sent an inquiry. 3.) Be prepared to wait for NO assistance I attempted to call the customer service number (on a Tuesday morning) and was on hold until a message advised hold times were estimated at 45 minutes (no exaggeration). I called again later - after a hold for 15 minutes I was advised by customer service that refunds are issued by the store and normally take 7 to 10 business days... 4.) Final result: I am *still* waiting for a $40 refund for items I did NOT receive. 5.) Comparison: I have used (three other) grocery deliver services, so am extremely irritated at Safeway’s lack of competence and service. The other services I’ve used are responsive, efficient, and keep an inventory tally while I am shopping, to limit out of stock issues. 6.) advice Don’t, just don’t

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    Safeway delivery

    Sometimes coupons and discounts don’t come through on the final receipt even though you see it on app and click on the coupon. There’s usually at least a couple errors to correct on back end. Service reps are accommodating in correcting errors. But accuracy in programming discount and price savings to the end receipt could be improved. The delivery service is a great convenience for elders. The shoppers are pretty good. Less errors with them and more with programming the correct prices. Haven’t had any more incidents lately of late delivery next day so that is good. Keep trying to improve service because I think your customer base will increase. Huge convenience and time saver as long as you don’t have to call back to correct errors.

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    They owe me money

    5/2/18 Update to giving service a 2nd 3rd try. It's still complete bull 💩. It is the number one most infuriating app ever made. You need two apps to get your orders done. the other one is to save your Just for U coupons to your account. Customer service is useless. There's just too many things to list. For me to come back and write a second negative review is saying a lot about your service. ?/?/2017 It took me four days to place an order. Yep. First I searched the sales items then added items throughout the day. Next day I go to purchase items but sales had ended. I re-shopped and finally ready to submit order at 10am. I did not realize orders for same day delivery need to be placed by 8 am. The following day I get my order with an out of stocked item. I was still charged and I also did not get the $6 delivery savings. So far they have to responded.

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Is Safeway Delivery & Pick Up Safe?

No. Safeway Delivery & Pick Up does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 118,707 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Safeway Delivery & Pick Up Is 14.8/100.

Is Safeway Delivery & Pick Up Legit?

No. Safeway Delivery & Pick Up does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 118,707 Safeway Delivery & Pick Up User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Safeway Delivery & Pick Up Is 14.8/100.

Is Safeway Delivery & Pick Up not working?

Safeway Delivery & Pick Up works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Have a Problem with Safeway Delivery & Pick Up? Report Issue

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Safeway Delivery & Pick Up to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Safeway Delivery & Pick Up customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Safeway Delivery & Pick Up.

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