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About: Deseret Digital Media is a media and online services company.
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1. Looking for something to buy? Find like a bajillion listings in Classifieds, Cars, and Homes.

2. The KSL Classifieds app is the most popular and trusted classifieds marketplace in the Intermountain West.

3. Have something to sell? With millions of people using the app every month, items listed on KSL are gone before you know it.

4. Looking for your next career move? Our Jobs section has new job openings posted every day.

5. Leave a review about the things you like or send us a note through the app or to [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

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Find everything you want and need — from cool jobs to hot rods, home construction to music instruction — using the KSL Classifieds app. Each Marketplace found on KSL.com is accessible using this free app. KSL Classifieds Secondhand is in demand! Buy and sell with your neighbors in the Mountain West or find new items listed by local businesses. Whether selling whiskered kittens or shopping for woolen mittens, immediately see a few of your favorite things on the app’s customizable home screen. KSL Cars Reinvent your wheels. Don’t waste another moment in a vehicle that doesn’t meet your driving needs or offer the level of enjoyment you desire. Fast-track your search by setting real-time, daily or weekly alerts for the model(s) on your shopping list. KSL Homes There are as many reasons to move as there are local listings to choose from on the Homes section of the KSL Classifieds app. Whether you want to build, buy or rent, it includes all types of housing. Move the map to zoom and search specific neighborhoods, then narrow your results using a variety of other filters. KSL Jobs Apply yourself. Browse and filter local opportunities according to the experience you have and the company perks you hope to get. Whether you’re looking for full- or part-time jobs, it’s easy to take the next step on your career path using this app. KSL Services More pros. Less “d’ohs!” You could try a DIY wire job that hot tub you scored on KSL Classifieds, but some things are better left to the professionals. Find local businesses offering a variety of services — from web developers to pest removal companies — all in one place. Join the Mountain West’s go-to commerce community. Buy and sell wherever you go.

Top KSL Classifieds Reviews

  • By Not your average gamer

    Timeouts and crashes

    For the last few weeks the app doesn’t seem to work. Most of my searches give me a timeout error... I contacted support and they said there was a bug that was fixed and to delete and re download. Did that and it worked for about a day and now I find myself deleting the app and re download frequently due to poor performance. Love the app it has saved and made me thousands of dollars so I can’t rate it bad, but just want them to fix it so it is consistent again.

  • By 7shotguns

    Love this app

    Love this app! I use it all the time. The only thing I’d love to see a something that tells you if an ad has been modified or renewed or lowered the price. I favorite things as a way to watch them as I imagine most people do. Sometimes they lower the price and it’s gone and I would have snatched it at the lower price also. It’d be nice to see that option

  • By Om3g4Supr3m3

    Latest update scrolling issue

    I use this app all the time. Thanks for providing this service for free. The latest version (2.5.7) has some bugs regarding scrolling. I’m guessing they aren’t correctly caching/recycling the table cells, as when I scroll through listings, it’s suuuuper choppy on my iPhone 11 Pro. It seems to get worse the more is use the app.

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