The Open Reviews

The Open Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Download the official app of The Open, golf’s original Championship, to
experience year-round content and live coverage of The 150th Open. Here are
just some of the features you can look forward to during The 150th Open at St
Andrews: - Keep up-to-date with all the latest content from T...

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Reviews (30)


"The Open one of a true Golfer's Dreams"

All who play the game have a deep respect for The Open,* its long history, and it's' mental challenge, it is just GOLF - at its best...! *Golfers have been blessed with so many wonderful courses world-wide to play. Many in different capacities have invested, designed, built, maintained, and repaired courses giving golfers memories not forgotten of: wins, losses, matches, putts made and missed, miraculous shots, chokes, partners, friendships, scenery, trips, legendary courses, contributed to building Character and Memories for ever. a Brown brother golfer


Commercials at a minimum

I’m really enjoying going back and forth with the two featured groups without having to endure annoying commercials every time. Brilliant app!


No shot tracers or video replay of highlights

TheOpen is good when your favorite players are in the featured groups. But at the very minimum it should have a shot tracer for every player on each hole so you can see where they are off the tee and on the green on each hole rather than just waiting for a score to update. What’s more, you cannot rewatch featured group or featured holes for any round. That should be a very basic add. The Open should look at what the Masters app has done and implement some of the more user friendly features.


What makes this app special?

This and the PGA Championship are the only major golf tournament apps that don’t do some sort of shot tracking. And since it’s a major, the PGA TOUR app isn’t allowed to shot track because of certain rights I assume. With that being said, it doesn’t need to be a 3D version like the PGA TOUR app but at least tracking the shots on a page for players would be useful since most of us work and can’t watch live coverage of our favorite golfers in an exciting major tournament.


Weird design

I assume you have all players in the field with an easy to read bio. I just couldn’t find it after looking for 2 minutes. Look at Masters app for how to do a clean, simple golf app. Too many stories and fluff. Can’t even find a course tour. It wants to show what happened 30 years ago, and has stories about Old Tom Morris. Fine content but it has to be in addition to and not in place of player listings with bios as well as simple hole descriptions.



ITS 2018 AND I CANT CHECK WHERE MY FAVORITE PLAYER IS LYING ON THE COURSE. The TV coverage is all day which is phenomenal but you don’t seem to realize they only show the same 30 golfers. So my favorite golfer can be in the top 20 and no FaceTime because of his sponsorships. So you could upgrade your app from 2005 and show players locations on the course and position. That way I can track my guy who’s only a few strokes behind the leader on Sunday. I’m tired of watching the guys in the Top 20 World rankings play for making the cut.


Love the favorites toggle

I prefer the ability to toggle my favorites on the leaderboard; as opposed to always having them shown at the top of the leaderboard. The PGA Tour app shows favorites at the top and it just gets in the way later into tournaments.



This is not the most well put together app. It doesn’t say who the featured groups are, and when you go to “media” the full live coverage isn’t even an option. To watch that you have to go to the website or through the golf channel app. The US open app also allowed you to track shot by shot tracking of any player you chose, this one does not.


Video challenges

I signed up and still couldn’t get all the videos. But I’m loving what I can see!


Not impressed

TheOpen provides very limited coverage of golf. Only one or two feature groups. And you cannot even watch those unless you sign up within TheOpen . Then the rest is just fluff and advertisement. To actually watch something of consequence, you have to pay for the NBC streaming app. This group needs to copy the Master’s app it is great.


App is not laid out well and has lots of glitches

The amount of money that they have to spend, you would at least think they would have an app developer that actually can produce something that is cleaner and without so many bugs. And the fact you have to leave app to watch is ridiculous.


The One Club

Tried it on my phone along with several friends. We all get the same error. We sign up for the required The One Club account in order to use TheOpen . But every time we try to log into the account there is a continuous error to try again later. Going on two days now.


OK but needs shot tracking

Would be good to see all my follows at the top of the leaderboard and be able to sort by the best rounds of the day. But most importantly, it needs shot tracking. I can track every shot on mediocre PGA events, I should be able to track shots in one of the top-3 biggest golf tournaments of the year.


Clunky, limited functionality

It is kind of amazing how much more advanced the US Open and masters apps than the British open app. No way to see shot by shot review, no highlights by player, even the use of favorites is much more awkward than other apps. Even little things are inaccurate (displayed refresh time is actually one hour behind EDT)


Don’t miss a shot!

Video and commentary on every hole for the group you are following.


Needs a Fix

Please fix TheOpen . Each time I open it, a blue/gray translucent screen drops down over the pages making it difficult to read plus I’m not able to click on anything. Same thing happens on my iPad. I’ve powered down both. That doesn’t help. TheOpen is useless as is.


Can only get one thing to work

I signed up for the free “the one club” to watch the featured groups and it continually says that there is a connection error. I’m on the WiFi and I can get the featured holes to play, but that’s it. TheOpen is no comparison to the US Open or Masters app.


The worst

I tried to sign up for the one club to view featured groups and once I signed up I couldn’t sign in because my email wasn’t recognized. I tried to sign up again and it said my email was already in use. So the email they couldn’t confirm is somehow in use?! Just awful



I don’t understand anyone giving this a high rating. It works but that’s it. It offers a page for tee times but then doesn’t give the tee times. Just group numbers and who’s in the group. Useless. And somehow it just disappeared off my phone. By itself. The other majors had great apps. Why bother if you’re not going to do it right.


Favorites DO NOT Sync Across Platforms

Given you can use app (and website) on multiple platforms, as well as sign into an account, why wouldn’t favorites sync across platforms??? Big miss, or not working correctly.


True vision of an outstanding championship

I’m very impressed with this incredibly simple but rich app. The graphics are clear and sharp. The navigation is easy. The information, overall, is concise and obviously not written by some marketing-hacker. The crowing feature of TheOpen is the well-designed Course Guide which (at least prior to the start of the Championship) provides a beautiful interface for browsing the details of every hole on the Dunluce Links. I can’t wait to see it in action once the event begins in earnest! Great job! This is by far the best dedicated Major event app.


Radio keeps disconnecting

App is okay, but the live radio broadcast keeps dropping every 5 minutes or so. Have to restart TheOpen and push play again, annoying.


Not good

Compared to the other golf apps for majors this one isn’t even close. Videos don’t play just sound, so you have to restart all the time and just not nearly in depth as the previous major apps. Will be on the cpu more than TheOpen for sure. Just a. Huge disappointment for one of the best majors.


Final Group??

I am trying to get live coverage of the Final Group on TheOpen and you keep covering the next to last groups! What’s with that!? 🙄


Shuts off Open Radio every 3-4 minutes

TheOpen is garbage. I am golfing and trying to listen to open radio and TheOpen shuts down every 3-4 minutes and you have to start it over. What’s the point?


Radio keeps causing app to quit

App seems great except the audio feed causes my phone to run hot and crashes TheOpen every 1-5 min.



Worst app of all majors. Confusing and trying to do much. Keep it simple.



Have to pay to see any live coverage but then you still need to see advertisements


Near worthless

Can get the same info most anywhere


Worst Golf App

Does not support dynamic text sizing and cannot pinch to zoom so we're stuck with small narrow text on a gold background - fail (leaderboard) Doesn't even show score for the round in progress - only total score - fail Is there any way to show less relevant information in a given space than the way they have implemented tee times?

Is The Open Safe?

Yes. The Open is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,248 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for The Open Is 40.8/100.

Is The Open Legit?

Yes. The Open is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,248 The Open User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for The Open Is 40.8/100.

Is The Open not working?

The Open works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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