Australian Open Tennis 2021 Reviews

Australian Open Tennis 2021 Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-08

Who says the best seats in the house are courtside? The official app of the
Australian Open 2021 is your ticket to getting the most out of the
tournament. With the new app for 2021 you get: • Real-time scores, draws and
match highlight videos • Notifications when your favourite players’...

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Australian Open Tennis 2021 Reviews

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    Still no iPad version

    How 20th Century

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    Not very good.

    Not user friendly enough to simply show scores, etc. in a useful way. Tabs indicating “scores” try to also show upcoming matches and future schedules, despite these categories having their own tabs. I just want to see the completed matches so far, but this is impossible as there is a jumble of other information there. Also the matches are categorized by court name/ we care which court it happened on? Show them in order of completion or something useful. The information is there, but hard to sort through. The most annoying thing is the top menu bar which pops down and “follows” you as you scroll. It then goes away when you stop or scroll back up. This creates a shift on the page which makes it hard to follow the information when scrolling. And it takes forever to load data, as if you are downloading some intricate graphics instead of simple text. It’s simply easier to Google ‘AO’ and have the results listed there. Only good thing on app is the ability to listen to AO radio. But even here, while the audio of match coverage works great, I was a bit confused bc the radio button says “Live DJ” and underneath this, it say “Next: Nothing Scheduled”. Why would it say Live DJ instead of “Match Coverage/Commentary” or something. And nothing scheduled after this? No Post-match, continued live coverage, more Live DJ, press conference audio, Aussie rave music, or wombat screeching? Nothing? Seems amateurish at best.

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    Finally seem to have fixed the bugs. At least as far as I can tell. I haven’t used every feature. It was SO bad the first few days though, that I’m still only giving 3 stars, just because it caused me so much frustration. Hopefully after this fiasco though, you’ll be better prepared next year. Actually, just went to the app and found a problem. Not a glitch, just poor design. The “Players” tab defaults to the “Men’s Singles”, and to see the Women, you choose “Women’s Singles” from a drop down menu. That in itself isn’t a problem, but if I go to Women’s Singles and then choose a player to see her stats, when I hit the “back” arrow it takes me all the way back to the “Men’s Singles” page. Why?! Often I’m comparing stats between women and you’re making me start back at the beginning each time. Not helpful. Actually while we’re at it, it would be nice if on the “Live” match screen, I could click on the match itself and see a head-to-head comparison of the the two players playing.

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    Glossy look but dismal performance

    How lame that IBM of all developers/sponsors creates one of the worst apps I’ve ever used. The app has been having bugs and periods of not working since the tournament started, and updates have not fixed the problem. It constantly takes me to new pages without me pressing any buttons (that almost always give an error message), as well as changes pages when I try to scroll up or down. It also asks twice very single time I open it whether I am attending the AO, even though I have said “no thanks” every single time and am literally across the world from Melbourne, yet this message pops up every time I go on and wine disappear. I cannot even look at the schedule of play (one of the most basic, but important functions of such an app) without it taking me to a new page and giving an error message. These grand slam apps were already bad for functionality in the past, but this update has made things even worse. Get it together please because the regular atp/wta live that the grand slams don’t use is everything that theirs should be.

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    Player Notification

    Overall, the AO app is a pretty good app. I would like to see the player notification feature enhanced. Currently, you are only notified when your selected player is participating in a singles event. I would like the app enhanced to include notifications for all matches in which the selected player is entered. I would love to know when my selected players are playing doubles, mixed doubles as well as singles. Some players (favorites) only play doubles and mixed doubles. Thank you

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    Poor effort

    Audio issues noted by others aside, the functionality is diminished over previous years and other grand slam apps. The player names on score pages or draw pages link only as far as match details, where the names there are not active links, while those on schedule pages link nowhere - nothing links to player profiles, which can only be reached directly from the main menu. The profiles themselves are extremely limited, do not show grand slam histories or matches completed. Nor do they aggregate photos, videos, or interviews for the player. Those must tediously be found by scrolling through those sections as they cannot be searched by player name. This stuff would seem so obvious that it leaves the impression that the developers were either clueless or lazy, but to be fair, maybe they were not provided adequate resources or time.

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    Better Now

    Update-Jan. 20 Bugs have been fixed for the most part. Favorite players notification still not working and schedules/results still too spaced out. But no more blank pages. Much better. This year’s app is terrible!! The shedule is spaced out so much, you can see only one match at a time. That’s when you don’t get “Network Error. Something went wrong. Please try again.” Which is at least every other time. Or scores: “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable” then “Network Error. Something went wrong. Please try again.” Again. Forget about draws: “There was a problem loading the page. Try again.” Then “Network Error. Something went wrong. Please try again.” After four attempts to load it comes up with all this white space, so it’s effectively just a list of matches, no way to scroll horizontally. Just a bunch of matchups. Players Page: “There are no news items about your players.” My player is Raphael Nadal. Alerts not working either. “Network Error. Something went wrong. Please try again.” News and media is in and out. Right now, no articles, just videos (better than nothing I guess). Please, please fix.

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    Needs a redesign immediately

    The 2017 app was so much better and what I considered the best of the 4 GS. 2018: 1) you get notifications asking if you want push notifications and if you are at the Open (although latest update supposedly fixed this), 2) constant errors: “There was a problem loading the page. Try Again” when navigating between certain functions, 3) the draw page is poorly designed and spaced too far apart so you can’t view need to scroll and count the groupings (the US Open app displayed brackets very well and navigation was user friendly), and 4) as I write this the draws are not visible (blank page) but if you toggle back and forth enough (to main screen) you get “there was a problem loading the page” error. This app is extremely frustrating to use. NOTE: the positive reviews must be from last year so disregard them!

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    One of the best.... sports apps I have tried for the Iphone platform. Up-to-date scores, news of the day, match highlights, area information, player descriptions, etc. Well-organized, flawless sports app. My favorite use for it so far: if a match is going on and I don't happen to know one of the players, simply press the "Player" button on the front screen and look through the alphabetical listing for rankings, prize money earned, age, record, current rank. If the player has a twitter feed (Andy Roddick's is pretty funny) then it can link to that as well. All live sports apps should be this user-friendly....and it's free, gratis, no paysees!

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    Tsk tsk tsk

    The App doest not work well at all, not to mention the interface is not very straight forward and user friendly; its a beta test at best. I know this is not easy to create, but you had a whole year! Im not a programmer nor have knowledge as to the process of creating an app. But Im sure theres a team of techs working on it last minute. To them I say: Hey guys the Australian open started yesterday! Good luck getting the gig next year. Maybe the app should have been tested before? Just saying. Every year hundreds of thousands of people rely on these apps to navigate mayor tournaments the least you can do is make them reliable and finish them On time. I feel they re-do these things every year as if to ostentatiously showcase more and more functionality, or maybe to make sponsors happy.. whatever the reason its unnecessary; why reinvent the wheel? Tsk tsk tsk. Fix it!

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    Terrible, Useless App!

    This app is useless. First, scores don’t work. Each time I’ve tried to show scores since main draw matches have started, it says “There was a problem loading page.” Second, you must decline push notifications and location services every time you open the app—I don’t mean every time you force quit and open; I mean every time you leave the app for a second and go back! Third, even if the app were functional, the layout on the schedule page (and presumably the score page if I could view it) is terrible! There is so much white space between entries that you must scroll down endlessly to find the matches you want. This makes it impossible to quickly check scores and schedules. I can only presume all the positive reviews of the app are fake, or maybe it works if you’re in Australia.

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    *****Not User Friendly *****

    As stated in other reviews this version is not user-friendly. It is difficult to navigate just to find the information you were looking for. Also constantly receiving an error message, like this information is not available or some such nonsense. And even though it prompts you to ”Watch Live“ - it has never worked. I would like to see, at a glance, upcoming matches or a timeline of events for the day. Instead you slowly work your way back and forth through the format of this application. It is very tedious and frustrating. And when you are trying watch highlight videos, or after match interviews, you must always watch a small ad that takes about a minute but is totally annoying; seriously for every video!!?

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    Terrible update for 2018-updated

    I have used the app in past years to keep up with the tournament. This app is unusable. Error messages on just about every screen, “There was a problem loading the page,” with a try again button. I managed to use the back button to see the men’s singles draw, the format is terrible, large bubbles that you can only view a few to a screen. I assume the other draws look like this, but due to the previously mentioned error I couldn’t get any other draw to load and it just went back to men’s singles. UPDATE: I bumped it up to 3 stars because after 4 updates in one week it does work now. But it should have worked on the first update for 2018. However, it is still only 3 stars because the interface is terrible, large, and bubbly for lack of a better term. The draws screen doesn’t make it easy to see who someone would play in the next round if they win, you have to count pairs of matches from the top or bottom to figure it out. I will say the bottom menus are good and easy to navigate.

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    Navigation and design could use some work

    Here’s hoping you all can improve this for next year. Scores and schedule should be primary buttons at bottom. Never used Players, News, and more. Scores should be the first thing we see as this is a tournament scoring app. Make scoring more compact instead of just seeing 3 matches on a 6 inch screen. Why do results show scroes in columns but schedule are show scores in some weird line out of place at the bottom of the names to the right? If you have all this space then make the score numbers bigger and easier to see. Also wish the draw would be broken up by quarters for the first round so one can see who is in who’s quarter of the top 4 seeds.

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    Just like last year.

    Once again, this app is practically worthless. Live scores works but the layout is poor and one can't see the matches in progress easily. Viewing completed matches doesn't work at all. Message of "There was a problem loading the page," is just the same as last year. It also will occasionally recommend getting a better Internet connection, but I have an excellent connection. Logging in to the main site through a browser works perfectly, so there is no problem with the Internet. Couldn't connect to the Radio coverage, either. One star because the notifications work well. Why can't this app work properly? Not much seems to have been corrected since last year. A real shame.

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Is Australian Open Tennis 2021 Safe?

Yes. Australian Open Tennis 2021 is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Australian Open Tennis 2021 Is 38.3/100.

Is Australian Open Tennis 2021 Legit?

Yes. Australian Open Tennis 2021 is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2 Australian Open Tennis 2021 User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Australian Open Tennis 2021 Is 38.3/100.

Is Australian Open Tennis 2021 not working?

Australian Open Tennis 2021 works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a Australian Open Tennis 2021 customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Australian Open Tennis 2021.

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