Vinted USA Reviews

Vinted USA Reviews

Published by on 2021-02-03

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Table of Contents:
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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
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Vinted USA Reviews

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    Almost perfect

    I still use poshmark more because there is no easy way for me to look at ONLY who liked my items, only in notifications which is messy. I don’t like my likes being mixed with notifications about the people I follow’s uploads. I have to scroll through forever to check all the interested people in my stuff so I can message them offers. There should be a way to see who likes your listing from within the listing, like on poshmark or on Facebook or instagram (when someone likes your pictures or comments it shows their name under that picture) that would be extremely helpful. Or a way to organize notifications so you can only see notification related to your own closet. App would also make me switch from poshmark if there was a way to filter while shopping for listings that have “swap” in them. Like if I wanted to look for items that people have checked off “swap this item” there should be a search parameter for that, so I can find items that are definitely swappable and not have to awkwardly ask people if they would swap. Other than that the app is excellent and if it weren’t for those things I’d be using it over poshmark but right now poshmark makes it easier to sell to specific people because I can SEE who liked my listing from within the listing.

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    I don’t recommend

    There are several apps like this and I use two others besides Vinted. Vinted makes the purchaser pay a buyer protection fee. I have recently found out this fee is a scam and offers the buyer no protection. Buy from this app at your own risk. My package was damaged in transit. The tracking update had listed visible damage from two different post offices. I didn’t think anything about it, I had recently received some packages that did have damage but the contents was fine. Not this time. This time I received a label in a USPS envelope and no package. This was not my fault or the seller’s but we were both out. Vinted informed me the buyer protection fee is in case of a lost package and since my tracking showed it was delivered, it didn’t count as lost. It didn’t matter that only the label was delivered, I was told to check with neighbors to make sure they didn’t receive it. If only I had the time to check with the million of households between my home and the seller to see if they received it. Or the post offices where it was obviously damaged. The seller and I worked something out but, we were both still out on this issue and Vinted was useless. I can guarantee you with other selling apps, this is not a problem. They take care of the seller and buyer. I’d suggest checking out the other apps, there are two I really like and two my daughter likes. She sells a lot and refuses to use Vinted due to issues. So, choose another one, you’ll have better luck!

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    Going downhill fast

    Vinted has changed a lot since I started in 2014 (when it was awesome) but things are changing and they’re making no effort to respond to these changes and improve the app. First, I think profiles that haven’t been active in literally years need to be deleted all together. Not put on vacation mode, but deleted. One of the only way to make sales is to follow people, but I’d say a good 75% of everyone I follow is inactive, not just for a month, but for years as I said. That also compounds the other problem. I can only follow a limit of 10,000 people which is the only way to make sales. I wouldn’t even mind paying a percentage of every sale just to get them to update the app, but the only way to get people to buy is to follow people and 7,000 of those 10,000 haven’t used the app in years. Vinted was sure quick to chastise me for a forum post, but seems to care less about things that actually make a difference. That’s probably why so many people have given up on the app in the first place. I feel like it had to of been bought out by someone, and whoever that someone is doesn’t care about the app because they don’t make money on the sales themselves. I’ve been on this app for 6 years and I’m very close to giving up on it, even though it’s by far my favorite layout and user interface compared to other apps. It’s a shame.

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    1st problem: I uploaded a Kylie Ulta Special Ed lipstick NWT and the app marked it as fake and deleted my listing, then proceeded to block me from using the app for a day. It wouldn’t let me post it again, I had to verify a bunch of personal info to make sure I wasn’t some kind of ‘robot’. It was my 1st day using the app. Unimpressed 2nd problem: They keep taking down my posts for no reason??? T shirts ect 3rd problem: I uploaded a bundle of VS PINK leggings for $35 and PAID the app to put it on the welcome page as a ‘promo’. They took it down within an hour and marked it as ‘scam’ because one of the leggings in the bundle was listed separately aswell ($12). They said they would KEEP my money I gave them for the promo because my post was a ‘scam’ although it was in the welcome page for less than an hour. 4th problem: You can’t use stock photos??? How can you show people how a lipstick looks on if you can’t upload pics. I uploaded some swatches and they took it down for copyright Extra notes: The app forces you to buy ‘buyer protection’ in every purchase you make. (So basically you pay $ for the item, $ for shipping + $ for buyer protection) The app let’s people ship your items in +21 days. Not so cool. App is worse than Mercari. I’ll just stick to Depop.

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    Best app I’ve found

    I’ve had this app for a few years. Let me tell you, it is phenomenal!!! Women’s, Men’s,& kids clothing and accessories. Of course like any other site there are some scammers who will try to get you, but they are taken care of quickly and the vinted team is always 100% ready to help with any issues. You can pick your preferences so you don’t have to scroll through tons of items you’d never want. All items I have ever purchased have been exactly as the seller has described. You can get some AMAZING deals and the bundles are even better! 99% of the people are super nice and very communicative. Tracking is super easy. The only thing I will say that needs fixed is when a scammer leaves a bad review on your account, it cannot be removed. That is my only complaint. Poshmark and Mercari do not compare in my opinion because everything on those sites are so pricey for the same quality pieces you would get on vinted and for a lot cheaper! Definitely recommend vinted ❤️

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    Extremely see through and not true to size

    I wear a large purchased an xlarge . Still fit smaller . Also , soooo see through . The thing that upset me the most was that the only reason I purchased a second item though this seller was because it was a bundle and save , so i figured why not . HOWEVER , even after informing the seller that I purchased two things her response was “I’m sorry, I don’t know what to do , I already shipped “ shipped same day???????in a few hours ???she offered no alternative ... I will never purchase from seller again . Second item was cute but also VERY see through . So will require full dress or shorts underneath as well! Not listed as see through material . Never had to complain on here and buy often . It was fast shipping though

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    Super irritating app

    First complaint: the app crashes all the time. Second: they have way too strict rules! They kept deleting listings i made because some of the photos i used were screenshots of the original ads where i night the item. Screenshots like that help a person determine authenticity and if i can't show pics of myself wearing something because it doesn't fit using stock photos of the item should be an acceptable alternative. Also, we're allowed to make "bundle deals" but yet we aren't allowed to make a listing that includes more than one item.. contradiction. And if you have a bad experience with another member and have to cancel and order then you don't get to leave them a bad review which is stupid. Third: they went from charging the sellers to charging the buyers. With as many ads as they have all over their site you'd think they could make it cheaper to use. Lastly: there should be a free shipping option like on Mercari so i can do my own shipping if i want to. Because if you choose the wrong shipping size and the person has already paid then you can't change it without canceling the stupid order.

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    They administration is full of nazis

    The people who run vinted have become ridiculous. I accidentally clicked on the wrong brand once and it deleted the entire listing while I was making it. Didn’t even let me change it. The reason this happened is when you go to type in a brand, even if you type in the exact brand, like five are visible and they jump around. You’re not allowed to use stock photos, which is fine, but they’ve deleted my pictures of MYSELF without even allowing me to tell them it was me and gave me a warning. For using my photo, of myself. The latest thing they’re doing is deleting things if they feel they’re in the wrong category. The categories are very specific. If you have something for a child, especially, there aren’t many categories. This leaves you with the other option. Although, if you chose that, even with multiple other people having used the same category for similar items, they will delete your listing. It’s nice that you make your price but with the people who run it being so ridiculous it’s barely even worth it anymore.

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    No idea how this app has such high ratings

    Because it’s not good. I’ve been using this app since 2014 and I used to love it, but now I would never recommend that anyone use it. It’s so difficult to sell items (that I have no problem selling on other apps) because they totally changed the app and made it so it’s extremely hard to get your items noticed. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to contact the “support team” and on the off chance you do actually communicate with them, they give copy and paste answers and don’t listen to your issues. The language barrier is also a problem. If you receive an item that isn’t as described, they force you to pay for return shipping. They also charge “buyers fees”, so after shipping and fees a $5 shirt ends up costing more than twice that. No other app charges a fee just to make purchases!! The developers of Vinted honestly don’t care about its users, they disregard every complaint and concern but instead implement weird changes that no one wants. Vinted used to be great back in the day but it’s gone SO downhill.

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    Personal ID????? No

    I downloaded the Vinted app as a secondary resale site after reading about it in a blog. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the reviews here. I uploaded a few items that I thought would be productive. I was surprised that one of my items sold within a few hours. Immediately I was asked to verify my identity with typical information. I then received a notice that this had failed and they needed my personal ID. Not sure what this was, I sent a message to the help center and was told this was my SSN-but don’t worry, we don’t store this information. RED FLAGS!!! Then I began searching and reading reviews and feeling lots of regret for ever having gotten on to the platform to begin with. Besides the issue of providing too much information (passport?? Really??), there are stories about scam sellers and having to work out issues with them on your own. I’ll be canceling my sake and directing the buyer to my main platform-Poshmark. Although they take 20% if your sale, their customer service is solid and they do take care of buyers-sometimes more than the seller-but that’s another review.

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    This service is THE ABSOLUTE WORST online used garment service I have ever encountered. Not only did they block my account for accusing me of selling a fake item (I had an authentic Gucci necklace for sale with accompanying papers and box), but the fees they charge you when purchasing an item are ridiculous. Among this issue, my father wanted to purchase a gently used Kate Spade hand bag for me through the site. When he did so they TOOK HIS MONEY without sending the bag because he wouldn’t give them his ID / Driver’s License information. No customer should EVER have to give up this information to make an 80$ online purchase. After this they took WEEKS maybe even MONTHS to refund my poor father without any notification of when they would do so. This company is a bunch of THIEVES trying to steal your personal information and money. I will NEVER use this app ever again and I advise all against doing so. Use Poshmark or another reputable service that does not steal your money or identification. These are some of the worst people I have ever encountered in the industry and they should be shut down.

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    Cancelled a order I shipped

    A buyer purchased $50 worth of items from me and I shipped it, but due to the pandemic, shipping took longer than normal. The items finally arrived, but I woke up to a message from vinted saying I never shipped it since it took so long so they cancelled the order and refunded the buyer when the items arrived right after Vinted cancelled the order. I've contacted customer support and the buyer is on board with getting this mess sorted out and me getting paid since they never requested a refund. Vinted's automatic response was that I would have a reply in "24 hours-promise!" It's been 3 days and still no reply or my earnings back from customer support. I am now out of $50 and they (Vinted) automatically left me negative feedback for "not fulfilling the order" when I clearly shipped it! This is why you should always take photos of what you are packing before and after for proof!! I am STILL waiting to hear back!!! Very unhappy with how they are handling things especially since they know shipping has been delayed everywhere!

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    Great selling app.

    It’s a great selling app. It’s improved so much since I first got it about five years ago. It’s super easy to sell on this site, easy to get your money for your items. They even have a “vacation mode” that other sites don’t have; so when you’re out of town and can’t ship out orders you can “close” your “store” for whatever time needed and be able to turn it back on whenever. I would give it 5 stars but the only things that need work on is being able to edit multiple similar items at once, especially for those who have a lot of items to sell (such as myself with 300+ items). Maybe even be able to rearrange the items in a certain order or have them set in categories? Also be able to take more picture of the items when listing them. Other than that, it’s an amazing app.

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    Great app!

    I’m a pretty new seller and have been getting decent traffic on my listings considering how new I am and that I haven’t paid to boost the listings or anything. I just made my 1st two sales the past week which was great! You definitely have to price competitively and great photos really make a difference. Transactions are secure and I was pleasantly surprised how Vinted makes it as easy as 123 to ship items! They give you shipping labels and walk you through the whole process step by step. So I’ve been really pleased with this app so far! I do feel like high end name brand clothes sell better but shoes and accessories seem to do pretty well even if they’re not high end but you have good pics.

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    I have tried to stick with the Vinted through all their changes, which were many and frequent. Quit using this app for many reasons. These are the top three. Number one. I absolutely hate that you have to pay to get your items from the bottom to the top. #2. I also hate that they don’t contact you when they don’t like something about your listing and they just erase it & THEN contact you. #3. I hate that you cannot use stock photos, even when you include your own. #4. Another reason I quit was I don’t like the fact that if they don’t like your pics, they throw a huge orange flag across the top of my listing. So Unattractive and unnecessary. Who does that? Use a machine to determine whether or not your pictures are OK? #5. I have never had an app that tells me I use too many capital letters. That is simply annoying and unnecessary. When they started telling me I couldn’t use capital letters, I just shut it down. The app is more annoying and this is supposed to be fun. Last but definitely not least, they use the same people and their shopping feed all the time. It is totally unfair the way they do it and stick with the same girl with vintage clothing & Long blonde hair. Anyone who was on Vinted, knows exactly who and what I’m talking about. I bet you she makes a lot of money while we struggle. I’m done and through. Adios Vinted.

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Is Vinted USA Safe?

Yes. Vinted USA is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 10,857 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Vinted USA Is 32.6/100.

Is Vinted USA Legit?

Yes. Vinted USA is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 10,857 Vinted USA User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Vinted USA Is 32.6/100.

Is Vinted USA not working?

Vinted USA works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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