Georgia Power Reviews

Georgia Power Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-08

About: Looking to manage your Georgia Power account on the go? With our app you can
manage and view your account right from the palm of your hand. Use the app
to: • Pay your bill quickly and securely with options like Digital Wallet and
linking to your checking account • Track your energy usage and compare it to
past month • Report outages and view restoration efforts • Manage and view
account details, such as your cont.

About Georgia Power

Looking to manage your Georgia Power account on the go? With our app you can manage and view your account right from the palm of your hand.


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2.2 out of 5


Much improved!

Thanks for finally updating your app, so it’s easier to pay my bill!



Took them long enough. The new app is very well designed and easy to understand. Good job guys 👍🏽


Excellent design

GeorgiaPower is very useful in managing my account. It has all my info displayed in nice large text. It looks very modern and nice!



I am looking forward to using the new app!


App doesn’t remember me after logging out

I installed GeorgiaPower on my iPhone. Logged in and clicked remember me. Logged out and when I tried logging back in, it didn’t remember me. Called GA Power support and was told they couldn’t help with that. I’ve deleted GeorgiaPower since it doesn’t remember me.


Useless in a power outage

I can’t get past the start up screen during a power outage when I’m relying on cellular to open GeorgiaPower


New app

GeorgiaPower is not done all the way. Can’t be. They didn’t put the option for people on prepay. That’s totally not fair. Please update app!!


Crashes constantly

Slow to load data. Crashes within 30 sec of use. Illogical interface. If you try to track your daily usage it says no data to display. But if you go to setup usage alerts, the daily usage is there. Did I say it crashes?
Don't believe the 5 star reviews. It's from the developers or from brain dead users that gives likes to anything on YouTube.


APP does not work:

I'm trying to pay my bill but I keep getting the message that it can't complete my request or another message saying that I'm logged in when I have checked and clearly are not.


New and Improved

I recently started using the Georgia Power app, and it has quickly become an essential tool for managing my energy account.
Here's why I highly recommend it:
First, GeorgiaPower allows me to pay my bill securely and quickly (Paying with Venmo was a seamless experience). Next, regular tracking of my energy usage has helped me make more informed decisions.
Also, I can easily manage my account details and update notification preferences with my preferred contact information. I now receive timely alerts for bill due dates, outages in my area, and high-usage, keeping me well-informed. The recent updates have drastically improved GeorgiaPower 's overall look and feel. I also like the personalized alerts and energy-saving tips, which have been incredibly useful in reducing my energy consumption and lowering my bill. If you're a Georgia Power customer, I highly recommend downloading GeorgiaPower today.


Whole morning wasted

I wasted most of my morning attempting to first pay my bill with GeorgiaPower , no success. When I got to the payment page, entered in my information it logged me out of GeorgiaPower . I tried to go back in and said there’s a session already started and I needed to log out and back in to continue. GeorgiaPower LOGGED ME OUT!! Second attempt..called the automated payment line only to discover the same payment company/system processes the phone payments as well. So of course the payment didn’t go through. I suggest that you go back to the other app, the one where it took less than a minute to make a payment.



I love that GP finally has an app. I was honestly so tired of the online website not letting me do Apple Pay. GeorgiaPower allows me to process my bills using Apple Pay which is so much easier than anything else. I love how I can view everything without needing to login online every time. Really a huge need and you can easily report outages. I love it!


2 Stars for Creating an App

Umm..Finally. But your crappy Bill Matrix system still needs to have a faster payment confirmation response. Sometimes it cancels out, forcing you to refresh and pay again, then it won’t let you because it thinks you’re still in the system paying. Get it together. All that GD money and it takes you this long to make an app? Then a poorly made one. It’s just as bad as your website was. Y’all should be embarrassed.


5 stars are employees

Anyone not paid by ga power rated 1….2 if they’re happy they managed to at least view their disappointment full screen after years of iPhone 4 aspect ratio….up to 3 stars if they’re happy drunks.

On the bright side the keyboard isn’t so out of date it actually works to search keychain.


Great App!!

Super simple to use and pay my bill. Great for quick monthly payments


Very disappointed

Ga power need to stop been cheap and manage their app better. They created a new app just be same disappointment. Every time i try to make a payment it won’t charge it and logs me out.


Crippled release

How can you release GeorgiaPower w/ PayPal & ApplePay but yet when you get to the actual screen the continue button is disabled?

Stop wasting your customers time & get it together. Easy fix.


So stupid company

The dumbest company ever. To open an account you need to send a photo where you keep your ID, and also pay 30 dollars for opening. and put 150 dollars on your balance, so that in the end you will see your account is closed, whaaaat????


New App

Since the new Ga Power app I can’t login to pay my bill. I’ve been at this for three days now. I’ve never had this problem with the old Ga Power app. It was so easy and convenient. Hopefully they can get this issue resolved quickly.


Worse app ever

I wish I could still use Jackson EMC. GeorgiaPower and company is a joke.


If I could give 0 stars I would

You literally made a new app and now I can’t log in… can’t reset username or password…. Says that login already exists… try using it and it says incorrect username and password…. Go to your website, hit forgot password. Click the link in the email and it says it can’t change my password at this time… are you kidding me… with how much y’all charge for electric GeorgiaPower should work flawlessly


Worst app ever, even worse than the old app!!

Wow Georgia Power, so glad you raised prices by 12% over the summer to I guess create the worst iPhone app ever.???!!! GeorgiaPower is a complete joke! Hard to navigate! Doesn’t function. Times out and closes. Really do we understand why monopolies are bad yet?? We’re forced to buy our electric from Georgia Power so any sort of customer service is going to be non-existent. Y’all will wake up when people start powering their homes off generators, etc. We need you now but just wait….


Still same terrible app

Even with the new app it’s pretty much the same thing all it is is different graphics pretty much. I’m getting really tired of being told that I didn’t log out properly and I can’t make a payment. I literally have to do it about 10,000 times and even tried doing it online instead of GeorgiaPower . Not even that works sometimes. It really is kind of sad. You guys have all this money and can’t even get the proper technology.


New app doesn’t work?

I open GeorgiaPower and it’s just a white blank screen with a loading circle.. Been sitting staring at it for 10 minutes now. Nothing will load?
At least the old app loaded my info, this one is stuck loading


Can’t Even Log In

I set up my account on the new app and have it set to facial login. Well, it won’t load. Plz fix


Used the app

Very much with your


Try again

This new app is not user friendly. It gives you all these options for payment but then gives a “whoops! Something went wrong” message when you select Apple Pay or any other payment that doesn’t send you to bill matrix. Then bill matrix refuses to update so every time i have to reenter my card info bc it still has an old card saved. So inconvenient



GeorgiaPower is really only good for convenience it provides SOMETIMES. Half the time the bill matrix payment system doesn’t work. The UI is awful. Just overall not a good app.


Visit to visit visit

I will call back in


Insanely buggy, crashes with everything you do

Crashing upon opening, crashing logging in, crashing in the middle of paying my bill. I love how this is the SECOND app they have made but it isn’t any better than the website or the FIRST APP, its WORSE. It’s insane how paying your power is a necessity but GeorgiaPower makes me so angry. You seriously can’t do anything on it without it glitching out, crashing, turning solid white, missing buttons, buttons not working, freezing, or just not loading anything. It’s not like its a glitch that happens every once in a while either, its every SINGLE time. Absolutely ridiculous like do better??? Figure this out because it doesn’t look good for your company.. wow


Can’t Login in to the App or Online!!!!

Since Georgia Power updated their app, you cannot access it!!! I always receive an error message saying, “Login fields have been cleared for security purposes” and it happens with GeorgiaPower and online!!! How am I supposed to log in?? I shouldn’t have to go through the automated system to find out what my bill is and pay. And I shouldn’t have to be typing in my 10 digit account number to view charges under me. FIX GeorgiaPower ! Yall charge me asinine prices every month that do not make sense and I can’t even access GeorgiaPower to view usages or anything! THE WORST


Terrible.. BAD BAD

Shameful that such a large company can’t get it right, on being able to give there customers a decent app to monitor and pay our bills!!!

We GP customers pay a premium for service and yet we can’t get an app that makes our lives easier.

GeorgiaPower takes forever to allow you to log on when it does it cashes and kicks you out. It freezes while your trying to make a payment and I can go on and on… but they don’t listen or care we’re just stuck with them until someone else comes and replaces them.


Login Impossible

I create different passwords for each account online. I use a password manager (e. g. KeePass) to keep track of them all. I find it almost impossible to get past the login page. I try to switch between my password manager and GeorgiaPower and it wipes out my entries. Then it says it wants me to change my password and when I switch back to my password manager to generate a new password and switch back to GeorgiaPower , it wants me to login again!!! It is impossible to login to GeorgiaPower with the help of a password manager.


New Update is Crappy

You cannot log on GeorgiaPower or the website, not sure what update you guys had. But there needs to be another one because the bugs and the crashes are ridiculous. I can’t even Log on to pay my bill. I’ve uninstalled three times and still the same. Fix this mess.


Can’t even use this app

I try to register and it says I already have an account. I request my user name and password and it says it sent a restoration link to my email but I never received the link (checked inbox and junk folders). I rate GeorgiaPower one star because I can’t even login!!!



What’s the point of GeorgiaPower when you find yourself still having to go online to actually login and make a payment. GeorgiaPower was ok until this new updated app! I haven’t been able to log in since!! Keep working on it!


Pretty terrible

Using GeorgiaPower makes me feel like I’ve time traveled back to 2009. Primitive. Buggy. Really really bad. This is what you get when a company has monopoly power. They have no reason to work hard to give you a positive user experience. You’re stuck with them.

Is Georgia Power Safe?

Yes. Georgia Power is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 160 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Georgia Power Is 37.8/100.

Is Georgia Power Legit?

Yes. Georgia Power is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 160 Georgia Power User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Georgia Power Is 55.1/100..

Is Georgia Power not working?

Georgia Power works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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