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Published by on 2022-09-08

Nextdoor is used by nearly 1 in 3 households in the U.S.

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Reported Issues: 51 Comments

By Hole in the Wall Games
Jan 31 2023

I use PC so this is about the webpage but it began freezing up the moment I try and click on anything yesterday afternoon immediately after creating my first post. Any form of technical support appears to be nonexistent.

By Sharon Anderson
Jan 28 2023

When loading only 8 photos from my photos on an iPhone 14+ the Next never goes moves forward then the Nextdoor app crashes

By Nancy Christmann
Jan 21 2023

I have been using Nextdoor for years, but for the last three months, it freezes when I go to look at the responses to a post, or I go to look at a certain post, this is very frustrating how can I fix it

By Debbie Baldassarre
Jan 12 2023

Hi. I am seeing everybody is having the same issue… it freezes when trying to open a post! This has been happening about 3 weeks now

By Debbie baldassarre
Jan 12 2023

Hi. I have had Nextdoor for a couple years or so, just recently, I cannot open responses to posts people have not my own post responses. It just freezes.. I tried to see if I needed a undate but I’m fine. Can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong. Thank you

By Erin gear
Jan 10 2023

App freezes constantly, every time I click on a post or comments. I have deleted the app and reinstalled numerous times. Nothing changes. Worst app I e ever used.

By Sharon
Jan 08 2023

App freezes constantly. I’ll try to open up a new message , it won’t allow me to open and then I can’t open anything else. I’ll have to get out then come back in again. Very frustrating.

By Lisa
Jan 02 2023

My app continues to freeze as soon as I get on it. I deleted and signed back in. Nothing is working.

By Cyndi Mona
Dec 30 2022

App pulls up and I can scroll but when I try to click on a message it completely freezes

By Carol dixon
Dec 30 2022

Every time I try to read comments on my post, the app freezes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. This doesn’t help.

Thank you

By Lonna Trudell
Dec 17 2022

Keeps freezing.. I have to go out of app & start over constantly

By Sheila leonard
Dec 11 2022

Not loading- iPhone 6. Too old to get app but always loaded slowly now when I click to see message-blank screen

By Mark
Dec 04 2022

The app has become awful. Freezes when you click any post. I am also a reviewer and the flags no longer appear. I deleted the app and reinstalled it.

By Deidre Meacham
Nov 13 2022

When I open Nextdoor it immediately goes off. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it many times. I have updated the app as well. Still will not open and stay open.

By Brooke Gagnier
Nov 07 2022

Hello! I am trying to post items for sale on Nextdoor and after I select the images of the items to post everything freezes up after I hit Next.
I have the updated version. Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you!

By Lyn Tietje
Nov 01 2022

When I click on the Nextdoor App on my iPhone it no longer opens. I have updated the app hasn’t helped.

By Suzanne severson
Oct 29 2022

My Nextdoor app on my iPhone disappears immediately after clicking on it. I have tried reinstalling twice, and have rebooted my iPhone twice. Have updated all apps. Thoughts??

By Susan Phillips
Oct 05 2022

My messages have all been deleted but I can’t get of the number inside the message bubble. It’s annoying!!!

By Sharon-Drew Morgen
Sep 29 2022

I cannot post. online, i'm not allowed to enter any text - when i try, page flips to an almost empty page that doesn't allow any input. when i try to go online, i get an old gmail address that hasn't been used in many years and there is no way to input my new email.
so nothing is working and i have absolutely no way to post a message. I've reached out to Nextdoor 5 times and have not received a response.
???? help please!

By Julie Guthrie
Sep 21 2022

Nextdoor screen has black background and there only thing visible on posts are location of the poster but none of the typed messages or the poster's name, photos and ads are visible but that's all. Just started today on laptop.

By Rhonda Beaulieu
Sep 08 2022

I’m having a problem getting the app to upload pics for selling an item. After I select the pics and hit next, it does nothing….and the page freezes up….please help

By Brian Chin
Sep 01 2022

I cannot post on my business page - post button does not react.

By Andrea
Aug 25 2022

I have sold items on the Nextdoor app, but then there are times, like now, where I enter all of my information and yet when I go to POST the item I want to sell, the post button doesn't react. In other words, it won't post. The word POST stays black and it won't react when I click on it. This happened before but then I somehow got it to work but I can't this time. I have the latest app version, I've logged out and back in, but I don't know why I can't post. Any suggestions?

By Kenneth Farmer
Aug 24 2022

App not working properly on iPhone 12 pro. The Home screen is blank & will not load content. All other screens seem to work OK on the app. I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling it but no joy. ND on PC is working OK too.

By Douglass Porter
Aug 20 2022

Nextdoor comes on but it’s 2 days ago.

By Bibi Lafleur
Aug 09 2022

It is extremely slow while scrolling. Even when typing on for sale item postings.

By kathy kirby
Aug 01 2022

My app freezes up while I am scrolling up or down.

By Carol Holowiak
Jul 17 2022

Just tried to do other thing to see if Nextdoor app is working and just froze as usual
Slow moving and can’t ck postings
Items posted for sale that I ans to purchase I can’t get to the posting to see what the person said
What to do

By Carol Holowiak
Jul 17 2022

The issue I have with Nextdoor is that it’s slow to post postings and if I click on it goes off and if I want to ans a post it goes blank or says Nextdoor has issue etc etc
I love Nextdoor but I’ve tried everything and just not working properly
I’m be seen a few other people complain also
Pl help

By Clarissa
Jul 16 2022

I’ve tried all suggested ways to download but it won’t. Sometimes a message comes up saying unavailable in my region. I have 2 iPhones one Mexican, one UK. This one is my UK iPhone. I can understand not being able to get Nextdoor on my non UK phone but why can’t I on THIS one?

By Leslie
Jul 15 2022

I can’t see any images/pics posted by users of the app. I can see pics in ads but That’s it. I have updated the app ect. This has been going on for weeks.

By donna billman
Jul 14 2022

I use nextdoor on my computer web browser, suddenly i cannot get the prior comments to open up on any post. I used to hit enter and they would load out. Now it just sits there. I have signed in and signed out, I have cleared cache and history. I have tired everything listed, nothing is working. I use waterfox/firefox. I don't like to use nextdoor on my phone, prefer computer. Long time user of nextdoor, and suddenly this problem, it does seem to open on chrome, but I don't like to use chrome. I have tried starting in safe mode etc, but this is not working. I can see comments if a few, but if 8-20 etc, not opening as it used to so I can see prior comments, and I want to be able to read, not comment. please advise how to fix bug. it suddenly happened and nothing new was added or done on my computer or browser. i have windows 10

By Kathy
Jul 13 2022

Can’t see pictures on posts neighbors post.
Scrolls slowly.

By Marie Kates
Jul 13 2022

Please address the problems with this app - can’t scroll down when trying to read a post - especially ultra important/warning posts.

By Katherine Robine
Jul 12 2022

The app has been freezing for a second or two (or more) when I try to scroll. This has been going on for weeks now. I updated the app but no improvement. Very frustrating! Can u help?

By Nancy Burgess
Jun 30 2022

NextDoor will not display notifications and does not appear in my emails. When I open my app, the message is always “try again later.” How can I remedy this problem?

By Wendy Weber
Jun 25 2022

Very recently the Nextdoor app on my iPad has gotten annoyingly slow. It doesn’t want to scroll, and I have to press things twice in order for it to respond. I have updated the app to no avail. Also, Nextdoor is not slow on my laptop or iPhone.

By Mick
Jun 24 2022

Next door neighbour site keeps freezing

By Brandi M
Jun 15 2022

It crashes all the time. I can’t scroll through anything. I can’t moderate my groups because of this app. My phone is up to date, and the app is up to date. It makes my phone hot because it keeps crashing. If you all would stop inserting ads for something every chance you can, the app would actually work properly.

By Nancy Knott
Jun 07 2022

This problem has been ongoing for months. People have been complaining nonstop but we still have yet to see a fix. The site nearly crashes constantly, moves at infinitesimal speeds. Scrolling is nearly impossible between the delays and jerking movement. I don’t know why no one is fixing these technical issues. People in my area are starting to bail from next-door like crazy because of The ongoing technical problems that seem to never be addressed.

By Nancy Knott
Jun 07 2022

The Nextdoor app has been freezing, difficult to the point of nearly impossible to scroll. Jerky movements. People have been complaining about this for months. Why has nothing been done to correct this problem? And yes my app is updated. People are starting to leave the site because of it. Why is nothing being done

By Gregory Burkett
Jun 06 2022

The app has slowed down. If you click on anything nothing happens for several seconds. Even typing.

By Kathleen Johnson
Jun 03 2022

Nextdoor emails no longer open on my phone. When I click on the email it goes to a mostly blank screen. This is a recent problem. No problem opening on my desktop.

By Carol McGrath
Jun 03 2022

My new notifications do not open.

By Sherry Smith
Jun 03 2022

My home page or the main feed will not come up. I can see other parts but home will not refresh or open when I get email notices.

By Mary Condon
Jun 02 2022

I receive email notifications but when I click on from email a blank Nextdoor template appears. When I put the app on my phone all I get is a green screen. Only way to view is through Safari. Also there used to be an option to just view my neighborhood and that appears to be gone

By Charlotte Chatham
May 30 2022

App freezes when I try to select a picture to post in selling. App is up to date

By Mary Stout
May 30 2022

I have moved from East Fort Worth to Frisco, Texas. I've tried several options, but am unable to change my location.

By Holly
May 26 2022

It freezes when I go to post photos of something to sell!

By Jerry Lange
Apr 25 2022

App freezes when posting photos for a sale on Chrome

By Linda Noren
Apr 24 2022

App crashes when I try to post an item for sale.
I can post comments with no problem.
App is up to date.

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