BURGER KING® App Reviews

BURGER KING® App Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-01

Get secret deals and exclusive mobile coupons with the official BURGER KING®
app and save like a king! Explore our menu and find your nearest BK® restaurant
anytime, anywhere. And in most locations, you can even order ahead. Specific
features include: • Mobile Coupons: Get VIP access t...

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BURGER KING® App Reviews

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    They completely screwed up the UX in this “update”

    Dear reader : please excuse my hangry tone. There are many more things bothering me (same as the rest of us)than this app. BK app just becomes my lightening rod today. They completely screwed up the UX. It is now hard to customize a whopper. It used to have a simple highlight the topping option. Now it’s a confusing more, regular, light option with pluses and minuses around it. Also I can’t see where my cart is. What have I ordered? I click “order” and I’m dumped back to the beginning “where are you eating today”. Whoever did this UX should be fired. Here are some tips for these amateurs : 1. Have sensible defaults, especially based on what I’ve ordered before 2. Make it clear what my current order state is 3. Make it simple to continue my ordering from my order state screen. You guys don’t understand that UX in a app like this is to guide me to what I want and not throw me curveballs leaving me baffled and frustrate. Don’t you get it that 80 percent of your orders will come from only semi motivated buyers who won’t make an effort to do more? Rigging hoops for us to jump through will lose you business. I literally walked away from a BK because I couldn’t place an order on the phone and get a deal. Why not just order old school? Because I feel disrespected that you destroyed such a great experience. You must not care if you have my business or not. I got pizza instead.

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    BK Hates Vegetarians

    Burger King has released its Impossible Whopper, a plant based burger, which costs nearly TWO DOLLARS MORE than the real meat equivalent. Their App only has coupon discounts for meat eaters. The sole discount (at the time of this writing) for the impossible whopper is tied to a meat option, so in essence is useless for someone who does not eat meat. All of the “Whopper” coupon discounts exclude “specialty” whoppers. The Impossible Whopper is considered a “specialty” item, so still no discounts there. The receipt which you receive from an in-store transaction is usually tied to a survey, which if completed earns the customer a free WHOPPER... again, specialty Whoppers are excluded from the offer. So, my final word to Burger King is this, you will fail as a business because your policies are against your customers. Your Whoppers never use ripe lettuce or tomatoes, they always taste bland because they’ve been harvested too early and your buns are always stale. The plant based patties, the few times we have tried them, are dry and hard. With no discounts available, we must assume this is a common practice, because theres no way we’re paying anymore of your establishments to ruin our dining experience. We now stand by our previous decision to no longer frequent BK which was made back in the early 90’s as it was apparently a correct choice. EABOD

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    Loved until I couldn’t.

    I live in Astoria, NY which only has one location near my home (3310 Astoria Blvd). The App came in very handy and I went to BK more often being able to preorder deals and pay on my way home from work. This week they decided to remove themselves from the App from this location. What’s to like now? UPDATE: The location finally agreed to add themselves back to the ‘nearest location’ list, and I enjoyed going back using the money-saving specials. However, the last few months it will not process payments to prepay. I get a message, ‘error retrieving item pricing,’ with instructions to retry. Retrying never works. When to settings and contacted support. I was eventually emailed that I should clear cache and reinstall. It’s all hogwash. Didn’t work. Contacted again and they said they would escalate. That was months ago. Still useless. The reflection this gives of the Company is really disappointing. BK, please be aware that I spoke to management at my location and they said all their App customers are experiencing this. All those App customers are lost income to your business. If I wanted to deal with lines, I wouldn’t use App. My solution is to simply go to the McDonald’s App which has no technical problems and is down the road nearby. Think it’s time you address it.

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    Store Vs. App

    So up until recently I have had minor issues. Mainly the app not showing what my actually store has and doesn’t have, the lack of options for a large icee(I know, trivial), other smaller items that I can deal with. But my last order has made me pretty upset. I ordered a whooper double and an icee, when I hit yo the store both the icee machine and broiler for the burger meat where down. I told the woman at the register that I just wanted a refund, she told me that the store has no control over that and I needed to contact app support. I have since contacted them and they are not telling me that the store needs to give me the refund but if they don’t to contact my bank. Sounds like someone doesn’t know what they’re doing. I shouldn’t have to contact ANY third party to get my money back. And now that I have this feeling I will not be using the app anymore since I have to call the store to insure that MY MONEY won’t be held up due to bad customer service. I want to be clear, I am blaming the app. Though the store has broken items, the workers can’t control that. Anyone working in customer service for the app should know how to help me rather than shove me off to someone else.

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    All I do is wait, wait, wait no matter what.

    Having a large family, we’re no strangers to being pulled at the drive-thru while they conjure the order to feed my village. Which is why I wanted to give the app a chance. To know what it feels like to be every Jane, Bob and Harry who simply orders and takes off immediately with food in tow. You know, the ones I rather begrudgingly glare at in the rear view mirror as they drive off while I’m still sitting in the parking lot. I hope you enjoy your whopper, good sir. I’ll get to mine next year! I digress. So as you can imagine, I was ecstatic hearing the good news of such an app! Order beforehand and roll off victoriously in under five minutes? Sign me the heck up, my body is ready!! I regret to inform the inquiring masses that my happiness was short lived and dreams were most definitely shattered. I was still pulled. My wait was longer than usual. And my experience was not magical. I did NOT have it my way, people. Not even with the app. No sorcery here and I am most displeased. I give you three stars because I still acquired my food and I’m ashamed to admit it was delicious.

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    Great coupons, great app

    I’ve used this app many times over the past few months and it’s excellent. The coupons save me money every time and the app works correctly without glitching. I have now used Taco Bell and McDonalds apps and BK blows them away! TB and McD repeatedly claims orders aren’t received despite screen shots proving the order and when probs arise, they have no desire to fix the problem. Their apps don’t save any time or save me any money. I’ve only ever had 1 problem with BK and the store admitted it was human error where a new employee accidentally deleted the order. They worked with us to recreate the order with my screen shots and made sure I wasn’t double charged. BK is doing it right! Their employees are adequately trained on using the app and they care about service. Well done BK, your app actually saves time and money like apps are supposed to!!! I’ll be going to BK more than any other fast food chain. 🥇🏆🥇

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    Fantastic for your business

    We are a family of six and you can imagine how that can add up even eating fast food. We were leaving the McDonald’s app and the dollar sandwich specials because we could each get a sandwich, a good sandwich, for only a dollar. Pretty cheap dinner! Add fries and some drinks and it was amazing. Now that we are using the Burger King app we have discovered that your food is truly of a higher quality than McDonald’s. People that use the McDonald’s app and the Burger King app on a regular basis well quickly realize that Burger King’s food is much better, fresher, and just overall a higher quality of food. Put more one dollar sandwich offers on the app because that’s what will really bring people in. People will usually add fries and drinks just get them in the door with the one dollar sandwich deal we really love the one dollar sandwich deal :-)...Did I won’t mention the one dollar sandwich? :-)

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    Great App!

    This app works almost flawlessly for me every time. I’m amazed at the majority of the complaints and bad reviews about it, until I realize most people are giving the app a bad rating because of how individual restaurants are operating or employee conduct. That’s completely separate. Complain about the restaurants and staff elsewhere, people! If I were to have anything negative to say at all, it would be that the app requires updates too often for my liking, or that BK should advertise this differently. Using the app does not allow a customer to “skip the line” as even using it, we still have to get in line inside or on the drive thru to announce we’re there to pick up our orders. The app only speeds up the process by the time it takes to place the actual order and pay. I’m still very happy with it!

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    Why the heck don’t you deliver to me? I’m 5 min away!!

    So recently I have been getting promotions for the new Burger King delivery service and how you first order has no delivery fee, so I go to the app and turns out Burger King doesn’t deliver to my location, the service they have been spamming me about and they don’t even let me have said service. Now your probably asking well maybe you live in a remote location or live to far away and Unfortunately I do not, I live right next to a commercial neighborhood(I live on street right next to it only populated by a few house) and the closet one is literally 5 min away! Now your probably wondering why don’t cha just get it yourself? Well because of two big problems, one due to my current situation I don’t always have access to a car , and now you asking why don’t you walk there your asking? Well because it’s across a very busy street with no stop lights, and no cross walk , and the nearest place to cross is about ten miles away and I can’t exactly walk in WINTER EITHER!!so yeah two stars, congratulations for reading all of this by the way!:)

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    Coordination issues with stores

    Need to vent my first world frustration. So we wanted Burger King for dinner and I decided to try using their mobile app. I download the App and got the order in and headed over to pick things up at the BK in Walmart accross the street. I go into the store and expect to be handed my order and away I go. Well I get in and am informed that they ran out of Whoppers (Seriously they are out of Burgers? It’s in their name!). I decided to cancel the order and go someplace else. Well... since I ordered through the app the store can’t refund me and it can’t be canceled in the app. I ended up subsituting random food off the menu and when they brought things to the counter I reminded them I needed the Twix pies. I had to show them my order because it did not come through to their system. They then told me were out of the pies as well. Long story long they have issues to work out with their mobile app (and apparently inventory forecasting.) Its totally a first world issue but thought I would warn folks their mobile app is not quite ready for prime time.

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    My Review

    I appreciate that Burger King is working to make my BK experience even better by tailoring my menu to better meet my needs, which are small but still greatly appreciated. BK is the only fast food restaurant that my wife and I dine at. One of our dreams came true when you added the Impossible Burger to your menu, (your tacos still leave a lot to be desired, but at least you tried. A small pizza is always a thought and might be easier. But as far as burgers go, you guys are hands down the very best, you can’t be beat. BK is truly the KING!!! Always just remember that Burgers are you business, and when it comes to burgers, you can’t be beat, nobody can flame kiss a burger like Burger King!!! Great fries and onion rings complete the meal.

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    App can no longer process payments

    I've loved using this app in the past so it really pains me that they had to screw things up over there with this app that used to work great. Around mid to late June 2019 something happened to the app. It now constantly says, "We cannot process your order with your selected credit card. Please try another payment method.” I’ve worked with their IT support for 2 months now. Clear the cache, uninstall the app and reinstall, they reset the app on their end, etc. It worked one time and then right back to the same problem. One IT guy said the app is trying to prevent fraud. What fraud? I have used different credit cards, Apple Pay too, none work with the app. I can pay INSIDE with Apple Pay or my credit cards just fine but not through the app. The app is clearly unnecessarily blocking payments. At this point the app is now worthless. Burger King either just doesn’t care, can’t figure out their bug, or has made a conscious decision to run a bait and switch scam. Taking my business elsewhere.

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    P. O. S.

    This app seemed great at first. I placed my order and paid with my credit card. Tapped “I’m Here” and went through the drive through. The first problem was the 15 min wait. The employees don’t seem to have been trained with regards to the app. I could have skipped the app and got my food quicker. So, I decided to give it a shot again today, since the deals they offer in app are good. Placed my order, got to the store, tapped “I’m Here” and received an error that they couldn’t process my payment with that card. Same card I used last time. So I attempted using Apple Pay, which is linked to my bank account. Same error. Tried a third form of payment with the same effing error! Finally got so frustrated, I drove off. This app initially brought me back to BK after 10+ years. Now, it’s chased me away from BK again. Hopefully the issues will be resolved soon, but I’m probably going to delete it. Also, ALL THREE charges were confirmed by my bank as valid. If they aren’t reversed, there will be some hell raising. Good luck, is all I can say.

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    A forever list customer

    Since I’ve started using the app and coming to the local Burger King and prosper Texas on Highway 380 and Custer I have had the worst service imaginable. I have been dining in the dining room and had the lights turned out on me and yelled at to leave I have had a manager video of me because I was asking for her name to make a complaint I’ve had another manager refused to give me my comp meal as a make up four the first marriage you’re being rude the second manager refused to give me my cup meal and I called the district person here in our local Dallas-Fort Worth area and they never made a return call. So I no longer visit Burger King in my local area I only visit when I am out of the county it’s sad. Because I don’t have a kitchen to cook and so I eat out seven days a week 1 to 2 times a day and I was frequenting Burger King at least three days a week for at least 4 to 8 meals a week sad lost all that revenue.

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    Mobile ordering is AWFUL

    so the coupons could be better just wanted to throw that out there but today i decided to use the mobile order function on the app thinking it would be fairly similar to mcdonalds and it was just awful .. theres no customization at all .. when i arrived at the drive thru ( which is what i selected ) to pick up my order , the workers were extremely rude , acted like they knew nothing of my order i kept telling them i could pull forward to show them my order number , which was 74 and such and show that it was confirmed but they kept saying i needed to go online and if i did not want to do that i needed to come inside .. like wait what ?! I chose this method because it seemed easier and faster and also it was pouring raining so you expect me to leave the comfort of my car to argue with you guys .. smh . After about 20 mins , the figured it out . Only reason i did not pull off is because i already paid . DO BETTER BK

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You can now contact BURGER KING® App customer service directly
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Yes. BURGER KING® App is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 215,376 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for BURGER KING® App Is 32.6/100.

Is BURGER KING® App Legit?

Yes. BURGER KING® App is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 215,376 BURGER KING® App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for BURGER KING® App Is 32.6/100.

Is BURGER KING® App not working?

BURGER KING® App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 14 Comments

By John
Jun 18 2021

The app almost never works right. Today, on the rare occasion that it worked, I was required to sign in. Had to get an email to verify myself. The email was very late, then the confirmation number was extremely hard to use. It would not take the numbers, and a banner covered up what you were typing so you could not tell it wasn’t working.There is no personal information involved, so why is the big problem? It’s just a stupid coupon!

By George Beene Jr
Jun 17 2021

App doesn't allow me to make mobile orders.

By Hector tirado
Jun 14 2021

I honestly think this app is a fraud I tried to make an order in various occasions and always is the same the restaurant os not able to do it is been frustrating and very irritating is a shame cause is the favorite fast food of my kids

By Irvinson Perez
Jun 13 2021

I actually use this application once or twice a week and had no problems until last night that the one who was supposed to make the delivery never arrived and he reported that he did the delivery Call Doordash they tried to contact Burger King but nothing happened You can only send email to Burger King and to make a claim it is only done by emails and it takes 3 - 4 days this is not fair I ran out of my food and I won't see my money in 3 - 4 days

By Bob Sereno
May 13 2021

Worst app ever have uninstalled reinstalled 3 times
place an order click pick up , local store when selected it goes back to order
they need a new app done by a professional developer not a high school student
every other app works flawlessly wendys , mc donalds, dominos, taco bell

By Gail Whitney
Mar 31 2021

I continue to get the "oops something went wrong with this order" when I get to the payment screen. I have 3 perfectly good cards registered with BK and nothing works. I have deleted and reinstalled the app twice. It doesn't matter.
Guess its time to delete and forget about BK

By Scott M
Mar 21 2021

Your app is HOT TRASH! Can’t order any sides??? Says “ lunch ended at 5:59 am? Yeah, so what, It’s 11:15 am!? Don’t push your app when it’s useless. OK, well off to McDonalds app.

By Robert D. Peltz Jr.
Mar 03 2021

Can't sign up. Keep getting error message.

By Richard
Feb 09 2021

I have not been able to pay through the app or website using any form of payment for 13 days as of today (February 9th, 2021). The issue started when the "My BK Rewards" program was added.
I have contacted Burger King almost every day about this issue and have yet to receive any information as to when it will be fixed.
If you are a franchise owner you should be really upset with Burger King right now for causing your business to lose sales.

By Christopher John
Feb 07 2021

This app was fantastic for a few weeks when it worked for me, but now I can't place an order without it showing an error saying that the order could not be completed. I've checked that my money hasn't been stolen, and it wasn't, but I can't place an order regardless of my money. Burger King is definitely losing profits right now, and they will until their app is fixed.

By Marilyn DeLeon
Jan 27 2021

Same issue always; I verify the address and order the meal and when it's time to checkout, "something went wrong" or the restaurant couldn't take your order" or "we couldn't communicate with the restaurant". It's so frustrating. I have never been able to take advantage of your offers. Always have to order through other apps that charge high priced delivery.

By Spiderman
Jan 23 2021

The app has not worked for at least two weeks and local Burger King won’t honor its own coupons. So why go?

By Don
Nov 06 2020

I go threw the complete process of ordering my food, when I get to the park to pay it says something went wrong with my payment. I've re-entered my card multiple times still not working. It will work 1 out if 20 times. I've been having to go to McDonald's. Their APP worked flawlessly. Fix it or I'll keep going to your competitor.

By Brittney Ortiz
Sep 17 2020

Every single time I use this app I pick out my order choose a mobile offer deal (which are great most of the time) but when I go to pay it always says “oops something went wrong” or “there was an error, we are aware of it and working to fix it” it is so extremely frustrating to pick out my whole order and get a great deal and then not be able to pay. I’ve tried a few different cards but it says the same thing over and over and then out of the blue it will work sometimes. They need to work on fixing these problems or lose customers.

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