Remote Control, Keyboard/Mouse Reviews

Remote Control, Keyboard/Mouse Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-04

Control your computer, from the couch or the bed, using a mobile device that you
already own. Save money on the dedicated remote control that costs more but
offers less. Turn your iPhone/iPad into a full-featured remote control, with
keyboard and mouse, that works from anywhere at your...

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Remote Control, Keyboard/Mouse Reviews

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    by far the best remote app

    This is by far the best remote app for my Mac I have ever used. It works extremely well and the developer is very active with updates and bug fixes (it’s rare there is a bug but when one does pop up it is fixed very quickly). The app is all around great, I mainly use it as an iTunes remote for when I’m using my Mac to watch movies on my tv but I’ve found it’s great for long downloads or installing new software because I can mirror my macs screen and control everything without having to get up. Definitely worth every penny. I paid full price and this is my honest unbiased opinion. After countless apps and time. Finally found an app that can wake my Mac from sleep plus a lot of either great features as a bonus. Please don’t do anything to change the way this app works in an update. It works great like it is and is literally the only app that works. I won’t be able to find another if it gets broken in an update.

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    Takes too long to try it

    I used to have an app called Hippo Remote which worked really well. As it happens sometimes, Apple rolls out a new iOS and the apps you purchased cease to work if the developer does not update the app. So I tried this app. 1. The free version doesn’t let you do anything, it is really annoying, waste of time to install it. 2. I don’t like the yearly payment option where you can cancel after a month - typically you have to fill out a form with payment details (time consuming) + need to remember to cancel outstanding payments, prefer to pay when I need the product). There is no option to try the app for a little while and then pay if you find the app useful. So i decided to purchase the app to try it, to then discover that my MacMini cannot run the helper (you need OSX 10.9 min). True it is stated in the system requirements section but when you purchase the app through an iphone (it is an iphone app after all) you need to click to look for additional information, it is not that obvious. However, the developer suggested I get a refund, which I have done. I praise him for replying to user comments.

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    Powerful and well done app!

    I use this app every single day. It’s expanded the ways I can interact with my devices and is one of the great tools I’ve stumbled across for use with home automation. Additionally, the app is beautifully designed and obviously something the developer has put an unbelievable amount of time and effort. I’ve only scratched the surface with the vast (and I do mean VAST) capabilities of the app, but am sincerely excited to continually get to know the abilities it has and to what new heights the designer/developer has planned in the future. I will be honest, there is a slight learning curve to the app—as there is with anything that is worth while, but that shouldn’t be something that is a negative or cause for not giving it a chance. Spend a little time with it, researching and playing around with it, and it will yield some really amazing implementations. So kick the tires and look under the hood and get your hands dirty, you definitely won’t regret it!

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    Remote Mouse

    Hey this is a great FREE APP. I paid for remote mouse (green logo) and still had limited functionality unless I bought more items such as Media control. However this app of remote mouse, I personally call it my SPEEDY MOUSE cuz it’s fast and Free and it controls all functions, volumes included. I use this app on my Windows 10 desktop, laptop, iPad, and my iMac all through my iPhone. Personally I am a computer repair guy with over 10 years experience and this FREE app, (Speedy mouse is my personal name for it) has been GREAT. Fast connection with memory, multitasking between iMac and windows 10 desktop, volume controls and all keyboard functions. So I gladly say THANK YOU SIR. I would highly suggest this app for anyone on any computer, laptop, iPad, etc. It gets the job done without any headaches. Peace be with you and stay blessed and safe. p.s. I will definitely pay for it as well cuz it is worth a monetary value.

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    Best app for me

    I record in a home studio for various types of commission work but I almost always record everything myself. This is an amazing tool that will allow you to adjust anything in your DAW when recording. I mix right in front of my computer and record, on the opposite side of the room, with a mic and headphones. It's a really big pain, while tracking, to play/sing hear and check the reverb or compressor - get up - adjust - check again - adjust - check one last time... This is no bueno. Now that I have this seamless easy to use app I tilt my computer monitor so I can see it from across the room and I use my iPhone to switch between this app and the Logic Remote app. It allows me to make adjustments without ever getting up from in front of my carefully positioned microphone. It allows for a more seamless workflow and it allows me to get more done faster. I didn't even take the time to understand how it works I just opened it, tapped on my computer and kept working. This developer knows what he's doing. Great job man. If you've read this far, just get it. You would probably be wasting you time if you didn't get it at this point. Trust me it's not worth tripping over that very expensive mic that your home studio cannot afford to replace. This app + Logic Remote app = the best productivity tool for the solo home studio musician.

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    Great app!

    This is an awesome app, makes my life easy. Only issue found was that there are too many different apps when you search this, i had the “lite version” and upgraded within the app, but it didn’t upgrade it to the regular app, it worked like the pro which is fine i think I’m just a little ocd about having the little red feather thing on my app at home screen. This literally has nothing to do with the app, i just wanted to throw it out there that it doesn’t update the app display on the home screen, so don’t upgrade within the app, just go back and search and buy the 4.99 version. Wish i could get a refund on the in app purchase but whatever. Serious though, this app is sick!

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    Last update made it great again

    App was working great until the developer decided to make the dark background a premium feature and that annoying “unlock all features” Ad where you have to scroll down every time to get rid off it. Last update fixed those issues but I’ll never update again. It would be great if the developer lists the updates he made instead of just writing “minor fixes”. 5 stars because the App is better than its competitors and the developer listens to users + there is no annoying 3rd party ads.

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    Great idea

    Currently, I am using my iMac as a TV for my streaming & website services. This is a great alternative to a keyboard & trackpad which, for this purpose can be a little ”bulky”. I’d even suggest this app as a replacement for the keyboard and mouse/trackpad if you are a mouse user and not someone who uses the keyboard for as much as they can. I personally hate taking my hands off the keyboard and use the keyboard more than my trackpad. My idea would be to combine the media page and the input page or on the media page also have a trackpad. I'm not a big fan of having to switch back & forth between the two pages, but I'm sure I'll survive!!

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    I love this app!

    Oddly enough there have been countless time that my wireless keyboard or mouse will fall off the desk and under something. I know there are a million ways to correct that problem but the fact is it's been years and I haven't,anyhow now when I don't feel like digging behind the desk or under the couch or trash can, since I always have my iPad or iPhone within reach I will launch this app and go on with my business without missing a beat. There are many great features so give it a try, get it set up. See if it suits you.

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    Fantastic app!!

    I use this app every day, and having integrated it into my workflow I can’t imagine being without it. For video control on a computer in a dark bedroom, this app rules!! A full feature touchpad and keyboard that responds reliably and naturally. Controls for audio and video that feel at one with my computer. This app is capable of so much more! I use it for controlling my music workstation when recording my own performances from across the room. So much this app can do for such a low cost! So glad I found it!

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    Extremely Useful

    I never write reviews for any apps, but this is one that I get quite a bit of use out of. Yes, there is an ad that pops up every now and again, but being able to control your computer remotely from your phone creates a new level of accessibility. Whether you’re doing it for work, or just because you don’t want to get off the couch, it serves many different purposes. I didn’t know this existed a few months ago. Now I do, and I’m glad I downloaded it.

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    Computer from bed? Yes please!

    I have had this app a little over a year and bought it after using the free version for a bit. I love this app, i use it to control my imac from bed. It has a many great features and one of my favorite is being able to put a sleep timer on the computer so i can watch one episode on netflix or whatever and i can just fall asleep and the app will put the computer to sleep! Its updated regularly to improve it and take care of any bug fixes.

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    Does exactly what you need it to

    The people complaining about this app or the price for the premium version are stupid. This app does exactly what you need, even the free version. I have the free version and besides the occasional ad and some glitchyness here and there, this thing works. I can turn off my laptop or put it to sleep, I can search for text using the integrated keyboard, I can play/pause/fast forward/rewind, whatever... no complaints.

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    Loved it until it stopped working

    This is my first review ever. Really likes this until it no longer let me use it. I thought the the concept of free meant minimal features and upgrade available for more features, as usually the case. I guess this app was only free for a limited time, which is disappointing since the basic features are simple to begin with (not in a bad way—I loved being able to remotely control the volume on my Mac. This doesn’t seem worth a $7 download to me. I appreciated the product and would have liked to keep using it. Missed the fine print, lol.

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    An app I rely on

    As a professional filmmaker I’m constantly rendering and processing 4K video. Remote has given me the freedom to leave the studio and keep an eye on my work - even remotely start up my Avid, begin uploads, save files, or shut down my Mac at the end of a long night from the comfort of my own bedroom. Evgeny has created an app that is truly remarkable, wildly useful, easy to use and reliable. One that always makes me marvel at how far high tech has become.

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Is Remote Control, Keyboard/Mouse Safe?

Yes. Remote Control, Keyboard/Mouse is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,464 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Remote Control, Keyboard/Mouse Is 64.4/100.

Is Remote Control, Keyboard/Mouse Legit?

Yes. Remote Control, Keyboard/Mouse is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,464 Remote Control, Keyboard/Mouse User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Remote Control, Keyboard/Mouse Is 64.4/100.

Is Remote Control, Keyboard/Mouse not working?

Remote Control, Keyboard/Mouse works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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