The Remote for Kodi Reviews

The Remote for Kodi Reviews

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About: The Remote for Kodi is the ultimate way to control your favorite media
center The app is the most customizable, efficient and the best-looking solution
for the demanding * automatically discover nearby hosts and connect to them with
ease * layout and customize the homepage using tiles of wanted size * create and
manage filters for media - build your own queries and shortcuts for quick
access * browse you media with lightning s.

About The Remote

The Remote for Kodi is the ultimate way to control your favorite media center The app is the most customizable, efficient and the best-looking solution for the demanding * automatically discover nearby hosts and connect to them with ease * layout and customize the homepage using tiles of wanted size * create and manage filters for media - build your own queries and shortcuts for quick access * browse you media with lightning speed * search your media using Spotlight search * play YouTube movies using the built-in view or by URL from clipboard * effectively browse, search & filter your collection * enjoy one of the many built-in remote control commands or create your own * manage playlists.


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Key Benefits of The Remote

- Powerful app that can peer into Adonis with fan art and all

- Can be used as a remote for Kodi box or laptop Kodi program

- Customization options for posters, backgrounds, banners, etc.

- Gestures for controlling Kodi without looking down at the device

- Automatic popup to play a link from YouTube

17 The Remote Reviews

3.6 out of 5


World class

TheRemote hasn’t really been updated and honestly I don’t see any real benefit from buying the premium version, but I did anyway because I had to support a dev that makes quality like this (especially for free!). Truly, while it could use some updates, TheRemote blows every other app out of the water, hands down - no doubt. It can literally peer into Adonis right on screen with fan art and all, some of you will understand how powerful that is. It’s basically a mini kodi right there on your iPad that does everything but play the content. This is a rockstar developer, support them and buy the premium (even though it does nothing lol).


Make a constellation skin

I found this after researching and bought it. I've sent several help request and none have been answered since I purchased TheRemote . Since then I've downloaded constellation and it's superior in every way. Turning this remote sideways to access the swipe is uncomfortable, pointless and doesn't always work . If given the opportunity I'd take my money back for this one and buy your older more powerful,user friendly, better designed. Still I give 3 Stars because everything works but not 5 since there's a lack of communication and support


What a waste

I want a refund and I want it now, this remote is horrible no instructions on how to use it I can’t figure out what button or buttons do you press to select an item, like select or play and if there is such a button, mines don’t work I tried to support the developer by purchasing the upgrade and really it was a down grade. I want A REFUND FOR THIS HOT MESS!!!!!!!... not worthy of any stars it’s a negative


Needs update

App needs update to new phone design at least.


Such a great Kodi remote, but with a missing detail for me

It really is a pleasure for me to use this remote. I use it regularly when using Kodi. Just about everything is so nicely thought out and executed by the designer. There is this one little missing detail that annoys me though and that is some kind of check mark or indication that should be next to watched movies or even more so TV show episodes within TheRemote . A common situation for me is to select a show to watch using the remote, then proceed to select the next episode I want to watch, but not being sure of the last episode I previously watched. Why is there no check mark or other marking that would clearly indicate what was previously watched ? I find myself then having to navigate on my viewing monitor to see what shows I previously watched to be able to correctly make a selection of the next unwatched Episode to now watch. That is what I would request for the next update, a "watched" indicator. Other than that detail, nice work on TheRemote.



1 Star until they add the ability to include THE when sorting...

Aka when a movie starts with THE (like THE Breakfast Club, it should be under T’s, not B’s)

Just like Kodi.


Trakt Integration!

I really like TheRemote's integration with Trakt, which allows me to browse the shows at my fingertips. Now if I can figure out how to add shows to my Trakt collection using TheRemote, I will give it 5 stars, and spring for the paid version!



All you need, browse on the ipad or use as a remote for ur kodi box or laptop kodi program, which i use on microsoft and my ipad as remote. I use the free version bc its kinda pointless to buy for the few extras..But!!!! I do recommend buying it bc im not cheap and could use less a headache using it with out having to open up TheRemote . Any questions feel free, out of the other apps to use with kodi, there was one more that was hotter and looks nicer but the features arent as awsome as this one. You can see the add ons on TheRemote and acually look through such apps like exodus and not effect what your watching or open anything on screen. Last word, The Kodi remote should be paying me for such a well stated comment on their remote bc i deserve it and didnt have to lie. lol =)



Awesome app, but could use a dim option on a timer as well as color customization. I would also like to see filters for recently added. The recently added option does not select the absolute latest added files. I think it goes off the date created data instead of date modified. Now playing should also be improved for example: if you are watching a movie and no other movies are in the queque, it should show a full screen control panel instead of the side bar of information. Just my 2 cents.


Great app!

Just discovered TheRemote and it's awesome. Make using my dragon box so much easier. Can save frequently used add ons right to the home screen. Only issue is that TheRemote has been freezing after I choose a show to watch. I noticed that if I go into another remote app and hit stop on the show I'm watching, TheRemote remote works again. Doesn't happen all the time but is a little annoying. If that bug gets fixed, TheRemote is perfect.


Love it

I've tested pretty much every Kodi/XBMC remote out there, and this is the best. The customization is way more than I ever expected, and the incorporation of all types of art (posters, backgrounds, banners, etc.) is a very nice touch. Plus I have appreciated the recent updates adding different View options. Two Thumbs Up! Good job.


The only remote I've found with gestures

It's annoying to have to look down at the device to control Kodi. This is the only remote I've found with gestures.


App worked great but recently stopped working

If this bug isn't fixed soon I will have to lower my review but when it worked TheRemote was a charm! Made navigating Kodi 1000x faster and I even spent time in TheRemote browsing YouTube. I highly recommend considering the fact that I expect the bug to be fixed



Head Remote in Charge. This remote, let me tell you, this is the greatest remote ever. This remote is so great, you're going to get tired of it being so great. And people let me tell you, on the iPad Pro, it's the biggest remote ever. ITS YUUUUUGE!!


Cannot get app connected to kodi box.

4 hours and no luck. Frustrating!
Be on same network, unblock windows firewall, toggle all the items in kodi, install Bonjour, ..........


Great App (I love it)

TheRemote is great :)


Cast to Youtube

Having TheRemote automatically have a popup to play a link from youtube make TheRemote great, if there was a embedded option to select it TheRemote from share menu from youtube then it would be perfect.

Is The Remote Safe?

Yes. The Remote for Kodi is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 18 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for The Remote Is 58.2/100.

Is The Remote Legit?

Yes. The Remote for Kodi is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 18 The Remote for Kodi User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for The Remote Is 100/100..

Is The Remote for Kodi not working?

The Remote for Kodi works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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