Official Kodi Remote Reviews

Official Kodi Remote Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-17

About: Official Kodi Remote is a full-featured remote control for Kodi Media Center.
It features library browsing, now playing informations and a direct remote

About Official Kodi Remote

What is Official Kodi Remote? The Official Kodi Remote is a remote control app for Kodi Media Center. It allows users to control Kodi's volume, manage multiple Kodi instances, browse and search their library, access favorites, view currently playing playlist, and more. The app also displays music cover art, movie posters, and actor thumbs where available, and provides details for albums, artists, movies, TV shows, and more. Users can play and queue albums, songs, movies, genre selections, and switch to live TV channels and trigger or play recordings on their PVR setup. The app also allows users to access and change settings of Kodi Media Center, browse files directly, clean and refresh their library, and supports iOS Darkmode.



- Control Kodi's volume

- Manage multiple Kodi instances

- Browse, search and sort your library

- Access your favorites

- Live view of currently playing playlist

- Displays music cover art where available

- Displays movie poster and actor thumbs where available

- Displays details for albums, artists, movies, TV shows and more

- Play and queue albums, songs, movies, genre selections and much more

- Switch to live TV channels and trigger or play recordings on your PVR setup

- Access and change settings of Kodi Media Center

- Browse files directly

- Clean and refresh your library

- Supports iOS Darkmode

- Additional actions can be accessed by long pressing items and remote control buttons

- Supported Versions are: Kodi/XBMC version Eden (11) or higher

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Key Benefits of Official Kodi Remote

- Simple and straightforward functionality

- Great remote

- Has all the necessary features

- Easy to use

- Good for watching movies

- Appreciates the developers for creating the app

- Option to add more vertical space between buttons

- Appreciates the option to "right-click" for more options

20 Official Kodi Remote Reviews

4.2 out of 5


Nice app

Great remote. One request: please add more vertical space between the buttons. For example, moving the row of four buttons at the bottom (the one containing the headphone icon) down a bit would make it easier to tap the back arrow without accidentally tapping the headphone button. There’s a lot of blank space under that bottom row that could be used to make the remote less cramped.


Navigation could be optimized

I really like having this remote! I just wish I could navigate to the remote control button style quicker without having to undo all my path navigation or deal with the fact that it’s on the settings sidebar.


Very good remote, no issues

Been using this for over a year now without any issues. Straight forward and simple, has all the functionality I need. Worrying about my remote should be the least of my issues when I want to watch movies, and with this remote I don’t need to worry. Thanks to the developers!



This works really really good for me. But one thing, Please let us change what's on the controller because I don't use half of the buttons on the remote and I've accidentally clicked them a few times. But other than that it's excellent 👍



Developer breaks a basic function (volume up/down). I send support email, no response. Write a negative review, I get dogged and told to use the "standard reporting channels." Screw you. You may be "the official" remote app, but there are five others like your app and some are even better.

Honestly, you all are a joke. You break the volume controls, then expect us to be silent? I'd fire that person, except they are probably working for free and can't do any better.


Right click

I love OfficialKodiRemote . I would appreciate the option to “right click” for more options. If there is a way to “right click” already, would someone please show me how.



Best Remote App

The remote controls are easy to use. Great stability and speed. Works great with Raspberry Pi OSMC. I tried a few other remote apps, but this was was at least 2 times better than the closest competitor.



OfficialKodiRemote was as simple to setup as it gets. It’s extremely responsive, and there doesn’t seem to be anything broken. Would absolutely give five stars if the remote buttons could be customized.


Works OK, autoconfig broken

This works OK, but when I updated Kodi the autoconfig feature doesn't work anymore. I have to manually set up the IP of my box for OfficialKodiRemote to work. Once you do that, it works OK. Frustrating at the least.


Needs ignore article

OfficialKodiRemote would be awesome IF!!!!!! You would stop being lazy and add ignore A, An, and The articles so sorting movies is like every other quality app. Until this happens, OfficialKodiRemote is garbage. Others and myself, too many to count, have been begging, but you don't listen. No wonder The Remote For Kodi is the goto app.


Big improvements with update

It's awesome that the developers made the keyboard automatically appear for text entry, and enabled copy/paste in the keyboard. I just installed a copy/paste keyboard as a workaround a few days ago!


Best remote app for Kodi!

This is by far the best remote app for Kodi. I just wish it had a widget so you can quickly control playback of audio/video without needing to open OfficialKodiRemote every time.


My favorite Kodi Controller

This has been my favorite Kodi remote since I started using XBMC. So glad to see it hasn’t been abandoned! Thank you for your hard work dev!


Great app

As longtime Kodi enthusiast, I have employed a number of apps designed to work the program but none have had the quality and completeness seen in this latest version. I am a believer.



I finally removed it because there’s no way to get rid of the pop up. There’s nothing in notifications or in OfficialKodiRemote to disable it, and every time I try to task switch back to the launcher, that stupid good morning banner is right in the way at the bottom of the screen, even with OfficialKodiRemote quit and not running! Now using Sybu, and it’s much better! No pop up spam junk.


There has never been a better Kodi remote app

OfficialKodiRemote was always the best remote available. It is great it finally has an update to support modern screens and OS’s!


Works So Well…

I’m hesitant to ever update any app that works well and is bug free.

So, I haven’t upgraded to the latest version. Experience has taught me never to update what isn’t broken!

I’ll only update after sufficient time has elapsed and the new version hasn’t gotten poor reviews.



Broken after 14.2

App crashes when trying to go to Movie or TV Show list



This works great on Kodi via the Firestick. I love that I can view add-ons on my phone which is much faster than searching on the Firestick. I wish I could go to add-ons from the main screen.



I’ve tried OfficialKodiRemote with several devices over more than 6 months with different iOS versions and different installs of Kodi and it has never made it more than a few minutes without crashing. The worst app I have ever used. The frustration of trying to use it is going to put me in the hospital.


So far so good

UI could be better but current app is more than enough to control Kodi.


Please put TV show titles back

I have no clue what shows are what by looking at this little ribbon of a picture. What a stupid change that was.. please put the titles back. Wake on LAN is broken on iPhone, and It should disregard "A, An or The" when sorting. Otherwise it works great!


Nice remote, but....

Doesn't wake up screen saver when the clock is on the screen. You can hear buttons clicking and the video playing just no video.


Does what it says

This thing does exactly what it’s designed to. Absolutely no complaints.


I love this app

You can see your movie library!
movie info and playable trailers!
add your favorite addons to the remote favorites.

Wow. Great coding job


Worked once

I installed on my iPhone as I bought a new Roku smart tv, the first time I opened it and it connected correctly and worked great, the next time I tried to use it it will only say connection timeout, I know it was free but a one time use doesn’t help anyone at all

Is Official Kodi Remote Safe?

Yes. Official Kodi Remote is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 272 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Official Kodi Remote Is 29.6/100.

Is Official Kodi Remote Legit?

Yes. Official Kodi Remote is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 272 Official Kodi Remote User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Official Kodi Remote Is 51.5/100..

Is Official Kodi Remote not working?

Official Kodi Remote works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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