Score Creator: compose music Reviews

Score Creator: compose music Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-14

Score Creator is a musical composition application that is specially designed
for mobile platform. It's a simple but powerful music creation tool that caters
your need of writing music on the go. *** The app's user experience is
completely optimized to make composing music on mobile de...

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Score Creator: compose music Reviews

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    Best composing app for phones (update 7.9)

    I discovered this app about 3 and half years ago and I honestly didn’t think this app was any good. Some of the instruments didn’t even match the sounds, some were too loud, you could only make a song do big before the playback lags so you have to make a new score to continue. I didn’t let it stop me though because this was really only app I could use to play around with and make my own music. Time progressed and this app got noticeably better, most of the issues with the instruments were fixed but everything else remained. I would say this app would be considered a 4 star but this new update fixed my biggest issue: articulation and dynamics. These 2 things were non existent before this update. After seeing that this update gave us the access to really get more musicality out of the scores, that’s enough to bump this all the way up to 5 stars. I’ve noticed the lag playback on big scores is a problem and the auto-scroll still doesn’t work but I’m able to work around these problems. If you’re looking for an app that give you access to make scores on the fly for relatively low price for the full experience, I wholeheartedly recommend this. Trust me, it’s the most user friendly.

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    One big problem...

    So I’ve had this app for a little while and it’s amazing. The only issue is that recently when I’ve been using the keys, (like the key the song is in) it makes two instruments the same key which isn’t right. I know there is a switch for using concert pitch, but that’s not the issue. That’s one of the first things I make sure I change at the start of a new song. So, one of my current songs is in the key of B flat I believe and so B flat clarinet shouldn’t have any accidentals, but it’s showing up as the same as the C flute who has 2. I have 2 B flat trumpets and those show up perfectly fine. It’s just one or two instruments and it’s very frustrating. With this issue fixed, I’d give it 4 stars. One suggestion I have is adding in trills, falls, and maybe changing the way to put in staccatos, marcatos, tenuos, and stuff like that. I’ve been avoiding them in my songs because I’d prefer not to click on each and every note. Because with every note, I end up clicking 4 or 5 different things. That adds up pretty quick, especially with a song with like 50 or more. So maybe have a separate tab or button where the notes and note lengths are so they are more accessible. With these taken into account, I’d give it 5 stars.

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    Stopped working properly

    I have been enjoying this app on my iPhone and iPad for almost a year. I frequently write music on my iPad, and then air drop it to my iPhone. After the latest IOS update, I have been unable to air drop my MIDI files from one device to another. When airdropping from iPad to iPhone, it automatically tries to open the MIDI file in iMovie and I get an error message. I deleted iMovie, but now when I try to airdrop sheet music/MIDI files from iPad to iPhone, it gives me two options: store the file in iCloud, or buying an app from the App Store in order to open it, even though I have Score Creator on both devices. I have the same problem when airdropping from iPhone to iPad; it gives me the option to open it in iMovie, or saving it to Files. I have tried deleting the apps on both devices and then downloading them again and that did not help. Both of my devices are running on IOS 13.2, and the Score Creator app is running on version 7 on both devices. Like I said, I've enjoyed using this app for a while now and haven't had any problems until now. I live in a nursing home and spend a majority of my day writing songs. It is cumbersome that I cannot transfer files from one device to another anymore. Please help.

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    Best music writing app I’ve found for iOS

    I am really enjoying this app for when I don’t have my computer to use Musescore 2 on. There is one thing that I would like to have added into the writing capability though, you can add triplets in any note timing available currently, but I would like it if you could select how many notes you could write for 1 beat or for one measure of time in the music (example: 7 16th notes for one beat). Maybe have it set up like you have the time signature selection (7 / quarter [seven notes per quarter beat]), have a scroll wheel for the left selection (how many notes) and then another for the right selection (the time period in which those notes will take place like for a whole note, dotted half note, half note, dotted quarter note, etc.) and the timing for the notes that are in that beat can be selected by just selecting the time for the notes like you usually would. I hope this makes sense and that you could add this feature without too much difficulty.

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    Amazing app. I love it! However, I have a couple things that I think could make it a little better than it already is. (*=important) First of all, I have a few glitches here and there. Nothing that ruins anything while I’m composing, except for one where I have a 32nd note followed by a quarter note (I’m remaking the 21st Century Fox theme). During playback, the 32nd note plays fine, and then the quarter note plays like a 32nd note and just stops. You hear a quick beep where there should be a longer quarter note. It works fine with 16th notes, it just sounds better with 32nd notes. *Also, I was wondering if you could go back to the old sounds for trumpet, violin, trombone, and tuba. The new ones I’m not liking a ton because they mess up the sounds of some of the songs I’ve made.* *I was also wondering if you could add trills and falls (by fall I mean that thing where trumpets start on one notes and fall to another slowly). That sort of thing.* *One more thing. The slurs, accents, and dynamics don’t actually do anything during playback. You can see them, but you never hear any instruments get quieter or louder, or accent, or slur.* Besides all those points I LOVE this app!! Keep it up!!

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    Incredible app, but can be improved

    I would really enjoy a way to swing notes. I write a lot of stuff with swing eights and it is painfully inconvenient to have to write in triplets with the first notes slurred. I would really really really appreciate a swing feature. Also, you used to be able to switch between interments really well but that has gotten worse and worse. If I write a part in bass chef and try to switch it to bari sax, it plays an octave above where it should. If I switch any c instrument to any saxophone it doesn’t transpose and just plays an octave above where it should. I would love a fix for this. Like I said, it used to work perfectly switching from any instrument to any instrument but in the past few months it has stopped working.

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    Works well

    Updated - I heard from the developer today about how to upgrade to lifetime. I have used this app all semester for a college harmony and voice leading class. Except for the lack of a way to include figured bass, it has worked well on my iPad, which is what I take to class. Unfortunately, I do have to hand write the figured bass, which can be a problem for theory students. I wanted to upgrade to the lifetime app rather than manage a recurring three-month subscription but couldn’t figure out how. The developer contacted me today to help me resolve this issue.

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    Very much worth it

    Let’s be real. The app has a couple problems. It’s not perfect. Yet the positives outweigh the bugs and issues by a landslide. They’re always making additions and changes to make the app better. When I first downloaded this app it was an intuitive but pretty bare-bones experience. Now you have so many more options to fine-tune your song than before. It seems like they really care about making the experience better for its users. They’re not making you pay for every little thing and it’s easy to use on a phone (unlike a lot of other composing apps). This app is very much worth it and I highly recommend the download.

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    Glitchy playback sounds

    Hello creator I have to say I really enjoy and love the app in general but the one main problem is the sounds when I want to hear what I’ve created, everything sounds so glitch and broken which really REALLY frustrates me on many levels, I restarted my phone and then I came to the conclusion it was the app itself. I’m very disappointed cause before the sounds weren’t glitchy or broken up but currently it’s just too much for me to bare with any longer. Even with a simple song with half notes and whole notes each transition to another note always breaks up and glitches out to the point where you can’t really hear the song correctly. I beg of you please fix this problem in a later build or update cause I really hate to see my all of my hard work being left to nothing but a waste of time.

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    It’s good but..

    The app itself is really nice, it’s easy to use, and it has a lot of good features. The only problem I’m having is printing the music. I understand that the creators need money, but I put a lot of work into the music I made only to be told I can’t print it. Although it is the creators app, it is not the app’s music. I wouldn’t mind watching a few advertisements, but not everyone is able to use Apple Pay. I don’t think I will be using this app again. Nevertheless, if you are able to have the updated version of the app, I highly recommend it. Also, sometimes the app will close by itself, deleting all of your work. This has happened several times to me. Normally I am able to prevent too much loss by saving my work every now and then, but recently whenever I try to save the app closes. This is a big setback for me.

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    Great App, But Here’s A Suggestion

    I love the app! However, I think it’d be a great improvement if we were able to create folders to organize our songs. I don’t like how the songs are just listed down alphabetically. It makes it a little hard for me to find the song I need to work on since I have created numerous different songs. Having the ability to create labeled folders would make navigation to find a song much much easier and overall would keep things organized. Just an idea!

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    Best App To Learn Composition

    This app is amazing to learn composition, is very simple of course but it has amazing things as well. One of those are that the app is improving from time to time, which means that some bugs are getting fixed and new instruments are being introduced into this app. This app is great for someone who is learning composition or getting into composing. But there is just one bit of a problem, the drum rolls sound like a motor of a car that just turned on. Please developers fix this issue. Other than that great app.

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    Instrument problems, but great app!

    I love this app and it’s one of the best apps that I’ve seen. I love the feature where you can add in instruments but there is a slight problem with 2 of the instruments. You can’t hear the clarinet at all when other instruments are in, and you can barely hear it in solo parts. Also, all of the saxes sound horrible with other instruments, so maybe adjust the sound to have it be less annoying. If you read this, please take my review as advice. On the other hand, your app is great! Thanks!

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    Great, but there are a few problems.

    So this app is easily the best for composing music on a mobile device, I love that, but there are a few things missing and a huge issue I’ve been dealing with. So there are dynamic markers ( f, ff, etc) but there are no crescendos, which would make the music smoother and less jumpy. I also with there could be a marching bass and marching tenor drum in the available instruments. And finally, the app has been crashing frequently which is getting annoying quick. Overall, I love this app!

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    Great but could be better

    I absolutely love this app. I've been creating music for years, but this is one of the few apps I could find which allowed for not only multiple instruments, but to create and playback the composed music. It's extremely variable in score, key, etc. the only problem I find is that when you go to play it back, accents and staccatos, and slurs aren't replicated in sound even if it's written in. I hope this gets fixed, and when it does I’ll give it a perfect five stars!

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Is Score Creator: compose music Safe?

Yes. Score Creator: compose music is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 320 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Score Creator: compose music Is 59.9/100.

Is Score Creator: compose music Legit?

Yes. Score Creator: compose music is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 320 Score Creator: compose music User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Score Creator: compose music Is 59.9/100.

Is Score Creator: compose music not working?

Score Creator: compose music works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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