Money Network Mobile App Reviews

Money Network Mobile App Reviews

Published by on 2024-04-24

About: The Money Network® Mobile App* is a convenient and secure way to keep track of
your money on the go. The App* is available to Money Network Account holders and
Secondary Cardholders† (family members or dependents 14+ years or older).

About Money Network

What is Money Network? The Money Network® Mobile App is a free app available to Money Network Account holders and Secondary Cardholders. It provides 24/7 access to account information and allows users to manage their money on the go. The app offers features such as quick view, account balance and transaction details, piggy banks, account alerts, fingerprint/Touch ID, card lock and unlock, locator for in-network ATMs, check cashing locations and retail reload agents, and budgeting and spending tools.



- Quick View to see balances without login

- Account balance and transaction details

- Piggy Banks to set aside money

- Account alerts for balance, deposits, withdrawals and more

- Fingerprint/Touch ID

- Card Lock and Unlock

- Locator for in-network ATMs, check cashing locations and retail reload agents

- Budgeting & Spending tools

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Key Benefits of Money Network

- Easy to sign up and apply for accounts

- Shows account balance right away

- Allows people to break away from the endless fees of the major banks

- Money management solution offered by large corporations

32 Money Network Reviews

4.1 out of 5


Pleased Most Often….. However,….

One thing I dislike and often get frustrated with is the inability to use the Ingo-Money that is introduced via the mobile app in the drop menu under “Deposit Check Funds”. I loved the idea of being able to upload a photo via check and add it to my spending account / banking account at my own personal convenience. I’ve used mobile uploading checks via my phone’s camera through the banking app at that current time and I LOVED IT! Made things so much easier for me in many ways . So needless to say I was rather frustrated when money network introduces within its app the same capabilities that I love , but cannot even access or enroll in its benefits. Another thing I dislike about the money network mobile app is not being able to add my banking information/ money network card to my mobile wallet. (Apple Pay ) Even though the two issues I have with MoneyNetwork are huge and important to me, I will say that there are more good qualities and tools within MoneyNetwork that out number any dislike. My favorite is the capability to lock your card with one swipe of a finger and be completely confident, stress free even, that no one can use my card, as well as knowing that just as quickly and efficiently as it locks it can be unlocked the same way via personal need or desire to access funds/ make transactions with my card. So over all I’m pleased with MoneyNetwork regardless of its fee flaws.


Terrible. If I could give 0 stars, I would.

The atm map is extremely inaccurate. I called to close my account. The customer service agent answered, not stating their name or anything and asked why I called. I told them I called to close my account. They asked for my name, phone number and email. I was hesitant at first because it seemed like a scam. I eventually gave them the information. They told me that my account was closed and that I wouldn’t be able to log in anymore. I wanted to test that out and attempted to log in. I was able to log into my “closed account” around 5 times. I communicated this to the customer service agent and they told me my account was closed. I asked them if it was closed, why could I still access it via MoneyNetwork . The only reason they gave me as to why I could still access it was because the account was not closed online. I asked them if my account was closed on the system, why wouldn’t it be closed online? The agent only told me that they were going to submit a report to their manager about this instead of actively trying to fix the issue. Whenever I asked a question, they avoided giving me a direct answer. The entire thing seemed like a scam. It felt like one of those stereotypical Indian scam calls. In the end they basically hung up on me without saying anything. Terrible app, terrible network, terrible customer service.


Steal Money

I got this card from my job and the first time I bought food with the card which came to $52 and charged me $104 I told them that they double charged me and said the money would go back on my card and they only gave me $52 back, I told them they didn’t give me all the money back and the lady starts arguing with me as if I’m dumb reading all my purchases. Again this happens I got .10 cents worth of gas because the pump wasn’t working it I check my card and they charged me $79, so I called and she said they’d give it back in 30 days so I started telling her they can’t do that and then I check my card again and I was missing $158 so then I go on to tell them that this is not legal and she’s arguing with me as if it is. This goes on to happen 3 more times over the past 8 months of having this card. They have never once given me that money back. At one point they even took $500 and told me that it would go back on in 30 days, and a week later I get $479 back. I’m surprised no one shut this company down yet it’s ridiculous.


Do not help if you get card lost or stolen

They continuously hang up on you when trying to report a card lost or stolen. It’s completely ridiculous. How am I suppose to cancel the card? They give you no other way to contact them except with this number where they hang up in your face. I hate this so much I will strongly advise my work places corporate to discontinue service with them over email and the next time one of our higher up comes in. This is completely unprofessional and they are a scam. Not to mention I transferred money to my sister and they took it out of my account and never sent it to her. When they finally answered they said that I had not sent her any money when it is clearing in my transactions that I have. Not to mention I screen shot it so there is no denying it. They will steal your money and allow others to steal it as well. I strongly advise you do not work with this thing, company, better yet a scam whatever they want to call themselves DO NOT give them your service they will rip you off and then hang up in your face.


The version update glitch

So I just noticed today that it asked me to make sure I had the latest version and to be on a secure network and now I can’t even open my own account on MoneyNetwork at the moment it keeps saying the same thing about I need the latest update or version and whenever I look for an update it was updated a few days ago and it’s still haveing trouble please fix this new bug that has arised on MoneyNetwork please and thank you


Great service! COVID impact payment

So right when I got my payment on a debit card. I called the number and activated the card. Than was referred to money network. So I followed the steps after I downloaded MoneyNetwork and funded my money network account with my $1400. Then I got on MoneyNetwork , and moved my $1400 from money network to my actual bank at no cost, but I was told the wait was up to 3 business days. I submitted anyway. Than I got skeptical after reading MoneyNetwork ’s reviews. Nobody had anything good to say. Long story short, I was stressed out! But I got great news! Do not stress out! It took only one day for them to move my money to my bank😁. So as for me and my experience with MoneyNetwork, it gets a five star rating.


Don’t use this as a bank

This is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with in my life. My company pays from this “bank” that didn’t catch 1300 dollars in small online transactions that I never agreed to or was even aware of. When I disputed these charges and spent all morning on the phone with someone who barely spoke English in a foreign country that didn’t work for a bank but a call center. A week later I received a letter saying my claim was denied but no explanation or any way to contact someone who actually works for the bank. After another long phone call I was informed to fax an appeal letter in 2021. Are you kidding me. I feel robbed and a real bank would have caught this quickly and stopped these charges and would have returned the money to my account. These people are thieves and I hope big companies stop working with them.


No support whatsoever

I have to use this company because my work gave me a payroll card for money network. MoneyNetwork and online service gets no support whatsoever, I have been unable to log into my account for months and the same has happened to a fellow coworker. Calling the company gets you nowhere. The only way I’ve been able to know the amount in my account is by the notifications I receive on my phone after a deposit has been made or when I go to an atm. As atm’s are the only way for me to transfer my money into my own bank account through withdrawing everything out of the money network account. Even then the withdraw limit is $600, so I can’t even move all of my own money. I hate having to use this card and I wish my work wouldn’t use this trash bank system.


Loved Exceed by Money Network

Not sure what the deal is between being able to use the Exceed by Money Network app versus this Money Network app. One day it just forced me over. I loved the Exceed app, and this was very similar I guess. The Money Network card is one of the few reasons I miss working for Walmart. It is a beautiful thing that these large corporations that admittedly pay employees at-or-very-near minimum wage are able to offer a money management solution that allows people to break away from the endless fees of the major banks out there.


Money network

I am giving MoneyNetwork a five it was very easy to sign on and apply for the accounts and what I mean by applies meaning just signing up and putting my information I had no glitches and issues with signing up after signing up with MoneyNetwork I went ahead and clicked onto MoneyNetwork and I love how the fact that it’s able to show your account balance right away if you only want to use it to just look at your balance and nothing else it’s perfect🤙🏾


Horrible policy and procedures

I GET PAID 1200 every TWO WEEKS THEY LOCKED MY CARD FOR 1.81 transaction and told me I can’t do nun but wait for a new card or call this groups which take 48 hours I was on the road they locked my funds!!! And lord and said I could verify my last transaction to unlock the card but when I called they wouldn’t do nothing I WOULD NOT ACCEPT ANY LOSSES LIKE THAT ESPECIALLY ON MY BANK CARD/payroll card that feeds my FAMILY!!!! No regard OF MY PROBLEMS AND BILLS JUST LOCK MY FUNDS !! And wouldn’t realease WE DONT ALWAYS HAVE 48 hours!! NOBODY TOLD YOU TO LOCK MY MONEY!!!! It’s a PREPAID CARD FROM MY JOB ITS SAFE!!!!! I will NEVER SWIPE TBIS CARD EVER AGAIN IM DRAIN EVER DIRECT DEPOSIT BECAUSE I CANT EVEN TRUST YOU TO NOT LOCK MY MONEY SO DISCUSTING ALMOST WAS STRANDED ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD BECAUSE YOUR COMPANY THINK IT KNOWS IT ALL


Keeping your money in a sock drawer would be more effective

I only used MoneyNetwork because my employer required it for their business cards and it was a nightmare. Money Network locked me out of my (and everyone else’s) online accounts for 2 months and when I called the helpline they just said the service was down and/or were condescending and rude. I got paid a severance on a personal card issued by money network and I wasn’t able to transfer the balance because of an “invalid account” because my debit card was set to expire a week after my employment ended. Never did see all of the money because of it.


Decent app

MoneyNetwork was very easy to use, and I honestly don’t know why people have a problem with using it. I got my own card from my employer and it’s really simple and easy to use. You just activate your card from the money network app and it’s done. It shows you the account balance and how much you can spend, and there’s more you could do that I haven’t experimented with.



I’ve been unable to access my account and my piggy bank fund for the past three days and customer service is unable to fix it or give me access to my account I have had issues with this bank and MoneyNetwork ever since I got this job I’ve had to call and reset my password and security questions because they are not registered my card information does not register and I have no way to give me the money that I cannot access and extremely dissatisfied and this problem needs to be fixed immediately you are all messing with peoples money and it’s not OK and extremely unprofessional


Who would ever use them on purpose?

Despite my using the same checking account for 9 years, my employer accidentally sent my pay check to a Money Network pay card account.

I waited 7-10 business days to get a card and make an account. Useless, thickly-accented customer service said they wouldn’t waive the transfer fee, despite me never agreeing for them to handle my money or agreeing to their terms and conditions before they had my paycheck.

I read the list of fees afterwards; they want fees for everything! Even not using their account enough! Hopefully my account was closed up quickly enough.


Worst banking app EVER!!

Got this card as payment card from work. Had 2 completely erroneous charges on my account. I noticed them right away and reported it. I never knew the company that made the charges, nor had I approved these charges. I explained all this to a foreign rep who had no clue what to do or who to contact. The letter I received showed they took absolutely no measures to rectify, or even look into my claim. I now believe they took the money themselves, or are totally aware of the scam that took place. I’m currently looking for another banking app that I can trust!! DON’T TRUST MoneyNetwork OR COMPANY!! They will NOT protect, or look after your hard earned money!!


I Don’t Get All the Negativity

It’s not the most groundbreaking banking app, but it certainly isn’t as bad as all of these reviews. I’ve used this service for over a year and have few complaints. Yes it needs a new UI but that’s apparently in the works. I wish they offered a true savings account but not being an actual bank they probably can’t offer them. Beyond that, everything has been perfectly fine.


I would give no stars if I could

First off it’s been almost a year and I still haven’t gotten my first check from my job. I’ve been locked out now and lost almost $500 in that account and they’re not helping whatsoever. I’ve called customer service and they say the same thing every time, I can’t even get a ahold of a real person, all the machine says after entering all my information is that they’re having some problems right now and sorry for the inconvenience to try at another time. It’ll be a year in March and I still can’t reach ANYONE. Don’t waste your time or MONEY.


Lots of problems

The customer service representatives I've spoken too have all been nice. They honestly try to help me, but I feel like there guide to fix issues runs in a giant loop. I’ve had my card almost two years and in that whole period I’ve never been able to use my account. Because when I got to verify my email it never sends me the email. I’ve spoken to numerous people on the phone and always wait the allotted time but the issue isn’t ever any closer to be resolved. So I am currently on my way to getting a new bank or card holder because this is ridiculous.


I hate this bank or whatever they call themselves

Complete trash an awful customer service. I had a check deposited into my account but I can’t access it because I had a new card set up with my current employer. Spoke to foreign rep she was very disrespectful an cut me off the entire conversation. Hung up an spoke to someone else for him to be no better. Like what do you mean you can’t move it. It’s in my account and not showing up in MoneyNetwork . So y’all gone keep my $900 ?? Pls don’t waste your time with them it’s sad an never again will I ever have an account with them


Just Downloaded...Got Good Recommendations from Coworkers

I just downloaded MoneyNetwork 4 days ago...after being with the company for 3.5 years! I never thought about a possible app until I saw it listed on the ADP Total Pay website! I have NEVER had issues with the card...well nothing severe anyway! I'm reading everyone's reviews about MoneyNetwork ...and my only reaction is EYE-ROLLING AT ALL OF YOU WHINERS!

TO "LWOOD3" that posted on Apr are ridiculous and hilarious!!! You rated them with ONE STAR...because you are upset about being charged $2.50 for using out-of-network ATM's 🤣🤣 You obviously didn't read the fee schedule or ANY card use/payment/withdrawal terms EVER! Obviously you can't use ANY cards at whatever ATM you want and expect to not get charged a fee! Can you take your bank account credit/debit card to ANY ATM and withdraw money without your bank and the ATM owner both charging you fees??!! NO YOU CAN'T! The fact that YOU DID NOT READ THE TERMS OF THE CARD is YOUR FAULT and there's absolutely no valid reason to blame it on Money Network! (P.S. YOUR GRAMMAR AND PROPER WORD CONTEXT USAGE ARE HORRIBLE AND SAD!!)

The rest of you are complaining about MoneyNetwork not doing this or that...but did you ever try to install updates for MoneyNetwork , uninstall then reinstall, or rebooting your phone? These issues are not typical!


Horrible customer service

I called to replace a broken card that was still working fine. I made sure to tell the rep my card worked, i just needed a second one sent. The woman cancelled my card without telling me, which is my only way to access my money. I told her she never even mentioned she was cancelling my card so I could have at least withdrawn what money I have in the account until the other one arrives. I asked to talk to a supervisor so she put me on hold for 5 minutes and when the phone picked up again, she was still on the line! After asking for a supervisor again, I was finally able to talk to talk to a different person who apologized and told me I could get a check from personnel and withdraw money. I got a check but when I tried to cash it, it repeatedly said it couldn’t process. Money network took the money from my account but I couldn’t get it. I had to call to void the check but was told it would be 3-5 days before the money would appear in my account again. I called again today to get ask why I was never emailed a tracking number for my card. Thankfully, I finally got the number and should be receiving a card tomorrow. I’m over this sham of a “bank”. I never wanted an actual bank account because I was afraid of these exact problems. I’ll be giving my money to a bank to hold on to from now on.


The app wouldn’t even open.

My last job gave me a pay card through this company. They automatically put the funds into this account. I set up the card and MoneyNetwork was working fine for a month or two, until I got my new phone. MoneyNetwork would go to the loading screen and then immediately crash. I tried deleting and reinstalling. I tried updating. Nothing. The problem persisted. For the rest of the time I was at that job, I was unable to see the balance on that card. I eventually just got in the habit of going to the atm on payday and just using cash for everything.

But before all that went down, there were still things I hated about MoneyNetwork . I didn’t get notified when I got paid. Or couldn’t even see the exact amount I was paid either. There wasn’t a way to transfer the money to my primary card, or to my savings account either. I had to carry several hundred dollars from the atm to the bank in order to put that money in my savings.

Basically if anyone has an option, do not get MoneyNetwork. If your situation demands it, like mine did, good luck.


4yrs LOYAL NOW NOT HAPPY talk about honest reviews this is on..I HAVE NEVER HAD AN ISSUE WITH APP TIL NOW November 2018, and I AM NOT VERY HAPPY ABOUT IT AND I FEEL VERY INCONVENIENCED for some reason I am not able to transfer money to not from my piggy bank meaning cannot even use the funds in there I had set up a fund to help with my granddaughter in NC as well as other means to save and budget better..I restarted my iPad (yes it compatible) I even uninstalled and reinstalled MoneyNetwork and THE PIGGY BANK FEATURE WILL NOT WORK..I been with MN for 4years bcuz of the piggy bank feature and also because of the SPARKY/Holiday incentive but now what’s the point if the most valued feature doesn’t function and causes inconvenience...I can still use card and my direct deposit is still fine BUT PLEASE FIX THAT PIGGY BANK FEATURE it would be an above and beyond service to your customers, I really don’t want to change to a different developers app product over something I’m sure that can be fixed in a timely fashion...but I will..I know you got an abundance of users but I wouldn’t think you want to loose even one. PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM WITH THE PIGGY BANK..THANK YOU.


Constant problems; terrible customer service

I have been unable to access my account, both through MoneyNetwork and on the website, for months. I have a piggy bank set up, so money is being taken out of my paycheck every week, but I am unable to access that money. Since I can’t log onto my account, I can’t disable to piggy bank account either, which means money will continue to be taken out of my account every week that I have no way to access. I have contacted customer service countless times only to be told the same useless things: There is nothing they can do to stop the piggy bank deposits or transfer that money to my main account and they are ALWAYS working on an update that will ALWAYS be done in a day or two. This has been going on for months. The last update was done over a month ago. I was promised it would fix my issues. It didn’t. Obviously another update needs to be done. And fast. I have never been so disappointed by an app or a company and their customer service.


Simply put, the app doesn’t work.

I have never been able to transfer money, even within the account, such as to the piggy banks. I can only get it in there through direct deposit but one of the banks is set up for emergencies and when I need the money I couldn’t transfer it OUT of the piggy banks....I had to completely delete the bank and that emptied all of the money...Meanwhile before I figured this husband is using the card because he’s on the road and I told him give Mt 3 mins (it should be available to us that quickly, its our money)...unable to get back in touch with him....THEY had no problem transferring the money every time he used it with a fee attached of course...LEGAL EXTORTION. We’ve had this card for six years and this is the first time we needed it to be what it claims to be...we have it so husband, a driver doesn’t use the checking account and for emergencies but with all those fees we would have been bette off paying a small fee for another checking account...and now we will.


Problems with customer service

Horrible customer service, however, they worked with me diligently when my card was comprised and over $200 in fraudulent charges were made. It took 3 tries to get a replacement card and this was a HUGE inconvenience as my payroll is or was deposited on this card. I had no access to these funds for almost 2 weeks. They were sending 2 replacement cards. One to my home and one sent via FedX with no notification of the card being sent to a FedX location in my home town. When that card was not picked up at the FedX location, Money Network would cancel that card and locking my account; 3 different times! Stupid ridiculous and infuriating process to replace a card. I have since re-routed my pay check to a reputable bank Capital One and my worries with this BS will be over. Thanks Money Network but no thanks! Done with you.....



An absolute ally in a scary world of internet scams!! I am a father to two children and fell victim to an internet scam that would show me sexual predators that lived in my area so of course I want information like that to protect my children and the scammers service started charging me out of no where crazy amounts of money and they acted in no time canceling my card for me and sending me dispute forms and not only that, their customer service guy sat there with my Cro Magnin troglodyte self and went over the whole process so I could understand and sleep well tonight. I rest well knowing money network is on my side and are willing to act immediately in helping me secure my account again and even going as far as trying to retrieve my money back for me!


Can’t even report card as lost

My card has been lost for 3 weeks now and as i have been calling this company everyday, it never puts you through. I have called every single contact number that they provide and as soon as i enter my social & birthday it tells me they cannot process my request at this time, or i get put on hold for over 2 hours until the line hangs up by itself. my employer has no control over the cards and said the issue can only be handled through money network, but money network can’t even handle the issue. 3 paychecks i can’t even access because the card company’s number literally won’t answer. How am i ever supposed to get paid? or get a new card? Never have had this happen before it shouldn’t take months to get a new card. There isn’t even an option in the “oh so convenient” app to report the card as stolen! this is ridiculous can i just get my freaking card yet?


Honest Review

Y’all complain too much. MoneyNetwork works like it should. My money’s there when it’s supposed to be; I’ve never had any problems logging into my account. My piggy banks work always. I’m always able to use my card if the place accepts visa. The login part is annoying but it’s for security measures and I totally understand that. Like I said it’s just a basic app for your finances. And plus they log the places your card was used so you’ll know if someone’s been using it other than you. And to check your amount you don’t even need to log into MoneyNetwork , all you got to do it open MoneyNetwork and boom it’s right there. It’s a great feature and a great app!!


Happy I Ignored All the Bad Reviews

I decided to install MoneyNetwork anyway and check it out for myself
Couldn't be happier...I have absolutely no problems whatsoever
with MoneyNetwork and I absolutely love the features not available through the website, particularly, being able to open MoneyNetwork and see my balance without having to be signed in, which you can change in settings
I love the transaction history layout as well and plan to use the piggybank
If you have a Money Network card, ignore the bad reviews, get MoneyNetwork and check it out for yourself...worst case scenario, you have to uninstall it, best case scenario, you'll have another useful app


Useless App

I’m glad they don’t make you rate before you write a review because they do not deserve any stars but the make you do it afterwards. I have been complaining for months about not being able to review my account balance through MoneyNetwork . It keeps saying I have a 0 balance when I’m paid daily. No mater how many times I call, I keep getting lies about a ticket being sent over to resolve the issue. The issue still occurs. I hate having to call my card several times a day or week to check my balance. I told them,There’s no need to have an app if it’s not serving it’s purpose. There has to be a better way or they need to just let this company go. & to the one who said were complaining too much, have several seats , don’t make comments on others reviews, see them don’t read them & be glad you are not going through the bull with company & their useless app.


Wow what a waste

I have to agree with all the complaints on here and honestly if you google Money Network there are tons of scam warnings related to this company and its lackadaisical attitude towards handling other people’s money. They keep saying my type of account isn’t enabled right not but will be in the coming weeks, well it’s been almost a year now........

I am removing MoneyNetwork permanently this time I do not feel safe logging into any of my account as long as MoneyNetwork is installed. Would not be surprised if it’s a malware key logger or ransomware password sniffer. Either way it’s gone for good! Use caution folks. Find a better alternative if your debit card doesn’t have its own app or website. Do not use Money Network, cause it seems to be they are the ones with all the money but ours is floating in the void of space with no apparent confirmation that’s it’s even coming back. “OOOUCH” (E.T)


Money Network Scam

My card was used in a totally separate state in which I live, when I called to get information, they advised that I had to wait until they posted before I could dispute the unauthorized charges. So I stayed up all night waiting for this to happen & finally got all of them reported but it does no good because they refuse to give me a cent back based on it taking up to 90 days to get resolved.
They acted as though it didn’t matter my hard earned money was stolen with in hours & as I started to check the times of the transactions, how in the world can I be in two states at one time, not to mention I was working during the transactions in a totally different state.
Trust I will leave money network alone & inform my employer of the lack of concern & to not use these financial institutions for payroll as the may be the actual people committing the fraud against the customers, as who else has all of your information but them to do so. Calling my local attorney generals office first thing Monday to report these things so it will be handled.
Reason of review: Poor customer service.
Monetary Loss: $361.
Preferred solution: Full refund.
Money Network Cons: Rude customer service, Lack of customer service no supervisor available.


Don’t use

Within hours of having a fraudulent/unauthorized charge on my card I called customer service. I got someone in a foreign country who said the charge was listed as pending and I had to wait to see if it goes through. I told them it was not authorized and to cancel the payment. Was told to just wait to see if it goes through. Well it went through and I called back.

Again a person from a foreign country now told me I would have to cancel my card and wait for a new one. Then fill out a form for the fraudulent charge. The new card could take up to 5-7 days to get and the form the same amount of time. But after getting the form I had only 10 days to return it. After that it could take up to 90 days to get my money back if at all.

All other cards that I’ve heard about put your money back in right away. Horrible customer service. I kept asking for a supervisor and was told there was none. So it’s been over three weeks now and no contact from the company about the charge or even a number to call and check on the status.

Funny part when sending this review it asks for a nickname to sign off with. I tried to use “hate this card” and it was already taken. So is ihatethiscard.

U odom   1 year ago

Worst company ever I have had issues with this app since the beginning I hate it they have taken money from my card for things I haven't purchased them when I call to tell them about the issue they tell me I have to wait 7 days to make a complaint now they changed the app and I can't even get on the app to unlock my card which is the only way you can keep them from letting a nother company fr or they are taking your money it's bull shit

Stacey   1 year ago

My account was closed and I had to order a new card so I did… this said card came in the mail so I activated it.not even an hour later I tried using it and again my account was closed. I called them trying to figure out why my account was closed. I gave the lady all my info to verify me but she still needed to know the exact date and amount of a transactions I had made. I do not have photographic memory so no I was not right but I know I was close. Since I could not guess the exact date she told me there was nothing she could do about it. I told her she could not just keep my money from me and she said “of course I can” I do not suggest going through these people if you do not have photographic memory because they will happily keep your money.

Bud   2 years ago

I have used them for several years because of life circumstances. And through all these years, they have done only ONE thing good. They stopped someone from stealing my card number. I have had far more issues with them. Limits on how much of MY money I can spend during a day, longer and longer menu crap when calling to just receive simple information, multiple unsolicited emails after opting out for them, denying use of my card on transactions I've done hundreds of times before, having to talk to call centers outside of this country, and a whole litany of other complaints. I would never reccomend this company to anyone.

Debora L. Shaw   3 years ago

I called customer service a couple of days ago because I kept getting the error message of invalid username or password. We got that straightened out, but now when I log into the app. It will long in but the app shuts down immediately. What is wrong with the app

Shannon Ryan   3 years ago

Application won't load properly for a couple days now

Freda   3 years ago

I have not got my eip card and I have got a latter and that was on the photos of math and the latter got here on 12 telling me about the card and I have not got the card yet I call the number put in the information that they tell you but it keep saying know account at that number

Chrid   3 years ago

First thing I want to say is this card is complete shit, and the customer service is fucking horrible. Like you only talk with 3 people and they all sound exactly the same. So my card was placed on hold, and I called them to ask what was going on. They said they couldn’t identify my identity so they had me fax them my info, and they said the fax would arrive in 5 days. 10 days later, still the hold hadn’t been lifted. I couldn’t access my money. I have shit to pay for. I call again, and I ask them what the fucks going on, and they couldn’t give me a straight answer “oh our back office isn’t open right now, please call back later” so I told them I wanted to close the account and for them to mail me all my money in a check. They said okay. So I did that on the 10th of March, and they sent the it on the 11th of March. They said it would take 7-10 days for my card to arrive. It’s been 9 days, still nothing. Today is the last day, and if it doesn’t arrive they’ll probably say some bullshit about “not including Saturdays and Sundays”. Keep in mind I had 6k in that account saved up for a car, and that money might be lost. Best believe I will take this shit to court if my money doesn’t get to me by today.

Charles   3 years ago

Money Network has a consumer rating of 1 star from 20 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Money Network most frequently mention customer service problems. Money Network ranks 90th among Mobile Carriers sites. No. Money Network Mobile App does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 108 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Money Network Mobile App Is 15.3/100

Charles   3 years ago

To often your mobile app isn’t working. I see now why your mobile app is rated “not recommended”. For a company that offers a service, low quality and poor ratings are not what you want to be known for. I’m hopeful your company can resolve the numerous IT problems and your substandard reputation before I and my business has to go elsewhere. Thanks

Corey Cooper   3 years ago

Don't get fraudulent charges on your account and expect the company to give you your money back even after you do everything they ask! Don't expect them to contact you back for any reason cause they don't know how to do that either! Very Horrible card slash company to have in your wallet.

Fran Otey   3 years ago

The app keeps saying error and won't go any further after trying to sign in.why

Mike   3 years ago

app won't open , just keeps spinning like it's loading .

Is Money Network Safe?

No. Money Network Mobile App does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 51,068 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Money Network Is 13.6/100.

Is Money Network Legit?

No. Money Network Mobile App does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 51,068 Money Network Mobile App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Money Network Is 97.8/100..

Is Money Network Mobile App not working?

Money Network Mobile App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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Monthly Subscription $5.00

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