Atkins® Carb & Meal Tracker Reviews

Atkins® Carb & Meal Tracker Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-28

Atkins® Carb Counter & Meal Tracker is an essential tool to achieving your
weight loss goals. The new & redesigned Atkins app allows you to maintain a
healthy lifestyle by giving you the diet tools to set daily goals, log meals, &
track net carbs. TRACK YOUR WEIGHT LOSS PROGRESS The for...

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Atkins® Carb & Meal Tracker Reviews

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    Needs some tweaking ...

    So, I do love the recipe part. And that you can see your progress. The look is nice. And it’s free. However, I don’t like the fact that when you enter a food item it does not give you the complete nutritional info (carbs, calories, fiber, fats, sugars, sugar alcohols). And some items only show in grams with no option to change it to oz or per serving or slice, etc. I also notice that on some items it’s not taking away carbs for sugar alcohols or fiber - only showing original carbs, which them messes with your daily net carbs. Also the “scan” item is not reliable and doesn’t always have what I’m scanning or shows incorrect info. So I use it as a guideline. I wish it was as accurate as My Fitness Pal (which the only reason I don’t use for carb counting is that you have to pay to upgrade to the carb tracker, and I was hoping the Atkin’s app would be better for that.) Also, the original version of the app used to show the different phases, gave acceptable food for each phase, and let you choose you phase. It also showed if the food you entered was acceptable for the phase you were in. The app no longer has that feature. And I agree with the other review about adding a workout log, not just steps.

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    atkins carb & meal tracker

    well... i guess it’s better than nothing. they got the intuitive part close anyway...a) in the process of figuring it out i input the same item several times so it comes up several times when i do a search. silly me. b) it’s cumbersome to input data, the foods you scan in do not match what comes up in the list ( ex. the label on the pkg says xx calories & the app item has a different calorie count), & there’s no way to change it. c) trying to type in your food item gives you “not found” unless you happen to input what its “intuiting.” d) it’s difficult to “revise”; the only way to do that is to delete the item & start over - if you dont delete it or add it, you’re stuck on that “page.” you get to guess how to get to the “revise” page. e) there doesnt appear to be any order to the food list when it comes up thereby necessitating scrolling thru everything. f) the clincher for me was paying the price,then spending more time than i wanted figuring it out! there were NO instructions or guidelines! i dont usually write reviews but this one bothers me enough to do it. i apologize for the length of it & hope it will be helpful. to the developer: could you fix these problems pls? i think the concept is good & in the end would be very useful but as is, is frustrating. many thanks.

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    I like the old version!

    ***Update*** So I love it now! They added back your weight loss graph and you can see your progress for a week, month and a year! I also love the custom foods being added back. Great update! I am a little concerned about the carb count however. When I scan an Atkins meal ( Chicken Margarita) the BOX says 7 net carbs, the APP states its 5 carbs. So, I thought ok, maybe it has gone down, however, there isn’t new packaging to reflect the app count. Just be cautious if your strict with your carb count. This new update is no good. I loved how when I tracked my weight, I could see the progression on a chart. I also liked making my own recipes and putting in the information...can’t do that now. You can’t even add your own food,unless I’m missing it where to add it (which I’m pretty sure I’m not). Please update the app to bring back the chart and create your own foods/recipes. Also, instead of tracking steps, what about tracking work outs? Maybe a calendar where you can check it off your list? Water intake? Make a progression bar for that too. I love using this app for all my fitness and diet intake but it’s missing a lot.

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    Very nice app!

    The meal tracking app and Atkins plan had been an excellent tool in achieving my health goals. It's very easy to use. I wish you could see calories per item and carbs instead of just the overall calories but I suppose calories are not the focus anyway. I've been the plan for two months and am down 25 pounds. Inflammation greatly reduced, more energy, less gastrointestinal issues. The recipes are easy and Atkins produo are a welcome treat and alternative when I feel I need a little something. They have been part of why I've been successful. With Atkins as and education on Keto and Low carb eating my attitude towards food has transformed. Low carb is now my lifestyle. There's no turning back. Life is balance Eat well... Lots of salad and veggies, enjoy protein with the fat in healthy portions, avoid sugary foods when possible Atkins treats can help!, exercise at least a little, drink water, replace electrolytes magnesium and potassium. You won't regret it!

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    Love this app but add custom foods seems to have a glitch

    I have always favored the Atkins app over other tracking apps but it seems with the new look update the add custom foods doesn’t work properly. Each time I fill in the info and hit add custom food it automatically changes the numbers I input to something completely different. It doesn’t change the name, only the number of net carbs. For instance I tried to add a cheese I couldn’t scan so I input all the nutrition info. The net carbs I entered is 1 but after I hit add custom food it changes to 10 net carbs. I tried it several times so I know it wasn’t me accidentally inputting 10. Hope it gets fixed soon because it is truly the best carb counting app out there!

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    So disappointed

    I LOVED this app in the old version. I preferred it to other tracking apps and regularly recommended it to others. Since the update, I find it difficult to use and don’t even want to track anymore because it’s so cumbersome. The old version remembered the servings of my favorite foods. I eat eggs for breakfast. Every day I could track eggs, and it would automatically remember the last serving size I tracked. Now I have to change the default (cups - who measures eggs in cups?!) to ounces or egg size and pick the number. Every. Single. Time. Same thing with cream for my coffee. Foods are hard to find in search. And when adding a custom food it changes the amount of net carbs after you enter them to equal fat. I do appreciate the addition of the history. I am however still not sure how to change or set a goal weight. The goal weight is still in there from when I entered it before the new release, but I don’t know how to edit it. So so disappointed. I really liked this tracker. I hope y’all can further improve it.

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    Hit or Miss

    This app is really hit or miss. It has some very usable features and it really lacks functionality in other areas. It’s great to be able to track a day’s intake, it’s a pain not having the ability to copy a previous day’s meal or create multi-item meals. It takes several minutes to look up every food being tracked, versus copying a previous meal or creating a bulk meal of you eat the same thing frequently. It’s great having a database of existing foods to source from, it’s frustrating that the items aren’t always accurate (not the developer’s fault but nonetheless a pain). The recipes are slick and may be my favorite feature, however it doesn’t adjust the recipe steps based on servings selected - the ingredients do adjust but any callouts in the recipe steps don't. I could keep it or leave and it’s better than other apps but what’s frustrating about it is really frustrating and isn’t necessarily negated by the positive features.

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    Good way to track foods

    Love the app, but... it is not easy to find the foods I want to add. One example is Marie’s chunky blue cheese dressing. The whole name will not find the item but ‘blue cheese’ gives a list that you have to go down, way down to find the item. Passing other Marie’s blue cheese dressing like the Light. No order whatsoever. Could they not be alphabetized or grouped in some meaningful way? It would be helpful remember what my last entry was and put that on top. Create a pattern. But that is not a deal breaker. Then there are exact items with different carb counts. The change/delete could be easier. Creating favorites to make my own list doesn’t seem to work the way I thought it would and alas, there are no instructions on creating and using a favorites list. That would really rectify the two earlier problems. Customizing a food to add is ok but we should be able to create a customized list from the existing list also.

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    Ok app

    I am in several online keto groups. I asked for recs for a good carb tracking app, and this one seem to be the most highly recommended. However, I have found it to be challenging to use. What I do not like about it is it’s very difficult to search for items in the Atkins database. If you try to type in a description, unless it’s 100% identical, it’s almost impossible to find what you’re looking for. Also, I do like that you can scan in an item, but I have scanned in many items that do not show up. And it’s very difficult to then try to find something comparable for some items. Also, I would like to adjust what my target carb/net carb goal is, but that does not appear to be adjustable. And I’ve wanted to write to customer service, but the app includes no way to contact anyone. I don’t know if there are other carb tracking apps that are better, but I only find this one to be adequate.

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    No, No, No!!!!!

    I can’t tell you how much I dislike this app since the reboot. First, I have been trying for at least an hour to enter a custom food. That food has 0.0 grams of carbs and 16.0 grams of fat. I entered all the info about carbs, fat, fiber, protein, and sugar and created a new food. Guess how many carbs the app shows for one serving (one tablespoon) of the food? Sixteen! I deleted and reentered the food and got the same thing. It took me a while to realize the app is using fat grams for carb grams. I could just put in another food with no carbs, but then my macros will be off. I have also seen, as I was looking for other foods, some foods that show zero carbs that are definitely not zero carb foods. Some newbies may be sabotaged by those entries, and if these are off, some foods that don’t have carbs may list some or list carb counts inaccurately. I had used the old app since it was introduced, but I was optimistic about the update. Silly me! I am now looking for a different app. I no longer have confidence in this app.

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    Good but could be better

    Before switching to Atkins 40 and using this app, I used Cronometer. It gives you more information than just net carbs when you pull up a food, it gives you protein and fat and the option to see full nutrition information. I think this would be beneficial on the Atkins app as well. Also, would help to show net carbs, fats and protein for each meal and snack at the bottom of each section and not just accumulated for the whole day as you enter. Atkins website shows you where they want you to be in terms of numbers for the day, app just fills in the circle and gives you the number you have consumed and I have to go back to the website to see what the range is . Both would help you learn how to plan each meal better. I suggest taking at look at Cronometer Atkins. Your app is good, but you could make it great.

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    No room for homemade recipes

    I like the scan feature, favorites and featured recipes but wish there was a way to add homemade recipes. Also when searching foods, the list populates with the worst chain restaurant meals and prepackaged foods. Wish it was more user friendly for those of us that cook from real ingredients. I made chicken stock last night using only foundational vegetables after poaching a chicken for chicken salad, etc. Now am making chicken soup with stock, zucchini slices & chicken. When I just type in chicken soup homemade I get 9 net carbs. I don’t know what that version is made with to get that. Apps like Lose It! Let you repeat meals and is much better for recording foods, minus the net carb feature. Maybe the developers want to take a look at it for ideas for updates to this one. I find this app really time consuming compared to others.

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    Fresher, but less functional

    Update The custom foods are back. I still would like to see what fat and calories a food item has prior to adding it (or even after). The daily total is nice, but seeing how potential food choices would impact that was a great feature that has not (yet?) surfaced in the new app. I gave up, and found another far more user friendly tracking app (shame, because I really liked the old one!) The new app has a fresher look, and is simple to use. One thing missing from the old version is the ability to see the calories, protein, and fat (in addition to carbs) for individual food items before you “add” them. The current version only shows the totals. I know Atkins focuses on carbs, but watching how different food choices affected the “sliders” on the old one was a really good feature.

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    Suggestions for user-friendlier entries

    This app works fine for me, except I think there are ways to make it easier for the user. My suggestions - available on other apps like WeightWatchers - would be an option to: - Create recipes from foods available on the app or previously entered so you can enter the serving rather than entering all the individual ingredients. This also means that when you next make that recipe, it’s available in your Favorites to select again. - Once you enter a few items, it would be super nice if you can save those as a meal, so again, you don’t have to enter each of those items individually. For example, if you have coffee w/half & half and sugar free syrup each day, you could save that and call it “Morning Coffee” rather than searching all items separately every day.

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    Great Bariatric Surgery Tool

    I had the Sleeve surgery last May. By following the Atkins program with this app, I have lost 130 lbs. This app counts my protein, carbs and fats and make me accountable by entering every morsel that passes my lips. I record even the poor choices I make. This app enforces mindful eating. You can also track your weight loss and measurements. This is one of the easiest apps to use. Many items are already pre-loaded. It not only includes non-brand foods, it includes many brand names too. Many restaurants are included along with big-box items from stores such as Costco.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Atkins® Carb & Meal Tracker customer service directly
via Email using our new site -

Contact Atkins® Carb & Meal Tracker directly

Is Atkins® Carb & Meal Tracker Safe?

Yes. Atkins® Carb & Meal Tracker is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 73,779 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Atkins® Carb & Meal Tracker Is 40.2/100.

Is Atkins® Carb & Meal Tracker Legit?

Yes. Atkins® Carb & Meal Tracker is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 73,779 Atkins® Carb & Meal Tracker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Atkins® Carb & Meal Tracker Is 40.2/100.

Is Atkins® Carb & Meal Tracker not working?

Atkins® Carb & Meal Tracker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 6 Comments

By Salle Schulenborg
Sep 17 2021

The scanner does not work, can’t add a recipe using nutrition - inconsistent. The old app was better.

By terry
Sep 16 2021

New version is unusable. I used the old version everyday. you could record your steps and exercise. This version I can't even record my food. For example: I put in bologna. About 20 bologna came up. All just said bologna with different carb counts. I deleted it. Can't deal with it.

By Myron J Stegman
Sep 10 2021

This is the worst attempt, of selling product I've ever seen. They had such a great thing going with the old app now we can't track our food. Or support each other this may destroy Atkins

By Jean
Aug 31 2021

I cannot open app. I cannot log in either. Tried resetting password and get a blank screen. Not a good update!

By Susan Welter
Aug 31 2021

Where is all my data from the last two years?!? Granted, I used it sporadically but the last months of my history wiped out! I hate you!

By Marie N Verschueren
Apr 13 2021

Your recommendation is to close the app and try again later? I’d say that is the worst customer service statement I have ever heard. So basically you don’t care that the app does not work “most of the time”.
Such an easy app to build but you don’t care.
People just want to add the food they are eating and not every food is in your database so we need to add our own food.
No big deal to make it work all the time.
It is extremely time consuming and frustrating to use most of the time. Which pretty makes it useless.
I am starting Atkins again and was happy to have a place to keep track.
Too bad it doesn’t work.

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