Glycemic Index Load Net Carbs Reviews

Glycemic Index Load Net Carbs Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-11

Do you want to eat smart? * know good food and eat smart * follow low-carb
diets or keto diets * control your weight, glucose and blood pressure * prevent
diseases like diabetes or heart diseases like hypertension * fight weight gain,
overweight and obesity * have the Glycemic Load, Ind...

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Glycemic Index Load Net Carbs Reviews

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    Wanted to like it.

    I just downloaded and spent almost an hour making an effort to download my minimal breakfast and lunch knowing nothing about GL but wanting to learn. I easily found that an egg has no GL. The problem started when I tried to find my fresh veggie juice. I found juice of beets but nothing about celery, cucumber, parsley which I juice regularly for inflammation. Ok, that’s an unusual request, I get it, so I moved on to my salad and typed in romaine....nothing. So I typed in lettuce and found only green leaf. Ok, so maybe they’re similar. I’ll choose that. Wait I can’t figure out my portion in cups? The only option is grams.....who uses grams in America? I don’t even want to consider trying to find the ingredients for my homemade salad dressing. I’m out!

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    It’s was okay.

    The app was okay, I was hopeful and went ahead and paid for the year however when I got inside the app, the lists of foods are limited. I found out I had to put in the foods I am accustomed to eating. There are no meats, chickens, or anything like this to choose from...which are consumed by many daily. If the food lists contained more of the everyday food people eat I would have kept the app. It’s hard enough being diabetic on its own let alone having to enter in your own food, find out the GI, how much it weighs etc so that it could be entered. that’s too much work for an app you pay for. I was hopeful sorry I had to cancel. 😓

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    So. much. missing.

    I previously had a different version of a glycemic index reference which was much better. This program is terrible. It lacks eg milk, yogurt/yoghurt, peas etc etc. For something as common as sweet potato it had only "raw sweet potato"-- yes, how it is cooked changes the G.I. I would have consider buying the $1.99 version but half of the items I was looking for were missing! The 2Stars are for a fair graphic environment and mostly correct spelling of the words (1 star each). TIP from George W: Potato is spelled like that-- not "Potatoe". If you want to make two dollars on an app by throwing together data, please make sure that your database is more expansive than this "Health Magazine article fold out" data dump.

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    Great app, needs some UX and UI changes + more food options

    This is a great app, amazing that it seems only one person has made it. There is a bit of ease of use that could be tweaked (ie when you click the “+” icon it’d be nice if the cursor immediately was in the search bar, instead of having to click in the search bar to type). While there are a lot of options for foods to search, it’d great to have more, but I’m sure it takes time to build this kind of database. Pros: fairly easy to use and record/track GI and GL, pleasant colors, premium version relatively inexpensive. Kind of a con, but...: although advertised “free,” to get much use out of it, you’ll want to subscribe to the “premium” version, but it’s a super nominal fee (at least when I subscribed). Con: needs a lot more in its database to help track more worldwide diets

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    Like it but....

    I like this a lot but It’s the only app I have used for GI and GL. So can’t really compare it. What would make it better is to have the veggies in GI AND GL when cooked. For someone like me, just learning about it this would help. From a user friendly POV In Order to use the search you need to click or touch your screen like 3-4 times before you can start typing. So that’s a little much. That would be a well received change!!

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    Difficult to use - wish I could get a refund!

    You have to choose between ounces and grams for your food servings, and the same setting will decide whether you use pounds or kg for your weight setting. The problem with this is that either I have to convert my weight to kg every day, or I have to under- or overreport my food servings, as there's no decimal to indicate part of an ounce (though apparently the standard serving size is 3.53 oz). Also, I cannot see the food I've uploaded to my consumption diary.

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    Worth the price

    Accessing the Gluten Load data requires paying upgrade fee, but is worth it. Has lots of data and nice features. Tap filters on and off at the bottom of the table make browsing the table more useful, and the search feature is quick.

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    Uselessly confusing

    I wish I could get my money back. The paid version of this app is completely confusing, even after watching the tutorial video (tip to the developers: maybe add voice over, some zoom in’s and slow it down so we can actually see what you’re doing?). It wasn’t a lot of money but this was still one of the most pointless app purchases I’ve ever made. Save your money and look elsewhere, or just stick with the free version.

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    Great App

    Perfect for quick reference if you have glucose problems. I look at this app many times everyday to see if I can eat various things. The glycemic load part is also very useful.

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    Super! Exactly what I want it to do

    This app is perfect for checking the GI of various food items: quick and clear interface, great variety of foods, and makes checking easy! Recommended.

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    Very Effective For First Glance Cheat Sheeting

    In my opinion, certain foods, drinks and the like could be broken down into more specific indexes. Additionally, more foods could be added. Other wise, I am very pleased with this application. If you would like to discuss this let me know.

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    Totally frustrating

    I was able to get the tables for a while, now nothing works any more. It suddenly shows only three foods and now they are gone, too. This is tot ally useless. Also while it still worked, it was cumbersome to have to go back to the top of each category when trying to see all three values for one item. This is now totally useless to me, waste of money.

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    Looks Promising!

    Just got the app with the advance features. It looks promising but there is nothing I can find that tells you HOW to use it! Videos do me no good at all as the pictures are too small to see, the music is annoying and it’s not explaining to me HOW to enter my meals or how to use the app!! FAQ is no help, there is no place to ask for help and no instructions that I can find!! Please help!

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    Weight is dropping off

    cutting back on carbs and sugar and the app is really helpful. i question the glycemic load it shows for cola, but i stay away anyway so it’s ok for me. overall excellent.

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    Awesome app!

    I needed something simple to understand and easy to work as I began my life of living with diabetes. This app has help me tract my needs in order to be more in control.

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Is Glycemic Index Load Net Carbs Safe?

Yes. Glycemic Index Load Net Carbs is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,053 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Glycemic Index Load Net Carbs Is 58.5/100.

Is Glycemic Index Load Net Carbs Legit?

Yes. Glycemic Index Load Net Carbs is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,053 Glycemic Index Load Net Carbs User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Glycemic Index Load Net Carbs Is 58.5/100.

Is Glycemic Index Load Net Carbs not working?

Glycemic Index Load Net Carbs works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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