Contact SmartNews: Local Breaking News

Contact SmartNews: Local Breaking News

Published by on 2020-12-29

SmartNews is the award-winning news app downloaded by 40+ million readers in
100+ countries! SmartNews analyzes millions of articles every day to deliver
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Common SmartNews: Local Breaking News Issues

  • By GiveItARestAlready

    App should be named MSNBC2

    Being fed up with pretty much all media outlets having a noticeable political bias and wanting to JUST k ow what happened, not someone’s analysis of it, I’ve been looking for an app that just gives the news. Let me figure out what it means. an app that I can open up, see what happened in the world today and close it. I gave this app about 4 months. Every time I opened it it seemed to get worse. If there was a Trump/Republican bashing article anywhere on the net, you’ll find it on the front page here. You don’t even have to read the articles to see that everything on this site is for liberals. The titles are hilariously liberal. Don’t think I’ve seen a single article pertaining to the US government or the White House or republican that wasn’t a negative liberal opinion piece. I scrolled through about 5 minutes ago and it was ridiculous. Finally decided to delete it. This isn’t a news site. If you really just want to know what happened in the world today, this is not the site for you. Update: Based on the developers feedback, it’s obvious that anyone who points out that this is a liberal leaning site is told to try Fox News for your conservative views. I’m not even a conservative. Just someone looking for unbiased news and this poser is telling everyone that points out their obvious bias that they’re a conservative and need to look elsewhere for their conservative views. This won’t be around long.

  • By Esbt123456

    Big Time Liberal News Aggregator

    Look here, it’s not smart news when I have to physically add stories and sources. If you had good AI, you would know what I read and don’t read, which would give you a sense of what I am interested in, instead of spamming me with all kinds of liberal political news. And here’s the kicker, you defend your system, vice taking my recommendations to make your system better. The fact you refuse to make changes tells me that 1) the system is doing what you want, or 2) you lack the maturity and business sense to operate the business you are selling. UPDATE: Now why don’t you tell the truth? Almost all the stories are big-time left wing stories. Every once in a while you you toss in a conservative website origin story, and you call that balanced. Sometimes I would search for a conservative story and have to dig pages into searches. How about news that is not political, period? Or like I have seen quite a few liberals who think that media such as MSNBC and Huffington Post is centrists...maybe you actually believe that. Anyways, as long as you keep this business model, you will keep me away. Tried a long time but almost all the news is extreme liberal news. There is no balance...and it certainly could not figure out I want real news, not politics.

  • By DivaRB


    Fair and balanced? It is not! Primary stories are from Huff Post, NYT, Washington Post, NBC, etc. Really? Fox News and just a handful of more conservative media is at the very very end of the list. Any use who gave this app a high rating must be a very progressive liberal. Very despicable of Smart News people to try to deceive the public. This app does not fairly display the stories from ALL media outlets. It just doesn’t. I tried it so I could see for myself. And I will delete this app. Note to the Smart News responder .. “if you want a more conservative view you should add add Fox News, blah blah .. “. why didn’t you program it in there to begin with, so that the app would appear as you advertise it will be on your lame commercial? Why should CONSERVATIVE people have to tweak the app? It should be FAIR to begin with. You see, a very liberal person will think this is great and will continue to believe they are getting fair news. THEY ARE NOT! Shame on YOU! I received an inadequate reply from Nathan telling me exactly what I thought he would say .. same as above. They just don’t get it. What I’m saying is that they should set up a FAIR sampling of media outlets in the first place. Instead, they are setting up LIBERAL publications, and then I have to change my selections. Why can’t you be more fair?

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Reported Issues: 3 Comments

By Ann McCormick
Feb 18 2021

I am beginning to realize that your news site is another site for misleading the public. Today’s feature about avoiding scams regarding the COVID-19 vaccine is in itself a scam. Three paragraphs toward the end of the article are devoted to examples which include not giving your Medicare number online. That information is asked for in order to complete online registration on the Publix Pharmacy COVID-19 provider site. By providing this misleading information, Smart News is adding to the confusion and distress involved in vaccinating the public.

By M Brown
Jan 28 2021

I Love Smart News except for one thing.
Please tell me how to avoid all articles about snakes. When I scroll thru and come upon any. Snake articles, my flesh crawls. Is there a catagory to eliminate coming up on these articles. Please help!!!
Thank you.

By Karim Rezaul
Nov 27 2020

Hi, I am Karim Rezaul. When I am going to see any news From my iPhone app then always I have seen top “ Brooklyn “ , never see the New York. But I want change from Brooklyn to New yorK. It’s didn’t change. I tried lots of time . Please would you give me some information how I shall change Brooklyn to New York . Thanks. Karim Rezaul.

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