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Published by on 2023-12-25

About: SmartNews is the award-winning local news app downloaded by 50+ million readers
in 150+ countries! SmartNews analyzes millions of articles every day to deliver
the top trending news stories influencing the world right now. News From All
Sides! SmartNews delivers high-quality news headlines and breaking news from top
news publishers: NBC News, MSNBC, USA Today, TIME, The Huffington Post, Bleacher
Report, Quartz, The Verge, VICE.

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Reported Issues: 13 Comments

4.6 out of 5

By David Dorward

5 months ago

Today, while reading a new release about former U.S. Representative Cheney, the text had an interspaced Ad for home delivery of marijuana. I tried to long click on the ad to block or report it without success. Even though marijuana is legal in this state for sale at State-licensed dispensaries, to my knowledge it is still illegal for interstate commerce. I find such Ads fully inappropriate for seemingly wholesome and objective news feeds such as SmartNews. I will not hesitate to report any further Ads of this type to my phone and internet carriers, and will uninstall SmartNews to prevent such Ads from invading my privacy. Thank you for your attention and efforts in this matter.

By Ranny Khano

1 year ago

"SmartNews web stopped allowing users read news articles. If users click on a news article it now says to *download the app on IOS* This is Not possible on a laptop? or can you please make a Microsoft store app?

By Paul Walker

1 year ago

My SmartNews app will not come on it will load

By Paul Walker

1 year ago

My SmartNews app will not load

By Rita Rudolph

2 years ago

I take offense on your articles about president Trump!! Even how you head them is so mean !!! It is obvious you are left towards socialism! I won’t be using smart news anymore! You don’t treat people fairly especially President Trump!! You can produce articles without putting your hatred spin on them!!!

By William Pugh

2 years ago

Please remove me from your SMARTNEWS & anything affiliated with your Socialist agenda! Biden is a con man, liar, cheat, adulterer & a crime boss! He will be exposed as well as Kamala. You are evil and wicked people! You will not succeed!

By Adam B

2 years ago

Short and sweet. Smart News was supposed to be fair and balanced along with Fact checked. That is FAR from the case. Ridiculous!!!!!

By Ann McCormick

3 years ago

I am beginning to realize that your news site is another site for misleading the public. Today’s feature about avoiding scams regarding the COVID-19 vaccine is in itself a scam. Three paragraphs toward the end of the article are devoted to examples which include not giving your Medicare number online. That information is asked for in order to complete online registration on the Publix Pharmacy COVID-19 provider site. By providing this misleading information, Smart News is adding to the confusion and distress involved in vaccinating the public.

By M Brown

3 years ago

I Love Smart News except for one thing. Please tell me how to avoid all articles about snakes. When I scroll thru and come upon any. Snake articles, my flesh crawls. Is there a catagory to eliminate coming up on these articles. Please help!!! Thank you.

By Karim Rezaul

3 years ago

Hi, I am Karim Rezaul. When I am going to see any news From my iPhone app then always I have seen top “ Brooklyn “ , never see the New York. But I want change from Brooklyn to New yorK. It’s didn’t change. I tried lots of time . Please would you give me some information how I shall change Brooklyn to New York . Thanks. Karim Rezaul.

By Don't even think about it1988

Ad popping

This app is now randomly throwing up full screen ads with hidden dismiss buttons. It’s amazing how something can go from good to junk apps with one greed based change. Ditching it, you should too. However, this review won’t make it anywhere near the top of reviews for obvious reasons. I’ve found great replacement that doesn’t force feed ads and in comparison to this app, they get me the news I want to read, while still allowing me to find what I want that’s outside my immediate interest. Importantly, without then flooding me with garbage because I read one article. You can say what you don’t like, and that stuff isn’t forced down your throat either. It’s not hard to find something much better, you should look. The developer is asking for suggestions. The suggestion is do not pop up full screen ads that are difficult to close and require user input, or worse killing the app. Simple. The inline ads were (are) plentiful without this. The fact that people don’t click them except accidentally is not a cue to make them full screen and hard to close. That motivation is about $ and advertisers, which has nothing to do with delivering the news. Not the product spots masquerading as articles, the actual news. Either you are a news app or an advertising outlet. Smart news seems to have made that choice. That’s why I, and many others are abandoning the app. It’s not a hard calculus.

By GiveItARestAlready

App should be named MSNBC2

Being fed up with pretty much all media outlets having a noticeable political bias and wanting to JUST k ow what happened, not someone’s analysis of it, I’ve been looking for an app that just gives the news. Let me figure out what it means. an app that I can open up, see what happened in the world today and close it. I gave this app about 4 months. Every time I opened it it seemed to get worse. If there was a Trump/Republican bashing article anywhere on the net, you’ll find it on the front page here. You don’t even have to read the articles to see that everything on this site is for liberals. The titles are hilariously liberal. Don’t think I’ve seen a single article pertaining to the US government or the White House or republican that wasn’t a negative liberal opinion piece. I scrolled through about 5 minutes ago and it was ridiculous. Finally decided to delete it. This isn’t a news site. If you really just want to know what happened in the world today, this is not the site for you. Update: Based on the developers feedback, it’s obvious that anyone who points out that this is a liberal leaning site is told to try Fox News for your conservative views. I’m not even a conservative. Just someone looking for unbiased news and this poser is telling everyone that points out their obvious bias that they’re a conservative and need to look elsewhere for their conservative views. This won’t be around long.


NOW DELETED but WAS Best News Aggregator BY FAR

Below is my former 5 Star Review and I am now rating this ZERO Stars and this has nothing to to with politics as some have commented In the past, you could go to the Discover Tab and add Tabs from the various content providers (AP, CNN, Fox) Inexplicably that ability has been removed for the Follow Tab, which requires 4 more clicks to read the same content You folks literally took the best laid out app I have ever seen (News or otherwise) and created an app that I had to delete Whoever came up with the idea to eliminate the ability to add Tabs for the “Following” Tab should be fired in one of the most egregious screw ups in iOS history ————————- I have tried numerous News Apps and have left each one as they were not exactly what I was looking for From Design to Content, this is exactly how I would have built it myself. I do NOT understand the reviews which state that it leans one side of the aisle or the other...just don’t pick that particular channel if you feel that way My only criticism (and it is no biggie) is on the Top Stories tab, I could do without the “For You” section. I rarely find those stories interesting and would just prefer additional “Top Stories” to continue on scrolling down that page That aside this is the perfect News App

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