Biorhythm-365 Reviews

Biorhythm-365 Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-02

◉ Protect yourself by checking biorhythm daily. Stamina, judgment, emotion,
etc. If you are not feeling well about the following measures, how about
checking your biorhythm? If your biorhythm does not function appropriately, it
is recommended to avoid unreasonable activities. Something...

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Biorhythm-365 Reviews

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    This a very helpful app

    Biorhythms were all the rage back in the 70’s and we would have our monthly charts taped on the wall to track our highs and lows. As a therapist I began talking about how our bodies go through their own rhythms and to not judge ourselves during low energy periods. When a client showed me this app I was thrilled! Yesterday, I wanted to use my chainsaw for the first time and decided to look at my chart when I saw that my physical energy was at a “critical” day. Made the decision to wait it out until I was physically more able to take on the task. This is a great tool for self care.

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    Never heard of a Biorhythm before this app

    When my energy is down, when I have anxiety, or my mind is thinking about sex but my body just doesn't have the energy to perform, I check this app to know how my body is functioning in my environment. I’ve learned to adjust my body if my rhythms are disconnected which may bring my energy down for the day. This calculator is a good metaphysical tool to measure how the mind and body energies potentials are based on the day you are born. It would be great to see a simple to use BaZi calculator, Feng Shui compass and an Astrological Ephemeris from the creator of this App. Fr. MrSeldomSeen

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    Peace of mind

    Used these in paper chart form many years ago and found them useful to interpret my feelings and strength. But it was a pain and time consuming back then. So now I find this app which added the forth indicator and use it to gage the day. Mostly it’s fairly accurate but don’t let the down cycles mess with you karma

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    I am disappointed in this app. I like the graphics and layout. The information which is provided is basic, but good. VERY disappointed, however, that it is only for ONE person’s profile! And, there is no way change the birthdate once entered! If you were able to change the birthdate, it would be cumbersome, but you would at least be able to see data for another family member. Other free Biorhythm apps allow multiple profiles, therefore I will use them. If this is changed, I would prefer this app and would rate it higher.

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    Good app

    I enjoy using this app. It is quick and easy to use once you figure out how to adjust birthdates. I think a lot of people misunderstand biorhythms. They try to make them more than they are. I use them only to determine critical days. The most helpful is determining double critical days. That confirms that what I am feeling is temporary. I don’t try to change how I feel. I will adjust how I behave if necessary. I’ve been using this method for 25 years and it works.

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    Very useful

    Alright so I can see that my biorhythm chart coincides with mercury retrograde SO it's very useful in that you can prepare yourself for the future. It's very easy to use and I like that it can be easily modified (you can search anyone's biorhythm chart anytime). I like this very much and I'm gonna recommend my friends on social media to download this.

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    How would you use it?

    If you don’t look after you’re self and just kinda let things happen then stop reading. However if you feel like you prefer to know what’s going on with you or plan for things ahead of time from studying to dates with your partner then yeah download it now!

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    Handy Biorhythm report

    I've known about the biorhythm subject since the 1970's when it first became a popular subject. It's great to have a handy, daily report of my biorhythm status for the day. Sometimes it seems very accurate. Going on year 2 of use and still seems to coincide with general well being or lows.

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    I like this app the most

    All apps on Biorhythms are different this one is easy to change dates for birth or which dates your checking where your rhythms will be. Also rates your reading with faces that makes it quick and easy to comprehend Thank You!

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    I’m just so weary of...

    1. The great variability of the results between ALL biorhythm apps. Been following my biorhythms since they became scientific fact and it’s always been thus. 2. Lazy developers who FORCE PORTRAIT VIEWING. Have they thought about the millions of tablet users (the majority actually) who use their tablets in the landscape position? My advice to users: 1. Get 3 biorhythm apps. 2. When you have ‘strange’ or dissatisfying day(s) look at your biorhythms in retrospect and see which of the 3 apps best accounted for THAT day’s result. 3. Do #2 enough times so you can identify the most accurate app and UNINSTALL the rest of them. For ‘me’ this is NOT the most accurate biorhythms app. Maybe for you it will prove satisfactory. Trust me, when you’ve got an app that really "nails it" it’s such a pleasure to trust your biorhythms.

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    The App Store shows this as 4.5 stars! Where are the reviews?

    How can you have a rating with no reviews? As for the app, it seems to work. Mixed feelings about the lines. They make it easier to find a particular day but it would be nice if they were bolder so that intersections and patterns would be more obvious. The developers ought to contact Apple and see whether they can get their reviews to show up.

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    Very useful!

    I use this app from time to time and am impressed with the accuracy. The only thing I wish it could do is have multiple birthdays at the same time to compare, such as other family members.

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    Helpful, even enlightening

    I have used biorhythms since the 80’s and trust them. We each respond differently to varying states. I used to keep a record of past conditions to learn and be cautious, and to use certain peaks as creative times.

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    Simple, I enjoy it, just the basic!

    I'm grateful that it just has the basic things I want to see. It would be nice to have all to have two different birthdates without changing everything. But I like it.

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    I like it but could be improved

    I’ve been tracking my biorhythms since the 1980’s and am happy with this app for myself. However the last app I had provided an option to track friends by entering their birthdates. And all I had to do was click on their name and their rhythms would display. I don’t see how to do this on this app.

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Is Biorhythm-365 Safe?

Yes. Biorhythm-365 is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 604 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Biorhythm-365 Is 62.6/100.

Is Biorhythm-365 Legit?

Yes. Biorhythm-365 is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 604 Biorhythm-365 User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Biorhythm-365 Is 62.6/100.

Is Biorhythm-365 not working?

Biorhythm-365 works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Jami
Jan 16 2021

How to I get to the main menu & the basic user registration to enter my information

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