Timehop - Memories Then & Now Reviews

Timehop - Memories Then & Now Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-22

Timehop helps you celebrate the best moments of the past with your friends. It's
like #tbt every day! What were you doing a year ago today? Two years? Three
years? Tap through your old photos, videos, & posts from your iPhone, Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter, & Swarm, and replay your past...

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1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

Timehop - Memories Then & Now Reviews

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    Most features you liked are gone

    I'm sorry team, I know you are excited and you wanted to ship, but I don't think any users were asking for this update. At least not enough to outweigh the fact that many of the features that your users like and consider an important part of the app, are missing now. I know you'll be adding back some later, but as of right now it's frustrating that I can't do things I used to be able to, all for a design update that I honestly don't consider an upgrade. I don't care how hip my tweets look or that my photos are now in frames. I can't access my original tweets any longer or click on the links within them. I can't really scroll past large photo sets, or easily past whole years like I used to be able to. You put design over function and now your users are upset and potentially permanently lost. I know I'll keep using for a little while because I'm addicted to myself, but that won't last forever if every time I try to use the app, the features that I got the most utility out of aren't there, and the experience is negative each time instead. Did you survey your users about what mattered most to them? Did you look at metrics on what features were most used? Did you do any user testing with actual loyal users? Maybe you did all of this, but for someone who got this update out of the blue, I am both not happy and am passionate enough to write this, but how much I care for your app won't last long. --user since it was just a daily email back in 2012.

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    Take the autoplay off the videos.

    Edited! Thanks for the fix! 😘 I’m checking Timehop and the first thing I’m greeted with when I open the app is a blaring ad. Obnoxiously loud and NO WAY TO MUTE IT. The only solution is to close the app, open it back up, and then scroll through as quickly as possible before the video loads, which is counterproductive to the purpose of the app (enjoying my memories.) Many an article on advertising best practices will tell you that most users find autoplaying videos intrusive and offensive. Default the sound to muted (like Facebook does) with an option to play the sound if a user chooses. Some people check their Timehop in waiting rooms, at work, during a commute or other places where sudden loud noise from their device is extremely embarrassing at best.

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    Is that possible to have a feature for deleting the photo?

    I downloaded this app recently suggested by my boyfriend and I felt it was an awesome and fun app to check the memo everyday. But I also noticed, me and I think for many other people in today, we are so used to just taking a picture for everything not only for something we really want to save, like just taking a pic for memorize something or sharing with friends in social app, but we are so lazy to revisit the pics in photos and remove them. So it ends up with we have many pics that we actually don’t want to keep. I’m just wondering will it be nice to let the app have the functionality like a delete button for the picture, and the picture will be deleted from the photos app (the cellphone itself) too once use presses the delete button. That would be so convincing for users and which at least will even encourage me to use the app everyday to not only reviewing the pics but also as a chance to keep our album clean :D

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    Good app, careless retrovideo mistakes

    I use Timehop every day, I loved the concept from the beginning. Still like the old format better, but used to the current one now so it’s been fine. However, whoever is responsible for making/editing the retrovideos needs help. I’ve seen at least 3 mistakes in the past 10 days.. one video said Edward Scissorhands came out “10 years ago” right under where it said it came out in 1989 (it was actually released in 1990, which the speaker said in the video, so a little confused as to where 1989 came from). And today for A Series of Unfortunate Events, the description has it written as “Beaudelaire” children (it’s spelled Baudelaire). Yeah these mistakes aren’t a big deal and don’t affect my use of the app, it just comes off as pretty careless on Timehop’s part since these are basic things that should be checked before submitting. Just bringing that to your attention, otherwise thanks for all the memories!

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    It seems that every time that you do an update you change the ways that things are done and you have to figure it all out again when you could do it without even thinking before the update. I have been having issues with the app stopping every 2-3 days I go on (I’m currently on day 201) and when I click on the widget agin it starts all over from the beginning and when I get to where I was if I click to save photo it shuts down again. I have shut off and restarted my phone but the same thing happens. I’ve made sure I had string internet connection but it still stops. I was hoping that this new update would fix this issue, but unfortunately it did not and now it stops every time I go on. Is there going to be an update to fix this issue. I have contacted Apple thinking it was a problem with my phone, but Timehop is the only one that stops like this. And they said it was an app issue not an issue with my phone.

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    Thank You Timehop.

    October 2017: Thank you soooo much for finally bringing back Swarm check ins!!! You’re back to 5 stars for me! May 2017: I just would like to know if swarm/foursquare updates are EVER coming back?? You want me to tap; fine I will. You don't want to show the day of the week; fine. You insist I see practically 1 ad per picture; fine! You want to highlight my text from FB (which is so stupid, but whatever); fine! But my favorite part of this app was seeing places I visited and where I traveled to!! You removed that!! I may not have always taken a picture to remind me. If this isn't coming back, I'd like to know because I will finally give up hope on this app. March 2017: I lost my streak a couple weeks ago when you didn't bring back scrolling & Swarm/Foursquare checkin's. And your latest update STILL doesn't include that. I can use Facebook for the rest of my memories & wont see the stupid ads either. I don't need you anymore. January 2017: PLEASE, bring back the old Swarm/ Foursquare check ins!!!!!! Besides seeing photos, one of my favorite things Timehop did was being able to see where I went years ago! If I wanted Snapchat I would be using Snapchat. Please GO BACK!

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    I check this app every day

    I check this app every day and I’m now up to over 400 in a row. Just part of my OCD I guess. But enough about me. I really enjoy this app because it takes me back to what was important to me three or four or even more years ago as opposed to now. I also enjoy seeing the pictures I took in the past. Sometimes I’ve lost track of them and it’s good to get a chance to save them again. One criticism I have is that I sometimes come across misspelled words and incorrect dates in your retro videos. I realize you like to sound young and hip, and probably only hire young people for that reason, but it might be good to hire a few people over 40 as proofreaders. Other than that I love the app.

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    They listen to their reviewers

    The programmers really took a big leap and moved the look & feel of the UI in a whole different direction last year. The users were livid. Quickly they not only changed back to a user interface that was acceptable but improved upon it. Kudos to them. I enjoy the ability to look back (for me) up to 7 years ago and relive great memories & photos I’ve taken. Thanks guys! Perhaps a revision bug? 1/2 of my timeline photo screens show dark screens with no sign of progress to upload the missing photos. Guess I’ll start looking on Milk Cartons to see if I can find my missing pics.... 😉

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    Was ok until I couldn’t connect to FB

    Loved this app....until the last few weeks. Was dis one chef from my Facebook and since then I can’t log back in with my account. It automatically asks to connect as my husband with no option to switch to my account. No idea why it goes to him as he’s never logged into FB on my phone and does not have the Timehop app himself. I co reacted support...told me to log out and delete FB app and Timehop app. Log back into FB the reinstall TH...which I have done multiple times without success. Tried it with my cell phone number which didn’t work either. I’ve logged into FB from my laptop to make sure TH was still active. Finally tried it on my iPad and was able to connect with my FB. But no carryover when I tried again on my phone. Unfortunately I can’t go on my iPad every day to check. Lost my almost 1000 day streak because of this.

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    Maybe not compatible with storing photos in cloud

    Not sure if it’s because I have my phone set to upload full versions of my photos to the cloud and they have to download every time I want to see them, but Timehop doesn’t load any photos half the times I open it now. I used to really love this app, every morning I like to look at my memories, now I just see grey screens that say “1 year ago” and it makes me want to scroll through the photos on my camera roll just to see what they were. I deleted the app a while ago out of frustration, and then I forgot why I didn’t have it anymore haha. So I re downloaded it a couple days ago, but the problem is still on & off. I had hoped it would be fixed after all these months since I last used it.

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    Great app to see your memories, I have a few suggestions tho

    Facebook’s memory feature is OK but to see past posts on Twitter, you have to download and figure out how to use it, and they make it more difficult every year. Luckily there’s this nice app, Timehop. I’m really enjoying getting to see everything I posted in the preceding years. I really love the RetroVideos that tell you all about what was going on in history and culture. I would like to see more of This Day in History. I think they could add another page to each day’s TimeHop. Also on the Facebook posts, it only shows the comment I made on things I shared and not the entire post. I’d like that fixed, please. All in all, great app!

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    Ads are getting worse

    Lately the app hasn’t been as buggy as my last review (in 2017 there was a bug that would constantly cause the app to crash) but now these Ads are playing before I even get to them. For instance there will be an AD in the middle of your memories, so if you have about 8 or 9 years worth of memories, near the 4th or 5th memory you’ll see an ad. Ads are fine when they’re quiet and you’re able to just scroll past, but lately they’ve been loud videos and they play before you scroll past AND after. It’s frustrating to say the least, most of us look at timehop when we’re bored, and in public. I do not want to buy timehop to get rid of ads but what about a volume control option?

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    Incredibly annoying notifications

    I have one form of notification turned on for this app, just to remind myself to check it and keep my silly streak going. Good, great, whatever. I open it usually within an hour or two of the first notification of the day. The first of TOO MANY. I don’t need constant reminders at regular intervals to check the stupid app. I checked my timehop not even 10 minutes ago, and roughly three minutes after completing the day of memories, I received ANOTHER notification “reminding” me not to forget timehop! This is not the first time I’ve received additional annoying notifications after completing timehop for the day. Please correct whatever issue it is causing the annoyance. If I completed it, there is no need for me to see “your day is waiting!!!! Don’t forget to open me even though you did two minutes ago!!!!”

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    Love it!

    Great app love how it connects all my apps and shows me what I’ve been doing today the last few years. If I could give one criticism I don’t like how if I’ve already checked Timehop I do get another notification later in the day and if I check it I get yet another. I get constant notifications to the point I’m contemplating deleting it because I already checked it.... don’t notify me again? It’s the same all day I don’t need to check it more than once a day. Other than that love the app and use it daily and I hope something is done about the annoying notifications

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    Ads are necessary but...

    The ads obviously are necessary, but why do I need to click on something that requires me to kill? “Choose your weapon to wipe out 20 things!” Really? Not really a cut on Timehop, just really a comment on whomever chooses their ad choice AND placement. I’m sure there is an algorithm that figures out when and where a game ad goes, but I guarantee that IT’S WRONG. Seeing snippets of my past? Yes. Having to select a specific weapon to destroy things and/or people to finish seeing snippets of my past? NOPE. 4 stars for compiling memories, but minus 1 star for the inconvenience of having to think about destruction. We already have enough reminders of that... How about place things that make you smile?

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Is Timehop - Memories Then & Now Safe?

No. Timehop - Memories Then & Now does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 91,195 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Timehop - Memories Then & Now Is 18.9/100.

Is Timehop - Memories Then & Now Legit?

No. Timehop - Memories Then & Now does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 91,195 Timehop - Memories Then & Now User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Timehop - Memories Then & Now Is 18.9/100.

Is Timehop - Memories Then & Now not working?

Timehop - Memories Then & Now works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a Timehop - Memories Then & Now customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Timehop - Memories Then & Now.

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