Detroit Lions Mobile Reviews

Detroit Lions Mobile Reviews

Published by on 2024-01-31

About: This is the official mobile app of the Detroit Lions, presented by Ford. Make
your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch a unique part of your game day experience for
Lions games.

About Detroit Lions

Make your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch a unique part of your game day experience for Lions games.

Stay in touch with the Lions anytime, anywhere, on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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This is the official mobile app of the Detroit Lions, presented by Ford.

Follow us @yinzcam on Twitter for updates or to ask questions and provide feedback.

Navigate your way around Ford Field with an Interactive Stadium Map.

Watch video-on-demand clips of press conferences and player interviews.

Become a part of an Interactive Lightshow.

Follow pre-game previews and matchups.

Catch breaking news of the team.

Explore augmented reality experiences.

See real-time statistics for every drive.

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Key Benefits of Detroit Lions

-The app is great

-I've been impressed with the level of available information

-I like the videos of both coach dialogue and the player dialogue

-I also like the “new” look Lions

-I enjoy the insight to the team and the wide topic covered each week

-I feel good about the ownership and the direction this management team is taking

20 Detroit Lions Reviews

4.7 out of 5


Frustrated fan

DetroitLions is great just very frustrated with the team Record. I’ve been a fan for close to 40 years. Barry Sanders made me an absolute fan of the Detroit Lions and I’ve been suffering for a long time . Yeah we’ve had some great players from time to time but we just don’t seem to be able to put a team together. this is a team sport I don’t know why we can’t finish games it’s either a focus problem or conditioning problem . I think it kind of bothers me the most is there’s never any outrage from the players or the leaders. How can Green Bay be so sucky one year fire a coach and be the best team in their division the next year. We fire coach and go back five years. I don’t think firing the coach is the answer there’s something else I wish somebody could put a finger on it.


New To Lion App

I have to say being very new to the Lion app, I’ve been impressed with the level of available information! I like the videos of both coach dialogue and the player dialogue. I also like the “new” look Lions. We’ve been frustrated fans for years and this version of the Lions is something new and refreshing. More fun, more transparency. Not sure how much all this will yield wins this year but you have to “walk before you can run” right!? DetroitLions allows is “in” to some degree!


I Hope I’m Wrong

I hope everyone in the organization knows something I don’t- like Tate has the worst CTE ever, but if we lose this week- I buy no Lions merchandise this year. You can’t think long term 3rd round pick beats actually gaining 1st down on 3rd- or you lose some of your “pride”. Screwing Sanders and Johnson wasn’t enough? They were our “greatest of all time,” in my life and the organization still hasn’t “made it right” with both of them- and then ya go and do it to Tate. He benefits, as now the Eagles are better than us- but with him, we were better- you must realize that burning bridges catches up with you? Maybe next year. Sad to say- when half the season remains- but as a Lions fan, why am I surprised? I shouldn’t be. Whichever bonehead made this decision should be terminated. Ameer Abdullah is still a Lion. The Packers made a decision we should of made with him- he took every bit of wind out of our sails last week- and he always will- when he’s not injured, that is. We didn’t need him. We needed Golden Tate. I wish I was wrong, but I don’t think I am.


Blue blood

We are blue bloods with my family. Had to let go of season tickets last year after 10 years. Been going to games with father and grandfather back to tiger stadium days. My Christmas gifts from family have pronounced lions theme for years. It is easy. What loins gear do they not have yet and go from there. I am wearing Loins pajamas now as I type so you get the picture

Organizations have risen, fallen and risen again. Why not us? When we get there this town will erupt you know that. Understand it is not easy or everyone would be there so not easy, given

Why not Loins? Consistently not Loins...
It is thinning our blood. It feels as if the Loins patronage is taken for granted by the league.

It is the Loins turn to matter. We are no longer enjoying the possibility of competing.

Parading out veterans to stand, honor and cheer for then kneeling to the same flag is not the entertainment I prefer to pay for or be forced to because I am in my seat at the game. Keep it outside and we can choose to participate. Bring it inside and I am paying for it

All that aside, the Loins family of blue bloods need to have a winning organization to support. It is time.


Faithful Lion Fan

I enjoy the insight to the team and the wide topic covered each week. We have issues to be dealt with but I try to keep everything in perspective. I feel good about the ownership and the direction this management team is taking. It’s going to take time. What I don’t appreciate is the negative press coverage. It’s a game, not life or death. I love the entertainment this sport provides each and every week. I am 81 and I will always be a Lions fan no matter what the score.


Love the lions

Loved the lions since I was a young boy. I bleed blue and silver and will for life. I live in New Jersey so I can only watch the televised games but my radio is always on game time. This site keeps me up to date with everything going on and I really enjoy it. One day I want to go to ford field for a game. I bought a stadium seat from the silver dome when it was torn down and waiting to set up my Detroit lions room in my new house. Can’t wait for next season! Hear the ROAR!


Notifications not quite right

Much like the 2018 Lions, DetroitLions ’s notifications aren’t quite right. I have the settings for news turned “OFF” (I don’t need any reminders of how disappointing this year has turned out...). I do want score updates (still a glutton for punishment), so that is on (and it’s the ONLY notification that’s on). And yet...I’m still getting news feed, pregame notices about inactives and random notices about newsy stuff. Maybe problem is the Lions don’t know the difference between a “score” and all the non-game related stuff...

Maybe we should trade DetroitLions to Philly for a third round draft pick?


Ricky Wrate

I live in the UP and it is very Depressing you can here Avery little things the packers do and every game But it’s Michigan not Wisconsin. What can you do to Boost your Fan club up here. A year or so ago a local radio sports rep said it would be grate if they would have a spring training camp at Northern Michigan University it’s the Worlds largest wooden doom and the City of Marquette has a abundance of hotels to accommodate everyone. Just a thought from a true Lions Fan. Thanks Rick


Lions #1 fan-mily

I truly love DetroitLions from keeping up with the lion’s scores , scheduling and events ect. My name is Ricky Evans Jr, I am a totally right leg amputee and my prosthetic is a lions Helmet replica , which is really cool ! I’ve went threw four different prosthetic and even though I’ve been ask to do different team or ideals “Never” ever one has been Detroit Lions an will continue to be Detroit!!! “ Detroit Vs Everybody “


$25M mistake

The real problem is not Quinn or Patrica. The problem is Stafford making $25M / year and not worth it . Honestly, think about it . Many on the team are not making anything near what Stafford!s making and he’s not performing at the level $25m should bring. So, many team mates are envious and upset since they are working hard for lower pay. SOLUTION : Trade Stafford and keep Patrica & Quinn and you will see a great team improvement!! You know the two have added plenty of talent and young talent as well. Plus, who’s out there to replace Quinn and Patrica?? No one !


All set to ROAR

When clicking on my iPad on a notification sent by the Lions, most times, at least too many times, I can’t find that event/interview on the options available to me on the web site. Is it because I do not belong to the”insider’s club” I’m not a season ticket holder because I live in Massachusetts, yet am a lifelong Lions fan, who was at the last championship win at Brigg’s Stadium.
....Pat P.


Go Lions!!!!

Gives you all the current info you need on the mighty Detroit lions! Nice to be able to see what I need to see on my all time favorite team without having to search the internet!!! Can’t wait till my next visit to ford field to join the roar of the home team!


Great site

Great site the only thing I have to complain about is when they are interviewing a player or coach n can never hear the questions. Other team site I’ve watched I was able to hear the questions. This needs to be fix, thanks.. lion fan for 36 yrs GO LIONS


Epic app and must have for all true Lions fans

DetroitLions gives fantastic insight into the best team out there (in my opinion) and lets you know about the games even when you can’t watch them with highlights, radio, and score updates. I also really enjoy all the fun photos and videos posted throughout the season.


I just wish…

I just wish DetroitLions had transactions and if they have them now (haven’t used DetroitLions in 6 weeks), I imagine they aren’t accurate and up to date because the person in charge of updating the roster changes and transaction moves (on the Lions official webpage) is terrible and about 5 days behind…


Great Information

Being a Lions fan for the past 50 years has been a struggle because of no championship. Yet; they are my Lions for the good, bad and downright ugly. Now living in Florida I don’t get to see much info on them. With DetroitLions -I feel like I’m home. Thanks for DetroitLions !


Same old Lions

Why is it that no matter who is the new president, the performance on the field doesn’t change? Middle of the pack or worse is the best the Lions can do,yet other organizations (except for a couple) get better.


1st time season ticket owner

I was a little nervous having everything be digital but the sales rep showed me the ropes on DetroitLions. DetroitLions is so easy to use and it’s everything I could ask for and more. I have a good feeling about this year. Go Lions!


Easy to use

We all never leave our phones behind, so what a perfect way to keep tickets and the ease of transfer is fantastic!


Do We Want To Really Win !!!!

I’m just want my favorite Team in the whole world to Win and be winners Martha Ford once said she just want to fill the seats how bout us that been filling the seats for years to watch us lose lose lose , and lose LETS GO DETROIT LIONS !!!! Love my Detroit Lions


Love hate

I love the Detroit Lions but I hate when they have a bad season so tired of seeing so many bad seasons. It burns me so bad and I just hate seeing all these other teams doing good specially teams in the division Burns me even more!! Find a coach that can coach this team and make them Champions tired of changing coaches and getting nowhere 🤬 I Could say lots more.


Horrible App

Yesterday would not let me log in. Unable to reset password. Went through reset steps but no reset email from the Lions. Last week I was able to log in with my Ticketmaster user I’d and password.

Today DetroitLions won’t open at all. When I try to open it it says to download a new version but there is no new version in DetroitLions Store. This will be my last year as a season ticket holder.

Is Detroit Lions Safe?

Yes. Detroit Lions Mobile is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 30,919 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Detroit Lions Is 35.6/100.

Is Detroit Lions Legit?

Yes. Detroit Lions Mobile is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 30,919 Detroit Lions Mobile User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Detroit Lions Is 53.4/100..

Is Detroit Lions Mobile not working?

Detroit Lions Mobile works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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