CARFAX Car Care Reviews

CARFAX Car Care Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-04

Taking care of your car is easier than ever with the free CARFAX Car Care app.
Only the Free Car Care mobile app taps CARFAX’s exclusive service data to
automatically display your service history and alert you when it’s time for
scheduled maintenance such as oil changes. CARFAX Car Care...

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CARFAX Car Care Reviews

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    My well maintenance badge

    I had my oil and filter changed and the shop I used was in and out oil change on Broadway in Garland and Carfax is not recognizing this and they are threatening to take my well maintained badge away if I don’t get my oil and filter changed. I am not going to do it twice Also if you do it yourself it does not get counted because Carfax works with companies that are Carfax registered and if you use a shop or your neighbor next-door like me, who is a master mechanic does my work, I have the receipts and I still am being threatened to lose my badge because I did not go to a shop. I am a senior citizen on low income and there is a lot of work I can do myself. But Carfax will not recognize it even though I have receipts. So they can take their app and they can keep it because I am not gonna feel the pockets of some greedy dealer or whatever when I can do The work myself I am removing this application because they force you to go to shops that they approve of otherwise your work on your car does not count. This is a rip off and I would not ever use car fax. I am removing it. I take very good care of my car but because I use my own skills and the skills of very good mechanics that are not on their so-called list, they are taking my badge away because according to them I am not cooperating. Don’t use this application because they will threaten you with badge removal if you don’t take your car all the time to their shops

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    A waste of time and loss of records.

    I installed this app a long time ago to keep all of my cars maintenance records in one place and clean up some paper clutter. It worked good for a long time until last week when I tried to open the app and could not log into to my account. I received a message saying that Carfax had detected commercial activity on my account and blocked me from accessing my account. I know for sure that my account was not used commercially as it’s only signed in on my phone and no where else. I emailed customer support and received a reply telling me that the mycarfax app is not for commercial use and that I would need to purchase a commercial account. My work is in aviation and we don’t use/need carfax for anything with airplanes so there’s no reason to tell me that nonsense. So I kept very detailed logs of our 4 cars and now ALL of that information is gone unless I pay $$$. I learned long ago that nothing is for free and have learned that’s true with Carfax! Do yourself a favor and keep your maintenance records listed somewhere else. I’m out 3 years of maintenance history now, all thanks to Carfax.

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    Good try but company is unresponsive

    ****Update #3**** Should be ZERO stars. Customer service, what’s that? CARFAX has absolutely no idea. I email them, I contact them through the app, nothing. nada. I still can’t change or update bad data. This is simply a way to keep the name CARFAX on your mind so you may be tempted to use the service where they make their money. Through CARFAX reports. Save your time, there are MUCH better vehicle apps in the App Store. ****Update #2**** Still nothing from customer service. The recent update seems good but does not address the fundamental problem. A user CANNOT edit or change most of the info you enter. And if the preprogrammed values are wrong, forget about it. They will NEVER change. These facts reduce this app to a fun but useless game. **** UPDATE**** The app is actually good, but DO NOT expect any kind of support, they don't care! This is a way to keep the CARFAX name on your mind in hopes you will pay money to use their service. I was asked to be a beta tester for My CarFax and I thought I might be able to offer some suggestions so I gave it a try. I even had a FaceTime session with them. But, NOTHING has come if it or any of my suggestions. My suggestions may not have been earth shattering but at first they would respond to my emails, but No more! It's like CarFax is giving up on the app, recent updates notwithstanding.

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    Gas Mileage Tracker needs improvement

    Very good app for tracking basic car maintenance history events. One feature that is problematic, however, is dealing with a missing fill-up when using the Gas Mileage Tracker. Although the Gas log allows the user to delete a previous entry, there is no way to compensate for a missed entry. This leads to an erroneously large spike in fuel economy as recorded in the Gas log and as displayed on the chart when the current fillup data is entered. The app should be updated to provide an option to “delete the current MPG calculation from the data set” because it’s invalid. Another idea is to test for invalid range and added fuel quantities based upon prior averages.

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    Nice, but very limited

    If you want to manage your personal cars, and only want updates on oil changes, plate registration, and tire rotation, your search is over; this is a good app for that. You can also browse through your reported service history, and with a VIN or license plate #, you can get a mini-Carfax report (but no crash/salvage data). However, this app can only handle 8 cars, so if you have a small fleet, it won’t work. You also can’t manage other things like air filters, cabin air filters, and other fluid checks, but you can add receipts for them. I wanted to like this app, but the artificial limits on number of cars and inability to add other maintenance means I have to find a different app to manage those things.

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    Great place to car shop.

    I enjoy checking out various car prices. The site gives a person a chance to look up different cars & their options. It then lets you know if the price is low about right or a really good buy. If interested, you have the ability to contact the site. Also, if you plan to sell your car or trade it in this will give you an idea as to what others are asking for a similar vehicle.

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    Good app that could be better

    Posting this mostly for wanted enhancements. Like that I can see when next oil change, tire rotation are due but would like this also for the following: engine air filter, coolant flush, transmission flush, cabin air filter. And be able to set the mileage increment for those things. Make it optional to do for those of us that like that. I don’t always change those things exactly according to maintenance schedule so using your schedule really doesn’t help me very much. Having this capability would. Also, give option to set own increments instead of only being able to choose from a set list.

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    No ability to correct an error

    I’ve used the app for a while and it is handy for keeping track of basic maintenance. However, it is supposed to allow you to enter the current odometer reading on your car. The app estimates I have 42k miles on the car when it’s really some 1,000 miles less. I tried to change one of my cars mileage and get an error saying I can’t change the mileage to something less than a previous entry of 305,000 miles. Well, maybe I fat fingered the huge number, but now there’s no way to correct it. The developer should edit app to allow owner to enter the current mileage.

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    So Many Issues

    1) Maintenence schedule stopped loading. Had to delete vehicle from Garage and en-enter to get schedule to display again. Lost all the service history data I had entered. 2) Cannot edit service records that I've entered. Tried to delete and re-enter service record to correct some information, and discovered that you cannot delete service records that you've created! 3) Login works perfectly on iPad where I created account but cannot login on iPhone. Tried to reset password, but Forgot Password doesn't recognize my email address even though I can see the exact address I signed up with in the MyCarFax app settings on my iPad. Disappointed. Wasted a lot of my time entering service history for nothing.

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    Great app is you get your car serviced at dealers

    After first setting this up with my four vehicles, I was very pleasantly surprised by how much data myCARFAX is able to automatically pull in. Very cool!!! But when it comes to manual entry, the interface is clunky and cumbersome. For example the spinner for selecting day of month (for a service date) constantly readjusts itself - so picking a date took me a full minute. Why not just let someone type in the day? If the app team did some useabity testing on the manual entry screens and cleaned up that mess, I’d easily give this 5 stars.

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    Very bad book keeping

    So from what I see tire rotation I put in last week because that’s when it was don’t as far as oil change that was done last month also Nh with front brakes . You people are telling me that I’m late on oil change and tire rotation but all that was put in just on Sunday my car was worth almost 7,000 now you telling me like 2400 , no thanks you people really don’t know what your doing so I give up bye bye Does anyone from carfax read anything are you people that stupied I think your app carfax maintaine needs to come off because it does hold anything true we have to keep putting the information in ourself WHY stupied so if someone is read this from carfax fix things or take the app down useless

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    Tire rotation issue

    I like and appreciate this app for the most part. Been using it 6 months now & when it came time to rotate my tires and check my brakes.. (that’s one for the few things I have no issue doing myself and saving ~$50...) my issue became that the app does not seem to allow me to update that for myself. Furthermore it is only giving me the option to schedule the work at the dealer I purchased the vehicle from.. what if I wanted to schedule the work some place else? Or move to another state? So now the app insists I’m way overdue for something I’ve taken care of myself :(

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    Car Fax app for Maintenance

    I like the car fax app better than the Lincoln and Ford apps that I have used. It is very user friendly. It not only give you your vehicles value on an on going basis it automatically uploads when you have service done and information is added into the computer. You can enter DYI maintenance, upload receipts, photos ect. It tells you when oil changes, inspections, and registration is due. Nice app

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    This is a great app to keep track of your cars maintenance. Unfortunately My CarFax isn't really a free app. I'm not sure what triggered it but I got locked out of the app and the company is refusing to let me get access to MY data unless I upgrade to some other unspecified app for an unspecified amount of money. Even a kidnapper tells you what they want for a ransom, but not My CarFax. I'm going back to the old fashioned method of paper receipts and calendars while I try to regain control of MY data. Update: customer service claims that they can't get the data. They are incapable of executing a select * from on their systems. Apparently the data is located in the hotel California: once entered into the system it can't be selected out.

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    Concept is great, a few glitches

    Overall love the app, great for keeping track of maintenance, however the timelines don’t adjust properly, for example doing an oil change, still says an oil change is due in 3 months no matter how I adjust the reminder/interval setting (set to remind every 12 months). A few times it’s also completely lost entires I put in, making me put them in all over again, and somehow when I put in a DIY oil change it changed it to the last place I took it to (who only looked it over and didn’t do the oil change).

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact CARFAX Car Care customer service directly
via Email using our new site -

Contact CARFAX Car Care directly

Is CARFAX Car Care Safe?

No. CARFAX Car Care does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 52,480 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for CARFAX Car Care Is 16.2/100.

Is CARFAX Car Care Legit?

No. CARFAX Car Care does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 52,480 CARFAX Car Care User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for CARFAX Car Care Is 16.2/100.

Is CARFAX Car Care not working?

CARFAX Car Care works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Scott Christian
Mar 16 2021

I went to add a new gas milage tracker entry and noticed that several entries after 12/31/2020 are missing. I had just entered a new entry on 3/11/2021 and it was not there. I noticed an email that said my login had failed. Do I have to be logged in to have my records saved? This disturbs me that these entries are not saved locally on my phone and synced to your website. Why does it allow me to add an entry that is not going to be saved anyplace? Now my milage is screwed up because I don't have the receipts for the missing entries, cannot remember fillups from 2.5 months ago, and your app has no way to adjust. This is EXTREMELY poor design. I would be fired if I programmed anything that lost data like this. Now I have to go back and start saving receipts again to protect against this occurring again. Something I thought your app would prevent me from having to do. Very disappointed. Your app should NOT allow an entry if I need to be logged in or it should store the entries locally until a sync has been made once logged into account.

By Dave
Nov 18 2020

All the information on my car care app disappeared - how do I get it back?

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