DailyArt Reviews

DailyArt Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-11

Every day get inspired by beautiful classic, modern and contemporary art
masterpieces and read short stories about them. Join the community of over
1.000.000 art lovers, for whom DailyArt is something that enlightens their day,
every day. For free. Now available in English, Simplified Ch...

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DailyArt Reviews

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    An Amazingly Wonderful App !

    The effort and love put into this free app is very evident. Zuzanna, the driving force behind it, is a passionate and skilled art curator who works very hard to curate and present beautiful works of art from all over the world and the stories behind each day’s selected painting. Tidbits about the artist are also included, making it ever so easy to educate you in art appreciation without you ever suspecting a thing ! It’s really a refreshing daily treat to see what Zuzanna has selected. Give it a try. You’ll love it if you enjoy classic paintings and other art from the world’s best talent. And please donate to their efforts to continually improve the app and keep it free for all to enjoy ! Lets support those developers that bring us such great apps.

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    Truly one of the best parts of my day

    I’ve never written a review for any app or online purchase before, but it is a pleasure to publish this one, and it is something that I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I’ve been trying to do more reading in art history lately, and in that attempt I found this, the lovely little square that would become my favorite app. It means so much to me the time that the curators of DailyArt put to bring me a brilliant image (in astonishing resolution) and the grand story behind it. I've even really enjoyed sharing the art with my friends and family, because art is really, really important. Thank you, DailyArt.

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    Incredible Service

    I highly recommend this app and its many awesome functions and features -- even for non-premium users! I bought the $5 app on the apple store on my ipad pro, I use the app on my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone as well with the same email account, and the fav and seen artwork are shared/synced between both devices and accounts. I'm giving the app five stars on both stores because the CEO and founder responded to my feedback through the app and was able to resolve any issue I had. I could go on and on about how I use this app more often for reference, inspiration, or just to learn little bits of art history. 5/5

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    Best app

    Actually paid the 4.99 to unlock all the app's features - best $5 spent on any app hands down! Incredible digitized copies of all the art available for saving to your camera roll with a wealth of info on artists / movements in art history / museums etc. Surprisingly some of the most famous works of some artists are not included in their "masterpiece" catalogue (one example being Birth of Venus / Primavera both missing if you look up Botticelli - even weirder since the app also features Ufizi gallery's catalogue in its database. Regardless - the positive features of the app more than make up for its small shortcomings. Favorite app I own!

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    A Couple of Irritating Things About the Free App

    This app is great! I love being introduced to one new piece of art each day. Sometimes the description leads me to learn more about an artist or other works of art. It has been so fun. I don’t like the adds that pop up, and the free version of the app will only save your favorites for a couple of weeks. :/ If you pay for Premium, you won't get the adds, and it will save your favorites for forever, I assume. I still use this app as a way to get to know new art. I’ve started saving my favorites on the Google Arts and Culture app because that one will save my favorites indefinitely, I think!

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    Beautifully educational!

    This app is just so wonderful. I downloaded it a year or so ago in hopes of expanding my art knowledge and also just to enjoy all kinds of works, new and old. It has been nothing short of delightful! So informative too. I look forward to reading a succinct and intriguing summary of a great work each night at bedtime and I love the links if I’m interested in learning even more. Upgrade to pro, totally worth it for the extra content for just a few dollars. Love this app and hope to travel and see some of these in person one day!

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    This app’s developers love for art is evident not just in the quality of the art but in the quality of their”liner notes”. Their feeling for and appreciation of each artists oeuvre is evident. Sometimes the archive is a bit hard to navigate but it’s not that hard and besides, the art is so beautiful 😍. I recommend this app highly to any and everyone who would like to get a little (beautiful) art (and love) in their lives.

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    Good place to see art wherever you are

    In our lifetime, we will never have the chance to see all the art we'd like to. This is a great opportunity to bridge that gap. I especially enjoy the impressionists. The comments are often very penetrating and informative. I would enjoy seeing a bit more sculpture and non-Western art. Overall, I appreciate having this app very much. We really need art to stimulate our senses and connect us with humanity.

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    My favorite app

    Truly I have never written a review for an app but this is so good I was compelled! The quality of the photos of the art shared is so amazing it feels like you could be in the museum in front of each work. I encourage everyone to zoom to catch the life in the piece as it was painted. Each day shares a small art/history blurb to match the piece and I feel like I have learned so much art history without even trying! Lovely!

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    New Years Resolution!

    I’ve had DailyArt on my phone for probably a year now and it’s one of my favorite apps ever made. Simple, easy to use, looks gorgeous, and you can tell the creators have worked with passion and love on this app. I have nothing to complain about except that I fall out of the habit of using it. This year I’m going to set notifications and reminders to make sure I’m using this app daily! Thanks for all the art!

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    A daily cultural gift

    I enjoy receiving daily almost random art work from well known or very less so to no name at all artists from museums or other places that span the globe. Seeing compelling art daily is a salve for one’s soul. The narrative that accompanies the art is valued equally. I am not an ap addicted person but this Ap in an uninstrusive way is valued above most. I often share the art with my spouse and brings her a moment of joy as well.

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    Breath of Fresh Air

    This is so far from the usual fare—productivity, music, news or health apps—it is a breath of fresh air! Daily paintings, which you can capture or use as screen savers, and with a description and history. And you can favour them, and thus go back to them later. I rarely log in every day, but they’re there, after a week or a month. I go in to it when I’m hassled or frustrated, and it sets me right.

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    Neat app!

    I’ve never written a review for an app. I came across this one while looking into new options. It’s layout is wonderful! It’s simple to use and understand. No crashes, no pop ups. I am very happy that I downloaded this. Awesome idea for Artwork and back stories along with the option to look up an artist and read information on them. 5 stars. Thanks so much for app, the design, and the simplicity!

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    Love love LOVE

    Seriously such a fantastic app. From the design to the database to the ART! Sincerely Brown Cow Stunning. I love the variety of the pieces of art shared every day. I have my notification set for 5pm and it’s always such a breath of fresh air at that time of day. Deadass a great app and a great developer team. I sent in feedback through the app a little while ago and within a week they got back to me with a lovely response that was very helpful. You betta WERK

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    Thank you!!

    As a non artist, I absolutely love your app. I wait impatiently each day for my daily dose of art. I have the app on both my phone and Apple Watch and show the new art to everyone I see. I am a professor of Psychology, so I share with a lot of people. Each year, many of my freshmen download your app. Thank you again for giving a little (actually a lot) of joy into my life.

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Is DailyArt Safe?

Yes. DailyArt is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 20,719 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for DailyArt Is 79.3/100.

Is DailyArt Legit?

Yes. DailyArt is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 20,719 DailyArt User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for DailyArt Is 79.3/100.

Is DailyArt not working?

DailyArt works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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