My Disney Experience Reviews

My Disney Experience Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-16

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My Disney Experience Reviews

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    Crashes constantly

    I hate this app. It constantly crashes. It’s supposed to work with magic bands, reservations, fast passes, pictures, etc. the problem is it constantly has issues. It tries to log in EVERY TIME. And you’re using it at least 30 times a day to keep track of everything or figure out where you’re going. I have the worst time getting pictures to link with others in my party. Or trying to see wait times or where dining options are nearby. In theory it should bring all this up but in reality you stand around either waiting for it to load or closing the app out for for the 5th or 6th time while you wait for it to just come up at all. And I have a current phone with current iOS so don’t use the excuse I have older generation hardware. This app seriously put a damper on our trip because you have to use it for EVERYTHING. To add to it because the app doesn’t work well it slows down traffic in the park. People are constantly looking at their phones and trying to get the app to work. Whole families slow down in the middle of the park and then have to pull off to the side while they wait for fast pass times and schedules to load. Seriously Disney? You can’t figure this one out? You make mechanical dragons breathe fire during a parade, seems like you could take a little time and make an app that is CRITICAL to the park experience at least function 80% of the time. Call Apple or Microsoft. I’m sure they have an engineer who can help you.

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    Necessary Evil

    It's annoying to have to book a rides daily for a week a month (or two) in advance of our trip, more annoying dealing with the constraints of being there for 3 weeks and coordinating with friends/family coming & going in that period. This app adds insult to injury since it often crashes, lists bad/outdated data, and requires repeatedly scrolling to the day you're interested in. I've had to redo plans multiple times to adapt to available rides and accommodate friends/family who don't yet understand how mandatorily it is to know exactly what park and ride they're going to be at 30 days in advance at 7am. Often the app lists the old fast passes plus new ones, sometimes with the correct # of people and sometimes not. Clicking on old/canceled ones results in an error. I then have to scroll all the way back down to the day/time I was viewing in the my plans screen to continue where I left off (that happens even if no error, when returning to the list after viewing a fast pass or mean reservation- be annoying it doesn't remember where I was). I've found the only way to clear old data is reinstall the app, and I've done that many times on my iPhone, my work iPhone, and my iPad while planning this trip. I can't wait till my vacation comes and goes so I can delete this app for good on all my devices! This needs to be better Disney! My advice is to use the website - it's got it's own errors and drawbacks, but works less badly than he app.

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    Horrible App

    There are very little things in regards to Disney that I could ever see something wrong with, but that was before using this app. I am shocked Disney pushes this app onto visitors. I was told I HAD to have this app to make dining reservations, special event packages, buying tickets, and the memory maker. It was a bold face lie. I bought my family’s tickets to Epcot via the app-stood in the security line, got up to get in the park and was told I had to buy tickets at another gate! I had to go to a completely different line, buy tickets in person, get a ‘card’ then get back in line to go inside of the park. Another problem I think is horrible with the app is their dining reservation tab. First you can’t search for a restaurant or even by park, only by meal time. Most importantly and annoyingly though was the reservations are useless. I couldn’t get a reservation on Christmas Eve to a restaurant in Disney Springs, well my family and I were getting hungry about 7pm and decided to walk around to that restaurant just to see what the wait would be—-absolutely no wait at all! The app tricks you to think that if the restaurant doesn’t have reservations then you can’t get a table but it isn’t the case! The mobile ordering didn’t work on our entire trip. And every single time I opened the app I had to re-sign in. I expect better of Disney and I don’t like being lied to. The only reason you have to have the app is for Memory Maker. Do not use this app.

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    A MUST for a stress free Disney vacation

    I love the My Disney experience app. It is a MUST for a stress free Disney vacation. Do you hate waiting in lines... yes, duh! The ability to book fast passes and change them easily, check wait times, and plan your day in the park is the best! I would say sometimes when booking fast passes for a large group it will glitch and only show it’s booked for 1 person, but in reality it has everyone on the system. Only once when I changed to a fast pass did it not sync but the cast members were very helpful. I like standing in line picking the next ride for my family, it makes visiting the parks effortless. Waiting in line to eat... Not about that life... I like ordering food in the app and just skipping past the queue for my food. When character hunting this app is a the best map! I’ve been able to see when hard to find characters are out in the parks and their exact location. Recently, I have been using it to open my resort door which is nice. I also use it to show my annual pass to get the discount on merchandise or food. Again my only complaint is sometimes it is a bit glitchy and I have to re-start the app multiple times. Overall 4/5 stars for making my Disney vacations stress free and magical with my family!

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    One Time Situation

    Now, normally I’d give this app a 5 star. I’ve had it for years and have been using it in every trip to any Disney Park I’ve been to. UNFORTUNATELY, however, this trip that I’m currently on while I write this review seems to be a little different. This time around the app seems to have gotten VERY slow and buggy, contrary to recent years. Every time I try to check times on Fast Passes, check the times of a restaurant or peek at the map to make sure we know where we’re going, the app takes longer than convenience would want. I even manage to make it to my destination every once in a while before the app manages to finish booting up. Fun stuff. Bugs and lagging aside, I don’t want this review to be seen as something of a “Do Not Download.” This app is EXTREMELY useful and if it ends up running smooth for you, it’s a MUST DOWNLOAD in any of the Walt Disney Parks. Between Fast Pass reservations, to the maps, to the restaurant times and times/places to meet characters, the app will ABSOLUTELY make your trip a neater, easier and more enjoyable trip. As the title hinted, this review is based off a one time situation. Disney normally never fails to deliver and I hope they fix these bugs so I can get back to praising them for their awesome delivery of service and experiences for guests of all ages!

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    Park tickets

    We too love Disney and spend every new year holiday with them. Why in God’s name can the resort not get your park tickets linked to your magic band??? Going to customer service at the park is horrible!!! A little bit on my magical experience dies when the resort staff says they do not have that ability. Why????? Also, the new hall of presidents is horrible! New voice (I miss Morgan Freeman) and new theme. I’m sure it’s to prevent the audience from booing our current president but it’s still just not the same. Your staff that works before the fireworks are exhausted I’m sure but still quite rude. ( both feet have to be inside the white line! ) we were not allowed to be in one section because it was full and moved across then 30 minutes before the show, it was packed with more people than before. Even not during the holiday season the staff has lost something. 10 years ago they were awesome and fun. Now they’re hurried teenagers pushing you to “get out of the way” and talking over you when you’re asking a question. I hope they can get it back one day.

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    Love the Mouse...just not the app

    The My Disney Experience app is definitely the tool you need when visiting Disney parks. As advertised you can access your reservations, fast passes, see wait times, etc. However, the app is incredibly painful to use. It frequently logs you out and when you try to log back in to view your plans again it will freeze or be unable to load anything. It’s also incredibly slow to use in the parks, which may be Disney’s WiFi in general and while it’s nice and free you certainly aren’t getting the speeds you’re probably used to at home. It seemed that on very busy days at the park, the app was even worse than normal, presumably due to high volumes of users. I would love to see an app where, 1. I don’t have to log in every time I open the app, 2. It reliably opens my plans and allows me to edit them quickly without slow wait times. I did enjoy the mobile ordering feature for a couple of quick service meals and it did process our meal plans correctly. My family and friends is not a feature that’s easy to use, and actually had to go to our concierge to fix it because only half of our planned fast passes were showing up correctly. For now, it’s a necessary evil but I would love to see some dramatic improvements before my next Disney trip!

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    Waiting to be impressed.

    We are disney fanatics. We have enjoyed the many visits to Disneyland and California Adventure and have always been blown away by their customer service. This is far superior than what our experience has been so far at Disney World. The resort rooms are not worth the money at all for the lower budget rooms. They are CRAZY small and ours was not clean to the Disney standard. We were recently traumatized by the Northern CA fires and we couldn't get our mail as planned due to significant delays. Some was Disney attire (costumes and such). I called the resort and asked if they would accept a package. They were so gracious about it. Come to find out Disney is CHARGING us a handling fee. Never mentioned that and it's like we are being punished for having having fire wreak havoc on our beautiful county. We ate at Art of Animation and it was disgusting. Best of all- they lost our stroller. We never received it from the Magical Express and they blame our airline, Virgin America. I checked it in. I watched them load it on the airplane. We are at the parks with no stroller. It was a simple umbrella one but our 5 year old gets tired. So now we have to PAY to rent one each day. I'm shocked Disney. I expected more from you and hoping to make the next few days magical...just waiting for that to happen.

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    So, i have a few complaints. First, the whole system with linking your family and friends so you can fastpass together is so unnecessarily confusing. None of us could figure out if we needed our ticket numbers, and when i put it in for my friend it linked to my account and had to call disney to fix it (i was also on hold for 30 mins but that’s a different story). After you link your friends, they randomly linked some of my friends, but not others, and only one of the tickets would link after that. Within ten minutes, i finally was forced to exclude two of my friends, the avatar ride was completely booked. Secondly, this app can’t even function on its own. If any other app is open, this app simply will not work, which is very inconvenient if you’re plugging in a number from your camera roll. The app frequently glitches not only for me, but for almost everyone else in my group as well. When everything surrounding your vacation is depending on the performance of this app, and the app doesn’t function, it makes us very stressed. And we’re high schoolers who are coming for marching band, so we’re already stressed about a million other things. Overall, it’s great when it works, but that’s not very often.

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    Very helpful app but Adding Guests for Planning needs better explanation

    After spending an hour on the phone with support to clear up the mess made by some very excited adults in our party, I was told that it’s actually very common for duplicates and triplicates of people to be made and shared in the family and friend lists when people start connecting; leading to tickets being assigned to the wrong place, etc. My simple idea to fix this would be to change the wording under “How will you add this Guest?” It should say “Find through a Connection’s Party” or “Add a Managed Guest (recommended for small children and other dependents that will not have an individual Disney Account)” or “Invite this Guest to Connect by Email (recommended for teens and adults).” Those last two options should THEN open the menu to add biographic information. Once this information is input, the app should check for duplicates within the parties of connected guests and give a warning that “You only need to Connect with the Adult who manages this Guest, not the person individually.” This would prevent a deluge of emails with different invitations as well as prevent duplicates!

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    Sometimes progress isn't a good thing

    This app has been one of the biggest downfalls of a Disney vacation since it was introduced and it continues to get worse. Currently, you have to log in every single time you want to use the app, which when you're on a vacation that relies very much on this app, it becomes tiresome and frustrating. "Sorry kids, hang on, daddy has to enter his password for the 50th time to figure out where our next Fastpasses are for again." Kids live sitting in the 90 degree heat for that. Oh yeah, there's a nice Touch ID box that looks great and does nothing. But, this is all assuming your tickets link to the app in the first place. Two times on one trip we sat with 4 kids at a window while cast members had to fix errors with our tickets not linking correctly. Want to eat somewhere? Figure it out ahead of time. Not one single menu at any restaurant on property loads in this app. Use the handy order ahead feature? Sounds awesome, won't load anywhere on property. Things were not broken when Disney didn't rely on MagicBands and Fastpass Pluses. Now that your entire vacation will revolve around an app that is so riddled with bugs that it lacks basic functionality, be prepared to feel completely robbed of your hard earned money after your next trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth.

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    Responding to 34ahdh

    While I understand your dismay as well as concern, I believe that it was improper to rate the my Disney experience app so poorly. There are wait times and photo-pass options right handy whenever you need them, and yes the app logs in every-time you use it, but only to prevent theft and improper activities. I am a huge fan of Disney, I have visited many times with my family and I enjoy it very much, many times the my Disney experience app has helped us to plan our meals and fast passes, and gotten us out of trouble planning and prepping, we know where to go and where to be, when we want to be there. As a long time Disney lover, I suggest that you take your concerns and badmouthing elsewhere, because the designers of this app have work to do, keeping many families’ schedules and vacations happy and magical. I don’t mean to cause trouble, but just as you came out and expressed your discrepancies to the people who try so hard to help you, I decided to express my discrepancies with an ungrateful user. Thank you!

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    Great app just needs some bug fixes

    So the original review is down below but I want to add that the app has been crashing more and has been insanely slow! I went to epcot last week and I could not even open the app once to check my fastpass times because of the crashing so I just went through google chrome. I would say making this issue a top priority I love this app it’s pretty easy to figure out and it’s great whether your planning a vacation or you have an annual pass and are able to go often. I live a couple hours from Disney and it’s nice to be able to plan even the day of and get some fastpasses, dining reservations, and check wait times or times of parades. The only thing is the app does crash way too much. I was about to get a fastpass for 7 dwarves minetrain and boom it crashed on me. Super disappointed since that’s such a hard pass to get. Not a huge deal for me since I have the ability to go often but I know this would be upsetting for someone that is planning a trip and has to travel a long distance. I agree a fastpass notification would be great, the app being faster and not crashing would be the best thing though

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    Cumbersome & an energy hound

    I downloaded My Disney Experience for a one-day visit back to WDW. In the rare cases in which logging in was actually successful, it took a long time and used many % of my battery’s charge. Usually, logging in failed, and I had to force the app to quit, having accomplished nothing but draining more juice from my battery, already a precious commodity on a busy Disney day, when recharging is difficult to arrange. In addition to the app’s own problems, I have a bigger criticism: Disney has taken all the joy of spontaneity out of a theme park visit. Everything has to be booked weeks in advance or the Guest is assured a day full of long lines, missed opportunities, limited dining options, and general disappointment. Standing in long lines was never fun, but having to plan a day at WDW like a military advance on an enemy nation is no improvement. It’s a shame that Guests who might want to let inspiration and surprise be a part of their day are likely instead to feel deprived of not just some but all of the resort’s highlights, and as if both their time and money was wasted. FastPass+ is a real joy-killer.

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    Good app but could use some improvements

    Works really well to book your fast passes and dinner reservations. Canceling and changing fast passes is a little buggy in the app. For example if you try to cancel a fast pass you might get a spinning wheel of death and you force quit the app. When you go back into it, it will say you still have that FastPass but at some point it will cancel but it might take hours later and could mess up your plans. The biggest improvement would be to offer a Watch App where it could give you notifications of upcoming FastPasses or dinner reservations, with walking directions as an option. The dinner reservations are really slow. The wheel just spins when you try to go back to see a different restaurant. Would be nice if there was an option to pick a restaurant and see all the available days and hours for your selected time period. Instead you have to look by Day and time and then see which restaurants have availability so it takes a long time if you’re looking for a specific restaurant’s open reservations.

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