Dark Sky Weather Reviews

Dark Sky Weather Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-22

Dark Sky offers hyperlocal weather information. With down-to-the-minute
forecasts, you’ll know exactly when the rain will start or stop — right
where you’re standing. (It’s like magic.) YOUR WEATHER, DOWN TO THE
MINUTE Dark Sky delivers forecasts for your precise location, giving you

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Dark Sky Weather Reviews

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    Finally, a weather app that’s focused on weather

    I tried at least a dozen weather apps after Weather Underground took a turn for the worse and destroyed their app with a horrible update. Most of them were little more than advertising platforms with a little weather thrown in for effect, or they required onerous subscriptions to make the ads go away. Even without the ads too many of the apps were bizarre one-off user interface experiments gone horribly wrong. Then I gave Dark Sky a look and immediately recognized how intuitive and straight to-the-point the app was for delivering weather information. I like it. Money well spent. The only nit I’ve discovered so far is that the daily summary notification on my iOS 13 devices is not based on my actual location but some other location, either one that I was in the day prior or the location of my ISP or some other nearby location. Not sure whether it’s an iOS 13 issue because everything seems to work fine with iOS 12. I have location always enabled for Dark Sky on all of my devices. I suppose I could tell Dark Sky to always present the daily summary for a specific location, but that would not help me if I’m traveling. In any case, I think something funky is going on between Dark Sky and Location services on iOS 13.

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    Hands Down best weather app

    I don’t write reviews a lot but this one is soo good I had to. Let’s start off by saying it is worth paying 3.99 dollars on this one the first thing that made me get this app is the accuracy it’s 80 to 85 percent accurate Number 2 is the design I like that there’s a simple but intuitive chart that covers the next 24 hours and I thought it was per 2 hours and going to be a minus but before when I did not have the app yet you made an update where if you press the next 24 hours graph each hour will appear that’s very cool Number 3 Reason is the the layout I like that it’s not cluttered and very readable Last Reason is there are no adds and protects your privacy which is #1 Reason why I got this app. Thank you 😀 and I hope you don’t take off the features while still improving the app. I forgot to mention the maps, notifications, and reporting the weather. The maps are there for you to understand the current weather other maps confuse you all the time. The Notifications are extremely helpful as no weather will catch you off guard I got notified of today’s forecast as I enabled notifications it said possible drizzle this evening which I like. The Report feature is cool because you make the accurate forecasts even better. Thank you again 😀😀

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    Keep recommending this to my friends and family, thought I should write a review

    There are very few apps that I actually feel improve my life and I have such high quality and thoughtfulness that I actively recommend them to people. Dark Sky is one of those. In addition to as much accuracy as you can get, it provides hourly predictions, ‘feels like’ options for things like windchill, and one particular feature which actually might have saved my health once or twice: UV Index. I had never even heard of that before but I get sunstroke allllll the time and that feature is fabulous. The hourly precipitation prediction is both attractive and insanely useful in places like New York, allowing you to time a mad dash during a lull in the storm. This app has features that no other application for tracking the weather has: it’s in my top five apps that I use and I use it every day. It works just as accurately in every country that I go to and every state that I go to, all with different types of weather challenges. I just love it. Please keep up the good work, its truly a rare product of worth and quality, like lace, or a pocket watch. Weird analogies but hopefully they get the point across: this app shows craftsmanship, not commercialism.

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    Not as good as I hoped it would be

    My favorite app for weather was suddenly not supported any longer. Opening it showed no data. So, I searched for a new one. Dark Sky is not intuitive and the opening page shows me the temperature and if it’s rising or falling. I sort of knew that before I opened the app. It then shows what the conditions will be for the next 16 hours. It also indicates what the sky will look like and in percentages. That’s good. At the bottom of the page there are switches giving you the choice of humidity, UV index, temperature, and wind speed, but it took a few times before I realized that you must scroll down to get the switches. Then, although it doesn’t tell me, you can sweep to the left or right to get more information. To the right, it give you the high and low for the next seven days. Again, okay, but just the temperature. I want see frontal systems, lows and highs. Having been an aviator, weather is important to me. I can’t do anything about it, but I like to be prepared. That left swipe gives me a monochromatic map of the western US. With only light blue blotches. Zooming in on my home, I get somewhat vague images of what appear to be rain - no clouds that I can determine. It’s an okay app, but I find when I pay for a app that is not as good as a free one, I’m irritated. $4.00 isn’t much since there are no ads, but here in the West I want to see where my mountains and deserts are if I am planning a trip to cross the Cascade in the winter.

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    False Sense of Information, Looks Nice

    The user interface, cleanliness, and especially being ad free is excellent. The smoothest best looking weather app I've ever used. The information it provides falls short of what it strives for/promises. This app consistently contradicts itself, and changes its forecast on the regular. For instance right now the forecast is light rain (100%) for the next 8 hours, however the hourly graph shows medium to heavy rain now and for at least the next hour, the current weather description says rain, and the map is showing red/orange covering my location and a huge surrounding area. All different. Another example: I've planned my day looking at the forecast that morning, chose to take the motorcycle bc it is supposed to be partly cloudy all day, and then got caught in the rain, to find a totally different forecast for the day an hour later. And this has happened A LOT. To summarize, the different features on the app contradict each other and the website very frequently, and the forecast isn't worth anything because they change it as the weather changes rather than accurately predicting it. Dark sky, stop giving me all this detailed weather forecasting down to the minute as a false sense of knowledge. I had high hopes for this app and over the past few months they have been crushed. I am giving one star because a weather app's aesthetics mean nothing if the forecast is usually wrong and/or misleading.

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    Timely rain alerts

    I got this app years ago when I was getting rained on and my two weather apps were telling me that it wasn’t raining and that there was a zero percent chance of rain all day. It has rarely let me down over the years. I’ve always used it with the Apple Watch and the notifications are excellent. Another thing I like is that it breaks down the hourly forecast for the entire seven day forecast, something other services provide in website form but I’ve never seen on a subscriptionfree app. While dark sky is very good in the short run, I don’t trust it much a few days out, but the hourly stuff is still useful. I have apps that say 100% chance of rain on Saturday and then I check dark sky and it says that that 100% chance is at 4 am but no chance in the afternoon. That detail is very nice to have. A request to the developer: please allow customization for the different aspects of the forecast. I live in Florida, so right now, I want heat index, chance of rain, and UV index. Nothing else is relevant for 95% of the time I open the app. But instead, it goes temperature, heat index, precipitation probability, precipitation rate, wind speed, wind gust, humidity, dew point, then, finally, UV index.

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    Good no more

    I liked this app when I first bought it. Then they changed literally everything, taking away all the reasons I bought it in the first place. They gave it a whole new look which is OK once you get used to it. But they are not receptive to ANY suggestions to make the app work for others. They are focused strictly and totally on temperature. I live in Florida where the temperature is always hot. I don’t need anyone to tell me it’s hot out today and it is going to remain hot… I already know that. I’m concerned about rain. The problem is when you change the selection to precipitation, you must do that on literally every screen you go through. If you want to check the days below, you have to change precipitation one day at a time on each & every day. If you scroll to a different city, you have to change precipitation on each and every area you want to look at. I suggested an update where you can choose precipitation as the default rather than default to temperature every screen, or to at least provide the option where once you choose precipitation it stays on that choice while you scroll other days and/or areas. All I ever got was a canned auto response “they forward to the developers.” Followed up two weeks later and got the exact same canned auto response. There is no customer service and they do not listen to any input once thy have your money.

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    feature request + update feedback

    the main thing that has held me back all these years from making Dark Sky, an otherwise wonderful app, my default weather app, has been the lack of barometric pressure info. I suffer from regular migraines and this is a critical part of weather forecasting for me and many others. please consider adding? that having been said, the “otherwise wonderful” judgment is also based on the old Dark Sky app. this new one claims to have more info and to be easier to use, but I’ve found it to be a dramatically worse in terms of UI/UX. I’ve held off on reviewing until now because I wanted to be fair and make sure it wasn’t just a knee-jerk reaction to change on my part. but no — weeks later and I still have to spend way too much time processing the information presented to me every single time I open the app, whereas before it was intuitive at a glance. again, I very happily paid for this app and have been using it for years without complaint, and would prefer to remain loyal. but right now I’m mostly sticking with it because my other currently-installed options are even worse. that’s not exactly a rousing recommendation. would love it if you’d reconsider, or at least have multiple UI options available to your users.

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    In the south we care a lot about the humidity

    Not sure how much of a fan I am of the recent changes to the interface, but this is a pretty awesome app. I spend a lot of time outdoors for work and while it’s about as accurate in the mountains as most weather forecasts in predicting weather, but once it starts raining I think it has always accurately predicted when the rain will intensify and stop. The biggest grip I have with the new interface is how difficult it is to find the humidity (also, don’t tell me it’s humid if the humidity is below 75%, cause that is lovely). It used be be a quick click, but now I have to scroll down and then over on a tiny little menu. It isn’t user friendly, and I live in the south, so the humidity is way more important than the temperature in the summer (we know it’s going to be hot, but will any of our sweat evaporate???). Thanks for a great app. This would be a 5 star review if finding the humidity is made easier or there is an option to go back to the old interface.

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    Awesome App!!!

    My subject line pretty much covers it. I live in Georgia. Weather here can be anything from the most beautiful sunny day to an absolute nightmare. Weather forecasting has improved by leaps. However, even with the National Weather Service located here they can be sometimes challenged by the timing of these atmospheric changes. Not so with Dark Sky. The precision of the global radar map, which can be almost zoomed in on to my neighborhood and local surrounding area, is by far one of the greatest tools available to assist and help us prepare for any inevitability Mother Nature may have in store for us. From being able to determine my work route, plan and protect my garden to advance preparation for the possibility of tornados, thunderstorms, hurricanes...Well, I am truly amazed. Recently with the catastrophic hurricanes it allowed me to know just what my family was about to experience in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. I was able to communicate with them before the fact to make the necessary arrangements for after the fact. Do yourself a great favor and get this app. You will be pleased, surprised and as grateful as I am. Many thanks and my deepest appreciation to the developers.

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    Thumbs down since the last major update

    What happened to my favorite weather app? Why make it look like every other weather app? Now I usually have to click a “try again” link to launch the app, or it simply hangs on a white screen until I relaunch the app. Edit: Now it thinks I’m always in NYC. It’s not a hardware issue, as other weather apps have no problem launching or finding my current location. Edit v2: Found out two friends also have the NYC issue. Great job. There are some cool new features, and the scroll down to see the upcoming 7 days, with the tap to expand to hourly view for any day within the week, is more fluid. But the experience of getting into the app in the first place, as well as the lame new look of the interface, has me searching for a new app. Edit: I now also feel like the accuracy of the forecast has also taken a major dive. The other day I was looking out the window at rain coming down; I opened Dark Sky to see when the rain would lessen or stop (one of my favorite features), and I was shown “no precipitation in your area”. Today, two other weather apps were giving the same forecast of a front moving in tomorrow with a tremendous temperature drop (from 83 to 59), meanwhile Dark Sky is still showing the earlier forecast of the same warm 80 degree weather for the next day. I have now deleted Dark Sky - RIP

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    At the end of the day not good enough

    After using this app as the primary weather app for several months, I decided to delete it. It is just not good enough. It is not accurate. Built in Weather app and Wunderground are much better. One annoying thing is that for some mysterious reason it always shows nearest radar station offline. I even emailed the developers and they dismissed it as “can happen we cannot control it”. I understand it may happen sometimes but if it is happening all the time I suspect something is buggy with the app and how it connects to the radar station. I think this is affecting the accuracy of the app. In many instances it would not show rain or very low percentage for it but it would be raining. And please for the love of it fix this probability thing - hourly rain probability being low but daily probability showing 100%. I understand the math and the reason for it but from a usability point of view it is misleading. At the end of the day app is not delivering the relevant information to the user even though math behind it is correct. If you are simply looking for weather information, I suggest use the Weather app and don’t waste your money. If you need radar information and more fine grained weather forecast, use Wunderground and save your money.

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    Unfortunate layout changes

    The folks at dark sky touted the new single page format of the app but ignore the fact that users each have their own needs regarding what information is most important to them. The redesigned app necessitates more scrolling for me to get to the information that I am interested in. Additionally, the choice to put the hourly temperatures zigzagging horizontally in an attempt to “helpfully” mimic a bar graph is simply visually taxing. Charts graphing temperature over time conventionally put time across the bottom and temperature varying in height. The vast majority of the public expects that format. Switching the direction around and additionally scattering the actual data (temperature in degrees) by putting it at the variable end of the bar makes it infinitely more difficult to get a quick, clear, idea of the forecasted hourly temperature variations. I’d suggest putting the temperatures back on the left side of the screen, just after the hour and allowing users to customize the order of the modules on their page. These simple changes would go a long way towards easing users pain. St this point I have a hard time bringing myself to open the darksky app on my iPhone. Instead, I’ve reverted to opening darksky’s web page in safari.

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    Real time accuracy but who needs that?

    Have had this app for a long time (I actually like the redesign, btw) and it used to be really good at forecasting. Around 8-12 months ago though, the forecasting became horrible. I’m not naive, I don’t expect any weather predictor to be accurate all of the time but it’s nice to know if something like rain is POSSIBLY on the immediate horizon. I play a lot of outdoor sports and this has recently failed me so many times that I’m looking for a better option. real world example: Have softball game at 2:00, check at various times in morning...cloudy but no indication of rain, like not even a 10% chance..... 1:00, same thing. Get in car, drive to game, stop at drug store, leave drug store and it’s pouring out, look at app again and it shows rain for next 3 hours. All of a sudden!? I’m not someone that looks at 7 day forecasts because I don’t believe they’re very accurate but I feel like 1-4 hours should be when the weather is most predictable. I don’t need real time weather, I can look out the window and see the rain. I simply want to be able to know if it MIGHT rain before I get in my car and waste my time. This isn’t an anomaly either, it’s happened often enough that I’m writing a review in hopes that the developers go back to what was working best.

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    The best!

    Dark Sky is definitely the most accurate weather forecast app and I have tried many. The new user interface is a bit more complicated, not difficult, just a little more cumbersome. But it’s very easy and intuitive unlike many other apps. I do wish the humidity icon was closer to the temperature icon as it used to be but my complaints are very tiny and because I did like the old interface very much and haven’t gotten used to the new one yet. However it has even more information and has some added text which is nice. I have been recommending it to all of my friends for years and I rely on it totally. I supplement it with NOAA for the detailed special weather conditions like severe thunderstorm warnings for the big picture but for local weather conditions Dark Sky is much more accurate. I also appreciate that one can give feedback on the local weather conditions. It lets you know that it’s going to start raining in half an hour for example. And it is incredibly accurate about that. Whenever possible I always time my walks and errands according to this forecast. All in all a great app!!

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Is Dark Sky Weather Safe?

Yes. Dark Sky Weather is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 245,869 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Dark Sky Weather Is 44.1/100.

Is Dark Sky Weather Legit?

Yes. Dark Sky Weather is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 245,869 Dark Sky Weather User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Dark Sky Weather Is 44.1/100.

Is Dark Sky Weather not working?

Dark Sky Weather works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By David Kopczynski
Jun 22 2021

I truly don't understand all the positive reviews of Dark Sky. Granted, it has a ton of information about everything you could imagine. The problem is that it just doesn't seem to be as accurate as any free weather information source. Just today, I got soaked in heavy rain after Dark Sky showed "cloudy" in the same time period. Unfortunately, this was not an isolated instance, and I find myself using weather.com or one of the other free forecasting services more and more frequently. Yes, it is very nice not to have advertising "popups" every few seconds, but I doubt I would pay for Dark Sky again.

By David Everson
Aug 30 2020

I just downloaded the app. I added favorite locations, but how do I remove Los Angeles,CA?
That seems to be the default location. Thank You

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