KaraFun - Karaoke & Singing Reviews

KaraFun - Karaoke & Singing Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-04

KaraFun is karaoke in your pocket! Thousands of karaoke songs to sing with your
friends and all your favorite styles of music. -- Free -- Test KaraFun on
hundreds of free songs without creating an account! -- Premium: a karaoke
application that includes: -- • Sing along to over 40,0...

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KaraFun - Karaoke & Singing Reviews

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    Best Karaoke App, HANDS DOWN!

    We used this app to replace our old karaoke system (MagicSing) because it’s just so hard to get the most current songs on chips and DVDs. Our 14 year old LOVED the song selections and the 7 day pass for $7 was a bargain for her birthday. Her friends had a great time singing at her B Day party. Best part? This this is FANTASTIC with an iPad! It’s like a little control center. The main screen goes up on the TV with screen share and the iPad handles the song queue, mixing, and controls. The music is on point and you even get backing vocals if you want them. I don’t usually write reviews, but this app was everything we hoped for and more.

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    Great music selection and quality

    The songs are mostly well produced and the app has a number of great features (including swiping left or right to add to queue or save offline), convenient playlists and genre categorization. Would be much better if you could create and save your own playlists for use again later (then simply add an entire saved playlist to the queue), and not have to drag a song all the way up to the top of your queue using the little bars (how about a move up 1 or move to the top option, or how about adding to the queue at the top instead of having it placed at the bottom when you add it?) Overall, it is a convenient app, and would get my five star rating if only custom playlists were an option.

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    Liked it better before

    In the last few months the songs stagger quite a bit making it difficult to sing along with. I have tried it on several different devices as well as different Wi-Fi connections. Would also like to see more of the old standard songs that older people like to song along with. I use it in a retirement community and they like to sing music of the 20’s and old patriotic songs.

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    0 stars🙁

    I was looking for an app just like the app Sing! by Smule, but Sing! is like a social media and that’s not what I’m looking for. I downloaded this app and couldn’t figure out how to start doing karaoke for a song; it only played about 30 seconds of it. I then figured out that there are free songs and the rest you have to have a membership to sing them. Sadly, the free songs were traditional and Christmas songs and stuff like that, and who wants to sing those songs if it’s not Christmas?! I then figured out that the membership to sing the other songs costs 9 dollars a month! That’s crazy just to do karaoke!! I definitely DO NOT suggest getting this app unless you are ok with paying 9 dollars a month. I would absolutely download this back if there were some major improvements made, but right now it’s a waste of my time.

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    Best Karaoke App out there

    For 2 years in a row now I’ve purchased the 7 day pass for $7 for our home New Years party and both years it’s been a big hit with everyone. The song catalog is huge and the music quality is some of the best I’ve heard for Karaoke, including the Karaoke CD’s which aren’t cheap. I have to laugh at all these negative reviews from people who think they can get literally thousands of full track Karaoke songs for free. The flexible charges offered for this app is one of the features I like best about the app. If you’re a DJ or Karaoke junkie buy the monthly subscription. If you want Karaoke for the occasional party throughout the year buy the 7 day pass when you need it for just $7. That’s a cheap price to pay to entertain a room full of people for an entire evening. Keep up the great work folks !

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    Great Karaoke program

    Would give the app five stars if it would allow me to access my personally owned tracks ...like the desktop version does. While Karafun provides a huge selection of tracks, it does not have ALL of them, especially when it comes to choices for women. For example, it may have the song but the only available version is in a man’s key. And, even though the key can be adjusted, the sound becomes very distorted if altered more than a step or step & 1/2. Not a good solution. Let me import from my ITunes or Musicplayer.

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    Billy Joel gone

    I’ve used this app for a several years now and have been very happy with it. There have been a few quirks, but the catalog has been better than others and the flexible pricing, charging only when you wanted to use it, has been great. But recently, almost all the Billy Joel songs disappear?!? More than price...more than anything, the catalog of songs a karaoke app has is its most important feature. Almost as bad as missing the Billy Joel songs is the uncertainty that I now have that other songs I like will still be there. After many $$$ given to KaraFun over the years, I don’t think I’m coming back.

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    Been using this app for several years. Makes me look good. Has never let me down. I’m often asked, “when is the next karaoke party”? ALWAYS a success! If you plan to karaoke for what ever the occasion this is the app!!!! Haven't had many requests that wasn't on Karafun! ALL files are EXCELLENT! No midis. Very reasonable price! Karafun will make you look like a pro! Hosting or as a participant. GREAT tech support if you need it but considering its ease of use its not likely you will.

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    Can’t get enough

    My family loves to get together to do karaoke and this is my favorite program to use. It has a very expansive library of songs and now with the new community feature, there’s even more songs from other outlets outside of KaraFun. I have the program on my phone for travel and on my computer for when at home. Get it a try. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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    Super useful!

    As someone who visits a local bar called Richard’s Goat, this app has been extremely useful and well used. I have used other apps as well, but they don’t usually have a favorites section to keep track of songs. I would however like to recommend a section or menu that allows users to suggest songs not inside your database (for both free users and paid users). I believe that would help get more connected to your user-base and allow us to feel more connected to you! Even if there is a license issue, it allows us to find out directly from you why you don’t have a song, or can’t gain access, or are currently in the works of getting the song! Anyway, keep rocking!

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    Perfect for a party

    I have used this for a gathering. The song collection is quite large and everyone found songs that they wanted to sing. The app is certainly good, but better is their pricing policy, super friendly for occasional use. I can get the party going for just $7! And it is easy to not buy a subscription. Can’t ask for more. I used Apple TV to project the lyrics on my TV.

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    A Karaoke Lover’s Dream!

    I love to sing! This app is fab to use alone for practice or with friends and family. The fact that I can turn off backup or lead vocals, change the key to fit my voice, the words are easy to read, and the song choices are practically endless makes are all so worth the monthly fee. Searching for songs is easy... keep it up, developers!

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    Great Fun

    Friends and family know where to come for a fun time. I have a great system set up and they all come to my house for a great night of being a singing star. My portable system does the same when we go camping. Kids and parents alike come to our sight to have fun with the great selection of songs. A great big thank you to the folks a KaraFun for letting me put smiles on a lot of faces.

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    Most Versatile in Design

    Better than imported as the words are always correct. Quality of play music is professional. Great options for off net play. Retains play settings for individual songs (single user) but not downloaded files. Remembers my favorites between subscriptions. Remote control capable. Try it, you might like it.

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    Great job!

    We are sooo pleased with Karafun! The music sounds great and the onscreen controls work perfectly. Very easy to sing with! Lots of song categories to choose from, and everything is simple to navigate. And customer support is second to none. Special thanks to everyone at Karafun for giving all of us singers such a great product. We love you!

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Is KaraFun - Karaoke & Singing Safe?

Yes. KaraFun - Karaoke & Singing is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 6,011 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for KaraFun - Karaoke & Singing Is 84.0/100.

Is KaraFun - Karaoke & Singing Legit?

Yes. KaraFun - Karaoke & Singing is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 6,011 KaraFun - Karaoke & Singing User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for KaraFun - Karaoke & Singing Is 84.0/100.

Is KaraFun - Karaoke & Singing not working?

KaraFun - Karaoke & Singing works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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