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Published by on 2022-09-24

Want more friends and music lovers? Bring out the singer in you and also try to
look for your new friends in StarMaker——A popular Karaoke & Entertainment
App. StarMaker is a popular singing app and recreation community with
50M+users glo...

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Contact e-Mail: [email protected]

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Developer: StarMaker Interactive

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit StarMaker Sing Karaoke Songs Website

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Developer: StarMaker Interactive

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit StarMaker Interactive Website

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Common StarMaker-Sing Karaoke Songs Issues

  • By Willybilly1912

    Used to love this app but it’s slowly losing me

    This app was a god send when it was first launched I was able to sing songs in my own space and feel free and safe the support from other users was astonishing. But now the app has completely changed and not for the better. Almost EVERY song is vip now and I understand that copyright is a issue but the songs you do make available for free aren’t always songs everyone can sing or even know. The so called “TOP SONGS” are mostly popular hits from today’s music but what about the people who like theater for example we can no longer sing from musicals because they aren’t considered “TOP SONGS” and this stinks because now I have lost my outlet my safe place my happy spot all because of money. When the app first launched you had the popular songs for VIP but you had all the others FREE like the obscure songs very few people know mostly musicals submitted by fans. That is the best format for this app not weekly memberships but a choice ! This app was superior to the others for example “SMULE” you did what they didn’t and had a service for free members that’s why people were leaving thier and coming to this app it had more to offer then the others but now like the rest we are left to look for a new app that dose offer better non vip songs or a way to chose them.

  • By dgndgfy

    Changed from better to worse

    I enjoyed the app when I started. Spent enormous money and paid VIP. Was receiving what I won, got my rewards for logging in thru VIP, and etc. The start of this year they took everything from me..I am a captain and I don’t receive Captains pay, the games are rigged and coinsellers and official are winning the games, cheating occurring, they took all my days I logged in and haven’t received gifts for recharging, games can’t play because family doesn’t receive credit. They give you “agents” whom suppose to help but mine hasn’t. Been harassed and so many times emailed and showed screenshots of all that is happening but clearly not talking to real people. You would assume the people that put so much money in this app, they would listen to them and help them. Child pornography is on this app, your bank get charged for”cross border” fees which they don’t tell you about. You have “box hunters” coming in harassing you…so much that isn’t addressed in this app so false advertisement and that isn’t right. Will probably receive comment from them saying send screenshots and email them but there clearly shows they don’t read the reviews, because have done enormous of times and times they say talk with your agent and again got me no where.

  • By Sherimartini

    Fantastic... Or used to be

    I have had this app for years. I have been a paid subscriber in the past and then stopped using it enough to justify paying. The prices are ridiculously expensive for VIP now. I am never ever going to pay that much. I’ll quit using it, to be blunt. I don’t care about being popular or getting people to listen 99% of the time I delete the songs immediately after singing them. I am only singing for my own enjoyment and I don’t want to have to pay for royalties when no one else is ever going to hear it. It was difficult enough to find the songs I was wanting to sing, and it appears all new songs now require VIP? I guess that means I am done with the app now. (And I’ve had this app at least since 2011?) Edit: the canned responses are lame and insulting. You want out money but can’t even have a genuine response. You couldn’t even add my name after the “Dear,” which is really lame. You said you are willing to hear voices about this, but every single response you have made has said the same thing. I am really disappointed and I know my casual use isn’t what you are looking for, but I just am not going to buy into this bologna.

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Reported Issues: 13 Comments

By Sally Stanbrough
Oct 01 2022

Your app has charged over $4000 on my debit card and I have never used it or installed it. What are you going to do to help me recover my money?

By Lucky MartinB
Jul 07 2022

I cannot work this app anymore,l cannot find my recordings and people asking me to join them ,what is going on?

By James R Smith
Jun 07 2022

You have charged my credit card almost $200 and I've never heard of our installed your app. Please contact me about how to reverse the charges.
Jim Smith

By Amelia
Mar 30 2022

I played the "new' turntable event 1 bet at 500 and won the max diamond vouchers that was on March 25th its now the 29th still no vouchers I've sent screen shot to your costumer service center all I get is robot messages saying the vouchers will be put back into my account I've been checking everyday and nothing. I've spent hundreds on this app I've created my own family brought people in who didn't know anything about this app insuring them that this was a fun awesome app. I'm very disappointed in the app and customer service. Customer service is a big part of a business supposed to be there to HELP YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS!!! Not sure who else to contact about this issue I hope nobody else gets ripped off playing the games it's not fun talking to customer service bots.

By bien M deguzman
Sep 30 2021

1 choose to pay,ment option every 3 months bill.......but nowI cant even find or select any songs that i like to sing LOOKs like Starmaker Admin block all option ...I feel like cancelling my membership and get a refund for my lost money for terrible service

By Lorna Torres
Aug 22 2021

How can I recover my starmaker account?

By Jackie Michael Lake
Jul 05 2021

I just paid you 20 bucks for 1,200 coins + 30. You got my money but I got no coins. And I'm a little disappointed in the power of your servers and ability to keep this thing up and going correctly. I love the app right now. I've had a few issues that I dealt with myself. But hey twenty bucks is twenty bucks. Last time I checked a man gets what he pays for

By 13312711335
May 16 2021

I purchased an 3 boxes (OB) but there is no 25% discount like what i won in the spin, and theres no especial gift for the 3rd box like what you have mentioned,please kindly be aware on this matter so your client will be more happy in your service..Thanks

By Lilly ortiz
May 11 2021

I just log off then when I log in it different account I can’t even access the old one while both profile are seeing on screen togetherness and I need to be log in I have a contest coming this sat and I need to give some details and my fam is waiting for me I’ve spend a lot of time and money for the old one and don’t want to start again please recover my old one I’d number is62009581489 I already report it today at Fred back but I wanna make sure someone can help me about this other is showed up is 62098610361 new account but both same name on it

By Jennifer Ocampo
Mar 28 2021

Why I can't sing on the stage I've been suffering for four days now it's always showing ERROR NETWORK I can do all activities in Star Maker Live, Family Battles posting covers collaboration,comments, sending gifts everything I can do my Wifi are stable all kinds of my apps using WiFi are working good as the way it is work I can do vedio call as well,,I can queed in star maker but when I started singing they can't hear me and says network error I can play my song and hear my voice clearly good please help me for this issue I'm so so sad I love using star maker but why is happening this I never do any bad behavior on this apps please answer my problems I missed singing on the stage best regards and more power thank you

By David Beene
Feb 16 2021

I don't understand how people that haven't sung 1 song have thousands of followers.. I'm a professional musician, and can barely get a B rating on a song, while tone deaf people that sound like They're drunk, and barely understandable get A's, A+, and A++.. Please explain how this works...Something's terribly wrong....

By Lilly ortiz
Sep 28 2020

I’m new in StarMaker and encountered lot of hard time to set up from purchasing that don’t receive coins create family create a room creating a room said not enough coins then when I purchased coins and do the create they show already create a room create family is the issue now we can’t create family because of the slogan that says already exist for 4 days keep trying to create and so frustrating so I search someone who can help this issue thank you again

By Lilly ortiz
Sep 28 2020

I’m trying to create a family for 4days keep asking the customer service and the interactive about the problem the slogan that requires is already exist so we can finish the application keep showing that no matter what I put it shows the slogan already exist so how can we create a family and no one giving any response please can you help me in this one my family and friends are waiting my family ID but I can’t and I already have a room please please thank you

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