Moovit: Train & Bus Times Reviews

Moovit: Train & Bus Times Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-30

Moovit is one app for all your urban mobility and transit rides.
Transportation is an integral part of urban living. Whether you ride the
train, subway, bus, light rail, ferry or metro, use dockless scooters, bikes,
ride-sharing like Uber or Lyft, getting the best urban mobility inform...

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Moovit: Train & Bus Times Reviews

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    Subway Service at Line 1

    We are from the US, Senior citizens (65 yrs old) and first timers in Toronto. The service at Line 1 is excellent except for our FIRST DAY (8/5/19 around 12- 1 pm ) experience wherein since we were new in the area we seek an assistance from an employee who was comfortably sitting on her chair with her legs stretched out to the floor and was rude in answering our queries. Worst thing is after we bought the ticket the door where I used didn’t open even if I swiped or scanned my ticket. She knew I had some problem but NEVER BOTHERED TO GET UP FROM HER CHAIR TO HELP ME until later when another lady employee came and helped us only to find that the door had some problem thus she let us move to another door. It was a horrible experience for us which was our first impression that people are not RUDE and NOT HELPFUL. But thank goodness that was the only bad experience we had, all the rest that followed were good since most of the employees we approached were helpful. That single employee must have problems but SHE should be taught to have GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE since that’s part of HER JOB. We love traveling thru the SUBWAY and the Bus service are good too.

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    Made LA Easy

    I sold my car about 4 months ago and decided to give LA Public Transit a try. It took me a bit to get acquainted with the properly, but once I figured out how everything worked it was truly a life saver. So far, the app has been incredibly accurate with regard to their real-time bus arrivals. It also does well with connecting you to other types of public transportation and has been pretty accurate with real-time predictions of the Metro trains. Their customer service is also great. I have email them a few times with questions or suggestions and they’ve always gotten back to me within the day. My first wish is to be able to customize your route so that you don’t have to use the suggested ones or if there is an area you’d like to avoid when traveling. My second wish is that you could plan ahead. Once you hit play, it will begin navigating you. It would great to have a function where you could set the app to being navigating for a future date and it remind you to leave. Similar to what you can do with Waze.

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    I’d recommend this to everyone!

    I’m not lying, at first I got TheBus2 despite their review but then when I found the link to the app on their website by accident, I was honestly surprised how good the app was! It’s easy for me to navigate, I just found out that it will notify you when to get off, you can search up all the bus lines in your area, it tells you how long a walk to a stop is, and you can even call an Uber! It’s honestly amazing! I don’t see this app as social media or location revealing since at the beginning, the app does ask if you want the app to use locations all the time, sometimes, or never. But if you are a parent and are considering this app for you or your child, I would definitely get it! How would I know? This is my first year catching the bus as I am an incoming freshman!

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    Must have for The City

    I frequently roam NYC and this app is absolutely amazing... No fuss, no worry, it’s extremely efficient, reliable and **thorough**. This is amazing for someone who is planning a trip to NYC. Whether you need help getting around, or use it as a back up like myself, it never fails and you will not get lost or overwhelmed within the concrete jungle. MOOVIT navigates you to the *exact* location of the desired subway entrance (even has the price listed for NYer newbies) and gives names of the exact line. It’ll never put you on an express when you need a local, you’re always in good hands. I’ve haven’t had an issue with this app to date, only positives. I have not used this app for bus transportation but will in the future and assume things will be just as seamless.

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    Moving around with Moovit by your side.

    I have been using moovit for this last year and found it to be a rather remarkable app, that replaced the best alternatives to it in the form of the Transit app. As in addition to the shortcomings off the app, in its offline modes, when connected it’s such a wonderful program for live travel info in one easy to use platform. I got stuck for what bus to catch, as the signage wasn’t clear and Google maps and Siri kept making bad suggestion, like take a bus going the wrong way and the journey will take 23 hours. But Moovit, showed me not only the local bust stops location, but in their search feature, it was very helpful to not only find a bus when I was struggling to walk and breath, as it transpired I had blood-clots in my chest, it wasn’t too far away and I not only got the correct train, but in time to catch the later train to get home :0) So yes I recommend it. The offline mode would be helpful if it had the ability to download a areas maps, so my data usage could go down, when traveling, but to get the correct info is ever so helpful, in tome sensitive situations, and Moovit is a good solution.

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    Saved me so much time and effort.

    I recently moved to a location where it would be a 20min walk to the subway. Siri maps transit option DOES NOT DO WHAT THIS APP DOES. WHICH IS SAVE YOU TIME FOR YOUR COMMUTE. Jeez I can finally sleep in a little longer. A friend recommended this app because I told her my struggle of my commute. I downloaded this app and it gave me so many options for my morning commute. I was able to find an express bus close by because of this app. So it cut my commute time in half! I love how it gives me two options of when my bus is coming. Just in case I miss the first one, I have some relief because I know when the next one is. I wish everyone had this app if you’re a morning commuter. You might just save your self some time!

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    Must have app!

    This app is so incredibly helpful! I moved to Europe for a few years and cramming in as much traveling as possible. No matter where I go, moovit makes getting around the destination city a breeze. Especially bc you can pick a destination place (like a restaurant) and not have to know the nearest transportation stop name. My only annoyance is re the stations page...not all bus stops show unless you zoom in. I’d rather see them all piled up indication I should zoom then none at all. I really only use this doing advanced planning bc I like to walk a lot to explore cities. But this isn’t a big deal bc if you search a route from current location (once there), it’ll show you the nearest and fastest options.

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    Move it Is a Must!

    I live in Denver, CO & am currently sans automobile. After a summer of spending too much money on ride shares & rentals, my bank account necessitated a different strategy. Despite living in Denver for 10 years with increased public transportation options throughout the years, I had always been hesitant to give them a real opportunity. Having moved from Chicago & utilizing the El, Metro Train & truly great a bus system, I was a non-believer in Denver’s RTD. Fast-forward to a job opportunity requiring a commute. A quick search through the App store led me to Move it & I haven’t looked back since. It’s user-friendly (I’m Gen X) & most of all reliable. Now I just need to figure out how to download the bus pass to my phone!

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    Use this app if you like getting screwed over

    I live in Israel. This app has screwed me and my friends over too many times. It will tell you a bus is coming at a certain time and then it just never shows up. Then, you look for another route and it tells you that the exact same bus is coming in 10 minutes instead- which it doesn’t. Today I had to walk 2 km to get to another stop because it was the only available route after I wasted 15 minutes waiting for a bus that never came. After I got off that bus I had a connection bus to take me to my final destination, but surprisingly enough that bus also never came. I ended up getting to my destination a few hours late due to factors that were not even in my control. I do have to give this app some credit because it works most of the time, but I can’t even remember how many times it screwed me over.

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    Makes life with public transportation a dream!

    When I got totally fed up with traffic and parking in Jerusalem I decided to try public transportation. After missing the bus several times because it arrived (and departed) earlier than scheduled, I decided to give moovit a try. At first I only used it to take the bus from my rural community to the city. On days I had to get around to several places in the city I still took my car. Sine realizing the convenience of knowing exactly how to take buses correctly and efficiently in the city, I never take my car anymore. I save aggravation and money and get to feel that I’m part of the solution instead of the problem. I use it now all over the world.

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    I have been searching for an app that would give me EVERYTHING in one from bus routes, directions, driving routes, Para-Transit Taxi Services, Taxi, Uber, traffic, accidents, etc etc etc all in REAL-TIME! REAL-TIME Is so important when traveling, especially when riding the bus. They give you options right then, no second guessing. THANK YOU!!! My family (grandson) seems to think that I know EVERYTHING! Like I know ALL the bus routes and schedules. So I had him download this app so he could use it and stop asking me. So THANK YOU Developers for creating an app that is easy to use and multi functional!!!! PS: It also has the 👮🏽‍♀️ alerts added in for all you speeders!

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    Drop from Glory

    This app used to be great. A few changes have occurred the last few months that have made it extremely frustrating. Before, I could load previous trips from the home screen. This meant not only the two locations I was traveling between, but the time at which I had searched for the trip. This was extremely useful because if the app closed, I could reload the trip at the push of a button, and know exactly where I was on the route and when I needed to get off. The second thing that changed is that the app crashes very frequently in the background. When I’m traveling and have to reload the route, I now have to wait until I get on a stop so that the app can show me the bus I’m currently on. This can get extremely frustrating when I’m traveling on routes I’m not used to. In addition, when I have Live Directions set, the app still crashes in the background! I just had it happen and that got me to write this review. It’s so frustrating that the app crashes a lot and I can’t reload entire trips from the home page. Just adding that one functionality back into the app would make a huge change in performance and usability of the app. Can the developers explain why they got rid of it?

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    Unreliable but some useful features

    I have primarily used Moovit with AC Transit in Berkeley and Oakland, and the app has been very unreliable regardless of the line, time of day, or day of the week. It usually doesn’t get the arrival times right. I made the mistake of not checking nextbus today, and now I will be standing at a bus stop for the next half hour because Moovit didn’t take into full account tracked buses and the unreliability of bus schedules. I downloaded the app with the hopes of having an alternative to nextbus, but unfortunately was disappointed. The only redeeming quality of the app is the fact that the app provides you with notifications as to when you should prepare to get on or off your bus. However, even this is flawed, as arrival notifications are usually given after the bus has already departed. I can only hope that the developers improve the most fundamental aspects of their app.

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    Great tool, interface a bit fiddly

    It's great that Moovit is available in my city (Christchurch NZ) and it's pretty accurate, but not down-to-the minute exact--not that I would hold a 3rd party app to that standard. Best feature: live ride/get off alerts. It is worth having the app solely for this feature. Now I don't have to stare out the window on my whole bus commute; the app tells me when my stop is coming up. The next most useful features for me are the trip planner, and being able to see which transit stops/lines are nearby. Helps me quickly figure out how to get somewhere. I have been able to use it in every urban area I've traveled to so far. Very handy how it switches automatically to a new transit area while keeping all my favorites/saved places for each area separately. Excellent tool for people who travel to different cities. When I used it in NYC, I was very glad not to have to read all the confusing subway schedules at the stations! Thanks Moovit Small quibbles: -Sometimes it isn't clear when I'm currently in "trip" mode. -It isn't super clear how to add favorite locations, stops, and lines.

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    Great App!

    I had a trip to Rome Italy, but did not want to pay Taxi or Uber fees to get around the city. I wanted to use the public transportation (bus, tram, metro, etc) to get around Rome. Looked at maps but they were very confusing. During an internet search I came across this app (a few days after arriving Rome). Brilliant app, showed me how to get from one point to another in Rome using buses, metro, trams, local trains, even showing the stops in between, real time tracking at what point of the route you are, etc. And the same is possible in most parts and major cities of the world. Love this app, saved me so much taxi fare already.

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Is Moovit: Train & Bus Times Safe?

Yes. Moovit: Train & Bus Times is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 16,033 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Moovit: Train & Bus Times Is 32.1/100.

Is Moovit: Train & Bus Times Legit?

Yes. Moovit: Train & Bus Times is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 16,033 Moovit: Train & Bus Times User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Moovit: Train & Bus Times Is 32.1/100.

Is Moovit: Train & Bus Times not working?

Moovit: Train & Bus Times works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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