Moovit: All Transit Options Reviews

Moovit: All Transit Options Reviews

Published by on 2022-05-10

Moovit is one app for all your urban mobility and transit rides.
Transportation is an integral part of urban living. Whether you ride the
train, subway, bus, light rail, ferry or metro, use dockless scooters, bikes,
ride-sharing like Uber or Lyft, getting the best urban mobility inform...

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Moovit: All Transit Options Reviews: 20 Reviews


Most Useful App I Own

Just took a trip to Italy, France and Portugal and used this in Rome, Venice, Paris and Lisbon. It automatically changes your metro city, tells you which bus/train/metro/vaporetto/traghetto to take, gives you time estimates for your whole trip as well as public transport schedules. You can pick your route based on what’s available right now, when you want to leave, or when you want to arrive, so it’s super handy when you’re trying to figure out when to leave your hotel the next morning to get to exhibit “x” by 8 am. You can also choose your departure location so you can start from your location now or pick where you’ll be in 2 hours so you can plan your day. They also alert you of closures and problems, track your progress in real time via gps, and alert you when your stop is coming up. This app allowed us to safely and effectively ride public transport in countries where we did not speak the language. SO effective and reduced the stress of figuring out cheap transportation. Really, this app is a 100 out of 5 stars, absolutely LOVED it!!!!


Impressive Moovit App

This app fills a much-needed niche that was lost when the APT (Association for Public Transportation) Car-Free Books quit being published. Bravo! This is a relatively thorough and comprehensive guide with most of the local transit authorities having coverage. Being able to pick out favorites is a good thing. Missing are local transit networks in western MA like the PVTA (Pioneer Valley Transit Authority) which serves greater Springfield and the Pioneer Valley near the Connecticutt River. There may be other such local transit authorities near Pittsfield MA or in the far western MA areas to get to summer arts and music events that might be included as well. It might also perform better in dark mode on iOS devices on the mapping. Map details disappear in dark mode at present. In the Lines domain, it might be helpful to indicate major places like Supermarkets, Malls, or Stadiums in parentheses next to the listed stops and cross streets. It might also be useful to make a link next to the transit stop icons that lights up the corresponding verbal listing and vice versa when selected on the map. These are minor set-backs which are easily fixed by the addition of pertinent information and a bit of tweaking by your webmaster/webmistress.



I have honestly not tried any other apps like this. But I don’t believe I will need to. In my opinion, I believe New York is one of the busiest and most confusing places to ever travel and use transportation in. I’ve use this app my entire trip and it has helped me tremendously. I am more comfortable going out because I know that I can get to and from without getting lost. I would say if you have a hard time paying attention to detail this app may be confusing. In New York different subways are named the same but they are in fact not all the same so with this app you have to make sure you enter and exit the exact place that it tells you or you will end up not in the right spot. But once you’ve successfully use this App once you’ll be able toUse the subways and metro buses like a pro. even if you into the wrong subway entrance it gives you what stop to look for and in the subways it tells you what stops are coming up so you know that if it doesn’t match then you’re in the wrong spot. I definitely would recommend this app


Made LA Easy

I sold my car about 4 months ago and decided to give LA Public Transit a try. It took me a bit to get acquainted with the properly, but once I figured out how everything worked it was truly a life saver. So far, the app has been incredibly accurate with regard to their real-time bus arrivals. It also does well with connecting you to other types of public transportation and has been pretty accurate with real-time predictions of the Metro trains. Their customer service is also great. I have email them a few times with questions or suggestions and they’ve always gotten back to me within the day. My first wish is to be able to customize your route so that you don’t have to use the suggested ones or if there is an area you’d like to avoid when traveling. My second wish is that you could plan ahead. Once you hit play, it will begin navigating you. It would great to have a function where you could set the app to being navigating for a future date and it remind you to leave. Similar to what you can do with Waze.


My most used app as a NY/NJ college student

Moovit is the best and most reliable public transportation app I’ve ever used. I found lots of other apps to be confusing or not efficient for what I needed and honestly there’s too much good to write about to fit it all. They have directions for anything from buses to ferries, it’s all customizable for your needs such as less walking or best route or least transfers(my personal favorite). Also the live schedules where you can see how soon the bus or e.t.c. is arriving in real time is very useful. Despite this feature being available in many apps moovit is the most accurate I’ve found. I’ve used this app for about 3 years now and I can’t imagine using anything else. All that being said, just like any app there are occasional glitches and public transportation is always a learning experience no matter how good the app is. But all in all this app is very user friendly, efficient and a must have for any commuter anywhere.


Felt like a tourist !$$$

I haven’t had to use the local transportation system in a minute but I had to this time and a lot of miracles happen because I did !$$$ so for one I’m thankful to even have this kind of service available to the public !$$$ I met a wonderful woman who would then introduce me to my Soul Mate !$$$ guess I was wrong when I said “ it only happens in the movies “ !$$$ and I also took the wrong number bus with no money left and had to turn back so I got two returned passes !$$$ only took longer because I messed up !$$$ if you use the App “Moovit” it becomes impossible to get lost and is all practically free !$$$ also it was mostly empty after 6 pm so it was confortable Bus route !$$$ over all I give this experience a 5/5 !$$$ have a great rest of your time on earth !$$$


What NYC and surrounding areas need

It does what it says: finds the fastest, easiest, or laziest route to your destination by cross-referencing differing forms of Public Transportation (which you can filter) and then synchronizing them to achieve an optimal route. It’s like Waze or Google Maps but for ALL forms of Public Transportation. Most detailed and informed app I’ve come across for PT riders. This is like Google Map’s PT options, but far superior in scope and function. COMPLAINT: One thing I can’t seem to figure out is how the step-by-step preview works. Like if I get a route that’s showing 1:20, 1:35; and 1:50 as viable boarding times for the 40-Bus line, and I choose the 1:50 time, will the train I’m taking the 40-Bus to still arrive around the same time it did for the 1:20 bus? I haven’t found a way to specify/edit certain time schedules to my own schedule. TL;DR the app is top of its class, but User Interface could be more intuitive and less bloated.


Great app if you can deal with ads

I’ve had this app for almost a year now and they just started putting ads into the app heavily. I mean nobody likes ads of course and they’re annoying to deal with but when you’re standing outside afraid to miss your bus trying to figure out where to go or if your phone is on 5% and you’re figuring out what bus comes next before it dies and then an ad pops up in your face. It’s extremely frustrating and sometimes stressful to deal with. I understand this app doesn’t really have a choice considering they aren’t earning money any other way that’s why I kept the app and tried dealing with it but I wish they did it in a better way or come up with a better way to show ads because this is honestly ridiculous and I’m starting to hate the app. I used to recommend this app constantly to all my friends and family because we all took public transportation for school or for work but now I want to delete it myself honestly.


Great app

I’ve always found this app pretty reliable. Sometimes the timing can be off by a few minutes, so even if you think you missed your bus, wait another 3-5 minutes if you have time to spare. Likewise if you’re trying to make a run for a bus that’s “arriving soon”, there a chance you might’ve missed it already. There has been days where service would be down because of maintenance or something else for buses/train lines. I wish there was an option for users to submit that in and have other users to confirm for a faster update on routes. I’m not sure if there has been an update on it, but the last time I looked through report options, I didn’t see a “down for maintenance” in the selection


I’d recommend this to everyone!

I’m not lying, at first I got TheBus2 despite their review but then when I found the link to the app on their website by accident, I was honestly surprised how good the app was! It’s easy for me to navigate, I just found out that it will notify you when to get off, you can search up all the bus lines in your area, it tells you how long a walk to a stop is, and you can even call an Uber! It’s honestly amazing! I don’t see this app as social media or location revealing since at the beginning, the app does ask if you want the app to use locations all the time, sometimes, or never. But if you are a parent and are considering this app for you or your child, I would definitely get it! How would I know? This is my first year catching the bus as I am an incoming freshman!


Excellent app for anybody who uses public transport

I started taking the bus to and from my college campus, and for someone who hadn’t used the bus before and had no idea when and where to go, this app saved me so much hassle. It’s overall pretty user friendly and the bus times are generally accurate (with a few exceptions). On a couple occasions it didn’t show the fastest route or it gave the wrong times but otherwise it was fine. The search function is a little bit odd. If you type in your desired location (a store or a bank or a park) it won’t show you the closest option to you. The first option on the list will be something that’s miles and miles away or in a different city when there’s definitely a closer option. Overall, a great app that just needs a couple of tweaks.


Best Transit App Ever

This app continues to astound me with its realtime updates and thorough coverage of my city. I downloaded it one day when I had walked a long ways from the bus stop I had gotten off at, and wondered if there were a better way home than walking back. The app used my location to detect a bus stop two blocks from where I was standing and told me the bus line number and that it was due to arrive in a few minutes and then every 17 minutes. It even showed me the current progress along its route of the bus arriving in a few minutes. Moovit is thorough, and well designed and integrated. I have nothing but positive for this terrific app. It even automatically switched to the Chicago maps and lines when I flew into Chicago O’Hare.


Must have for The City

I frequently roam NYC and this app is absolutely amazing... No fuss, no worry, it’s extremely efficient, reliable and **thorough**. This is amazing for someone who is planning a trip to NYC. Whether you need help getting around, or use it as a back up like myself, it never fails and you will not get lost or overwhelmed within the concrete jungle. MOOVIT navigates you to the *exact* location of the desired subway entrance (even has the price listed for NYer newbies) and gives names of the exact line. It’ll never put you on an express when you need a local, you’re always in good hands. I’ve haven’t had an issue with this app to date, only positives. I have not used this app for bus transportation but will in the future and assume things will be just as seamless.


Too many ads with the new update

I have been using this app for about two years and it has been working great (especially during the time when there were no ads). The update a few months ago added pop-up ads which was quite annoying at times but is tolerable. The latest update with video ads, however, was so inconvenient for users since you have to wait for a few seconds before closing the ads. This is not some game apps where people are willing to sit through the whole ads just to get some bonus. To developers, please remember that people only click on this app to get to somewhere they want to be. We only use this for a few minutes per day and would not worth our time looking at all the video ads in this app when there are other options that works similarly (some with even better ui) but without ads.


Arrival times are always wrong.

This app is wonderful for showing me how to get anywhere. I moved to Israel from the US and regardless of my horrible Hebrew skills, I can travel anywhere comfortably using this app. The huge drawback is arrival times of busses and the stated end-of-trip arrival times. When waiting for a bus, often a green real time indicator will show a bus is arriving in X minutes. But I find I need to add about 2 extra minutes to that number in the end. Or it will say the bus is arriving in 1 minute, but that displays for 4 minutes. I have been late to almost every single meeting I have planned using this app. To the point of where I now know I have to add 30-75 extra minutes to Moovit’s estimated arrival time. One time I was 2 hours late to a meeting 18 km away because Moovit gave me a trip plan where the buses never showed up! No holiday, no road construction, no Shabbat, just a regular day.


Good app, sometimes bad calculations

Moovit works great in general, but for public transit in Israel it made bad calculations for multibus trips for me. For example, I am at A and trying to go to B by public transit. Moovit tells me to walk 9 minutes to a bus stop, take bus 1 to a different stop, then take bus 2 to my destination. The problem is, bus 1 leaves in 6 minutes, and the next one won’t get me to the stop for bus 2 until after bus 2 has left, leaving me stranded at the bus 2 stop, especially when bus 2 comes only once an hour. I have to check Moovit’s math anytime I want to use it to ensure that the timing works out, and it often doesn’t. I don’t how that happens and it is quite frustrating and I have missed meetings over it. EDIT: Update to four stars for high quality and prompt customer service to help fix the problem.


Moving around with Moovit by your side.

I have been using moovit for this last year and found it to be a rather remarkable app, that replaced the best alternatives to it in the form of the Transit app. As in addition to the shortcomings off the app, in its offline modes, when connected it’s such a wonderful program for live travel info in one easy to use platform. I got stuck for what bus to catch, as the signage wasn’t clear and Google maps and Siri kept making bad suggestion, like take a bus going the wrong way and the journey will take 23 hours. But Moovit, showed me not only the local bust stops location, but in their search feature, it was very helpful to not only find a bus when I was struggling to walk and breath, as it transpired I had blood-clots in my chest, it wasn’t too far away and I not only got the correct train, but in time to catch the later train to get home :0) So yes I recommend it. The offline mode would be helpful if it had the ability to download a areas maps, so my data usage could go down, when traveling, but to get the correct info is ever so helpful, in tome sensitive situations, and Moovit is a good solution.


Intrusive pop up ads every second

Moovit worked fine for what it was before they decided to integrate pop-ups. Now I do understand the need to monetize your app and pay developers, and I have nothing against ads at all (Google and Waze have ads all over their maps). But these pop ups are obnoxious, intrusive and take up valuable time when you are quickly trying to check a route or bus. And it’s not just one per trip, it’s like every third thing you click triggers an ad. It’s a huge inconvenience when when you’re pressed for time. It’s gotten to the point where I’m using Google more than Moovit, even though Moovit’s times are better. At least Google doesn’t shove video ads in my face when I’m running late to the bus. Moovit, fix your profit model. Pop-up ads are not the solution. At the bare minimum, tweak the ads so they don’t interrupt user experience.


Saved me so much time and effort.

I recently moved to a location where it would be a 20min walk to the subway. Siri maps transit option DOES NOT DO WHAT THIS APP DOES. WHICH IS SAVE YOU TIME FOR YOUR COMMUTE. Jeez I can finally sleep in a little longer. A friend recommended this app because I told her my struggle of my commute. I downloaded this app and it gave me so many options for my morning commute. I was able to find an express bus close by because of this app. So it cut my commute time in half! I love how it gives me two options of when my bus is coming. Just in case I miss the first one, I have some relief because I know when the next one is. I wish everyone had this app if you’re a morning commuter. You might just save your self some time!


Must have app!

This app is so incredibly helpful! I moved to Europe for a few years and cramming in as much traveling as possible. No matter where I go, moovit makes getting around the destination city a breeze. Especially bc you can pick a destination place (like a restaurant) and not have to know the nearest transportation stop name. My only annoyance is re the stations page...not all bus stops show unless you zoom in. I’d rather see them all piled up indication I should zoom then none at all. I really only use this doing advanced planning bc I like to walk a lot to explore cities. But this isn’t a big deal bc if you search a route from current location (once there), it’ll show you the nearest and fastest options.

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Is Moovit: All Transit Options Safe?

Yes. Moovit: All Transit Options is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 21,277 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Moovit: All Transit Options Is 52.6/100.

Is Moovit: All Transit Options Legit?

Yes. Moovit: All Transit Options is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 21,277 Moovit: All Transit Options User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Moovit: All Transit Options Is 52.6/100.

Is Moovit: All Transit Options not working?

Moovit: All Transit Options works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
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