DocuSign - Upload & Sign Docs Reviews

DocuSign - Upload & Sign Docs Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-14

DocuSign eSignature is the world’s #1 way to send and sign agreements from
practically anywhere, at any time. Your signature is your word, so no wonder
millions of people around the world trust our eSignature solution. From any
device and anywhere, streamline how business gets done with...

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Reviews (29)


Great app but needs “Strikethrough” feature

I love this app as a real estate agent. I use it all the time, primarily on my iPad Pro, because I’m always on the go. However, I wish it had a “strikethrough” feature like it does on the desktop version. Also, I wish you could resize the signature and initial prompt like you can on the desktop version. One workaround I found for strikethrough is to make the strikethrough on Preview from Files on iOS. Then upload it from mobile Safari web version of DocuSign. Save and close. Then, open it on app. The strikethrough is there. Seems to work but wish it worked on app itself.


No longer easy to use. Not happy

This used to be my preferred electronic signing app. Now, not so much. App insists that I’m on “a new device” every time I try to use my phone to try to DocuSign anything, and insists on sending a verification code—to the same phone I’ve had for several years now. I haven’t changed phones. No new devices. Then there’s the issue of my name. Fought with the app for several minutes, trying to get it to let me use text to add my full name. It insisted on using my middle name as my last, first and middle names. Finally managed to get it to allow me to add , last, first, middle. Doesn’t allow me to tap where I want to write or sign. I have to tap, say, “text” and then that appears somewhere and I have to drag it where I want it. Very tiny and hard to enlarge the box without it closing and I have to start over. Difficult to add checkboxes. App kept telling me I had to “move the page up.” From now on, unless this is fixed, I’m only going to use this app if forced to do so. Sorry. It used to be a five star app.


Spotty function and support

UPDATE: I received a reply from development. That’s a good sign. I am updating to four stars. It could benefit from a freehand option and a snail mail field. There is no multiple signer option when they’re all in the same room. Those would make a five star app. I am testing DocuSign as an alternative to SignEasy, which I have used for years. There is no freehand option on DocuSign. When DocuSign works, it works well. However, the real problem began when I received an email with a pdf, and DocuSign failed to import it. When I contacted support it took an hour for them to tell me that that’s not how the app works (incorrect). If I had not been able to use SignEasy to sign the PDF, it would have been a serious problem for me. I need to be able to rely on a signing platform, and so far I can’t rely on DocuSign or SignEasy. This review seems to be the only way to alert DocuSign to the problem, as support was a waste of time.


Not secure signatures, lacks core functionality

Unfortunately, the app lacks the most essential function you expect from DocuSign; secure digital signatures. Unlike the robust web based version, your signatures will not include the DocuSign box around them or a unique identifier below the signature or on the header/footer of the page. This functionality is the foundation of DocuSign as it provides 1.) transparency that its a digital signature and 2.) the ability to confirm/trace the authenticity of the signature through the unique identifier. Instead, the app falls far short of its mission in only offering a basic signature; something that can be done for free through many other apps/software/websites. Customer service confirmed the app doesn’t have this functionality and directed me to use the website. When you pay hundreds to thousands of dollars per year in fees for your organization to use a secure digital signature solution, you expect the core functions to also be present in the mobile app.


Can’t finish and send

I received a document to sign using Docusign. I followed the instructions, although very few were provided. After signing, I hit Next at the top of the page — and hit Next at the top of the next page over and over (it was only a 3 page docuent!) until I gave up. Then I found the menu but there was no option to finish. The first option on the list was to Finish and Sign Later. After selecting that option, I thought maybe it didn’t work was because I had not downloaded the app, although I had not been told to do so and, upon finding the app and reading information, I learned that it should not be necessary to download and install the app if trying to sign something sent to me. Nevertheless I downloaded the app and tried again — with the same results. Needless to say, I do not plan to purchase this app. I also told the sender of my problems and was told they would send a printed document in the mail — and I was told they had also had problems. Piece of junk!


Terrible support for the app and iPads

One example of my continued frustration with this company: When I try to edit a normal document to resize the fields of a text box (because for some reason the website is so bad that I have to use the app on my iPad Pro to do that) the app is claiming that the page contains some fields are not supported by this device.. so I can’t edit it at all. This never used to be an issue. They have reduced the support staff who was never great to begin with as well. This company is getting worse and worse and I hope you will think twice about getting a subscription if you are considering it. Go with Adobe instead. Or anyone else who will actually care about your issues and try to solve them. My iPad Pro is a computer replacement and I shouldn’t need to use my laptop just for this app... that should be mobile friendly due to the nature of the need for this business. I would give them zero stars if I could.


Okay but could be better.

As A Realtor with Keller Williams. This software is our default software. So when providing contracts for clients we have the tedious challenge of filling in templates. Some templates. Very well, others like sellers disclosure templates are ridiculously difficult to do. Because there’s probably 60 or more boxes that the client has the choice of checking. As the realtor we have to put the check boxes there for them to check. One simple update which could improve the usability. Is you did not have to go back to the menu to retrieve another checkbox or any other duplicate action. This would save so much time, having the option to just click click click click. That would be a mild positive update. Now if they came up with a way to auto populate vital information from whether the MLS or other sources would be extremely helpful.


Nice try!

Somehow the check marks never show up on the final copy, you CANNOT write anything in a text box, and everything is very hard to place. It would be worth it to be able to do at all on the road, if only they could fix these glitches! I’ve also had glitches keep occurring where my signer cannot “finish” the document; it just keeps cycling back to the same pages over and over again. I’ve been on the phone with customer support several times, and no one seems to know why this is happening, in fact they implied it was my fault somehow, but have no suggestions for a way to fix it. After having this problem multiple times with multiple customers, I am sadly going to have to find another service, since you don’t seem to have a fix for it and it is seriously impacting my business!


A lifesaver!!

Great little app. It’s a lifesaver when you need to e-sign something & don’t have access to a computer. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because l think there is still room for improvement. I have iPhone. Filling out forms using the text box is a little cumbersome & sometimes downright frustrating. Trying to place text boxes, sometimes they are too sensitive (moving about when trying to type or erasing previous entries) & sometimes not responsive enough (I have to tap many times to get options to pop up or remain on screen). So far, though, I’m a fan. It’s the best thing I’ve found for mobile signing. So keeping my fingers crossed, hoping the developers will make a great little app even better.


You had ONE job …

I don‘t normally write reviews, but this app is so bad that I feel compelled to share my frustration. The only use case of this app for me is to sign documents other people send me. I can never manage to get a decent looking signature into any of the documents. There’s two options for me: the “scan” feature, which keeps cutting off parts of my signature, or embeds my signature in a huge amount of white space for no reason. I can scan my signature just fine in any other app, like “Scanner Pro” for example. Why can’t this work reliably in this app? The other option is to “hand-draw” a signature, which never looks like my real signature if I draw it by hand. I do have an iPad Pro with Pencil, but the only choice for a virtual pen there is way too thick. So even though I can draw my signature reasonably well, it looks like I drew it with a Sharpie. Why does this app not support the Apple Pencil? I can draw my signature perfectly in dozens of other apps, only in this one it ends up looking like sh*t. This app has one job, to collect signatures, and any other *general purpose* scanning or drawing app works better for this. Except of course, there is NO WAY for me to import a scanned or drawn signature from another app. Has anyone at DocuSign actually ever tried using their own app?


Updates needed to save time when creating a contract

When i create a docusign agreement, the old version of the app was much better. What i mean is that when I tap the signature button, it places the signature icon in the middle of the screen and I am forced to then grab that icon and move it to the necessary location. In the old version, all I had to do was tap the screen in the location I wanted place the icon. With the new version, takes me twice as long to create a docusign agreement because I am touching the icon twice for every signature. iIf you could change it back to where we can just tap the screen on the place we want to place the signature, that would be great!! Otherwise, I love the app!!


Docusign get with 2022….

Docusign is fantastic. Great company great process when using a full blown computer or laptop station. However when it comes to making changes on a phone or using this piece of trash app that they designed… It is terrible. I need to edit a document I’ve already uploaded it’s over 300 pages there’s 10 signatures and all I need to do is update the Dern cell phone number for the SMS authentication. Both the online version through the web and the app will not allow me to update a darn cell phone number. Why is that so hard? If anything that soundsLike the easiest thing to update while on a phone using the website or app. With the exception of just signing a document other than that the online versions for your phone and app or worthless. Hey app people, make your system better man.


Game changer

DocuSign is a game changer for anyone in a paperwork-intensive industry. It can require a little bit of hand-holding with clients the first time or two they e-sign, but any effort pays off big time in the long run as clients become accustomed to signing via DocuSign. It’s so nice that we don’t need to set up in-person meetings to get signatures every time. Saves us and our clients a TON of time. For the most part, it’s very intuitive and easy for clients to use, regardless of how tech-savvy they are and it’s allowed us to maintain the same (or greater) level of business we had prior to covid.



I’m giving this 2 stars so I can get someone’s attention in the support center. I have an account with an email address at my old brokerage. That email address has been closed out so I need to update my email. I sent in a support ticket explaining this and YOU GUYS EMAILED THE OLD EMAIL ADDRESS. I already paid $200+ in December 2020 for this and now I can’t access this or change/update my email address. The customer service on the phone said he didn’t have access to update accounts. There has got to be someone who can change an email address or remove the 2-Step verification on my account so I don’t loose all my documents or the $200 I already paid for. He suggested a refund and to start a brand new account. Can someone else please help me?


Can’t log in... need SSO option (Okta etc)

Can’t log in. Need to add integration for SSO solutions like okta on mobile. This will not take my normal SSO password and so have no idea what my actual DocuSign password is since on desktop it is always passed through via SSO. SSO is mandates by our organization. I also tried the log-in with salesforce option, did that, successfully logged in (with SSO) and when it passed the info over it said “name and email combination already exists for this account” - no kidding, I’m trying to log in (existing user) and instead it is trying to create an account. I’m actually a big fan of docusign and the desktop app is amazing, new UI is nice - but when I can’t even log in on mobile to check on documents over the weekend it’s pretty darn frustrating. Please add better way to log in (SSO support) and I will change to 5 stars.


Was there a recent update?

Used the app on an iPad today and it was pretty much flawless. All other times prior to this, it was a terrible experience. Even just the day before yesterday, I could not resize text boxes or initials. Then there was some weird glitch that would only allow me place initials or blank text boxes wherever I tap. Then, it will not allow you to move them again. Only fix was to delete the field and try again. Hard to explain. Anyway, whatever happened between yesterday and today, thank you. If it’s consistently this good, I’ll give 5 stars. I’m still a little suspicious.


Everything works except notifications

Creating a signature and signing is easy. Signing and finishing the doc is quick if I’ve already read it. However, I like to read the document as I sign, so I wish it were easier to sign inline while reading the doc, instead of the app immediately skipping to the next place to sign, sometimes several pages further down. The app does not know or notify me when someone sends me a document. I have to first open the app, and then it finds new entries. Shouldn’t it be getting them by push notification without me having the app open? I have all notifications enabled for this app.


DocuSign Got Your Back!!

As a police officer working long hours the thought of getting dress, switching cars, losing much needed sleep just to sign paperwork was a mess for me. When I downloaded DocuSign and was able to sign my paperwork while in my PJs and get the much deserved sleep I needed to be productive I became a appreciative customer!! But now with with the Coronavirus Pandemic folks can stay out of crowded places, transportation, crowded offices, crowded elevators, infected folks, contact on unsanitary devices etc.! This business is clearly innovative and possesses great intuition for Society to continue to maintain and thrive!! I salute you!


DocuSign is the Best and it's simple

One of my favorite apps! I've been using DocuSign for years and have had no complaints. It's simple and user friendly. If you can't figure it out, then it probably has something to do with you and not the app or service itself. I use this a lot with my job and also with my family and friends. Signing documents can't get any easier. It literally take me less than a few minutes to import a document into DocuSign, place signature and/or other necessary fill-in’s, and email the signed copy right back to myself, or necessary party.


A life Line

This process is moving according to the outline, but I was surprised to received, the email to sign- trying not to reply on negative comments on the internet and out of mouths of people that are unsatisfied with their situation, just hold on this is your help coming. The light in darkness. Your business has a life line, just sit tight and let the process work, I have not received a dime yet, but do believe it’s coming, I have worked hard All my life and so have you, just hold on. I know you on the edge this your help line for your Business!


Can’t log in... need SSO option (Okta etc)

Can’t log in. Need to add integration for SSO solutions like okta on mobile. This will not take my normal SSO password and so have no idea what my actual DocuSign password is since on desktop it is always passed through via SSO. SSO is mandates by our organization. I also tried the log-in with salesforce option, did that, successfully logged in (with SSO) and when it passed the info over it said “name and email combination already exists for this account” - no kidding, I’m trying to log in (existing user) and instead it is trying to create an account. I’m actually a big fan of docusign and the desktop app is amazing, new UI is nice - but when I can’t even log in on mobile to check on documents over the weekend it’s pretty darn frustrating. Please add better way to log in (SSO support) and I will change to 5 stars.


Latest update rocks

I’ve been using this app for the last year and a half. Typically it’s a last resort because it was clunky and didn’t have all the features I needed so I’d generally prefer to wait til I was at my laptop. The most recent updates (which I discovered just now by accident) have made me VERY happy. Able to edit/send drafts now. Easier to change between signers. Easier to add documents. I suspect there are other changes as well but I am satisfied with those I mentioned. Much needed improvements are going to make my work life a little easier.


Great app but could use some tweaking

I have been using the DocuSign app for years now for my business. It’s nice but would love to be able to make strike thru and changes to emails and documents if mistakes are made. As of now, if I make a mistake Lets say in the signer’s email. I have to reload the documents and do it all over again. After someone has signed and they need to make a change. I have to send the document to another app to make changes, then send back to DocuSign to have them initial those changes. It would be nice not to have to send to another app to make changes and just do it directly from DocuSign. Call me if you want help to improve the app. As I use it several times a week.


Amazing app

Coming from a hi tech career and into Real estate I was disappointed with the technology or lack there of. However, Docusign has truly transformed my business and the ease of use for my clients - even the not so tech savvy. I am able to do anything anytime from my phone or laptop. It is a phenomenal app and I give it my highest accolades and strongly recommend for any agent. Being a Masters club member I appreciate any app that makes me more efficient and helps my clients.


Issue Finish and Close

I have been using this app for years. And now there’s a major bug! I wasted 2 hours trying to sign one document. Apparently after signing a document, if you choose Finish and Close, the document does not show up in the list of documents. Frustrating. I also deleted my entire list of previous documents and they keep coming back. I have uninstalled and installed and no luck. I have imported from Dropbox and email, sign and close. No luck. HOWEVER, it did work... after I signed, selected Finish and Email. After emailing, I got the document finally in my list along with all the duplicates of trying to sign Finish and close before. So frustrating. 1 star review until I see this fixed.


Deleted without Using

Well, I thought this might be useful on occasion to transmit documents and get signatures, so I downloaded it and was told to sign in after agreeing to terms and conditions. I started reading the terms and conditions which carefully lay out the rights of Docusign and should list the rights of subscribers, but I couldn’t find subscribers had a right to anything. They don’t have a right to sue, and apparently don’t even have a right to clearly know what they will be charged before agreeing to a binding contract. I decided my life would be simplified and potentially less aggravating without Docusign so I deleted it. Better to just email documents and have FEDEX bring them to me signed the old ironed way.



When a document arrives that needs immediate attention and I’m not at home or in the office, DocuSign makes taking care of business a piece of cake! If you don’t have DocuSign you’re probably still wearing a powder blue leisure suit, white shoes and matching belt! Step into this century and download DocuSign (you can still allow BeeGees music to play in the background as you take that step but get rid of the gold chains and 8-track player!)


Not iPad Pro - iPhone friendly for Real Estate

I’ve been using DocuSign for several years. Recently I upgraded to an iPad Pro after being told at the Apple Store I could do anything on the iPad Pro I did on my MacBook Pro. I am able to do almost everything, except DocuSign. More often than not I need to drag and drop an additional signature, initial or other field elsewhere on the document. I have tried EVERYTHING! My finger, my apple pen nothing works. Can’t drag and drop. Then after fighting with it for 10 minutes FOR ONE FIELD- out of nowhere DocuSign just drops the field somewhere else on the page and you cant move it where you need it to go. Total garbage!


Necessary update

App works pretty well but needs to have the ability to remote sign after the document has been submitted for signature. For example, I use the Docusign TR and there is no ability to upload docs to sign on Docusign app from the DTR without submitting an envelope which locks it. As a real estate professional I need to be able to have clients sign in person and the documents sent to their email once complete. It’s a more fluid process if it interacted with DTR and DTR app. Thanks.

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Is DocuSign Safe?

Yes. DocuSign - Upload & Sign Docs is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 552,253 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for DocuSign - Upload & Sign Docs Is 31.2/100.

Is DocuSign Legit?

Yes. DocuSign - Upload & Sign Docs is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 552,253 DocuSign - Upload & Sign Docs User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for DocuSign - Upload & Sign Docs Is 31.2/100.

Is DocuSign - Upload & Sign Docs not working?

DocuSign - Upload & Sign Docs works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a DocuSign - Upload & Sign Docs customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using DocuSign - Upload & Sign Docs.

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