Holy Bible King James + Audio Reviews

Holy Bible King James + Audio Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-19

The Holy Bible - King James Version is a beautiful, easy to use, full featured
Tecarta Bible app designed for quick navigation, easy note taking and powerful
Bible study. The King James Version (KJV) of the Bible is included with the
app, and all the other popular translations (NKJV, NI...

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Holy Bible King James + Audio Reviews

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    Wonderful as floating reference

    I have a new respect for the Tecarta Bible app now that I upgraded to an iPad Pro. I have always enjoyed the complete reproduction of all the footnotes, side notes, and cross references of my paper NIV Study Bible. But, now, with the ability to do side-by-side or floating windows on an iPad, it is wonderful to be reading a Christian study book, perhaps in the Kindle app, which doesn't support windowing, and be able to slide in the Bible app in a floating window to follow up on a Biblical reference that the book makes. I also used to spend lots of (enjoyable) time wandering through cross-references, with many page flips in the paper bible, seeing how ideas are connected and related. It's so nice to do the same in the NIV Study Bible content of the Bible app. Even better, the Study Bible notes are not frozen to the NIV translation. They will cooperate with any translation I switch to.

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    Ive read a lot of things in my life and learned a lot in school from social sciences to the physical world, stats, philosophy, athletics, law, music, acting, etc. Parents were differing denominations of Christianity. I’ve been ambivalent toward whether any religion is truer or better for humankind than any other. I’ve found esoteric practices beneficial personally. I wonder if a universal-uniform religion of any sort would serve humankind well. All that aside, it’s been time for me to delve into Abrahimic religions head first and family and friends and even some occult books have recommended KJV and this app is wonderful learning tool. I appreciate the labors of those responsible and I hope the best for all comes of my embracing Christianity from a true and modestly secular standpoint...textual. Its easy to use and nice to listen to. Thank you!

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    Many Options

    This app comes in KJV and also has other versions so you can compare (I suggest Matthew 17:21 NIV). The other versions you will have to pay a fee for. It also has an audio feature so you can listen to it read as you go along. It isn’t just straightforward reading either, it has different people read the different parts to better understand who is speaking and what is going on. It also has background music! Need I say more? You can highlight in 4 different colors, underline, take notes, and copy one or multiple verses at once with a three taps on the screen. You can change the way you locate different passages and search by keyword.

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    Great app

    I have really enjoyed using the Tecarta bible app. I have used this bible app for quite some time and it has always been my favorite. I enjoy the ease of use and different versions that are offered through wifi. So far, I have not experienced any glitches in using the app. I've used other bible apps and they are very glitchy. But Tecarta has a very smooth operation. I like the parallel bible capability as well. Over all it's a very good bible app. However, I do miss one feature that was available that no longer is a part of the app and that is the history feature. You can go back to a previous scripture but you used to be able to see your complete history until it was cleared. This is definitely a feature that was handy and that I miss having available.

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    Excellently Synced

    If there is one thing that has changed my spiritual life it is the easy access to this Tecarta Bible. I have been using this edition of the Bible for several years and it has helped me to be a quickly refer to Bible texts much more easily than many others though I am 85 years old. I have four online devices where I use this version of the Bible and the beauty is that they are perfectly synced so that my notes to the verses, and my highlights are readily available on whichever device I am using for study of the Word or for reference purposes. I would recommend this Bible to anyone using iOS devices.

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    Perfect KJV reading tool from Tecarta

    Tecarta makes great Bible tools when it comes to highlighting, bookmarking, adding notes and of course synchronizing across devices. I love it lots and deeply treasure this release of KJV on Tecarta. Best part is having all my purchases under one APP so I can switch translations with ease and compare across translations side-by-side. This is great for productivity as I get more time in the Word. Just a mention of the Bible Study Tools: they are subsidized in price vs a Print Edition at the Bookstore yet offer all the detail in a nice cross-referenced manner. I must say; Tecarta makes the best.

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    Great Bible App

    I love this app. I use the Tecarta KJV bible app not only to read and sometimes listen to the scriptures but I use it every week to make my messages and teaching notes on. I love the way you can input scriptures into the lesson and add my own notes to it. Makes it so easy to use when preaching and teaching. I only wish it had a bilingual version with English / Filipino and that it had the ability to search in my notes for keywords. I have used this app since 2013 and have lots of notes and sometimes I want to go back to a lesson or look for a particular lesson without having to scroll through them all. But overall great bible app. I love it! The Lord's blessings upon the developers!

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    Solid e bible

    This bible provides a Strong’s concordance reference. There are many translations available at very low prices. The split screen is invaluable as it allows viewers to see two translations at once. I own the amplified, version the new living translation and the king James and no matter what device I have I will always have them and my notes and comments. No more lost wet damaged bibles that are expensive. I use an iPad 10.5 with a heavy duty case and premium screen protector so in a sense my bible is 10.5 x 9 and 1/2 inch thick. It is a perfect reading medium.

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    Audio Is A Game Changer

    I've used this app for years and enjoyed its ease of use but this new update with audio is amazing. I've recently decided to do a one year Bible reading plan and hearing the audio while reading along adds so much to the experience. It also helps to take more in as they use different voices for different people and use emotion instead of just a robotic voice. Plus it allows me to have the audio while offline and it's all free. I'm blown away and will be recommending it to all my friends.

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    Many useful tools in this one little app!

    In this one simple app, you have a ton of user friendly features, including the KJV Bible, concordance, audio Bible, search tool, the ability to easily switch from Old to New Testaments, and the ability to quickly scroll to change books, chapters, and verses. One of my favorite features in this app is that you can create folders, make notes, and copy & paste scripture with a touch of a button. This app is amazing! I’ve had it for a year or more and love it!

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    This app is awesome!!!!

    I could not image a bible app better than this one. It is simply awesome. The split pages, the different bibles, the study books, notes taking and tools to make it better and more organized than using the conventional methods. Your notes are easily found and viewed. Highlighting and underlining. How can you beat that. I really like reading two different bibles types at the same time on split screen and also the studying bibles in the same way, make studying the Bible easy and organized.

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    User friendly

    I love this app it is very easy to use and I really like how simple it is to save your favorite verses and look at them later. I also really like the way you can send verses to others by text or email. I like the ability to adjust the size of the font and the auto scroll features. I know that others will love it as well whether you have advanced computer skills or very little at all, you can set up your specific needs for how you use the app.

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    Bible App

    January, 2018 I love the new update on the app. When listening to the bible is being read to me, there are different voices for the characters, including the a voice for Jesus. I can read 3 to five chapters a day with the help of this App. I truly enjoy studying my bible with this App. Thank you. J W Sweeney I love the bible app. I can set the print size on my IPad so that it is much easier to read than the regular bound bible. I can read it myself or set it to read to me while I also view the concise commentary on the scripture that is being read to me simultaneously. I can set my daily devotions automatically. If I have questions about a scripture, I can review multiple commentaries in a few minutes with a click of the button. I feel that I learn so much more and absorb so much more by studying with this app. Thank you for providing it.

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    Great Holy Bible App for On-The-Go!

    The KING JAMES version of this Holy Bible app is a convenient app for me to use on my iPhone. This app is very useful for me when I am on the go and do not have the actual hard-copy of the Holy Bible on hand. I especially like the ability to read the Bible in LARGE-PRINT format; it is very user-friendly on my eyes! Locating the books, chapters, and verses takes almost NO TIME to do. The daily verses makes a great added extra for this app. I plan to keep and use this great app for a long time.

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    Tecarta Bible

    Tecarta is easy to learn and use with many features such as notes, highlighting important scriptures pertaining to a point or opinion and able to switch easily between translations and commentaries. Many versions of the Bible are at your fingertips. Two of mine are The King James and Living Bibles. The only other thing I’d want would that Nave’s Topical Bible be added. All in all though this something I use and refer to constantly through my daily walk in life.

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Is Holy Bible King James + Audio Safe?

Yes. Holy Bible King James + Audio is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 40,087 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Holy Bible King James + Audio Is 77.3/100.

Is Holy Bible King James + Audio Legit?

Yes. Holy Bible King James + Audio is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 40,087 Holy Bible King James + Audio User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Holy Bible King James + Audio Is 77.3/100.

Is Holy Bible King James + Audio not working?

Holy Bible King James + Audio works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Holy Bible King James + Audio customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Holy Bible King James + Audio.

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