ACL Music Festival Reviews

ACL Music Festival Reviews

Published by on 2021-10-02

This is the festival's official year-round mobile app. Keep it installed all
year for the following key features and benefits: Receive Notifications - Be
sure to opt-in to notifications to be the first to get lineup and on-sale
announcements or changes, emergency information while on-sit...

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ACL Music Festival Reviews

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    Missing a key feature

    I was excited to download the app for the 2021 festival. My hope was that, given the giant lineup, i could indicate which artists I was interested in seeing, then view a personalized schedule of the dates/times for ONLY those artists. This is really important for a festival because sometimes you have to make tough decisions about which artists to see, so having a view of where there are conflicts in your schedule is very helpful. Unfortunately, the app does not have this feature. When you select your favorites, it just puts them in a list which is useless. Also, it doesn’t seem like they’ve added photos for any of the artists so the main “lineup” tab is just a list of artists names’ with the app’s stock image repeated over and over. That is a small way that the developer could’ve added some polish. Overall, the app feels half baked and does not do what I need.

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    They require you to be tracked

    I was excited to use the app BUT while i was setting up, opting in and out of notifications and such, it forces you to click “Allow” when asked to be tracked. Like it has to know where i am during the festival in order for me to use?? No thanks! I will do without the app.

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    16yo can’t use

    My 16yo ACL Fest attendee cannot set up this app. We downloaded it onto their phone and installed it, but during set up it gets hung up on settings, and they can never get past that to use the app. Is it an age thing, since app is 17+? I think a 16yo should be able use this app!

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    No band info

    There’s no band info or song clips. What is the point? What can you use this for? A written list would be more useful, which is just sad. I hope ACL didn’t pay for this app.

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    Great job y’all!

    10/10 very lovely

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    Basically useless

    Hasn’t been updated with current schedule. Looks to be a week old. What’s the point?

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    stuck downloading content

    basically useless. $0 from the ACL revenue went into developing this app

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    Tragic for 2015

    I've used this app the past several years with a very positive experience. Good luck trying to use it now for the upcoming show.... You might think this is helpful for navigating the schedule, selecting the bands you wish to see (via MyFest), etc., but the first screen you'll see upon opening the app is either Notifications or Social. But where's the schedule?!? Ok dive into the Social section... Hmmm, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter... I detect that you want to hook into my social network more than you want me to see the schedule.. Keep navigating down the Social page... About this App... Oh! There it is: a submenu called ACL Festival!! Yay! Now we're talking. But.... Still no schedule.... Keep searching... There's another menu button.... Tickets, 2015 passes, 2015 VIP & Platinum, 2015 Travel Packages... Hey! I found a subsubsubmenu for the lineup! Yay! I'm finally able to see the stages and the bands and the times for each day..... BUT... MyFest won't keep you signed in, so you can't start building your schedule. What a waste. I'm sure this will get fixed, but come on: the first weekend is less than 4-weeks away. This isn't rocket science, people. Therefore, I give this 1 star. They ought to be better prepared to serve the building excitement of ACL Festival. Grrrrrr

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    Year after year (since the application approach started), the Austin City Limits app has been organized and reliable. No complaints there. However, this year's lineup is absolute garbage and I am selling my ticket. I never care for the headliners, and this year is no different, but I usually attend solely because the lineup is salvageable by the lower-tier bands. This year not even this is the case. With the exception of about 3, this lineup is by far the worst I've ever encountered, and this year will be the first in 9 years that I will not be attending. C3, focus on quality, not quantity. We don't want this "ACL" edgy young spacebar music crowd ruining another great thing. Bring the old Austin City Limits back.

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    Good App but has a couple negatives but worth downloading

    The app is helpful before for planning you schedule before the festival and helps during the festival. Only issues I had aren't actually with the app so much as the lack of good internet service at the festival. There's so many people at the festival your service suffers because of it. So things take longer which starts to run your battery down quickly. Having a dead cell phone at the end of ACL is not a comforting feeling. If you go to ACL I would download it if you haven't already. It's worth it.

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    Used to be good

    The new version of this app has made the most basic things so much more complicated. There is no obvious way to logon to sync your schedule between the website. Just focus on the most basic things that people actually going to the festival want to use...schedule and band details. For example, I just want to see a listing of bands by time to plan my schedule, but instead I have to search by stage. That's dumb. I also don't want to see advertisements for AT&T constantly...especially since AT&T service is so horrible at the actual festival.

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    Better than work!

    This app is pretty good for the lazy professional folks. I found the links to utube useful and I love that when you listen to an artist you can put in notes as to what you liked etc plus you can star the artist and it puts it on your schedule:). It is just exciting to be going to ACL and this app makes you think about a lot of the great things that ACL offers. So instead of working on that report when you are off work-check out this app!

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    Great Way to Plan for ACLFest

    Not only does this app give you a simple, and concise way of planning your own personal schedule of artists you'd like to see, but it also shows you some awesome artists you might've overlooked. A very easy to use app, with a lot of helpful tips, as well as information about the festival. It has artist information, previews of songs, info about the food vendors, as well as the stages the artists will play on. I'm beyond excited for Weekend 2!!

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    It's helpful enough

    It's great to have an app that can keep you on track with the schedule. All in all, that's pretty much just what it is: a schedule with a 2D map. The maps are not interactive enough however. Also there isn't much info available about each artist & what genre to expect. ACL prides itself at introducing you to lesser known artists but the app doesn't engage you in that experience with added convenience. It would be great if you didn't have to play a trivia game to win stuff. What about an app where you can check in & win VIP tickets or something?

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    Useful before the festival, not during

    It’s a shame that in a city as techy as Austin, this app is so terrible. It’s useful before the festival starts but during, its as good as a print out schedule and map. It only sends push notifications to promote its sponsors. My suggestions for improvement: ability to only show the schedule for the days you’re going, ability to only show the schedule for the day, send you push notifications when an artist you hearted is 10 minutes to start and the stage, and tell you where specific restaurants are located on the map. I hated having to scroll past past dates every time I had to look at the day’s schedule.

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Is ACL Music Festival Safe?

Yes. ACL Music Festival is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 17 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 1.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for ACL Music Festival Is 58.9/100.

Is ACL Music Festival Legit?

Yes. ACL Music Festival is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 17 ACL Music Festival User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for ACL Music Festival Is 58.9/100.

Is ACL Music Festival not working?

ACL Music Festival works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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