Contact YOLO: Anonymous Q&A

Contact YOLO: Anonymous Q&A

Published by on 2020-12-20

YOLO is the most fun and spontaneous way to get honest and genuine messages from
your friends. 1. Custom your Sticker. Be creative! 2. Share it to your Snapchat
friends. 3. Reply to their messages in your Story. 4. Create and invite friends<...

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Common YOLO: Anonymous Q&A Issues

  • By lilly is fav9

    Not good

    At the beginning yolo was so fun. the app says that it will report bullying but never once have I seen that they did it gives people a chance to be mean and not have to take responsibility for it. It is a app that you can hide behind to be mean to other kids without them knowing. I feel that yolo was made so kids can ask questions but it now people use it to be mean and bully. there has been several times where I have seen the meanest comments calling people fat ugly etc. of coarse I felt bad but there is nothing you can do considering the fact that yolo is anonymous. I feel that this app will lead to much worse issues I am a kid who once had yolo and there is a lot of mean things going on and it being Anonymous does not help. Once again this app was very fun at the beginning and I love the idea of it but there is some serious stuff that should be fixed

  • By LitPerson123

    Crashes :/

    Every time I try and open the app, it takes almost 5 minutes to actually start, then it shows me the “open with snapchat” or “open with phone number”. If I press the snapchat option, it takes me to snapchat and then it tells me that “something is wrong, please try again later!” And then it crashes. I don’t know if this is Yolo’s fault or snapchats fault, but it’s driving me insane. If I press the phone number option, it gives me the opportunity to put my phone number in, I type in my phone number, then it tells me that the phone number was incorrect. It doesn’t matter what number I put in, it always is incorrect. All my friends are using this app and they love it, and I wanna love it too, but unless they fix this, me and a lot of other people will be disappointed. Please fix this!

  • By mrs.imagine_

    What happened with this?

    This app has been working just fine until yesterday where I tried to put a Yolo on my Snapchat and it didn’t let me. At first I thought it was my internet connection and I verified everything and it was working fine. Then I restarted my phone because I thought that my phone would be the problem and it wasn’t it either. Lastly, I erased the app and downloaded it again and it wouldn’t let be login ... so I had to log in with my phone number and by today I’m still trying to post a Yolo and it won’t let me. I am extremely mad about it and I just need an explanation on what the actual heck is happening with it. My friends are posting Yolo’s just fine , my internet connecting works , I restarted my phone twice , all my apps are working expect for this one in particular.

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Reported Issues: 9 Comments

By Vanessa brady
Apr 11 2021

Could someone please contact me in regards to trying to track down an anonymous/inappropriate remark that was made on a picture of mine that was two days ago.This person needs to be contacted and spoken to in a nice manner about cyber bullying.Thankyou

By Jaimee
Dec 10 2020

When I go to sign up and put my phone number in, the verification code isn't sending

By Carly
Dec 08 2020

I have an iphone 11 and I'm receiving notifications of messages, but I'm not finding anything in my inbox. And I’ve tried Uninstalling it and reinstalling it and restarted my phone and nothing seems to work.

By John
Dec 08 2020

I have an iphone 11 and I'm receiving notifications of messages, but I'm not finding anything in my inbox.

By Trinity
Dec 08 2020

I get notifications for messages but they don’t show what I open the app.

By Jennefer
Nov 23 2020

My YOLO keeps popping up notifications that I've received a message but when I go to open it up there is nothing there. I think it's not loading any of the messages

By Anonymous
Sep 07 2020

I just got a notification from yolo saying it’s “no simp september “ And I just want to point out how wrong that is because it is not you know since September it is suicide awareness/prevention month and that’s what needs to be focus on right now you can do that literally any other time.

By Michelle
Sep 01 2020

I will do everything in my power to shut this down! What in the heck are you guys thinking! People, kids especially are all ready bad enough about being bullies and saying crap on social media so let’s create an app for people to be able to say whatever they want and no body will ever know who said it... that makes since.... do you fools not see that kids are committing suicide and this will sure not help that!! Seems to me this kind of app will push them right over the edge! I made my kid delete this evil jacked up app because of the bullying. Now it’s your turn to do your part “YOLO” you have a no acceptance for bullying?? BACK IT UP!!

By Victoria
Aug 10 2020

It’s shows that I’m getting notifications but it doesn’t show me.

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