Tiny Tower: Pixel Life Builder Reviews

Tiny Tower: Pixel Life Builder Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-05

About: Have you always dreamt of having your own skyscraper? Well build one with Tiny
Tower in a unique pixel art world! This one and only idle building simulation
lets you build different floors and manage businesses and bitizens that inhabit
it. AS THE TOWER MANAGER YOUR TASKS WILL BE: - building new floors - attracting
new bitizens - making sure all your bitizens have proper jobs - collecting money
from your inhabitants - upgrad.

About Tiny Tower

What is Tiny Tower? Tiny Tower is an idle building simulation game that allows players to build and manage their own skyscraper in a unique pixel art world. As the tower manager, players are tasked with building new floors, attracting new bitizens, ensuring all bitizens have proper jobs, collecting money from inhabitants, upgrading the elevator, and expanding the tower. Each floor is carefully designed, and players can create their own bitizens to their liking. The game also offers social features, allowing players to connect with friends, trade bitizens, and peek at the "BitBook" virtual social network for their tower.



- Build and manage your own skyscraper

- Create and customize bitizens

- Collect money from inhabitants

- Upgrade the elevator

- Expand the tower

- Connect with friends and trade bitizens

- Peek at the "BitBook" virtual social network for your tower.

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Key Benefits of Tiny Tower

-The only adds are ones you accept to see (to get Bux)

-Spend the initial $20 (or $40 if you wait to buy it) to get premium and add friend and stuff

-Plenty to do between getting new floors

-Changes you can make to each floor makes it fun and gives a goal to those who don’t get premium

-Earn the buyable currency while playing the game (just slower if you don’t spend money)

-For those who do get premium, a goal will be collecting all the skins and being able to get golden tickets for every shop

-It’s really enjoyable watching your tower grow

-Wait times don’t get ridiculously long

-You’ll never feel like your scrambling for coins

-VIP pass trial is worth it

20 Tiny Tower Reviews

4.7 out of 5


Best Mobile Ever!!!

This is the best game I’ve ever played on mobile. The only adds are ones you accept to see (to get Bux) and the game is so fun! Spend the initial $20 (or $40 if you wait to buy it) to get premium and add friend and stuff and it’s just the best game ever. It’s a little slow at getting new floors, but that’s okay because there’s plenty to do between getting new floors,Ike adding new tenants, deciding on whether or not to remover them, choosing which type of floor to get (or if you get premium, which exact floor you want to get). It’s overall the best game ever, if not just for not having constant adds after adds after adds and you even earn the buyable currency while playing the game (just slower if you don’t spend money) and the changes you can make to each floor makes it fun and gives a goal to those who don’t get premium. For those who do get premium, a goal will be collecting all the skins and being able to get golden tickets for every shop. Honestly this is the only game that I’ve seen that compares to console games. I play this with my mum (I’m 21 and she’s 53) and we both got premium and are having so much fun on FaceTime and playing. The ONLY problem I’ve encountered were the free bux videos not working. The both of us wish that we could move people from one apartment to another, but other than that 100% amazing game and please don’t put adds!!


Free to play done right

I’ve had this game for over 2 years now and it’s really enjoyable watching your tower grow. While it would be boring to just play this for 30 minutes straight, the fun part is checking throughout the day and seeing your tower progress. I’ve compared this to other “free” games out there where it’ll be fine for a little bit but then the wait times get ridiculously long really quickly and you’re pretty out of resources constantly and have to wait forever to get more or pay. This game is NOT like that. I’ve had this since the beginning of 2017 and it was only till the beginning of 2019 (I log on to this every day) where it started to take a full day to build something but I still had more than enough of the special currency (in this it’s bucks but in most games it’s gems) to speed it up if I wanted to. You’ll never feel like your scrambling for coins as long as you keep everything stocked (which will never be a struggle), and it is very easy to get bucks and the game will frequently give you npcs to help. The game is truly free, you’ll never feel pressured to spend money, and you’ll actually feel like you’re making progress. I’m giving this 5 stars because when it comes to mobile games you never see anything like this. The game is fun and I really appreciate the devs for making this game truly free.


My Favorite Game Ever

Tiny Tower is perfect. Truly. It took me a few days to figure out how to play (I probably skipped the tutorial), but when I figured it out, I got sucked me in. I’ve always been a “play for a few days, get bored, and delete it” kind of game player, but I’m nearing a 300 day streak with no sign of stopping. I can’t even keep a snapchat streak going longer than a few days so that’s saying a lot. After a few months, I purchased the VIP pack as my birthday present to myself, and it’s the first time any in game purchase ever has actually been worth the money. It gives you an automatic elevator, the freedom to choose a business you’ve been wanting, and gives you 20 free bucks every few minutes instead of making you watch an ad. It’s not a necessary purchase but increases the enjoyment of playing.

I sometimes play for hours while I listen to podcasts and sometimes just check in a few times a day to stock my floors. I can spend as much time or as little time playing as I feel like, and it doesn’t try to take over my life the way some games try to.

My favorite part is getting a new business where I can rename it something cheesy that makes me giggle and pick a uniform for the workers, usually also cheesy and punny. It’s just sweet and fun, and I have such a soft spot Tiny Tower.


App is perfect, 5⭐️ totally worth downloading

Usually when I get a game, I always look at the reviews, and this game had so many 5⭐️ reviews, that I had to get it. Some reviews on apps are totally a lie, but I am not kidding. All of the information that you are going to read is 100% real. This game is absolutely the best game ever. It is really fun, and it doesn’t make you watch ANY ads if you don’t want to. The only way you could watch an ad is if you choose to watch one to get bux/money. You can get floors very easily because they are at a cheap price. This game is totally free, you can customize your floors, and it is so addicting. There is completely nothing wrong with this game. It even gives you small easy missions to get more bux/money, and if you don’t like the mission, it even gives you the option to skip the mission for a new one. As you progress, you can upgrade your elevator, make it prettier/cooler(for the guys reading this) and make it go faster by upgrading the motor. This game is so addicting, and you should totally get it. You can also customize the lobby. It also has this little thing at the bottom, and it has 2 b’s on it, (BB) it is a place where all of your patient can talk, and it is really fun to read their comments that they post. Some are really funny😆.


This game brain washes you!😅(pros and cons)

This has been one of my favorite games to play since the first resident came up that elevator! This game brings pure joy to all I know who have it. This game is entertaining, has a new concept, isn't FORCING u to buy bux (they practically give them to you!) addicting, has great graphics, easy concept, and easy controls! This game has so much to offer! The few complaints are mostly to help this game become better cause people write reviews with only complaints or only compliments, and I honestly wrote this to get this game the popularity it deserves. This game needs more outfits, needs a better chance to win the golden ticket lottery, on Bit-book I wish the fake people were a little more polite, more difficult or different missions to complete, more options for the cute music, I want the lights not to turn off when stock runs out (just I little icon on the side telling u to restock and then after a while lets the lights turn off) , take a longer amount of time to run out of stock, to make the decor cost less bucks, and to make the bitsons say more funny things on bit book. Other wise this game can brain wash u to take full care of these little 8 bit people! And I would like to thank the developers for making such a terrific game!


I love the new update, but...

I love this update. The new character customization is something I’ve wanted since 2011, and the piggy bank in app purchase is something I’d be happy to spend some real world money on when it gets high enough. If you’re taking cues from bit city, you might also want to add in the free unlocking of roofs, elevators, etc. after a player has left for a while. That’s brought me back to bit city more times than I can count. I also would like to see an option for non-vips to pick which floors to build at the cost of bux, similar to how it was before the anniversary update. I also think the VIP membership is a bit pricey for what it offers. I’m not saying the devs should get rid of it, as many players are happy to pay the price for it, but maybe let non-vips try out the instant elevator for two minutes after watching an ad, or give an option to double fireworks displays after an ad. There is one more feature I would like to see implemented: new backgrounds. At the cost of bux, you could see your tower in Las Vegas, a desert, a coral reef, or a plethora of other locations. I’d price locations similarly to how roofs are priced right now. Sorry for the length, but I love this game and I’m happy you guys still give it the love and attention it deserves.


Love the game

I wish there was more ways to win the golden tickets, even if it was a purchase. Also I kind of would like some explanation as to the ratings of the characters. Like it makes sense that the highest number 9 is the best worker you can get it what does it mean when someone with a lower rating for their dream job has a star? What do they have to offer that an ordinary level 9 character couldn’t surpass? I also agree with the stock taking longer to run out. I love love love to play, but I have a life outside my phone like everyone else and I hate to come back to a dark empty tower that’s not able to do anything...... maybe some way of restocking ahead of time or having some kind of back stock ? I’m just throwing ideas out because I genuinely love the game and I’ve got most of my family playing as well. There’s a lot of room for potential here. And if I’m being honest, I could live without the fake Facebook deal. It hasn’t helped or hurt the actual play of the game in my opinion. Those are just some thoughts from someone who genuinely loves the game and would like to see some changes and improvements, especially since I’ve actually contributed my own money to the game on an occasion or two.


So simple, SO PERFECT

This game is my little customized place, right in my pocket! You get to unlock characters that are cool and even from your favorite movies and shows, really cool real and fictional pets, and you get to build unlimited floors in your building. Plus you get to customize the color, the elevator style, the roof, and even save money for a house next store. With a cute little chat from your neighbors that live in your tower. (This is a game where you don’t talk to strangers. Your little people just say things and there is no way to talk to anyone real) When I say you can customize the roof and lobby and elevator, here’s what I mean. You get to change your lobby to a dojo, a waterfall, a grand lobby, a room in NASA, etc. and the roof is even better. You can put Godzilla or ufo or a plane or a monument or the Statue of Liberty on the roof! And everything I said are all options and there are way more the what I mentioned. This is the most safe game for children ever! This is an independent game which means you don’t talk to anyone real, you get to customize things for your creativity, and get to learn about business and stimulate your mind. This is even a cool game for adults. Couldn’t be better!


Super Fun And Interactive Game (MUST READ)

A MUST READ! Highly recommended. I wanted to take some time out of my day to share how special this game is from all the others. I have been a member of Tiny Tower for just about 10 years and absolutely love the game. I have recommended a lot of friends to join and always like that it even continues to work behind the scenes when I’m not actually playing. The themes change for the holidays which makes it more exciting. Customization of the game makes it even more entertaining because you actually feel like it is a part of your daily life and it’s so neat to see with so many years of work looking back. I had stopped playing for quite a few years and it was still there for me when I returned just the way I left it. Never any glitches and highly dependable fun. I sincerely enjoy being a part of the Tiny Tower community and trust the development of the game so well I am considering downloading others made by the same company. Thank you for making it a fun game to share and play over the years. Means a lot to be able to escape the daily stresses and relax with such a neat interactive and thoughtful game.


❤️ love love love ❤️

I love this game. The only reason that I gave it four stars is because of how demanding it is. I was playing this game and got up to eat dinner. An hour later I came back to my tower and all of my stores where out of stock. I’ll put my phone down but two minutes later I’ll have to pick it back up again because I’ll get a notification saying that a store is ready to be restocked. I will say though, the vip pass trial is worth it. I am currently in the five day trial right now and it’s amazing. I made 100,000 coins and 1,000 bux in just one day!! (No wonder it’s $30 for the actually vip pass😬yikes!!!) aside from the vip pass I don’t think there are any other things that you would need to spend your actual money on. This game is a great game to play on the plane or in the car. I can see why people would think this game is boring, considering that all you do is take people to their floors and restock stores, but there’s something about it that just makes me want to keep playing!! I love TinyTower soooooo much and would definitely recommend getting it (unless you can’t be on your phone much throughout the day, then probably don’t get it) but aside from that, It’s a fun game to help pass time and a great game if you love....well....tiny towers!


something to look forward to everyday

I look forward to opening up new floors. Overall this game is just so well-designed. The floors are unique and pretty and the designs of bitizens and other things are just super cool. I just love how the game looks haha. Also the 3 game songs are super catchy and lowkey bops. I came back to this game after playing it when I was little and I don’t regret it. I’ve now been playing for 76 days straight! What happens if I just start writing random stuff... Hi guys how r u doing. hope ur doing well and everything is going fine. if not, j wait out the storm; you got this. also porches. like raised porches with simply designed but very cool stair designs??? awesome. when i get a house i’m going to get an awesome porch. no. matter. what. as i’ve said before, even if I only have one room, i will have a beautiful and exquisitely designed porch!!!! hopefully. and a very pretty red brick driveway lined with stone brick and little plants. not those regular old bushes (who are fine but just not my style), but those little makeup-brush-looking plants. anyways, sorry for the thought dump, thank you developers!! have a great day everybody!!!! :))))🦀👶🏼


This game is pure gold! But one tiny thing could be done...

Hai! This game is absolutely amazing!🤗Who? (Would like it) People with great taste and imagination. What? (It is about) The object of the game is to tower up, build floors, make money, and have fun! Where? (Is it at) A tower in the sky.🤪 Pretty simple. When? (Is it at) Ummm..... when it’s night where you live, then it will be night on the game... i think. Same with day... I think.🤔😝 Why? (Do I like it) Kid friendly. And please please PLEASE make it so we can buy money for coins but keep the coins for money. Thanks!😊 Also, FYI, LEGO totally ripped you guys off😮 with a game called “LEGO tower”. ugh!😫 All it dose is make me mad!😠 I tried it. Same music. Same noise. Same EVERYTHING! UGHHHH! THE ONLY THING I DONT LIKE ABOUT LEGO IS THEY RIPPED OFF A TOTALLY PREFECT AND NORMAL GAME! Anyway, (love the new pets 😛😋😜)thank you for you time and thank you for this amazing 😉 game and thank you for (probably not 😐) reading this! Merry Christmas and happy new year!🎆🎈🎊 🙏🏿 😋😉 😷☹️ (Also, people make reviews with complains or compliments. I’m just trying to get people to like this game and to make it popular with one tiny thing that could be changed! Bye!)


❤️ I love love love love love this game ❤️

I have been looking for a game like this for an extremely long time. This game combines design and, business, and a whole lot of fun. I love that the only ads you ever watch are the ones you choose to watch in order to earn bux. I can’t stop playing this game, I just want to keep checking it to see how my tower is doing. I also love the Bix posts, they’re so fun to scroll through when I’m bored. The customization is definitely a big plus as well. I definitely recommend this game to anyone and everyone.

The only bad thing I have to say about this game is that sometimes when you watch an ad you don’t get the free bux. And I think that a mini game would be a really nice add on. Or maybe you change change to a different mode and be living as one of the bix. You could go to the park, watch a movie, or order some wings yourself by tapping on the section of the tower for that specific thing and choosing that option. Or you could switch to that mode first and click on it to play in it.


Almost Perfect 9/10!

I love this game. I think it’s amazing distraction from using social media. I quit using instagram and used this game when i thought ab insta. Eventually I became hooked and I started playing this game as often as my restocking allowed me. I think once you get over the initial hump of starting out the game. It slowly but surely becomes a reality fun game to get into and stay up to date about. That’s this game’s biggest flaw though. The initial time it takes before you start thriving at all in this tower is forever. Ridiculously long. Your best option is to pay for a boost if you want to skip any of the dragging first few weeks of this game. If you can bare through that pain for long enough this game truly becomes a fun addictive game. I do recommend you play this game if you’re willing to spend a lil extra no more than $40. That is the maximum price on a single item. I wouldn’t really recommend spending that much on this game though unless you’re truly invest and want to support the company and developers. Just wait until it’s on sale. Then if you buy it, it would boost you a very substantial amount. Good game for when in class bored.


Tiny upset

I played this game when it first became popular and I loved it! The simplicity and the challenge of getting more floors was enough to hypnotize me. After over 100 floors I stoped playing. I came back eventually only to have to start over. Every time it says that an old game has been found I push restore and nothing happens. I’ve played off and on for the past couple years but every time I have to start my tower over. There has been changes that I do not like. In my towers I never have a resident that does not have at least one 9 level skill. It used to be that a residents highest skill number matched their dream job which made sense. Now they can have a low number for their dream job and a nine in something else. One of the most fun parts about this game was getting enough floors in order to put residents in their dream jobs. That was always one of my main goals. Now though you just use the celebrity to make them love their job, which is LAME. Took some fun out of it for me. I also miss the menu where it told you how many sales you were averaging. Sad they took it away.


Favorite game of all time. Just one problem...

I have been playing tiny tower for years. It's is my favorite mobile game to play on my phone and has been for years. I had a tower that was 109 levels tall and I had put A LOT of time and effort into it and then one day I opened tiny tower and was greeted with the tutorial and a one story tower. All my effort and time gone. And there was no way to get it back. You can even look on my Game Center account and see all of my achievements from my old tower but the tower was gone. Then after 2 or 3 days of this new tower I got a little message on my tiny tower screen saying there was an old save file found (or something along those lines, I'm paraphrasing) and it had an option to restore my old tower. I, extremely excited that I would finally be getting all my hard work back, clicked on restore and to my disappointment literally nothing happened. I clicked restore and it stayed the same with my new sad tower. Years of dedication just gone.


I don’t like some of the new features

When I was younger I played this game very often. I stopped playing for a few years only to start playing it again and fall back in love with it. Although I did notice one very annoying thing. Back in the old days to upgrade elevator speeds you would just buy a new elevator look. So I spend days saving up for the elevator that I had when I originally played this game, only to find out that it just changed the look of the elevator and not the speed, which is kind of insulting. Why would you change that? What’s the point of spending thousands of Bux on elevator looks if it doesn’t affect the speed whatsoever? The whole upgrade motor aspect of the game is just an insult to those who played the game for years and spend bux for the elevator speed and not the look. Please make it so that upgrading the elevator look affects the speed, and not just changes the look. You can keep the upgrade motor feature but make it so that your elevator breaks down every once and awhile and upgrading the motor changes the frequency in which that happens. That’s just a suggestion tho.


Amazing game! But needs a bit of work

I can’t find any bugs or weird things going on personally with the game. My favorite part is customizing the characters to make them into movie characters or memes and it funny when they work at places or post on BiteBook. It almost funny that they even exist! But I do wish the little people actually formed relationships with each other and like they started dating or becoming really good friends or maybe have a baby. And like you could help them in their relationship. Or the problems could be more personal based instead of just being random quests. Maybe the little people could have personalities that you could read or change and like that determines if people wanna date or not. I dunno but I find myself shipping my little characters and wondering how funny it would be if they actually dated! Great game and I can’t find anything wrong with it though! Just I think needs a bit more longevity and content 😍😍😍😍😍😍


Very fun to pass the time

Tiny tower does what other mobile games do wrong. The gameplay is engaging and there’s much more to do than just build floors. You can customize your own wacky characters from a huge list of costumes and pets, complete quick but fun missions they give you (such as finding a misplaced bulldozer), and you can visit friends’ towers to give them a nice tip. Never once does this game force an ad upon you. There is an option to watch ads, and the rewards given are completely worth the thirty seconds if you’re up for it. Last but not least, the detail in the games unique pixelated style shows how much care was put into it, as each floor was created pixel by pixel. The enjoyment of seeing your unique tower grow filled with some rather questionable but funny floors (who puts a car dealership in a skyscraper?) will have players of any age constantly eager to make their tower bigger and better!


Tiny Tower is great!

I gave Tint Tower a 5 rating, after playing it for several years. I knocked a star off because the ads often give no rewards for viewing. Also, I sent a note to Nimblebit about a problem a friend had receiving gifts and got no response. I don’t know how to contact Nimblebit with problems or I would try that avenue first. I have watched ad after ad with no cash rewards. It’s frustrating. Otherwise, great game!

I am not a kid, but I find Tiny Tower a great way to spend some time to relax and unwind. Tiny Tower is a great game that doesn’t require you to spend cash to play. The process of building the tower is fun, and you can do a variety of things in the game: try to match bitizens with their ideal jobs; decorate your tower by choosing elevator, roof and lobby styles or decorations; quests that require you to find various items in the tower; and many more activities. Bitbook is funny too. A great way to relax!



For the past 3 years I have played tiny tower on and off (only because it was so much fun that it became addicting, lol). I’m the type of person that loses interest in games fast. I’ll have a game for a week then delete it, but This is my all time favorite game ever!! I love tiny tower so much! It’s like nothing I’ve ever played before. From getting to watch your tower grow, to having bitizens move in, to getting to give your bitizens jobs, to being able to customize them, to upgrading your tower, to being able to paint the different floors! Everything about this game is fun. The best part is that you can close TinyTower and you’re still making money up until your businesses runs out of stock! Getting to check on your tower throughout the day and restock your businesses is something fun to look forward to and it tells you how many coins you’re making per minute!!! The ONLY thing I wish they could add to the game is maybe having to create a profile that saves everything that way you don’t lose all your work when you delete TinyTower . You’d simply download it again and log into your tower! Other than that this game definitely deserves TEN STARS!!!

Is Tiny Tower Safe?

Yes. Tiny Tower: Pixel Life Builder is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 52,872 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Tiny Tower Is 47.7/100.

Is Tiny Tower Legit?

Yes. Tiny Tower: Pixel Life Builder is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 52,872 Tiny Tower: Pixel Life Builder User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Tiny Tower Is 65.1/100..

Is Tiny Tower: Pixel Life Builder not working?

Tiny Tower: Pixel Life Builder works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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