Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars Reviews

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars Reviews

Published by on 2023-11-28

About: Tired of other strategy games? Are you ready for a REAL fight? The true Emperor
has fallen. We need a real hero, a true Lord who can unite the Kingdoms.

About Lords

What is Lords? Lords Mobile is a strategy game where players recruit heroes from various backgrounds and assemble their army to fight and conquer to establish their empire. The game features collecting artifacts, entering the Vergeway, building your own kingdom, utilizing troop formations, powerful heroes, forging alliances, clashing online with global players, and animated battles. The game requires an internet connection to play and offers subscription options for additional benefits.



- Collect ancient artifacts and upgrade them to unlock their true power

- Enter the Vergeway and collect and upgrade cards to deal with different stages

- Build and upgrade buildings, conduct research, train troops, level heroes, and lead your kingdom to prosperity

- Utilize troop formations and plan lineups to defeat enemies

- Create a strong team of 5 heroes to fight through an RPG-style campaign

- Join a guild to fight alongside allies in various events

- Brawl with millions of players from all over the world and defeat those who stand in your way

- Experience animated battles in beautiful 3D graphics

- Official Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube, and Discord for community engagement

- Subscription options for additional benefits such as Familiar Support, Turf Club, 7-Day Dash Bundle, and 7-Day Familiar Bundle.

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Key Benefits of Lords

-The farming and leveling up aspects of the game are enjoyable and in depth.

-Opportunity to meet new people and strategize.

20 Lords Reviews

4.4 out of 5


Game has potential to be great, but it’s pay to win.

This game is great. The farming and leveling up aspects of the game are enjoyable and in depth. But this game critically needs some type of skill/strategy added to it so that it’s not just ‘the big guy wins’ each time. I’ve been playing for over a month now and have gotten on each day. Now that I am a regular player I am able to take down smaller enemies etc. But to dominate this game is simple: spend the most money or have the oldest account. This needs to be revised. There needs to be more interactive defense and attack mechanics so that defending and attacking players can still have a fighting chance to save some resources/damage/troops when invasions occur. There should also be more interactive alliances — making it so that established alliances between guilds are accepted and broken by only the rank 4’s and rank 5’s in a guild. When an alliance is active, no one in the guild can attack the opposing guild without a rank 4 or 5 player deactivating the alliance first. When an alliance is ended, the other guild should be warned by the system that it has been canceled and that enemy troops are approaching etc. (just a thought). But there needs to be more player involvement integrated into the game. (Allied guilds should also be able to rally troops together and take on monsters and dark-nests together.)

All in all, I rate this game 3 stars. It’s got great potential, but for now it is still missing the mark.


Amazing game worth millions

This game is the best and most addicting mobile game I’ve ever played but sadly this game was made around P2W which really does break my heart I maybe put in around 60$ into the game to speed up some buildings and stuff but of course the more you play the more you see how it’s P2W like the best hero items for war you have to spend 100$ to get a bundle that comes with a couple of chest to hope the RNG gods will give you the right items and even if you were to get the best RNG you have to still buy like 10 more since you have to upgrade the item like 4 times and each time it takes more items to do it so if you want a chill 75 day game this one will win you over but after those 75 days are over your kingdom becomes unprotected and you have all the P2W players joining your fresh new kingdom to try and rule it and it becomes game over for people who haven’t spent around 1k$ in bundles like i said I spent around 60$ and played for more then 75 days and I’m only at 14mil might you have people who are in the billions in might which I’m telling you is impossible unless you spend around 5k$ especially seeing the items the billions and some millions got it’s mind blowing that they make all this money but yet still can’t make a monster that drops the items at like a 1% chance to at least be able to obtain the items for free instead of putting a message saying that these items can only be obtained in the shop bundles just mind blowing logic


If you don’t pay up you no point in playing

So yes I agree with most other people commenting here you have to pay big to have a shot at being a heavy contender in this game. To give you a reference point I’ve invested 200$ and approximately 2 hours per day for 2 months of my time and I have a level 24 castle and decent tier 3 troops. I’d say with the investment I’ve made I’m probably in the top 20 % of players if I had to guess based on what I see. I think to get to a level 25 castle and have decent tier 4 troops your talking either another 3 to 4 months of playing or paying another 50$ plus 1 more month of playing if I had to guess.

To put things into perspective my “ might “ which is a strength system this game goes off of is 11 million. This “ might “ level represents the culmination of all your armies, building levels, resource gathering capabilities etc..combined to spit out a might number. I run into people regularly with over 100 million might that could literally kill me with the flick of a finger and I’m pretty strong.

So I guess what I’m getting at is yes the game is fun but if you want to be at a competitive level and actually have fun playing... you’re looking at spending at least 250$ to 300$ and a few months to get to that level. I’d say if I spent zero money it would of took me 2 years to get where I’m at now.. at least 2 years. So either be prepared to spend money or be prepared for the long haul just know what your getting your self into.



I used ALL my x1 and x2 travel speed ups for the this app Cup, and someone else made it exactly the same time as mine, and you gave it to them! There should be a limit on how many times a player can hit it, because the same person was spamming it so nobody else could hit it! I had so many speed ups saved up, I used all of my training speed ups for troops for the this app Cup, and I could’ve used those speed boosts for better things! This was the first time I was able to participate in the this app Cup, and now I have no interest of ever participating again. Now I have no training speed ups, no travel boosts, and way too many t1! I put up 8 hour shields and it deactivates after 7 hours. Not 7 hours and 59 minutes, exactly 7 hours. When I’m asleep. The research times are ridiculous. 30, 40 days?! It’s impossible for F2P to grow with all the huge, 1 billion might P2P players burning you all the time! And the shop, jeez! $100 for a bunch of crap? What happened to the .99 cent packages? It’s all 1.99 now! What’s the point of notifications? I didn’t even get a notification that I was scouted, and I only got a notification that I was being attacked when the attacker reached my turf! Notifications are useless! I put on a 24 hr shield at 6 pm, it’s supposed to go to 6 pm the next day. Nope! It ended at 1 pm! It’s been 13 hours since I put it up. It says it had 7 hours left, when instead it should be at 11 hours! You need some maintenance to do!


Pay To Win...

I can sum this game up real quick for you. The concept and mechanics of the game are decent. The falloff starts with the money problem. They call this game a “strategy” game. It’s about as far from that as possible. In fact there really is no strategy. It’s whoever has the bigger army wins. Usually this means whoever has paid more money because advancing is painful and slow. To make matters worse, advancing becomes almost impossible due to the “pay to win” players raiding your village as much as 4 times a day sucking every resource till it’s dry. Meanwhile you can do nothing but watch your village be sucked dry of everything because unlike most games with a ranking system. A level 60 in this game with thousands of dollars invested can attack a level 10 player and still earn just as much off the attack as any other player. They DO NOT care about the non pay to win players nor those just starting the game. Prime example of game
Devs only caring about money. There is ZERO strategy. I am attacked daily by people 30 levels higher with as much as 100 times the troops. Not only do they have more troops but they are higher level. I sometimes kill as little as 50 of their 200K troops because the game is so unbalanced. So if you want your money to go into a greed app go for it. But know there is no such thing as care or empathy to new and average players.

Just don’t even bother, this game isn’t even worth burning the occasion 2 min of free time you have.


I waited 3 weeks before writing a review...

This game is very addictive! However, the more and more I’ve played these past weeks and crunched numbers, I’m started to believe you have to be a millionaire to play and win. But now... with each update... you’ve got to have an bottomless money pit.

My husband and I both play this game. And if any of the developers are listening... please please really listen. In my guild there are several kids. Teenage kids from developing countries who have no business spending their money on this game. However, just a chance to escape reality and a way to just be a kid, they’ve latched onto this game. I continue to pay and play this game in order to protect these kids from big bad cyber bully billionaires who have nothing better to do than destroy the financial investment (fortune to these kids... hell, fortune to me too) these kids have made. However, when our kingdom opens up... I have no idea what I can do any longer. I have children myself. And I would never ever let them play this game or anything similar.

It’s such an amazing game and I was very impressed with the translation tool. It breaks many many language barriers. It allows people from all over the world who are all different nationalities to play together as a team with no racism. This game has the potential to be something super positive in the world. And it’s a shame that it’s pushed further and further into an cyber casino.


This game is fun but lopsided

This game is okay. You have the opportunity to meet new people and strategize. The biggest problem in my opinion is the fact that the game is CRAZY lopsided. A bunch of extremely powerful players who obviously paid their way to the top. There really is no way to get around it. It makes the game more stressful than fun, and considering the fact that the game is literally only determined by the person who put in the most money, I wouldn’t play unless you have pretty deep pockets. It would benefit the game if there was some sort of trap system or something that allows players who aren’t made of money to have a fighting chance. Maybe some type of trap that at least deters powerful players from wasting your money, which might actually make it slightly more strategic. Every time you start to progress some OP player comes and undoes everything you accomplished the last few days which is infuriating and makes me wanna stop playing all together again. Literally everything else is great, even support will help you with most issue within their control, and they are very patient and kind. However everything else is over shadowed by the fact that the game is almost unplayable without investing hundreds and even thousands of dollars. I get it you gotta make a profit, but with everything going on, not too many people have that type of money to invest in an app that is supposed to be fun.


Great game...but remember it’s P2W

It’s was actually one one my good friends who got me into this game. It’s fairly simple and pretty addicting if you are in to RPG and RTS...that being said from the start you are giving just enough to keep your castle scratching the surface. In order to really compete, monster hunt, attack and defend your castle you are going to have to spend between $60-$99. I’ve been playing about a week or so and purchased a “starter kit” I think it was $9. But honestly, trying to build fast before your free shield drops is...useless. You are more than likely being scouted by the serious P2W players. So find a guild ASAP. Because the serious P2W players clearly run the show. Its nearly...no wait its impossible to defend your castle, guild or kingdom against most/all of them. We can’t really blame the developers though. It’s a cool game and they should be paid for their efforts and upkeep of the game and servers. They do an excellent job in that department. But maybe there should be a threshold or a limit you can spend daily, weekly, monthly or even a break limit that would separate us casual players who may spend a few $’s here and there from the the serious P2W players who are spending a ton more. This game would be a lot more balanced and fun if I was being attacked and could only attack another player grinding like myself.


Their flaws screw over players

The emergency maintenance that took place on 11/29 prevented me from logging on to reset my 7 day shield. The maintenance ended around midnight for me and the maintenance shield expired at 4am, both times that are in the middle of the night and completely unacceptable to ask a player to stay awake until. I’ve messaged IGG 3 times to get my troops, leader, and resources restored and each of their replies has completely glossed over it. They’ve just repeated that they have out maintenance gifts, but 600 gems and some speed ups aren’t equal to 30million+ might in troops. I’m less than a year into my computer science degree and know that bugs happen, but they should not significantly impact the end users, and if so, from a customer service standpoint, the impact should be corrected. I’ve spent way too much money on this game to not feel screwed by IGG for how they’re handling this. It’s ridiculous that they can just declare maintenance, lock you out for however long they’d like, but then make you deal with whatever happens. It’s also ridiculous that they won’t restore things back when it’s completely free for them. I never asked for a refund on anything, just that they give me back what I had before I was locked out. I know they have the capability too, it’s been done for several people I know before. So why they won’t is extremely hard to understand.


Pay to Win

I’ve played daily for over two months. The game is literally designed for you to fail unless you put money in- which isn’t that terrible except the amount is very unbalanced. Gems are basically needed but unless you spend $99, it’s only a few thousand that quickly run out. The events are rigged and you’re punished for playing in them. The Dragon Arena was fun for about 30 seconds and then you’re incapacitated for the rest of the game. And what’s worst? You’re randomly placed in your kingdom, so you better hope you saved one locator. Most of events are impossible to win unless you fork over significant money and even then, more than likely, someone spent more than you so you still lose.
And this doesn’t talk about the attacks from other players. It’s a war game, doesn’t bother me that I sometimes get attacked. It does bother me that it takes THREE days to rebuild my shield (and the more powerful you are the longer it takes) and how long it takes to recoup. And if your leader is taken? Just give up for a few days. The player that attacked recently was 558 million might. That’s more than most guilds combined.

But the developers don’t care about the unbalanced of those who pay and pay and pay, and those who would like to play and have fun. And let’s be honest, if you want a war game and don’t mind paying, you can find much better developed games.


Prepare to pay

I played this game for a few months, pretty consistently. I didn't spend any money in all that time although I could have thrown the developers a few bucks since I did get a lot of entertainment out of it. There's a lot here to do, but you really are going to be a nobody in this game unless you spend a ton of money, which is one reason why I never spent anything, it wasn't really going to do anything to spend a little bit of money when everyone else is spending thousands. If you do want to spend that kind of money, just buy yourself a PS4 or a PC. Like most games, it gets repetitive after a while and there really is no end to the research and building, although after a year or so you might be able to max out all of your buildings. The big issue in this game is the conflict is almost always one sided, with the really powerful players just going after weak players. Getting attacked isn't so bad, but it does get annoying. It'd be more fun if the kingdoms we're organized in a way that players of a similar might were together but that would probably discourage spending money so it's unlikely that'll ever happen. So if you want to spend thousands of dollars on a game for your phone, this is probably a good investment, otherwise, save yourself some time and find a different game.


Good luck competing with players that spend thousands

The key here is you pay to win this game. Just like all the MMO war games, this one engages in microtransactions and special one off buys (in realm of over 100$) which create a wide gap between somebody who would pay a single 50$ for a similar console game and would work through getting all the perks. This creates a huge number of whales that spend big money (probably more than $1000 and by some estimates must be more than $5000) tns completely edge you out. Good luck having fun when your time and some money get completely wrecked by somebody who apparently has nothing better to do but spend $1000s of dollars. So totally unfair and not fun. **In response to developers: no you don’t take advice because if you did you wouldn’t have buyable heroes that give not enough medals to get to higher levels. I have to spend over two hundred dollars to get buy-only heroes over blue rating. Probably over 500 dollars to get to purple. And probably another thousand to get over yellow. This is insane. You are shamelessly making it fun only for people with massive bank accounts. AVOID THIS GAME IF YOU DONT MIND HAVING YOUR KINGDOM RAZED BY A BILLION PLUS PLAYER EVERY OTHER DAY. Yes. It’s that bad.


Only for big spenders now

This game was really fun when my husband and I started playing a year ago. There was always something to construct, research, forge, and train. As we got higher, wait times got longer. Which isn’t that big of a deal if you’re even a little bit social because of the amazing people you meet on the game. There’s days that the only reason you log on is because of them as you have 100+ days left before your research finishes. A few months ago, however, the developers began to get greedy. They decided offering buyable heroes that takes $11,000 to max is a good idea. It went downhill fast from there. They are slowly edging out the free to play and moderate pay to play spenders (like myself) in favor of only having the ones that can spend more than a house costs. This is evidenced by their latest update coming in a few hours. The shields that protect our troops when we’re not able to be online (you know when we’re working for the money to spend on the game, or sleeping cause we aren’t bots), will no longer be effective against attacks. They have received countless complaints about this, but it seems they no longer care to listen to even the ones that do pay. I will lose so many of my guild mates if they implement this, which will cause me to quit as well. So they will successful in only wanting to have $$$ spenders. So if you can spend upwards of $50,000, then this game is for you!


Blatant scammers this should be removed from AppStore

The game creator give zero care to player enjoyment and engagement. The balance of power is mediocre at best (people can literally get 50x times stronger than you in the first day of a new kingdom not because they played as much or know the game they just spent a lot of money. Even if you try to spend little amounts here and there the game ultimately puts YOU at a disadvantage if you don’t commit to buying out the store every day. Every update there’s more expensive toys for those who spend heavy amounts of money. But that’s not all, recently a severe miscalculation in currency caused people to get deals off packs very easily. Instead of owning up to this mistake they banned people telling everyone playing that they were cheating when it was totally IGG’s fault that it happened with their incompetence. To make this worse for everyone who still spent money on these deals they were forced to pay the non advertised increased price or have their account held to ransom. To be clear this is ILLEGAL you can’t force people to pay a non advertised increase price in anywhere but because IGG is placed in Singapore they don’t have to follow laws that apply ANYWHERE ELSE. This basic apathy for players shows just how little big companies care once they are on top for the consumers who put them there. If you’re looking for a game to play just don’t play a mobile cash cow like this.


Thousands of dollars down the drain

The gmail to my 1.2 billion might account was hacked but I still had access through Facebook. I contacted IGG and explained what happened. They said they would help me and return the items the the hacker stole after I provided information. I sent the information. Then they said they would email me. They emailed me asking for more information. I sent the information then they responded asking me to give them the city and country of every place I have used the account in. I travel for work all around the world and pass through a lot of cities that I don’t even pay attention to I just play the game while I am in transit. I even play on the airplanes and and have no clue what area I am over but now IGG is not going to help me. I have even sent proof of the hacker trying to get money from me to return the email account to me but IGG did not care they still refuse to remove the email. I have 5 pay to play accounts and they just blew me off. I am in the process of recovering my money through my financial institutions and filing a complaint against them through the BBB as well as looking into other complaints since they are a publicly traded company. Everyone warned me about IGG customer support being a waste of time and it is true. Game is okay until a problem comes up but there will eventually be an issue and you will be left to deal with it yourself..


Bots and cheats make it unplayable

Edit update: Latest update. Tracking bots continue to permeate every server. IGG continues to do nothing. They ask for SS like you will actually have a video of someone physically using the bots lol. That’s their excuse for doing absolutely 0 to stop it. Expense of basic play has gotten beyond even mildly pay. If you don’t have thousands and thousands to throw away, go play the real FarmVille bc that’s all this will become. A player actually ADMITTED to using the tracker bot in wide open kingdom chat last night and laughed that IGG will do nothing. Reported by multiple people. Wake up this morning and…nothing. Player still there. Still playing. IGG is encouraging and enabling the cheaters. They just do not care as long as people keep paying. Game has become unplayable with so many bots and cheats permeating every aspect from gathering to admin to the latest - a tracking bot that IGG has allowed to essentially remove any skill from the game. Reporting to IGG is like whistling in the wind. They have no financial incentive to go after the big spenders who use the cheats, and a financial incentive to let the bots continue since more dead troops makes them more money. Before you even consider trying this game, read through the reviewers from the last six months. Review after review citing IGGs lack of attention to the massive large scale cheat bots.



Been playing this game for awhile now..a cpl years...it’s a very fun game..the only bad part is no matter how much you build your troops it’s all a waste if your shield goes down....there’s always always ALWAYS a gadzillion million might dude lurking around just waiting to come burn you...there really should be a cap level to hitting people..percentage base...I still enjoy the game but I just don’t care about the troops anymore...I don’t even shield or hide them anymore....I just leave them in the infirmary....I’ve been playing so long that I have plenty of RSS stacked up to just do researches and build and merge pacts....I come to realize that the troops are what seems to take all the RSS healing and training...I’ve been saving sooooo many gems now that I don’t shield....I rarely get hit because it’s just a total waste of time now for anyone...RSS stays low and no troops...leader is usually dead or captured but it doesn’t matter anymore...as soon as I want to get in the full swing of the game again I will...it’s too much of a money grab for me at the present state...it’s very redundant as well...give the lil guys a chance...P2W most def...so I’m just going to stack my gems hit the coliseum and just research and build...that’s it...don’t waste your money on this game at all not worth it at all....


Newbie bashing like pros

First off, game is heavily pay2win. Money will get you crystals in this game which buys everything. The game itself has some good graphics and play style. I like the ability to unlock basic heroes by completing little story missions. Other than that, game is boring and not newbie friendly. The build times and research times is horrendous. For a tier 3 troop it take 7 days to research, and that’s after you’ve spend around 4 months leveling your town up all the way up to lvl 17. Have fun there. Now for the newbie problems. Resources are easy to get, it’s keeping them that’s hard. Because everyone and their uncles and their dogs will attack you no matter your level. There is no protection out side your starter shield. Yeh, you can pay for more shields, but they are costly and don’t stack. There is no protection other than that. Oh you got 100k might? Be a shame if someone with 60mil might attacked you because they were bored. Devs, please, for the love of god, put a limit on there. Make it like if they are 2mil stronger than you then they can’t attack. This is the main reason why so many people leave your game. After a while of being farmed by these cowardly imbeciles the game isn’t fun anymore. You want more money? Put a god dam way to protect weaker people and more people will start playing. I for one, am done with this game till something like this is implemented.


Pay-to-play playground

There is no way to be competitive in this game without spending literally thousands of dollars. Overpowered guilds will regularly destroy your troops and steal your resources. It’s a completely unfair system of play that seeks to optimize cash flow for the developer and doesn’t take into consideration the average customer. Additionally, even if you’re willing to invest large amounts of money in the game, the developers do nothing to support you as a player. As a former guild leader in game managing one of the more powerful guilds, I spent over $7,000 on this game, all without receiving anything but a “thanks” from the developer. And even after spending that amount of money building up my troops and defenses, I was destroyed by someone with millions more might than me, which implies that that individual must have spent well over $20,000 on this game. In short, unless you’re a millionaire who likes giving away tens of thousands of dollars, do NOT download this game.

Also, after reading through other users’ comments, it’s funny to see how little IGG cares; they can’t even take the time to answer and acknowledge our complaints, but only use a cookie-cutter response that tries to get you to email them directly so they don’t have to air their dirty laundry. I have emailed IGG, twice, and they do not respond. Companies like this are ruining the mobile gaming marketplace.


Predatory practices/Unchecked Hacking issues

I played this game for about a month before I realized how bad this game really is. My advice is to turn back now before downloading. IGG is a very predatory game developer and if you want to actually be competitive in this game or participate in content you have to spend thousands(Yes, Thousands) of dollars. For some perspective, there are several characters that cost $11,000 USD to maximize them not to mention the armor required to kit your leaders for army marches. If this isn’t bad enough it is essentially impossible to generate enough materials endgame you feasibly grow without either spending copious amounts of money or creating farming bot accounts which tends to be serious problem that goes completely unchecked. After spending money to build your armies you also have to make sure you are glued to the activity of your account because an even worse sign of hacking is prevalent where players are able to use programs that determine your times of inactivity and are able to immediately teleport to your location and decimate whatever work or money you put into the game to get to that point. The hacking is so terrible that it ruins the game to the point where it is pointless to play unless you are spending money daily. I would give this game 0 stars if it was possible.


Lots of potential

First off I will say I have since deleted Lords . There is just too much going on for the laid back gamer who is just looking to waste a little bit of time between other activities or just relaxing. You have to appease your guild, which I was kicked out a number of times because I wasn’t growing fast enough, everyone wanted over 100k, in game would be called might, everyday. Then you have to research, construct, attack others, grow your leaders, and train an army. There is just too much to worry about and one attack from another person will set you back a weeks worth of time and effort. Then after like the first couple of constructs or research it takes days at a time to be able to have the other one available to you. It’s just a lot to worry about, too much, especially if you can’t get into a strong guild to help you. Oh and you have this coliseum thing to worry about, see almost forgot something, which involves your leaders you have to find time to train to be successful. This game will be too complicated for most to handle.

Is Lords Safe?

Yes. Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 132,473 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Lords Is 51.7/100.

Is Lords Legit?

Yes. Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 132,473 Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Lords Is 90.2/100..

Is Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars not working?

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

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- Familiar Support (US$9.99/month)

- Turf Club (US$9.99/month)

- 7-Day Dash Bundle (US$1.99/week)

- 7-Day Familiar Bundle (US$2.99/week)

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