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Published by on 2024-02-05

About: Have you always dreamt of having your own skyscraper? Well build one with Tiny
Tower in a unique pixel art world! This one and only idle building simulation
lets you build different floors and manage businesses and bitizens that inhabit
it. AS THE TOWER MANAGER YOUR TASKS WILL BE: - building new floors - attracting
new bitizens - making sure all your bitizens have proper jobs - collecting money
from your inhabitants - upgrad.

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100% Contact Match

Developer: NimbleBit LLC

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Tiny Tower Website

76.92% Contact Match

Developer: NimbleBit LLC

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit NimbleBit LLC Website

Reported Issues: 4 Comments

4.7 out of 5

By Robin

1 year ago

I have been playing tiny towers for years with no issues and then suddenly two or three days ago I turn it on and within 3-4 seconds the game freezes. I have shut down my phone and signed out of the Game Center and signed back in and nothing helps. Any suggestions as to how I can get it to not do that??? Thanks.

By YorkPhoenix

I don’t like some of the new features

When I was younger I played this game very often. I stopped playing for a few years only to start playing it again and fall back in love with it. Although I did notice one very annoying thing. Back in the old days to upgrade elevator speeds you would just buy a new elevator look. So I spend days saving up for the elevator that I had when I originally played this game, only to find out that it just changed the look of the elevator and not the speed, which is kind of insulting. Why would you change that? What’s the point of spending thousands of Bux on elevator looks if it doesn’t affect the speed whatsoever? The whole upgrade motor aspect of the game is just an insult to those who played the game for years and spend bux for the elevator speed and not the look. Please make it so that upgrading the elevator look affects the speed, and not just changes the look. You can keep the upgrade motor feature but make it so that your elevator breaks down every once and awhile and upgrading the motor changes the frequency in which that happens. That’s just a suggestion tho.

By Lexi Hos_22

❤️ love love love ❤️

I love this game. The only reason that I gave it four stars is because of how demanding it is. I was playing this game and got up to eat dinner. An hour later I came back to my tower and all of my stores where out of stock. I’ll put my phone down but two minutes later I’ll have to pick it back up again because I’ll get a notification saying that a store is ready to be restocked. I will say though, the vip pass trial is worth it. I am currently in the five day trial right now and it’s amazing. I made 100,000 coins and 1,000 bux in just one day!! (No wonder it’s $30 for the actually vip pass😬yikes!!!) aside from the vip pass I don’t think there are any other things that you would need to spend your actual money on. This game is a great game to play on the plane or in the car. I can see why people would think this game is boring, considering that all you do is take people to their floors and restock stores, but there’s something about it that just makes me want to keep playing!! I love this app soooooo much and would definitely recommend getting it (unless you can’t be on your phone much throughout the day, then probably don’t get it) but aside from that, It’s a fun game to help pass time and a great game if you love....well....tiny towers!

By DaltonTK

Almost Perfect 9/10!

I love this game. I think it’s amazing distraction from using social media. I quit using instagram and used this game when i thought ab insta. Eventually I became hooked and I started playing this game as often as my restocking allowed me. I think once you get over the initial hump of starting out the game. It slowly but surely becomes a reality fun game to get into and stay up to date about. That’s this game’s biggest flaw though. The initial time it takes before you start thriving at all in this tower is forever. Ridiculously long. Your best option is to pay for a boost if you want to skip any of the dragging first few weeks of this game. If you can bare through that pain for long enough this game truly becomes a fun addictive game. I do recommend you play this game if you’re willing to spend a lil extra no more than $40. That is the maximum price on a single item. I wouldn’t really recommend spending that much on this game though unless you’re truly invest and want to support the company and developers. Just wait until it’s on sale. Then if you buy it, it would boost you a very substantial amount. Good game for when in class bored.

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