Bakery Story Reviews

Bakery Story Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-02

Enjoy the #1 virtual bakery game! Design the bakery of your dreams and share
with your friends! Impress your customers with stunning decorations and
mouth-watering sweets! - DESIGN and build the perfect, personalized bakery!
Stunning variety and unlimited creativity! - DECORATE with th...

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Bakery Story Reviews

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    Stop the videos!

    I have been a fan of this app for a few years now. I have always loved it. It took me a bit to figure out how to time everything to finish the goal but somehow I have learned to master it, most of time. This past year I started counting how many pop up screens would show up when first accessing the app. The most has been 7 before you can even start playing! I think that’s a bit much. But while you start playing, some more promoting the game of the week pops up and if you are in the middle of something the next thing you know you’re on your way to the App Store to not download an app. What happen to the days where you saw the app on the side of the bakery and if you want it you click if you don’t, you don’t? Now things are way worse where as your starting to clear your baked goods you are forced to watch the same ad for the same app every time you are clearing the baking items. Why? I sometimes only have a few minutes to play on a break and i am stuck watching videos of an app that I don’t want and waiting for 7 pop ups to pass before I can do anything. Make it stop! I understand that the company is probably paid for advertising but must we watch it every time we enter the app? Every time? Ugh! I think it’s a great app but there are some things that are not enjoyable and I don’t know if anyone is really going to read this to do anything about it.

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    Not The Same Game I Started With

    I’ve been playing this game for years and overall, it’s not a bad game. I’ve always liked how slow-paced the game was, and they used to add new content almost every week. But, I guess with new management, it has gone through some changes that I don’t particularly like. For example, they shortened the goals from 30 to 15 days, which really wasn’t too bad until they later increased the need to have more parts to build appliances than you receive in gifts and requests from neighbors. I hate the change they made in the Bonus gems where they have these offers to sign up for stuff to get gems, instead of just viewing ads or trying games. Don’t know if that was an Apple thing or what but I don’t like it. Also, they don’t seem to care about fixing the “Processing ...” bug when the game will just get stuck “Processing..” and hang there until you force-close the game. This happens most when you return to the game that has been “minimized” and running in the background. Now, with this recent update, they force you to watch an ad when you try to serve your food. It hits you the moment you open the game and begin to play. That I do NOT like one bit and will try to reinstall an older version of the game. So, a decent 4-⭐️star game is now to 2-⭐️ game, thanks to indifference and maybe greed. I don’t know but I wish they had the old Teamlava crew, instead of this Storm8/Zynga(??) bunch.

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    Honestly I don’t ever write reviews but I just played “Dancing Line” and after deleting it and then opening back up my bakery story account I felt a new appreciation lol. I used to play bakery story in 2013 when I first got an iPhone and I loved it but I stopped playing it and any other game I had downloaded due to wanting to spend less time on my phone and needing more storage space. I downloaded it again recently and it’s exactly the same as it always has been which makes me happy. The reason why I mentioned the app dancing line is because the ads on that app suffocate you. Bakery story is nowhere near as bad. If you get an ad it’s not a video you’re forced to wait through for 30 seconds every single minute you spend on the app. If you watch videos they are by choice. Ontop of that, dancing line made me feel really stressed because I had to keep repeating levels to progress forward. Bakery story isn’t like that, you can move at your own pace and continue and not be stuck in a loop. There are neighbors to socialize with, cute details, fun goals... overall I just love the setup of bakery story and how calming it is to play. Hopefully it continues being on the App Store for a long time.

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    After playing for at least 5 years, I am done with this game. First off, they shortened the time frame for goals. They used to be 30 days and are now 15. I play this game in my FREE time so it takes me about a week to just gather all the parts I need let alone even start on the goal. I also noticed that the prices went up on all the goal items. Since I am maxed on levels and have millions of currency this is not really an issue for me, but to players just starting out or on lower levels it just doesn’t seem fair. Also, the “free gems” button (lets you watch 10 ads every 24 hours to earn 10 free gems) idk what kind of rig y’all did to it but I can never get past watching 5 anymore because it tells me the video could not load or something. So there go my free gems. And on the subject of gems, the final straw as to why I am deleting this game...There is a button for “Bonus Gems” that has other ways for you to earn gems. I picked the Lords Mobile one and the terms were to ‘reach castle level 12’ in the game and i’d be rewarded 167 gems for my bakery. Well I reached castle level 12 and got no bonus gems. I sent Storm8 ‘tickets’ (because apparently they do not resolve anything through emails) to try and resolve the issue and they kept closing my tickets. I just wanted to let everyone else know incase anyone else has any of these problems. And I also wanted to say how crappy the customer service is. & rant over.

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    I like it,...but

    I’ve been playing Bakery Story off and on for for a while now, I’m back on the bakery wagon...currently at level 84. Here’s my issue. Every now and then there will be a way to get more gems by completing tasks by downloading and playing other games or completing request. I downloaded a game that promised 136 gems when I reached the requirement. When I did, I didn’t receive my gems. I filed a ticket and the company “Fyber” who just gave me the run around and never came through on their end. I sent them everything they requested, and nothing, when I said I was reporting them as a scam, they blocked me. I made a complaint through the BBB. there are many other complaints about the same thing that happened to me from other people. I’ll continue to play bakery story, but I won’t bother with trying to get extra gems ect. Also just an FYI...they’re are too many “ get later” pop ups, that interfere with the game. Please give an option to disregard them instead of clicking “get later”

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    Please fix this!

    First of all, I do enjoy this game. I’ve had it well over three years and have played on and off during that time. However, like I’ve seen many people pointing out, it just isn’t the same. The whole pop-up ad situation is quite annoying. I can be in the middle of serving my food and my game freezes and then proceeds to play a 30 second ad for a game or app. Which I can live with that, 30 seconds isn’t that long, I might be annoyed for a few moments but then I can exit out of it and go back to playing. The thing that really irks me though, is how I’m brought to the App Store to download said advertised game. I never click on anything but the ‘x’ so why am I being brought here to download it? Also when I go back into the Bakery Story app -after exiting out of the App Store- the game freezes and then kicks me out to my home screen. I then have to go back into the game wait for it to load, and go through more pop-up ads and videos. This is extremely annoying, and time consuming, especially when I’m just trying to check the game real quick before getting back to whatever I may be doing. PLEASE fix this!

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    Bakery Story

    I have been playing since 2008 when my husband won an Ipod and gave it to me!!! I love this game!!!! I wind down from work playing it and I absolutely love the fact I can put it down for months (Usually Summer Months because I am too busy enjoying life to be stuck on my cell), I can pick it back up without a problem. Whats very annoying to me is some of the players who always play who try to guilt-shame you and constantly come to your comments warning you that if they don’t see you playing they are going to delete you or the ones who say do not comment on their wall for some odd reason. But other then that I enjoy the game and have been for years! I will suggest that if you have people who don’t want you to comment in their walls if you could have a disable comments feature. By the way the players who come to my wall warning me if I am not a “everyday” player they are going to delete me, I’m glad I can delete them. Its only a game and not real life. Like I said they are so annoying.

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    I really loved this game when I started. It didn’t take me long to reach level 99. I’ve been playing a very long time, but in the past year, I have lost over 30 neighbors. They get fed up w/ the game and quit. I have thought of quitting, too, but I’ve invested a lot of $, time, and have made some wonderful friends on here. My 2 major complaints are: We’ll never get to build the beautiful ovens that we all looked forward to building. Instead we build ovens that require too many parts, you end up spending real $ to buy diamonds just to finish a goal. The other complaint I have is: In my opinion, the new company that bought bakery story is greedy and doesn’t care about their thousands of players all over the world. They won’t answer emails or help anyone who has a problem. And just food for thought, it would be awesome if we could get rid of the stupid ads that keep popping up @ the most inconvenient times. Other than this, I love my neighbors and enjoy interacting with them on Bakery, and love decorating my own bakery throughout the year.

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    Hi! I have been playing this game for a loooooong time. I love it to pieces and if it discontinued I would be very sad. I only rated it 4 stars because I feel that to changes should happen in the game, one very major one. I feel that when you give your neighbors a gift, they should make a select all button so you don't have to click one by one on a nbr when gifting. The major problem I have is that, I am an African American girl, and almost all of the characters that enter the bakery or that you can buy are caucasian and maybe some that appear Spanish. They won't even let you have a profile that is my race! Its either white boy or white girl...Can you please change that because I find it very crazy that some bakery have to put there name as ”BLACK GIRLS KITCHEN” or something like that to show that there are black. Just please allow a black boy and girl AND Spanish or whatever race to the profiles at least. My bakery id is atbeautycakes101 if you want to see my bakery look. Thank you

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    Used to be better

    Short review: the devs don’t seem to care about the players anymore and they won’t listen to anything be it here in the reviews, on people’s walls in the game, or on their forums. Long version:My understanding is that the storm 8 offices laid off a bunch of people. I know that would stress any work load, but there’s so many glitchy or user un-unfriendly things going on and there doesn’t seem to be any interaction between the game devs and the customers. There’s a lot of issues that have been issues for a very long time (Years). Players (especially multi-year players like myself) have voiced the issues and the biggest, most common complaints are not addressed ever. I have not seen evidence that they listen to their user/fan base. It’s very disappointing. I love the game but it’s super visible that the quality of the game is really dropping and it breaks my heart. The biggest current issue is that the goals are extraordinarily difficult to complete. The ovens require more parts than is possible to acquire in a day and there is a limited amount of time to finish the goals. I want to keep playing but this isn’t good.

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    Awesome App, Fun to Play...One Glitch!

    This app is really fun to play, making food and all, adding neighbors and stuff. Once you get going on the game you save up a lot of money if you get active neighbors and customers get to eat food while your away. But there are a couple frustrating glitches! Say I am playing this game and I am collecting tips from my tables. I get to the third table and then the “processing...” message comes up. You would think it would eventually go away but nope! This causes me to have to restart the whole app which gets really annoying because I just want to play!!! Another glitch, when you have served you food you baked, it shows the final steps to completing the food, then transfers it to the counter where it can be eaten. In my situation, it serves the food, but still shows the image of the cooked item on my oven and it won’t go away unless you bake something else! Fix it please!!!

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    Say something nice? Can’t any more. I have been playing this game for over 7 years. I have seen many changes to this game, however the change of 8/18 have literally destroyed the game. I am not surprised at how many of my long time neighbors have quit. This is a GAME. Games should be enjoyable and fun. At one time this was true, but now it has turned into a time sucking, money grabbing and stress provoking activity. There are SO many gifts that idly sit in my “bank” that will never be used. Each new goal has 4 more gifts that will be seemingly a waste of storage. Trying to find “old” gifts to help a neighbor build older ovens is a search in futility. Why can’t they be listed alphabetically? I gave it a 2. I still play because I enjoy the contact with many of my neighbors. As for the goals? I used to be passionate about it and now, I just don’t care. If I succeed, fine...if I don’t, it doesn’t matter any more. The “prizes” have become lame. Not worth my time. You need to read some posts. They are true feelings of people who once enjoyed this game. Like I said...I’m disappointed.

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    Addictive but Glitchy

    I’m one of those on again-off again players. Recently switched to iOS and decided to give this game another go after some years off. Still has that lovely addictive and calming effect. Issue is that the very reason I stopped playing is STILL AN ISSUE after YEARS. So like, a few minutes ago this little quest thingy pops up and says something along the lines of it being April but did I do some April fools something and takes me to the buy 18 tiles with like two other parts to this quest. Cool—no biggie. I’ll just buy some of those cute swirly paint looking tiles. Buy quite a few of them and then “processing” pops up with the little spinny-thingie. Hmmmmm... what do you know that the tiles I bought aren’t even available until level 12! Fine, I’ll accept that. But then it removes the tiles as if never bought BUT the coins used to buy them at 800 each is never returned. Love that you can earn diamonds watching vids but those glitches remind me to never EVER spend real world money for in-game purchases.

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    Giving Up-New Updates Too Difficult

    I have been playing this game for years, literally since about 2011 or so. I’m getting frustrated to the point that I don’t even want to play anymore. They keep making it harder to build goal ovens and harder to complete goals unless you use diamonds or have tons of active neighbors. Before I was able to complete goals without much stress. But now they increased how many building parts you need, how much food you need to prepare, and prepare times all without changing the time limit. I can barely complete a goal on time and if, heaven forbid, I fall asleep I may not finish at all. The collectible parts, which you think would be helpful, do not drop evenly so it takes some time to complete as well. They’re also putting random food items with mix matched stoves (for example putting cheesecake on a snow cone maker) and putting less thought into new decor items. People have been complaining in the forums but Storm8 refuses to listen and new updates it’s actually getting worse. I was always a fan but now it’s a waste of my time. Can’t complete goals anyway.

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    I've played this game for 2 years and I thought of how fun to decorate and bake on days I needed to past time. Since the letting go of your many employees, I'm disappointed that the 'Wednesday Updates' every week no longer exist. I thought the idea behind firing people is to better your games? At least its what I read. I didn't mind so much on expensive crates and decors to purchase but that you got greedy by taking away free diamonds. I have purchased a lot on this game and now as one of your loyal customers I feel that you don't really care about the service you provide. I stop purchasing due to this and the fact that you recycled the same oven and food to bake from your Restaurant Story. Really?! You didn't think we'd notice?? I didn't realized how unimaginative the Storm 8 team had become. I have stopped playing consistently and probably won't be playing as much or any until the game has improve to each original thoughtful and creative teams that made me excited from the beginning. 😐👉🤦‍♀️ Sincerely, Dissapointed.

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No. Bakery Story does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 8,291 Bakery Story User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Bakery Story Is 16.2/100.

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Bakery Story works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Treats1960
Mar 20 2021

The game took my 70 gems this week for a oven, that didn't want to use the gems.

By Brenda
Mar 20 2021

The game took 70 gems. To buy a oven that i didn't purchase. I'm so 😡 upset.

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