Restaurant Story Reviews

Restaurant Story Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-02

Enjoy the #1 virtual restaurant game! Decorate a restaurant and share with your
friends! Impress your customers with beautiful decorations and tasty treats! -
DESIGN and build the perfect personalized restaurant! Stunning variety and
unlimited creativity! - DECORATE with thousands of i...

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Restaurant Story Reviews

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    Pretty good

    I really enjoy this app. I have had mostly good experiences with it and haven’t experienced many glitches. But I did have an issue with the Facebook account option. Whatever you do, DO NOT use the same Facebook account between different restaurants just to get the gem reward. I did this with a friend and we almost both lost all of our data! Also on occasion I get a “processing...” pop-up on the screen that will not go away until you completely close out the app. But please keep in mind that this is a very old app (10yrs+) so you have to be patient. If you are annoyed by slow loading, stuck pop-ups, and things like that, just get restaurant story 2! That has newer programs but I still thoroughly enjoy this app and find it extremely nostalgic as I played this lots when I was younger. It is very relaxing as well and can keep anyone entertained!! Totally recommend

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    Too time consuming

    The goals are ridiculous. Example, you have 10 days to complete a goal with multiple steps. 1 step you have to build 3 stoves, each stove has 2-3 different parts and you may need 10-48 of each part for each stove. You get parts from neighbors but you can only ask for 1 part per neighbor per day. You have to have at least 30 neighbors that play enough to send you the parts. It can take a couple days to build the stoves. Once u build the stoves you have to cook certain foods. Anywhere from 4-15 servings of each dish, they take anywhere from 3-16 hrs to cook. Remember you have 10 days to do all this which is impossible. Another example is a goal has 3 steps, 1 u have to cook 4 of a dish that takes 5 hrs and 6 of one that takes 16hrs, next step 6 of the 5hr dish 8 of the 16hr dish, next step 8 of the 5 hr dish and 10 of the 16hr dish.... all in 10 days. Impossible, 10 of the 16 hr dish is 6 days. You only have 10 days to complete it and you already made 224hrs of the dish. It forces you to buy gems to speed things up. I’ve been playing for 10 yrs, I rarely finish goals because I have a life.

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    Too many glitches

    This is a very nice game but it takes too long to load and when it does and you’re playing it sometimes just start processing in the middle of the game and stay for a long time unless you come out of it and go back in. There are also times you have collected your food and when you go back in the same food you collected has spoiled on the store making you think you have never collected it to begin with. It has too many pop up ads especially when you just load the game which is annoying. And there are times you watched a video to collect gems but you don’t receive the gems when done. If they could fix these problems then it will be perfect. In addition I would appreciate it if they could tell you which appliance you need to cook the requested food instead of me searching every appliance just to find the food for the goal. Another change I would like to see is the reduction of parts needed to build an appliance. Make these changes in restaurant story and bakery story and I will be more willing to play the game more offen.

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    Helps my brain!

    This game improves cognition. I played it religiously about 4-5 years ago during a really stressful time in my life and it help me to stay sharp, I guess because of the planning involved with cooking the food and collecting gems for buying things and planning the restaurant layout. It’s really fun, too. But, I KNOW that it actually helped me and that’s why I am playing it again. I had three iPads and they all had a different restaurant. Now, evidently, your devices link up and pull up the same restaurant. No problem because I don’t have time for three these days. I do miss my Sushi Party and Katty’s Diner, though. Maybe I can try to visit and see if they still exist in the ether world. Anyway, I know it kind of looks like a kids game, but it takes a lot of thought and strategy if you want to build a cool restaurant that works and flows. Highly recommend.

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    It’s Ok But...

    I doubt you’re reading these reviews but... Get rid of the star rating. It’s too time consuming having to tip 100+ neighbors every day. Plus the coins and XP mean nothing when you’re maxed on level 99. “How else would you know if this person is active or not?” Easy. There should be an indication next to someone’s bakery/restaurant name or when you click on their wall (active 2 mins ago, active 1 day ago, active 4 weeks ago). Or it could be posted on the community’s bakeries/restaurants. You would know when they were last on!! Also there should be a “select all” when gifting/requesting neighbors instead of selecting each and every one. Such a hassle. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Also: with each new goal, each appliance requires way too many parts to build one stove/oven. Or extend the goal by a few days. (Say you need 40 part A’s and 20 part B’s. It’s gonna take almost 2 days to complete 40 part A’s because we only get 20 neighbor-sent pieces every day. So this leaves you continuously prepping food for pieces 1-4 to drop so you can redeem them for part A and part B. Pieces don’t drop enough when prepping food either. I waste so much coins just prepping food and then starting a new dish in order to get pieces 1-4. Ridiculous. ANDDD, we should be able to sell parts we no longer need. Other than that, I’ve been playing for almost 10 years. It’s the only good bakery/restaurant game I could find.

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    I’ve been playing restaurant and bakery story for 10 years. I enjoy the ability to create something and watch it bloom. I love the ability to communicate with people from all over the world. I love the atmosphere of kindness, caring and assistance the neighbors share. Thank You for giving us the ability to play our stories on several devices. That being said I really don’t enjoy going through the menu or the gift items. It is endless and difficult to find what you want. Is there someway you can either alphabetize it, group it or better yet give us the ability to “search” for it. Also considering the amount of money we spend on our stories; I resent having your ads interrupt my play. It is extremely disruptive. If this were a free game I could understand it but I have three shops and spend money on each shop. Get rid of the interruptions!!!!!!

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    Absolutely horrible. I've installed and uninstalled this game over 25 times in less than a MONTH! It continues to say "loading" right in the middle of the game. This can go on for up to an hour or more unless you uninstall & then reinstall again. Also, there are times when my food is ready to serve, & in the event of doing so, the food still appears to be on the stove even when I press the recipe book to start a new dish. The old dish still appears right there on the screen as though it hadn't been served yet. Team Lava has also made it almost impossible to receive gems anymore for installation of other games and/or goal completions. I've invested so much money into not just this game but "Nightclub Story & Castle Story" as well, & as of recently, they BOTH have both been pulled from IOS & my Kindle fire tablet & is no longer available on those devices. This game used be so much fun, but now with the "loading" & other issues mentioned, it's made me just want to uninstall the game INDEFINITELY. Fortunately, I don't experience this issue with Bakery Story.

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    Almost the same as Bakery Story

    This game is a clone of Bakery Story or maybe vice versa as I don't recall which came first. I do like it overall but find a few things frustrating. I always have to restart it, somewhere in one of the updates this happened; I can never open it and play without it getting a never ending spinner. The recent challenges have been impossible to complete without buying a huge number of gems. And I'm forever stuck on level 99. On the plus side, interactions with neighbors and the gifting process are fun. I wish I could see if an appliance has anything left to do; I have a lot of useless appliances. All in all, it's an entertaining game. It can be time-consuming if you want to keep the stars to level 4.

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    Onslaught of ads make Lava seem desperate.

    The game is great, free game is awesome. If the purchasing of gems is not generating enuff revenue, then i think Lava Games should just ask for donations!! I see/dismiss 4 Lava Games ads each time i return to my shop. This equals more than 60 ads per day.....per game!!!!!!! The use of techniques like bombarding players with multiple popups so that players accidentally choose to download more "free" games is ludicrous to loyal gamers already playing 3 to 4 Lava games! Rewrite your games so avid players and multi-game players see fewer ads especially long term players who've spent hundreds on gems!!! These player may become willing to donate. But the mindless ads we are force to tolerate say to the player, this game is paid for by advertisers and no player will donate if they have to sit through ads 10-20 times a day.

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    Just wanna say!

    FIRST, I don’t wanna be rude people but stop complaining about adds. It’s how games make money to make new games for all of us!! Also please stop giving these games bad starts because of glitches, it may just be your device instead of the game. Also I’ve seen a lot of reviews complaining about the wheel of death, just first, check your WiFi. Maybe you need to close out rest of tabs. Just still I hate when people say bad things about games just because of adds!! Like I said it’s how they make money for more games. Otherwise it is an amazing game!! Bravo to the creators!! People say this is a clone of a bakery game, but, many games are the same if you think about it so stop complaining already!! Like I said very first thing: Not to be rude.

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    there is a glitch where the screen gets stuck on loading "processing" and won't go back to the gameplay. this is a very frustrating glitch please help me. update: still stuck on the processing screen! please help, it won't go back to the game AT ALL. 2 update: the glitch is back! yikes!!!! 3 update: whenever it goes on "processing" it's like the screen is frozen with customers still going into my restaurant, even when i run out of food. then my restrants happiness level goes down and i lose customers. i have to keep deleting and then re downloading the darn app to fix this, then the error comes back every time in about 1 or 2 days!!!!! i play this game and bakery story, zoo story 2, and dragon story from storm8. all the 3 other games are doing fine and do not have this problem. only restaurant story has the processing problem! and one time when i downloaded restaurant story again and tried it aces it it closed out almost 4 times before i could play the game!!! please help because this is extremely frustrating but i love the game!!! i don't want to quit restaurant story, but once the dreaded processing screen goes on i cannot do anything but keep deleting and re downloading the game. i have a storm8 id so my progress is saved but this is insane glitch!!! moved down to 2 stars until you fix this!!!!! YIKES!!!!

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    Pop up terror

    PLEASE GIVE MORE TIME FOR QUESTS!!! even if I work daily to complete (which is extra hard being chronicly ill) I still run out of time...with every quest comes with side quests..need to give us an extra day or three...had to put this here since messages are ignored :/ Cute enough game but you probably will be quickly annoyed and turned away by the tons of pop ups. Be it a pop up to buy this or get this game, you face an on slought that hits at the start of the game and has even hit me in the middle of game play costing me diamonds and coins. Each suggestion for change ( like putting the offers in a notification list on the side ) goes ignored. Sadly I remain hooked on getting seasonal shop things and playing though, between breaks when annoyed with the game. If you have better patience you'll love it.

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    Account back please!!

    Hey I know this might not be possible but is there someone how a way where you can give me my old account back!! It means so much to me and all the memories I had with that account back when I was a little boy. It’s been 5 years ago where I first got the game. My account name was IN-OUT and my id was likeabossman7. Is there a way where you can reach out to me and help me? I really love this game but my tablet was broken and couldn’t fix it back and have so many nostalgic moments just thinking about what this game really meant to me. Thank you in advanced if you actually helped me!!!!!!!! This would really mean a lot to me. I am kind of scared because it was on a Samsung tablet and now I am on iOS.

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    Fun Downtime game

    It takes a little bit of attention to get started but once you give it like two days of attention, you can just check in, modify stuff, buy decor, etc. It’s a great game for people who just want something not so involved but just to keep up with over time and check like once a day. It does have a glitch getting stuck on the processing screen but I just close and re-open and its fine. The million ads that pop up in the beginning are very very annoying but I don’t spend money on games so if that what it takes to stay free and still have options for penny pinchers like me then I guess I’ll have to get over it. Can’t have it all

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    Where has my childhood gone?

    I played this game back when I was a younger kid dreaming of an empire, my very own restaurant empire. I worked up hours and hours building up my castle one brick at a time, carefully arranging my tables that would bring in brainless customers and help them enjoy their experience to the fullest. It was truly a little piece of heaven. That was 4 years ago. Now in my older years, reminisced of my old glory days and bigger dreams, I re-download this app in hopes of reliving the golden days of my youth and feel somewhat relevant again. But thanks, whatever this stupid company is. My progress is gone. Not even surprised that apple gamecenter has any scrap of my progress saved. But Facebook? Even after logging into my facebook account, all I got was free 40 gems and 4 crappy white tables. What have you done with my childhood? What have you done to my dreams? I like to say my one last thank you’s to my faithful neighbors that helped me throughout my youth, dreaming of a dream of a smaller, but happier world where all our restaurants thrived, with nothing but smiles. Now I will never download this app ever again, fearing this nightmare will haunt me everytime I open up my phone.

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Is Restaurant Story Safe?

No. Restaurant Story does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,075 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Restaurant Story Is 16.8/100.

Is Restaurant Story Legit?

No. Restaurant Story does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,075 Restaurant Story User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Restaurant Story Is 16.8/100.

Is Restaurant Story not working?

Restaurant Story works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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By Janie
Feb 15 2021

I am no longer getting gems

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