My Story: Choose Your Own Path Reviews

My Story: Choose Your Own Path Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-25

Welcome to MY STORY, a game where you choose your own path and write your life!
Be careful what you choose, though: one choice can change the course of the
entire story, so choose wisely! DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS Whatever you choose will
determine how well you get along with your friends, ho...

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My Story: Choose Your Own Path Reviews

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    Game is Fun, but Overpriced

    This game is fun, the stories are great, I like how the gems and tickets are available for free. However, the options you want to choose usually cost 25 gems and 10 gems at least. Gems are also ridiculously overpriced. You can earn gems for free by watching stupid mobile ads and completing offers that almost always don’t work. Also for tickets you have to wait 50 minutes for 1 ticket. Even after a week, you only get up to about 5 tickets. Also, the clothing costs 10 gems at least and around 50 gems at most. I dislike how premium clothes can only be worn up to 2 times. If you choose a free outfit, the other characters will overreact with shock and disgust, even if the free outfit is not ugly. This gets annoying after a while. I don’t blame the app for making the free outfits ugly, but when someone PAYS 50 gems for one stupid outfit can they at least make them reusable. After time, I stopped blowing my gems on outfits, because there is only so much gems you can spend on an outfit that does nothing to affect the outcome of the story. Also, some premium choices do little to affect the story’s outcome. I find that fact very disappointing. Other premium choices lead to conflict and drama. Overall, I enjoy this app, but I don’t think many people can really afford the unnecessary in app purchases.

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    No gems... No choices

    To be fair this game is interesting to play and the stories are good. The sad part is that the choices you actually want cost gems. In order to get gems you have to pay and arm and leg. Even the cheapest gem amount is way over priced. With paying a lot for the min of gem it really only gives you enough for either the 1 choice you want or maybe the 1 outfit you want. This is ridiculous, what’s worse is that each choice you can pick is up to 25 gems that’s a lot, what’s the point in reading the stories if you don’t even get a chance of the outcome you want, very sad to me since some story lines are good. Another issue I had was once you buy an outfit you can only use it that once. Ummm like where’d you go? I paid a certain amount of money to be able to get the outfit I like just to have to pick the basic awful outfit that always get shamed. What kind of junk is that. Overall this game isn’t worth it if you don’t have a lot of extra money to spend because in the end you’ll be paying a ridiculous amount of money for nothing good. The only reason I’ve kept the game for a couple days now is because I liked the story I was one and already put some money into just to be disappointed when I just needed to be paying more. I ended up having to choose the things I didn’t want to. No recommended at all...

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    super fun BUT

    this game is great and I genuinely enjoyed the stories as well as the gameplay, the different options that you have are fun and this game is really different than a lot of the other story telling apps out there. With that being said however, the amount of money this app is trying to charge is kind of ridiculous. You need “gems” for everything, instead of being able to say yes or no you’re able to say yes or pay 25 gems to say no; you’re not able to truly enjoy the gameplay without spending AT LEAST 100 gems every chapter. Gems aren’t easy to earn either and cost quite a bit of actual money if you decide to purchase them, not to mention the fact that they’re also used for clothing which costs anywhere from 10 gems to 50 gems! The other issue is tickets. You need tickets in order to read chapters, you can purchase tickets or earn one ticket after you’ve run out. It’s not practical, you also have the option of unlimited tickets for 2.99 a week or about $10 a month. I believe the developers need to take another look at who their target audience is, a lot of teens don’t really have that kind of money to be spending on an app. There should be other ways to earn tickets and gems especially since the app already requires you to watch a ridiculous amount of ads, we might as well be getting something for that.

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    Gems, tickets, and premiums

    I love this game but I feel like gems are what really stop me from playing this game I purchase gems a lot but because of these premium choices/ outfits the gems get used up quick most of the premium choices are 10 gems and up. I feel like if we’re spending gems on clothes we should be able to keep the clothes and hairstyles that we used our gems for like a closet type of thing for later in the game and premium choices shouldn’t be so high. It shouldn’t be where I have over 300 gems and after 3 choices and 2 outfit changes only have 28. It’s not fair. Then the other problem is we should be able to get as many tickets as we want instead of waiting 5 hours and only being able to get 4 or 5 tickets or whatever the ticket limit is. We should get more than just one or two gems at the end of each chapter since we most likely spent more than 100. How is 1 or 2 gems supposed to “keep us going” ? The tickets and gems are not dealt fairly and that’s how people stop getting interested because they don’t want to spend a lot of money on a game and not get what it’s worth because the gems and tickets doesn’t Other than that the game is amazing. Once that gets fixed this game would positively be 5 out of 5 stars.

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    This game is ridiculous and I want my money back I spent money on this game basically I have had no choice on whether not to have sex for the first time in the game but I a full Range of options to adopt a dog. how is it that the choice of clothes I pick people say I look disheveled or that I haven’t done my laundry in several days. I don’t feel like spending money on clothing this game this game makes everything about beauty major wrong. I don’t know who made this game but I’d like to have some words with them I’m 25. I’m not even a feminist but this game makes me want to be one it’s ridiculous you can choose to adopt a dog but not whether not you want to have sex or drink alcohol. I’m a teenager in the game for chrissakes where they even getting alcohol at prom. this game is wrong, very wrong. a kid should not be playing it. I’m assuming it’s for adults because you have to buy coins so often or diamonds or whatever but still this game makes me sick, no child should play. this game especially teenage girls, game is ridiculous.

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    Prices are way too high

    The prices for clothing options, hair styles and choices are way too high in this game. I think they should either be lowered significantly, or it should be easier to collect gems. Maybe offer 3-5 diamonds after each chapter AND offer the diamonds at the end of the chapter even when you’ve already read the story. I’m almost out of other options to get diamonds as far as things to collect in the story books and once I’ve read all the stories, the only way to collect diamonds will be to purchase them with real money. But I, like most people, refuse to spend real money on a fake game. There needs to be an option to like watch ads and stuff to collect more diamonds. Then the app would still make money without users having to pay everytime they want to dress their character in something other than ugly rags. Also, I think once we purchase an outfit or hair style, that option should remain in our closet to wear for free at any time. That would make much more sense than spending 30-50 diamonds to wear an outfit for one chapter and then losing it forever... It’s a fun game but something really needs to be done about the prices on everything.

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    Just One Thing

    I love this app. It’s probably my FAVORITE. I’m obsessed with the Mona series! The only reason I didn’t pick four stars is because there is one thing that really annoys me. Not everyone has money they can waste on gems. I know you get them as rewards and such but I think it’s really stupid that your character gets insulted for picking a free outfit instead of spending gems in an outfit. I don’t think it’s really necessary for your friends and lover to insult you simply because you didn’t spend gems on a “nice” outfit. I happen to think the FREE ones are cute and more practical most times than the ones that cost gems. It isn’t really great to have your boyfriend tell you that your outfit is basically trash. I think that should be taken out. As I said, not everyone can afford to use real money to buy gems for outfits in every chapter. Maybe I’m the only one who feels this way, maybe not. I think it should be changed. If they are going to be rude about your outfit, then just don’t make them acknowledge it at all rather than telling you it’s ugly. Otherwise, I love the app.

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    Stories Good, But No Closet

    The stories are pretty good, though I've only read the Mona series so far (which is good!). They mostly let you pick who you want as a partner, so that's nice. The premium choices often cost a lot of gems (average of 25 for one choice) and gems aren't super easy to come by (the typical daily ones and one per finished chapter). But my biggest absolute complaint is that there is NO closet option! If you pick an outfit, it's a one time use. And the next time your character wants to dress up, that outfit will not be in your options to wear. It would be nice if you had the option to select one of your nicer outfits for a future dress prompt instead of having to choose a new outfit every time (outfits range from 10-15 gems per. So it wouldn't be bad if they saved to a closet). Having no closet makes no sense because when you're given the option to change your hair and you buy a premium one, you get the option to change your hair at various dress prompts and the premium hair you bought is there. So why can they do it for the hair but not the various outfits? It's annoying. That's why this gets an average three star rating.

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    Their is always room for improvement

    I have been waiting almost a year for games to be continued and I don’t like the idea of gems tickets or lesbians in the stories. If I am straight then my character should be straight or at least tell me if there is homosexuality in a story for the main character. I love this game but you need to finish the stories that you’ve started instead of worrying about new stories. The stories are good but like I said continue the old ones. Also, the ticket and diamond thing needs to stop. I want to read as much as I want when I want I don’t like having to wait for more tickets. It’s just dumb. And I don’t like having to pay for things with diamonds. I need the freedom to make choices and dress my character however I want without having to worry about paying in diamonds especially since they’re so expensive. 15 diamonds to make a choice or pick a cool outfit is ridiculous. Over all the game is fun but their is always changes that can be done.

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    The absolute worst

    This would be a great app if they didn’t only care about taking your money. You get one ticket an hour...unless of course you buy more. So you can’t ever read more then one chapter at a time which is annoying. But what’s worse is that ANY choice that could alter the story at all costs diamonds. It could easily cost $50 to read a story while actually selecting the choices you want. If you choose the “free” option the story is boring and doesn’t go the way you would choose. Of course there are occasional choices for free....but they are meaningless. “Get kind of mad or get really mad”. None of them that alter the outcome. Hair styles and clothing changes also cost diamonds (aka money). Plus your character will be made fun of if you choose the free outfit or wind up forced to wear something really inappropriate (example: a strippers outfit to a doctors appointment). So they are basically shaming you into spending money on diamonds. You earn one diamond for each chapter you read....but most choices cost between 18-25 diamonds and this occurs at least 30 times in one story. Add it up. Try Episode least in that one there are free stories where you can actually make your own choices and you get more then one ticket per hour.

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    I’m not paying for gems

    I love this game it’s really fun reading a story and choosing what you want to happen, but I hate the fact that you have to pay 25 gems to choose an option. It should only be like 5 gems. And I’m not paying $4.99 for 50 gems that get used up in literally one chapter from choosing what to say. I always pick the free outfits because I don’t care what she wears and it doesn’t matter it doesn’t change how the story plays out. I just wanna play the story how I want it to go and I can’t sometimes because I don’t have 25 gems to do so. It’s very frustrating. And also waiting an hour for just one ticket is annoying, and I’m not paying $2.99 a week just to have unlimited tickets. ☹️ it’s just not worth it in my opinion, but other than that the app is great, it definitely needs improvement with lowering the gem payments and if you wanna buy the 50 gems it should be at least be $1.99, I can understand $4.99 for like 200 gems, but I find it absurd. At least make an ad we can watch to earn tickets and gems instead of having to pay for them, because some people don’t wanna pay that. I know I don’t.

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    Fine I guess....

    They need to improve their graphics because when we are moving it doesn’t look good I guess and like games need to be for all ages all ages nitrous 12 and up and you can’t do anything if you don’t have any diamonds or tickets because you need those you need the tickets for playing a chapter of the story and you need the diamonds to make better choices and more fun choices and cloths I had to go to prom in sweats because I didn’t have any diamonds and this is in dear Mona so they just need to give you more diamonds at the start or they need to just take out diamonds and tickets and just let you get whatever you want I understand that you might need like the money but like app you should at least like do a premium like where you can only play the game if you have the money to play the game or just take out diamonds and tickets I know this is a very short review but I just need to tell the people look at this review like it’s a really nice game and you should get it but just know that you’re gonna need to pay for diamonds and tickets so just have that in your mind when you download this game

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    Have to pay for everything

    This game is interesting and has lot of potential... but what gets me so mad is the fact that you can barely enjoy the game because every time you have to change to a new outfit all the ugly ones are free and the nice ones are always worth diamonds usually 10-15 diamonds which sounds okay until you find out that you get about 2 diamonds every chapter so it takes so long for you to even get 10-15 diamonds so you always end up having to pick the ugly free outfits which doesn’t make the game too fun at all. Then if you want to buy diamonds it’s so much money for such few diamonds that will barely even last you a whole chapter. Also when you’re talking and you have to make a decision all the good decisions are also worth diamonds usually 25 diamonds. So I always have to pick the wack decisions that are not the ones I even want to pick. This game has so much potential if only y’all would make it a tad bit more affordable or at least allow players to earn free diamonds even by watching ads or something cause y’all barely offer that as well. like so many young teens play this that don’t have all this money to splurge on a app. Definitely need to update this app then I will update my rate.

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    This game is a rip off.

    I downloaded this game once before a while back and ended up deleting it off of my phone. Recently I came across an ad on another game I was playing and decided to re-download it. When I first started reading the chapters, I was wondering why I ever took it off to begin with because I loved the stories app. Well I was quickly reminded why. First of all, they do not give enough gems or tickets when you first start reading. Chapter 1’s outfit caused me to use al of my gems and the only way to get more is if you pay for them, there is no option to watch an ad or anything like that which is annoying. I’m not spending $40 on gems. Are you crazy? & your tickets go just as fast as the gems and you only get 1 per day once you use the 5 you start off with and the only way to earn more is if you purchase them. You get rewards but it’s not daily. So don’t expect to be able to get cute outfits or hairstyles or get interesting parts of the stories unless you spend at least $9 and up to $40 on gems just for chapter 1 & 2. It’s ridiculous. I’m deleting this app, AGAIN. And I will not be adding it again. It’s a waste of time until the person who created this app/game update this and make it more flexible.

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    My favorite game.

    This game is my favorite but there’s one thing I don’t like they don’t move that much and I don’t like the tickets but other than that the game is great. Like the action my favorite is the one where the girl is having a baby and she doesn’t know who the dad is. So this game has become my favorite I wish but I wish that there were more ones like that are you just getting started on the Mommasita series but it’s been good so far so that’s why I gave it a five star rating! And if you’re reading this hope you like it too and pleaseDo the things I requested because those are really the only things on there not much the tickets I don’t know why you do them but I don’t like them because they’re just not fun in the game and you have to wait an hour every single time. Thank you for reading this if you read it the whole way. Hope you like the game too if you’re about ready to get the game and it’s free so.😭😁😭😁😭😁😭😀

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